Monday, April 24, 2017

Tired Monday--shark project done, a tired scratched boy, first home track meet, soccer and other fun

 Well, my exhaustion level has hit an all time high. It hasn't recovered yet from Hailey being home and now that it's almost May, it's just crazy city around here!  I was a bump on a log all day. I had so many things to do (was going to clean)...none of it happened.  I could hardly focus to do the dishes.  I cannot wait til summer where I have to think less about our schedule and can get stuff done!'s pics of the day...the hammerhead project is officially done!  It actually wasn't as stressful as some of the other projects the kids did mainly bc Ash had to do her paper for it at school so we never saw it or had to proof it.  We'll see how she did on that on Wed. when it's parent viewing day!                                  

 But I think the board turned out great!  She got creative with some artwork, which is good bc she is our family artist.  She drew the hammerhead head at the top and also a sketch on the board.  She worked very hard on it all...and we are all glad it's onto a Kansas project for D and a diabetes one for Shelb...tis the project time of year!
 Time for cheese at the park in between preschools...sorta....he was all smiles for about 1min.
 Then his focus went to this scratch on his neck. Apparently one of his best friends at preschool accidentally scratched him. It was bothering him so badly that we had to leave the park.  He kept scratching at it.  I almost thought I might not be able to leave him at new preschool.  He was getting so worked up about it.  I took the above pic to show him how small it was...but it didn't help.  He was not ignoring it!  In fact, he held onto his cheese for 30 mins bc he was so distracted.
 New school saves the day! The nurse here put neosporin on it. He thinks this medicine is magic.  It's what daddy puts on everything.  Mama just hurts things with peroxide!  He had to show off his bandaid to daddy :) and get a little tan in the process :)
 Double thumbs up for dad who suggested we go into UES to get some meds.  Good idea, daddy!  It was the only way would leave this wound alone!  I tell ya'...this kid is something!
 Finally he ate his took him almost an hour...that scratch just ruined his morning!
 Don't even ask.  He is a solver of his own problems. Let's just say that.  He walked all the way upstairs to get this to unplug things. :)  The culprit was a half roll of TP. :)
 Off to evening activities...Shelb to track first...then D to soccer. I had to drop him early and was glad he had a 2 hour allowed us all to go to the track meet.
 First home track meet...the other two were rained out.  Can you spot Shelb?  Far right walking...
 First up...hurdles!  No idea how she did....3rd in her heat, I think...but did not place overall. I thought she did great...esp. with her knee injury!
 Waiting for her time...
 Trying to get a closer look at long jump.  No, we didn't encourage him to do this, especially with a lollipop :)
 Oh, sweet sun.  I loved it.  Others complained it was too hot. Weird Hoosiers!
 Nice form, Shelb!  Poor girl scratched twice, but her good jump (this one) was the same as her 3rd place last week.  Edgewood was just a better team.  Oh well.  Ya' can't win 'em all!  I miss being closer for the jumps.  But we had to stay behind the gate. :(
 Of course, he hurts himself.  He is so prone to accidents lately.  Poor kid.  And no he did not fall off the fence.
 Popcorn sorta saved the day!
 Cheering on our fav track girl!
 The 800...go, Shelb!  She and her best bud are neck and neck.  They are two peas in a pod. One meet one will win, the next day, the other wins. I'm not sure what place she came in, but I'm guessing 7th?
 I caught the tail end of his practice..goalie again!
 Don't know what was going on here? 
 She's still got gymnastics in her!
It's amazing he can play soccer in untied cleates, but he continues to do so!

That was the day.... :) (I updated Saturday's post too :))

Sunday pics

Will update later :)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our Marvelous Musician!

 A post all her own today...because...well, she's awesome! And she did AWESOME today on her Vivaldi III!  So very, very proud of how she played with conviction and confidence!  It was a performance I will not soon forget.  She is definitely our marvelous musician!  Here's a few pics of just her today....we had a lot more going on, but I will post that tomorrow.  My fav. part of today was listening to my girl.  We took a few pics outside the music building before the big performance.  It was a gorgeous day.  Not often do I say that about Indiana :)
 So pretty.  I wish Hailey could have been here for the solo.  Had Shelb not gotten sick a couple weeks ago, her New York sis would have been here.  Bummer.  But it was meant to be this way, and it was ok.  We sent her a video and maybe this old dress of Hailey's brought Shelby a little good luck (not that she needed any!)
 Awww, love!  Not sure what she was so happy about, but I guess this was a good indication of how the solo was going to go!  Can't believe she will be a teen in less than 2 weeks!
 A few pics of the performance.  I love that our pianist is also our teacher now...we work with her every Sunday. She is the most wonderful uplifting and so calm...a great personality for Shelby.  And she works/plays so well with Shelby.  It gives Shelby confidence and peace to have Ruth there playing alongside her.  Ruth always smiles at her before the performance...and after. :)  Just a confidence booster!

 She started off so strongly...with such confidence.  That has been her struggle all along when playing in front of crowd. She had no trouble today! 
 I know the pics don't do it justice, but I am not a fan of you-tube....but be rest-assured she played with all her heart...swaying to the music and putting all she had into that old violin of Nina's :)  It was beautiful to hear.  Gave me chills.  And mad my heart just beat right out of my chest (I get nervous for my kids when they have big things going on...I used to get this way when Hailey danced on the MAC stage :)).  I know Shelb was nervous too...she said she was glad she wore a long dress because otherwise you could tell her legs where shaking...but you'd never have known it. She was seemed so confident. 
 And just like was all done.  And Ruth gave her a big smile :) :)  And the room was full of applause. She was the last solo of the hour and she gave a great finale.  I thought she was the best of the group, but I might be biased :)  Our teacher, our pianist and the chair of the department all gave her a hug.  It was a very special day.  And I know she was happy with her performance. She told me right away, "I didn't even mess up!" :)  Nope, she didn't!  I had tears in my eyes at the end of it. I feel like she's risen to a new level...and I think it has a lot to do with confidence.  Bravo, Shelb!
So sweet...a pic of her grateful to them both for what they bring to very blessed that we can be at a university that appreciate the arts and music so much. It treated Hailey very well and it is now doing the same for Shelby.  God made no mistake bringing us to Indiana.  I sometimes doubt his choice in weather here, but I never doubt why he brought us to Bloomington.  :) are awesome...and you are a gifted violinist.  Keep working hard and you will go far! 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday busyness--stubborn shark project, super soccer player-ing, 1st bday party, friend fun, more project-ing and exhaustion

 Trying to update pics...not sure this trend will continue...time is not my best friend :)  But here is our busy Saturday....up early to work on violin for the big solo.  Can you just tell how excited she was?! :)
 She perked up a bit as did her posture :)
 Someone else wasn't all that perky either having to get up and do her project and not watch morning cartoons...we'll call her the disagreeable shark expert :)  She is a fun one to work with...quite stubborn and not really open to helpful hints :)  Lovely!  I think next time Pops can be on shark poster duty!
 Someone did awesome at his 2nd game!  I really thought it would be rained out, but the weather turned around...he was goalie at of his fav. things to do!  He warded off many goals. 
 And had fun drop kicking a few!
 The team from afar. I didn't realize til this day that they have a girl on their team. She's pretty good. She reminds me of Liz Lloyd who I grew up with.  Very sporty and not afraid to be on the boys' team!
 Finally he was out of the goal and on the field!  He hustled pretty good!
 His surprising goal.  He actually had first kicked it to a teammate and then it came back at him...
 ...and in it went!  Barely.  Off the top of the post.  I love that middle blue kid's reaction. He seemed more excited than Dylan! :)
 Dylan's celebratory jigs are always funny....a little jump in the air :)
 A little skip :)
 And then off to get one of his best buds who needed to stay with us since his parents were going to be out of town.  And we were off to Indy for the latter half of the day for our nephew/cousin's 1st bday party.  A few of us were grumpy and probably should have stayed home and napped (one did nap in van...catching flies!)
 It was supposed to be cold and drizzly, but the weather cooperated enough for Poppy to put the croquet out.  Nice form, Ash!
 The boys had no clue how to play...they just wanted to hit the ball as hard as they could!
 They had quite a spread...of Subway sandwiches (one of Shelb's favorites so she was excited!)...and these delicious cookies from a place Nina found. The lemon ones were divine!
 Feasting in the sun...what could be better?  They sat in the best spot...I was slightly jealous. :)
 Someone just needed a nap and wanted his mama...and was a lil' sad.
 These two and their water bottle fun....and fountain fun too...they entertained themselves :)            

 Case in point...boys and their tackling. I think D lost! :)
 LOL...finally he woke up and wanted to play :)
 The birthday boy!  And his closest bday buddy :)  He was not sure what to make of Shelb...I think he likes her glasses :)
 LOL!  A penny for his thoughts!
 Can we say OCD?  Or maybe he just really likes organization and color coordination :)
 Opening gifts
 Time for cake.  The attempt to put the hat on was amusing...he was not falling for it! But I give Anne credit for trying!
 Brian tried!
 In the end it looked better on daddy :)
 So sweet :)  He had no clue what to do with a candle, which is good...I think my babies tried to grab it. They liked fire. He just wanted to grab the ice cream cake thus why Anne is holding him back :) 
 Not quite sure what to do with cake :)
 He figured it out! :)
 Nina has the prettiest flowers...she has the greenest thumb I know.  These were the last of her tulips, but so pretty and Shelb sorta matched so I asked her to sit by them :)
 Beauty!  Wish I had this gift. I love to look at them, but my brown thumb won't allow me to grow them :)  The one time I had them (thanks to Nina planting them)-- a storm struck and my tulips were decapitated by hail...they never grew again. I take that as a sign!
 And back home for sleepover/tent fun!  Someone wanted to join in--in the background :)
 He was so sweet...made himself his own bed behind them and tried to stay out of the way :)  Tried, being the operative word :)
 This poor girl...never got her Unicorn Frappuccino.  All of Bloomy was sold out after the first day and we called Martinsville and Mooresville on the way to Plainfield and they too were sold out.  The one guy even answered the phone saying they no longer had them. Sad when it has come to that!  And these are only out for one week, so no hope.  What a marketing ploy!  She made the best of a "sour" situation and made her own at home. I am not sure all that she used, but it involved lots of fruit (pineapple and strawberry and then sour patch kids!) lol!  Gotta give her credit for trying! 
 And it looks very Starbucksy in our Olive Garden cup! lol :)
 On a sour sugar high! :)

And below is how we ended our evening...still working on Mr. Hammerhead!  Oh joy!
Too full of a day if you ask me.  So many good things jammed into a small amount of time, but when you are burned out it just wears you out. 

Will post tomorrow. On burnout for today.