Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow fun

On the mend and almost fever free

Well, I'm grateful to be back in the land of the living today.  I've only had a low grade fever today and  the room wasn't spinning quite so much and I even walked to the bathroom all by myself.  A good day in my books!  I wasn't able to do much else bc somehow my whole body still hurts, but since Kev took over church, violin, party duty, I didn't have to leave the house.  It's been a total blessing that he started driving the day I came down with this flu bug!  The bummer part of the day is that poor Hays needed her entire CCU (scholarship) portfolio including 700 word essay turned in my 1159pm. And I am the key essay proofer.  It took me an hour to read one paragraph.  A febrile, hungry, dehydrated brain is not great at proofing. But by 1152 we had that baby handed in.  Yes we are forever last minute, but lately I'm blaming it on gallbladders and flu.  I hope a time of peace and health is fast approaching!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The flu continues but thank goodness for a free day

I never thought the flu lasted this long.  It's been almost a week since I first started to feel bad and I just seem to be getting worse.  I much prefer short lived germ issues. I had such high hopes for a nice relaxing family day today.  Instead I only saw them all once when I ventured downstairs to see the snow. I miss my kids.  Loggy was the only one that broke the influenza barrier and came in to hug me. I pray he doesn't get this nasty germ fest.  All I can say is I'm honestly tired of sitting around and tired of not being able to get my own food and drinks.  Poor Kev isn't fully recovered and he's had to help me.  It's rotten.  Real stinky. I think in my delerium today I actually asked him to carry me to bathroom, even though I know he can't even lift a jug of milk.  What is wrong with me.  The flu is making me crazier then normal.   I'm hoping and praying tomorrow is a fever free day.  This flu needs to go back where it came from!

Friday, January 12, 2018

The flu stinks but snow days are good

Yikes, I'm not sure I've had a strain of flu like this.  My body hurts in places I didn't know could hurt. And I almost slept in the shower.  It's a low day.  But if there could be a silver lining it's that we had an ice storm and school was closed.  The kids took care of themselves and Kev worked from home bc only mandatory driving was allowed.  So I guess if I had to get the stinking flu this was a good day.  Sigh.  I hope I'm not down this whole weekend.  It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Love these kidsl!

A few pics of the day/night...the big orchestra concert was tonight...527 kids from 5th-12th gr.  It's great music, but they need to stop making it go to 9:30pm.  Over 2 hours is too long to sit on hard bleachers.  But, our two fav. musicians played fabulously.  As you can see D was being a pistol about taking a pic...he was 1st chair and I knew I wouldn't be able to see him from the nosebleed section. Thankfully his teacher helped him give me a big smile. Love this smiley boy.  He's always so happy. :)  So proud of my Shelb too. 1st chair for her school, but since they rotate the other school was officially in the first chair. But we knew who was better :)  Great concert.  But a tired fam. after.  Ash had GS and did drawing tonight. I'll have to post her pic later. She is our artist.  And Lo and I braved Walmart.  We are in the midst of a winter weather warning and you'd think it was the apocalypse.  It was a madhouse.  I wasn'teven getting food, but had to get stuff for Logan's bday at "new school".  Now it'll probably be canceled tomorrow and hopefully we'll get a 4 day weekend.  Fingers crossed, bc this mama has caught the flu or something.  I am not in good shape. :(



Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How to fill my spirit?

Today I tried to find something that replenishes my spirit.  I struggle to find that thing that I can do in 1hr.  That is the max time I usually have to myself on certain days.  Not enough for a nap which is what I know I love.  Trying to brainstorm ideas.  I need a hobby. A non stressful, cheap (free) one!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I miss winter break

So I realized something today.  Breaks like this past winter break are what I envisioned it like to be a stay at home mom.   Days mostly spent AT home.  I think my job as a stay at home mom is actually busier than I would be if I worked full time.  I am really out of my home that much.  This says to me that I need to cut back.  Kinda hard this year with Logan in two preschools but I think next year if I don't go back to work yet, I really need to spend most of my days at home.  Take a year off from volunteering and being at the schools so much.  Fill myself back up.  I have become so immersed in being a mom all day every day that I don't often appreciate it as much as I would if I went away to a job.  And that's how my burnout has occurred.  I think I just need to get back to the basics. I remember being home with Hailey when she was 5 and life was so simple. I mean I know I have 4 more kids now and older kids are more complicated and busier, but my day time shouldn't be so crazy!  I need to steal back my days so feel less depleted in the afternoons and evenings.  How do mom's of big families do this?  I find it hard to even be by myself in the bathroom without someone knocking to ask something...