Friday, November 17, 2017

Future Butler Bulldog? Congrats yet again, Hays! :)

 Another acceptance and another scholarship ($18,000)!  Go, Hays!  Not sure she wants to be this close to home, but Butler is a great school and they have a great ballet program (we go almost every year to their Nutcracker now as our new tradition with Nina Gritz!) :)  Anyway....yay, Hays!  So proud of her!  Here's our college visit back on April 10 before Easter.  I guess I never posted these pics.  It was our first official college tour.  Here she is by the bulldog!  The good ol' mascot....the real one is often in the bookstore here in his doghouse :)  Cute...if you like dogs. 
 Actually it was probably my 2nd fav. college visit (Calvin was our first!)...they are very personable here and had lots of food out for us to eat (not that free food is a way to my heart :)) reminds me of Calvin but in Indiana.  Small campus beautiful new dorms.
 And great ballet studios!
 It was her first Nutcracker she ever saw back in like 2003 or 2004?  We saw it with Nina and Poppy Stegs.
I remember this day well...a huge storm rolled in and we barely made it to our car...actually we didn't...we were drenched.  But it was a good first visit.  Pretty sure this isn't where she'll end up, but it's a great choice if she did!
And apparently this is how you find out about college acceptance now.  Email.  How anticlimactic.  And this one had a dog video telling you. lol!  Actually she finds out about college stuff by going on a website and seeing her updated status. Gosh, I am living in the wrong day and age.  I miss mail.  Or when horse covered wagons drove to your house and told you good news.  Sigh :)  But at any rate, I'm happy for Hays! 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Future Calvin Knight? Congrats, Hays! :)

Whohoo!  She's officially IN!  A future Calvin Knight!  2nd acceptance!  Not that I was terribly worried.  But still nice to get confirmation (and how could they not accept her...she was a week old and an unofficial student in the nursing program sitting in on my classes :))
 In honor of getting into our alma's a few pics of our campus visit back in August.  We hadn't been there since she was a little girl.  It's been like 15 years.  She was pretty jazzed about this whole visit.  Honestly, never met professors and staff that are more personable and caring.
 Where it all began for Kev and I 20 plus years ago...and where our girl was pretty much born.

 I think she does look like a Knight already :)
 Who knew they have a dance studio now? She could minor in dance while majoring in PT!
 Love this seminary pond.  The last time I was here was when my mom took engagement pics of Kev and I...almost 20 years ago.  Not our beautiful 17 year old poses here...

We shall see what God has in store for our oldest girl...will it be Calvin?  I can't say I'd be sad about that.... :)

So proud!

Well, I guess God knew I needed a laugh today.  This is what I got.  He walked into his preschool feast like this and pretty much was this way the whole time.  Two fingers up BOTH nostrils because he did not like the smell of what was in the crockpots (btw it was only corn and mashed those even smell at all?)  Seriously.  So. Much. Drama.  He is our pickiest kid. And possibly most dramatic.  He refused to eat anything on the plate...not even the bread bc it was touching the corn.  Good grief.  He beats to his own drum...for sure!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Needing good news

Feeling lately like I need some good news.   Seems like so many around me are struggling with mental or physical problems and just life in general.  I know it's sometimes the low points that can bring you closer to God, but it can also make life on earth so hard, so disheartening.  Just wishing for some light in the day.  One silver lining is my Lo.  Today he and I made some treats to give to his friends tomorrow at preschool after their feast.  He was so happy.  So full of life.  He had to write his name 20 times (which he wasn't thrilled about), but he did it so fast. At one point I said to him, "How did you get so fast?" And he matter a factly said, "God gave me super speed and super fast hands!"  Duh!  I should have known that.  He cracks me up. :). Kids are good for the soul. Lol :)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

A day full of violin-ing and cello-ing...and a night full of chili supper-ing...

I wish pics were easier to post....will have to wait for another day.  It's been a super busy Saturday!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy Early Vet's Day and a sweet prayer request :)

I am taking a blog hiatus, but I still will post from time to time.  Today we observed Early Vet's Day at our schools.  Shelb had the honor of introducing the pledge of allegiance (a duty of the NJHS Prez!)...she did great!  Lo and I were honored to see her do it.  I was a little bummed the other kids' school convocation was at the same time bc I LOVE the bagpipes they usually have there...but I can't get to everything all the time. :)  The sweetest part of my day was when Loggy quietly asked me to pray for him...."mama, can you ask someone in heaven to not give me any bad dreams tonight".  Such a sweet request from a sweet guy who has been plagued by bad dreams lately (possibly from too much Scooby?)  So we prayed this very prayer tonight and hope he has a better night's rest!  Onto our busy weekend...full of strings concerts (D and Shelb) and a big chili supper at school...been working on auction baskets all week. I taught my first preschool class yesterday and it gave me a new found respect for teachers, especially those who teach 3 year olds! :) I am wiped!  Looking forward to a restful Sunday!