Friday, March 16, 2018

Mama's home, Gators, family, friends and our last full day in someone's final day of childhood :)

 Mama arrived back to FLL around 2:30am.  ZZZZ...mama was tired!  That trip to NYC seemed like a dream and was def. a whirlwind.  But wouldn't have traded it for anything.  The kids were happy to see me and even made me a welcome home sign complete with a minty treat :)  They are the best!
 It was gator hunting to the Everglades we went...right away we saw one...not a big one, but he was just chilling in the canal...sunning his head.  Loggy loved watching him.
 We thought we'd see more...
 But we didn't really...and we didn't want to go on the airboat ride w/o Hays so we are waiting til next time we visit FL with her (you're welcome, Hailey!) :)  It was fun to see the airboats go in and out
 We did see this HUGE guy!
 But only from over the fence bc we didn't want to pay admission.  Is seeing gators really worth over a $100. I see them all the time sunning themselves on alligator alley for free!
 We did get adventurous and purchase some gator tacos!
 Shelb indulged first!  Yumm!
 Even D had some...remember when he couldn't eat anything but baby food and now he's a gator eater! :)
 Ash wouldn't eat anything gator...but she would stand by the sign :)  Until next time Everglades...when Hays is with us we will ride upon those airboats and hunt more gators!
 back home to swim...always the highlight of the day
 the kid is going to start eating us out of house and home.
 he was sweet to let Lo push him in a lot
 LOL...he looks like he's ready for his manly pedi :)
 We made a special production for Hailey's bday!  It was pretty good too...Shelb was impressed with herself :)  She's our videographer/producer :)  Pops was one of the stars of the movie...he does a good bday chicken dance :) :)
 cards with gma and Mary! 
 The boys were victorious!  They were not humble about it!
 Ash found a new bestie! :)  One of my oldest friends' daughter :)
 They were two peas in a pod cracking each other up and soaking their feet in bath bomb water...that looked like pee :)
 shenanigans getting D in the pool
 nighttime swim and marco polo :)
 eating fresh baked cookies by the pool!
 Serious coinage :)
 New Besties :) :)
And my girl is officially done with NYCI...two performances tonight.  Here's a couple pics...What a busy couple weeks it's been for our New Yorker, but honestly I see her at her happiest when she is in the midst of this. I can't really imagine her giving it all up.  But we will see what plans God has.
Right now she has 15 mins left of childhood.  Can't even believe that.  18 years have gone by...too fast.  But so very proud of the adult she almost is :)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

My bonus spring break adventure—gettin to see my almost 18 year old!

 a few snaps from eating my shake shack lunch on the rocks in Central Park (before the squirrel ran up my leg :))  best view in the city...also best food!
 best desserts...magnolia bakery...I got me a St Pats cupcake and Hays a key lime cheesecake :)
Love this girl!

 A great 12hrs for this mama!  My heart is happy I got to spend time with ALL my kids this spring break. And I got to see my New Yorker dance 3 times in one day!  Worth every penny of a last minute flight and only half a day in the big Apple.  I have a new respect for my Hays traveling on her own since she was 15. I admit I had my anxieties about being on my own today. But it was a fun day. So grateful I went and so thankful my hubs gave me the nudge to go.  My only wish is he could have gone too and that I could have taken my girl out to dinner.  Instead I have a flight delay and won’t get home to FLL til 2am. Oh well.  That’s life.  She’ll be home in a week for an 18hr visit.  Crazy!  And on a side note I know the other steg kids had fun with Nina and pops today with their girls’ and boys’ day.  Plus they came up with “dad appreciation day”, so Kev had his own celebration since he’s mostly just worked from Florida.
NYC fun fact: a Central Park squirrel climbed up my leg for no apparent reason. Wildlife in nyc never ceases to amaze me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring Break--FL--Day 3--Beach time!

 Another beautiful day...and this time mostly at the beach!  We snagged our fav. picnic spot at Pompano!  And our fav. big tree where all the grands sat over a year ago for Logan's 4th bday.  Missing 3 kids this time around...wish Hailey, Brooke and Austin had been there.
 No cookout this time...we made it easy and just brought sandwiches.  It was a gorgeous day! 
 Such a pretty beach...even with the pier under construction.
 Nina dug right in and helped build a sand castle.
 The kids didn't mind the frigid water.  :) :)
 Pops was up to his usual shenanigans...taking the chair right out from under Ash's tooshy :)  She was a good sport about it :)

 Pops even sat down with us at the beach...we all know the sand and surf brings out the best in him :)
 Hailey even joined us in honor of her almost 18th!
 It was a perfect day...and then we went home and went in the pool....and off to two fun dinners!
 I took the two wee ones to CFA and met my bestie dinger bud, Lein and her two cuties....the boys hit it off :)
 And the girls were almost too cool to play in the play area...almost :)
 We love our Lein Fam! And CFA! :)                                            

 The other half of the Stegs went out for wings with the fam, where I hear Shelb at the MOST wings, even more than Pops?  Not sure of the trueness of this...
 I wanted to bring Hailey a key lime pine for her 18th, but I guess you can't bring food through security, even for an 18 year old.  So we ate it in her it was pi day :)
Someone is very, very sad I am going away tomorrow.  In 6 hours I'll be flying to NYC...just for the day.  I feel like a businesswoman going by myself and not even being there 12 hours.  But I'm excited to see my fav. new yorker dance 3 different times.  I hope Loggy makes it with his mama. He was shedding big tears knowing I would not be here in the morning when he woke up.  I love you, buddy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring Break FL--Day 2! Home is where the sun is!

 More fun in the sun--FL style!  A cold front blew in, but it mattered not to Indiana kids...they were in the pool all day.
 ...seriously...all day.  And it was NOT warm in there!  This FL mama couldn't even put her feet in it.  Brrr.                                               
Nina helped make a mighty fine poolside tent!                                              
Lunch in the tent :)
 It was also spa day by the pool.  Ash did a mighty fine job giving Nina a  pedi.
 Dylan did a mighty fine job giving out free foot massages :)  Hailey really missed out!
 He seriously did wait on us hand and foot :) haha :)  His choice too :)
 LOL...dancing to Greatest Showman by the pool...Ash even had backup pool dancers :) :)
 Lots of shananigans going on :)  Lo actually wanted D to throw him in over and over again
 Daddy even joined in the pool fun once we went to Grandma's heated pool. 
 Back home to coin search...
And have a delicious lasagna meal with great-gma and Aunt Mary.   Another beautiful day in FL...though even the gloomiest day in FL is better than most winter days in Indiana! :)