Wednesday, February 28, 2007

***Update on Vomit-related issues***

Ok, can you tell I'm tired again today...I can't even come up with a cool title other than to state the obvious...oh well...we can't be funny all the time can we?! :)'s been a long day and I wasn't honestly gonna even post today, but we just got a call from our occupational therapist so I felt the need to drop a little post into the blog for those of you "late-night readers" out there (i.e. mom :)). So, here's the down low on the whole pukin' situation or "the plan" as I should say....

Our therapist kinda wants a second opinion on what's going on so she's recommending we see another therapist in that same office to just kinda reevaluate things....not that she doesn't trust her own opinion, but she says that Dylan is quite a unique case and his is not "cut and dry" like most that she sees (go figure). And before they do anything hospital- related she just wanted another honest opinion. I am in agreement with that as I hate to put Dylan through any procedure if he really doesn't need it (any parent would agree right? :))'s the plan for this week. We're gonna meet with this other therapist on Friday at 11am. Pretty much she wants to see him vomit so that should be a piece of cake...that's one thing we know our boy can do well! He could win awards for his vomiting performances, I'm sure about that! So, she warned us that vomit will be on the list of "things to do". And pretty much she'll just evaluate him like our current therapist did (giving him safe and dangerous foods...oh joy...lots to look forward to :)). The funny thing is is that we know this therapist...she is a friend of ours and the wife of one of the guys Kev's works with....and while you think that might not be "such a small world thing"...he only works with 3 guys so it is kinda funny. And Kev has already been talking to his coworker friend about all this so it was funny when we heard our "new therapist's" name. Anyway, so that's funny and good too....this lady has two kids of her own both the same age as Dylan and Shelby...which is also "small worldish" or at least it seems so to me as I'm writing this :) that's the plan for this week. Next week Wed. they are most likely gonna do an upper GI at the hospital and also do a VFSS (VidoeFleuroscopy Swallow Study). I really haven't done the research on either so I have no real details to give you. They basically are gonna have him swallow barium for the one study and take pictures of it going down and for the other they feed him different foods and watch how it "all goes down the tubes" so to speak. Or at least that's what I gathered. I guess I should do my research before then so I don't look like an "out of practice peds nurse" :) that will all be "a go" if the therapist on Friday agrees that that is necessary by the puking (or lack of...yea right!) that she sees :) So, I guess I'll keep you posted. Not that I'm hoping for the hospital visit, but I really just want some answers and if that's how we get them then then so be it! I just want our poor little vomiter to be able to eat like a normal boy and to grow up to be that big ol' linebacker that everyone used to say he'd be :) So, there ya' have it. Just a brief update on the subject of our year--VOMIT! :) Maybe we'll get this all solved soon and I can move on to much more exciting topics that don't make my mom's stomach turn everytime she reads about them! :) (sorry, mom :)) Oh...they are kind of concerned that he may have some issues with reflux. We have always thought that was an issue since he was a big time puker even as a baby (and since both our girls had reflux and Shelby was even on meds for it). And also there is some talk of aspiration issues and his respiratory problems....all too much to think about tonight for me so I simply cannot elaborate...I am whipped! Been a long day of driving to Indy with two crazy kiddos! Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it to drive that hour and a half just for portraits, but I think Penney's does an awesome job and you can't beat their prices. So, Lil D-man did great for his 1-yr pics...he smiled like a pro for about 30 seconds and luckily that was enough for the quick clicking photographer to capture his goofy smile :) Then he just wanted to crawl around the studio and chase after a rubber duck they had sitting there....oh the simple joys of a 1-yr-old. Well, I'm downright tired, but I have dishes and piles of laundry to do and they are calling my name unfortunately....til next time.....
Oh...and the rundown on the random assortment of pictures for the day....I basically think my dad and Hailey take great pics together and NYE this year was no exception....aren't they so we talked to my dad today so this is a "hello and we miss you" to him. He's always so good about calling every week talk to all three of his grandkids :) And then a few more pics from our FL after-Christmas adventure....Hailey in my first recital tutu...ah, what memories....and look at the ballerina pose :) And then our possible second prima ballerina showing off her, no words can describe that! This is the first tutu I ever owned and was a gift from my grandparents that just passed away. And then a sweet one of Dylan...this is just to show my mom the outfit I had his picture taken in today :) Nighty night ya'll!

p.s...What is fun about pulling apart a green bean and putting the little innerd beans down a straw?? Apparently a lot in Shelby's mind...this was her dinner amusement tonight...ugh!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just plain worn out...

Is it just me or do other people out there have days/weeks where they are just so exhausted it's hard to do the normal everyday stuff....even just getting a simple snack out of the cupboard seems like too much effort. And it definitely put me over the edge of tiredom this morning to clean up the big bag of bouncy white marshmellows that Shelby just dropped down the stairs...ugh (I guess it was a bad idea to let her get her own "potty treat")! I think she could tell that I just simply couldn't pick those up cuz she was running all around me saying, "Shelby be your helper, mommy." I don't feel mentally lazy but this lack of energy has me wanting to fall into bed and take a nap right now. Now those of you who know my innermost enjoyments know I LOVE naps...I don't get them much anymore, but when I do they are glorious and most relaxing. I think today might be nap day for me (if the kids cooperate and nap at the same time, which also is a rare occurance). Anyway...a worn out mommy has made for a worn out household this week....I guess it could be that we are actually all tired, but even the kids have been sleeping like rocks. I don't think Shelby even got up last night (which is a rarity for our "up all night" girl)...and Dylan...I was actually kinda paranoid this morning when after 12 hours of sleep there was still no peep over the monitor...the boy slept for like 13 hours...and that was after I kept peeping in his room to make sure he was still breathing. Maybe we're all just feeling tired...maybe it's the time of year and the seasonal affective disorder is setting in...who knows. I just know I'm tired today and I actually just got on to blog today so I can try to stay awake. I hope I'm not the only person out there who gets exhausted like this at only 10am. Sometimes I worry about myself.

Anyway to add to the laziness Shelby has become laxadazical (is that really a word or did I massacre it?) about potty issues....let's just say she has been having #1 issues yesterday and today....she hasn't done that since she started going on the big potty over a month ago. What's going on? Maybe she's feeling lazy too...I guess I can't blame her. And then Dylan...he won't even eat today. He's never really refused food (even with the puke issues) until this was a huge amount of work to get food into his rotating head :( ugh...What is up with that? Maybe he is getting tired of vomiting and figures "not eating is easier"...can't blame him either....if I was vomiting my meals up every day all day I'd stop eating for a bit too. And, yes, for those of you wondering he did, yet again, perform a nice vomit this morning. I hope we get some answers about all that soon. Praying they do some kind of procedure to just check things out...even if all is ok (which, of course I hope it is) least we'll know and we can move on to more therapy. Well, the V-man (my name for the vomit man today) is getting cranky and needs a nap. I guess I must go. Hope you all have more energy than me today....
(thought I'd include this funny pic of Dylan awhile back in my dad's reading glasses...he looks very scholarly doesn't he?...and then nothing better than a sleeping baby to make me feel like taking a nap!)

Monday, February 26, 2007

***Update--Vomit-ator Returns :(***

Ok, well first of all I think we need some suggestions for Dylan's new name? far this is all I can come up with....second, the title pretty much sums up how the OT appt went today....yep, the boy pulled through and did a big ol' puke...we were so proud :)

I think it completely shocked the therapist cuz she was turned talking to us and all of a sudden Kev said "here it comes" and that was that....slimey pudding/yogurt came forth all over :) She seemed the most shocked of all and Kev and I just sat there and acted like it was as normal as not puking :) Cuz for us it has sadly become a way of life. Anyway....after she saw the amount he vomited she became kind of concerned and from that point on she said she was going to talk to the doctor about this possibly being a medical issue (i.e...something physically wrong with his GI tract) to briefly update you...that is where we stand. The therapist was gonna be in "cahoots" with our doc sometime this week and they were gonna discuss the possibility of a procedure (scope) to check out his upper GI tract (which I think is a great idea...I've wanted that all along and wondered if there was something deeper wrong with our sweet boy). We'll see what becomes of this...but I'll be honest I was so relieved he vomited in front of her. It made me not feel so crazy for getting so overwhelmed with the constant vomit. She agreed this didn't seem normal to her. So, we'll see if this is a medical issue or not....she said she'll hopefully get back to us by Wed. Also....aside from the good news of our boy vomiting once again we found out our insurance stuff is all worked out and we can keep seeing this therapist! Yippee! Well, I'm off to bed...yep, it's not even 8 and the kids are almost in bed and I think I will be too....Kev and I are worn out! It was a busy day today of running around and girl scouts and I'm plum tuckered out! I think the vomit-ator was too...he's snoozing already! Toodleloo....

(p.s...the pics are a random assortment and of no special meaning....but you know me and pics...I pretty much have to have at least one pic with every post! I'm a picture-aholic for sure! And, hey, for the weak-stomached just be glad that I didn't post more vomit pictures...cuz you know I have lots of those to share! Ha! :))

Don't Wish Your Life Away...

Happy Monday everyone :) :( Well, I wanted to briefly touch on something that just kinda moved me yesterday. While I'm not a big sermon preacher myself our pastor touched on some great points yesterday and it just really seemed poignant to my life lately (and always actually).

I woke up in a horrible mood reason really...nothing particularly bad was going but yet, I couldn't snap out of it. Some days are like that and especially mornings for me...if you know me well you know I am NOT a morning's best not to really talk much to me before 11am. I might put on a happy face, but it's not genuine usually until about lunchtime :) I'm just one of those people...happier as the day goes on and most happy at night (I used to be a night owl back in the days when I wasn't so tired and old :)) I didn't mean to make a big deal of my bad mood, but Kev will be the first to admit that I'm not always that pleasant so I may as well not hide it :) ha, ha :) So, I reluctlantly went to church...trying to hide this lovely gloomy mood of mine....and the good Lord must have known I needed a good kick in the backside when he made the sermon about...

Phillipians 4:13: I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Now I probably should have taken some notes, but all I can really remember from the sermon is our pastor saying "don't wish your life away". Now what did he mean by that? Well, I don't know about you...but sometimes I feel like I'm never if I just had "this one thing" I would be happy. Am I the only one out their living that kind of life? Like "the grass is always greener on the other side" kind of outlook. Most of the time I go through my days just wishing for this and that and not really appreciating what I DO have and what I have been given and all the blessings I DO have. Why is it so easy to lose focus and wish for the things we can't/don't have????

I look at my life now and I look back on what it was and I can see God's awesome plan and how it has already started to unfold. Ok, let's backtrack if you will. I remember when Kev was laid off from his job in MI in 2001 and even then we actually kind of celebrated as we found that as a sign that we were to move near his family here in IN. We never really doubted that God wanted us to move here at that point. And then over a year went by and he had found a job and lost that one and then was unemployed for over a year. Doubt and worry crept into our lives but we kept that verse in mind..."we can do all things through HIM..." and sure enough that perfect job came along and it's been such a blessing to Kev and our family ever kept us here in this great city we love and we are so thankful for that. But, we still wanted more...we wished for a house to live in, another child....well, the house came, but the second child did not. God had other plans....I can't say for sure why we had trouble conceiving Shelby but after 18 mos of tears, painful procedures and surgery we joyfully celebrated the news of her impending arrival. It was an amazing time in our lives....then came her birth....and then around her first birthday we found out little Dylan was on his way....I can't even put into words our jubilation over that shocker and the roller coaster of fun that has since overcome our family. I really did not think we would have more children...many times I thought Hailey would be our only child and I would have to be ok with that...thankful for that...and I was (sort of). So, of course, here we are now....many years later...Dylan is a year old now and as thankful as I am for all my children, my great husband, our home, our family, etc....I still wish for more...why??? I why do I get so downhearted when I don't have those "things" Why can't I be simply at peace with what I have and why can't I just be happy in the moment. It's almost like the devil wants me to not be happy...he wants me to want more. Anyway...I don't know exactly what I'm trying to say here, but just that this verse in Phillipians spoke to me yesterday in so many ways and it softened my heart and mood. Our pastor referred to how good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people and how there is no answer for that....I have often wondered that???

I often find myself wishing for just a little more money, just a little more time in the day, just a little bit bigger those things will make me truly happy....and solve all my problems.... And I think I just need to reflect on this verse, not worry about the little things like the big bill we just paid on the van and the money we don't have. God has always provided for us and I have no doubt that he will continue to do so. We might not have the biggest house, or the best cars, or go on any fancy vacations, but we have an amazing family, fairly good health and so much to be thankful for on a daily basis. Why do we often lose focus of the big and little things we have and focus instead on the things we don't have and want. Ugh. I think I really need prayer in this area. I need to stop comparing my life to others too. That is a great fault of mine. I need to keep my focus and just be so very thankful for the life I have. God has brought us to this wonderful community for a reason. Although I miss many of our friends and family in MI, I think about what got us to this point and I am so thankful for where we are...we love it here, love our neighborhood, love our church, love being near Kev's family, love all this area has to offer our family. It is a blessing to be here. I don't know what great plan God has for us in the future...if it will involve another move someday, but I see him open and close doors in our lives every day. I think HE knows best and I for one need to trust that more....I guess that's what faith is.

Anyway...I didn't mean to give you all a Monday afternoon sermon, but I was just humbled by what our pastor shared yesterday...mind you I said how it hit me so the lesson might have been completely different or I might have just heard him say what I needed to hear, but I think sometimes I get so down about little things and just need to focus on the bigger picture and how incredibly blessed I am and I how I need to not wish for more, but enjoy what I have.

I hope you all had a spendid weekend. Our Sunday was unfortanetely not a lazy one and even Kev didn't get to watch his weekly race (gasp!) :) Just lots of little things to do around the house. I am glad to say the weather has shaped up and we are in the fabulous 40's again! I think I see a glimpse of spring??!! I see our "fair" weather friends up north didn't fair so well with their ice storm :) Sorry guys! Well, nothing cute and fun to share today. Lil' D has his OT appt in an hour and I must get moving. Little Shelby is snoring in the bed next to me...she looks so sweet when she sleeps (it's very disceiving...j/k :)) We'll see how this appt goes today. The puker-nator (my new fun name for Dylan) actually ate his crispy cereal this morning w/o puking...baffling! Well, until tomorrow....

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Indoor and outdoor fun...and then back to more nasty weather :(

Ok, so I said I wasn't gonna post this weekend, but my hubby got called into work unexpectly due to bad weather and power outages so here I sit all alone and thought I'd post a few quick pics to help myself stay awake and maybe get a second wind so I can get some stuff done tonight....

Nothing too exciting to post today aside from our normal "humdrum" weekend stuff. Been a busy, crazy day and I don't have a whole lot to show for it. Kev's parents came down for half the day and it was great to see them and have them support Hailey in her ballet/b-ball adventures of the morning. We all got to "view" her ballet class (and Kev's mom and I both agreed...Hailey is still one of the best in the class...of course, we're very unbiased :))...and even Shelby and Dylan surprisingly made it through that hour without misbehaving too much (though Dylan did manage to throw his little orange ball out to the dancing ballerinas despite Poppi's quick reflexes :))...then it was a race off to b-ball at church. The girls played their little hearts out and did a great job as usual. If you look at the one pic you can see Hailey's awesome defense (that pic was taken today...the other ones were from last month). Only one more week of b-ball and we are free from our crazy racing Saturday mornings! Yay! :) Anyway...the rest of our day was spent running errands and dodging the nasty weather that is now upon us. I guess I was in a little bit of denial about the weather. I thought it'd just be some light rain and apparently I should have looked closer at the sleeted and then rained and then was frozen rain...just nasty stuff....very yucky out. Don't know how long Kev will be at work...could be a bad night for him and his computer stuff (and a bad night for me if all the kids get's crazy windy out and shaking our whole house!) Ugh...I am so ready for this shabby weather to move along and be replaced with spring and sun and happy thoughts. With that in mind I will show you some pictures of our lovely Friday fun in the outdoors. Look at the sun shining as we took a nice (but muddy) walk along our trail. What a blessed thing to see the sun shining. Dylan and Shelby just loved it as you can see :) Ah....and then we have our stinker of a girl take a good look at that picture....the pic doesn't even do "the mess" justice (and can you tell by the look on her face that she know she's in a heap of trouble :)). Let's just say she and her neighbor friends got stuck in the mud river out back and without going into too much detail let's just say her friends lost their shoes in the "quickmud" and Hailey tried to fish them out and ended up looking like this...head to toe mud girl! I was not pleased...and most of the mud (aka"lovely" Indiana red clay) would not come off her clothing. There was a big discussion had after this incindent about "mud is bad"

Well, I hope you all are having a spendid and dry/warm weekend...cuz we are are not! Talk to you all on Monday hopefully...Kev is home...yippee....adios!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Many Faces of Shelby :) :(

Well, I think a pictures speaks a thousand words so instead of doing a big post today I thought I'd post a "few" pictures of the ever-changing expressions of our dear, sweet Shelby Gracie :) To know her is to love and to her know her long enough is to know she is a little spit-fire of a child. Not to say that's a bad thing, but she is definitely one of those kids that when she's good she's very good and when she's bad she's very bad :)
Ok, so most of you know she had a rough start to life...she was the VERY wanted child that we never really thought we had. We went through many months and almost years of heartache to have her....she was what I like to call our miracle she was VERY much a loved child before she was even conceived. We had such high hopes and dreams for our little baby-to-be. And from the moment we saw that first heartbeat I knew she would be a special child...and she has definitely lived up to that expectation :) She was a figher from the beginning. Born with a small hole in her ventricles (VSD), she persevered through that and the good Lord brought complete healing to her precious little heart months later. From there she suffered from horrible, painful reflux with the added "benefit" of colic...she eventually outgrew that, then most recently has suffered from eye eye turn that her optometrist is not concerned about, but we pray resolves on it's own too and will not need surgery/treatment. She has not had the easiest 2 (almost 3) years of her life, but she has persevered through it all and become this little comical lady of the household. She really does provide such comic relief even in the midst of her explosive mood swings :) She had a roller coaster of a ride through her two's and I hate to even say it hence to jinx us, but I think she has finally calmed down as she nears the 3 year mark. She has been the most pleasant and easy-going little girl lately. It's quite fantastic actually :) Of course, she still has her moments of rage (and who can blame her...don't we all???) But, for the most part she really is this sweet little girl with this little fire in her steps and smirk on her face. You've already heard some of the funny things she says and her dear, sweet innocent prayers...but just imagine that kind of thing all really is so precious and could make for a great and humorous novel :) We love our dear, sweet little Shelby. Her presence in our home is a blessing in so many ways and it goes without saying that we can't imagine life in our Steg family without her. She's says whats on her mind and heart...and says it with truth and ease, she's not afraid to show her true colors and not afraid what others think of her. Oh, how I wish I could fast forward and see the woman, wife, mother she might become....what a great expectation to look forward to. While I don't know what her future holds I do imagine she will be a beautiful and wonderful, headstrong adult not afraid to take chances and speak her opinion. While I'm sure her quick wit will not always bring laughs I'm sure it will be a great asset to her in the years to come. I admire my little Shelby and love that spunk in her words and the light she is in so many lives. The Lord surely blessed us when he sent her down to our family. I love you, sweet Gracie girl :)
  • So, there ya' have it...a "little" overview of our Shelby. I didn't intend to write much today, but you know me...I get some wind in my words and I can't stop :) Shelby really does keep us laughing on a daily basis and her independence lately has been both enlightening and a bit challenging. She wants to dress herself in the clothes SHE picks out (which lately has been skirts and sundresses...and this on 30 degree days...ugh..but we try to compromise and at least wear a turtleneck under it all :))...and today I put on her pants for her and she took them right off and reput them on BY HERSELF! I was definitely intruding on HER WAY this morning.
  • And without going into too much detail let's just say Shelby has some fascination issues with "#2" lately. She's actually seeks out dog poo on our walks to and from the bus stops in the morning. A couple mornings she even inquired about "eating it"...that was one question I didn't know how to answer??? What kid asks to eat dog poo??? Is she nuts? I think it all stems from the potty training and learning how everything works (or at least I hope so??)...but Hailey never asked questions like that. But, be rest assured that Shelby has no qualms about asking! :) And let's just briefly say there was a "Shelby issue" last night with "#2" showing itself in the shower (boy, did Hailey have a gag-fest with that!) :) there ya' have far as Shelby is concerned there are no secrets! She's an open book. We love her to death, but she definitely has her good and bad moments....
  • Well...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of relaxion. Ours will be spent doing the same as always. Saturdays are "race to ballet and then race right to basketball"'s a crazy morning for us, but Hailey loves both dancing and b-ball so it's worth it, I guess. Tomorrow I get to watch her ballet class so I'm excited about that. And we only have a couple more weeks of Upwards b-ball at church, so then the chaos of those mornings will be gone. It's been a great experience for'd laugh watching her shoot the b-ball...she definitely has a ballerina pose to her shoot :) But, she's learned so much and is great on defense...her Pops in FL would be proud :) The rest of our weekend will be spent with Kev doing taxes (and I'm holding my breath that he finishes them!) and me writing some long overdue notes and of course just hanging out at home with the kiddos. I'm sure the time will fly by and will be filled with lots more funny tidbits of information. I probably won't post this weekend since it's "family time". I'll post again maybe on Monday night after Dylan's OT appt. I've been doing some internet research on his feeding "issues" and it turns out it's not so uncommon. I guess there is even a name to it "oral sensory problem". And I'm proud to annouce we have had a vomit free day so far today....I even gave him the "danger" food for breakfast and he gagged a bit, but didn't "toss his cookies" :) Maybe he's turning a new leaf?? I'll keep you posted....Oh...and the big boy stood up without holding onto anything yesterday...he was so proud of himself he had to do it a few times after to prove it to himself....can we say "walking soon"??!! Well see.....Until next time....(sorry about the bullet points...blogger is doing something funky today...I'm baffled...)
(p.s. and if you've ever wondered where Shelby gets her spunk and crazy expressions from...wonder no more...look at daddy in that one picture...ha!)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"I Heart You"

Ok, so I felt kinda bad for ruining some dinners last night with my unsettling post from I've vowed to not mention the v-word today aside from saying there has been no "v" today (knock on wood!) :) I'll do a sunnier/funnier post now and I promise there will be no "v" pictures to ruin your meals :) Ok...I guess I'm kinda stuck on saying "v-word" and I'm only a few sentences into this more, I promise! :)

Well, by the looks of this heading this may seem like a belated Valentine's post and I guess it kind of is....

Have you guys heard this expression or is it just one that our Hailey has made up? Ok, let me back up. For the last week this has been a bit of a conversation in our household. Apparently Hailey has 4 boys that "heart her" :) and that is just this week. Usually there is a new "boy of interest" every couple weeks. And she definitately has a running log in her head of who "loves her". So, this week the whole "heart" thing started. I have no idea if it was the V-day holiday that started it or what, but now it's "I heart this" or "do you heart that" or "he hearts me"'s pretty funny if you ask me. So, yesterday I asked her what "heart" meant. Her simple explanation was "mom, you know heart as in heart"..."like so and so hearts me"....duh?! Like I was a moron for not knowing...and if you have talked to Hailey lately she DID make me feel like a moron for not knowing or using this new rad (ok that word dates me) expression. what brought this whole heart thing about was also the romantic fact that Hailey was given her first box of chocolates by a boy this week. I guess it was a belated v-day present, but she came home with it and was just bubbling over "Jordan gave me chocolates...he HEARTS me too" (like we should add him to the list of boys that heart her". Oh my...Kev and I were perplexed...did everyone in her class get a box of chocolates? I admit my heart skipped a beat and I did a flash forward to teenage years....heart be still are we in trouble or what?! Can this already be starting at age 6!? I know it's all very innocent now, but she seems so young to like boys...and let me tell you she does like them. She already told me who she loves and without giving it away I'll just say his first name starts with T and ends with R. I know some of you know him so I'd hate to totally give it away and embarrass our dear, sweet Hailey :) our little 6-yr-old is a bit boy crazy. Not to mention that fact that she had a handful of boys calling our house last fall (I know many of you know that). She apparently gave out her phone number at school and got a bunch of phone numbers sent home in return and a few of the little guys were calling our house asking for her (some of them called a few times). Then a few weeks ago one of the boys from her class just comes waltzing into our home after school with her. Another boy from her class drives by our house all the time on his bike hoping to catch glimpses of Hailey (ha, ha...don't know if that's true, but it seems that way). Oh my....can any of you out there relate? She's even come home singing the "K-i-s-s-i-n-g" song only she was spelling the word wrong and couldn't figure out what it said and why kids were singing it on the bus? Ha, Ha...I didn't fill her in on the point of the song, but simply said "that's not a word you're spelling" and she looked at me perplexed and dropped the subject :) But, Kev and I are kinda getting nervous....can you imagine the phonecalls and bike drivebys in 6 more years :( I think we'll have to put a barracade around our home!

So, that's our Hailey...if you know her you can't help but love her...she's friendly (maybe too friendly?), loves her friends (girls and unfortunately boys too :)) and just loves to be surrounded by people. It is crazy that she's a product of Kev and I (two kind of antisocial people). And you might be interested to know that she had already kissed a boy at the meager age of 2...and mind you it was a total stranger. She saw this cute little boy in the airport in the Bahamas and they got to chatting and decided they liked each other and that was that...he kissed her and then I believe she kissed him back...end of story :) Ah, dear I wish I could bottle your energy and keep you protected forever. Please don't fall head over heals in "heart" with anyone anytime soon!!
(the above pics show some of the boys in Hailey's life...mind you, they might not be ones that "heart" her, but they are ones she still likes :) I also included some pics from V-day...yes, we always take forever to download pics so they are a bit belated...also some of Dylan and part of his new smile...and his new "hiding" spot behind our couch :)...have a great day, everyone!)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

BEWARE: Massive Amounts of....

...yep, you guessed it PUKE (that's the only creative word for vomit I could think of today...sorry) :( Ok, so I know most of you are getting tired of my vomit posts, but it seems to have kinda taken over my life so I can't avoid sharing it lately :( I really will try to "get over" it sooner or later so please don't stop reading my posts for fear of more "yak" stories. So, here it goes. We've been trying the prescribed regimen of "adding small amounts of crispy cereal to pureed baby food". I was kinda hopeful that maybe, just maybe, he might get used to it after he wolfed it down (and more importantly kept it down) at his OT appt on Monday. Well, since then it's been all downhill. I'm not surprised just kind of disheartened and mostly I'm just getting REALLY tired of cleaning up the mess (for those of you who are familiar with vomit cleaning it just doesn't stick to anything and it's like a wad of goo that even the best paper towel or rag won't absorb)...ugh, ugh, ugh! now if you weren't clear on how vomit cleaning goes it's kinda like pretty much use an entire roll of paper towel. So, why was today so much worse than say yesterday....well, who knows what set the vomit off today, but it not only came in mass amount, but it came in the projectile form--the worst form (for non-vomiters out there :)). Ok, so breakfast was a breeze...I didn't follow the prescribed regimen and instead went with plain cereal and all went down smoothly with no gagging and no reappearing of swallowed food. Lunch...tried the crisps in some good...came up immediately....gave the "vomiter" a little time to recover and some milk to wash the taste out and then proceeded to give 2 jars of baby food (no crisps)...all went down fine until that last bite (go's always the last bite). There wasn't even a gag warning like there normally just ALL came up...and by all I mean...first he filled the big tray on his high chair...when that was full I removed it and he then proceeded to puke on the little tray beneath. Now I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say I think Dylan could have swam in all the puke that he was like a pool of sweet potatoes/applesause/squash/milk and whatever else he'd eaten all day. Ok, so you have it all pictured in your mind....the worst was yet to happen (I can it possibly get worse?) Well, I took Dylan out of the high chair...he was dripping in orange goo (aka puke)...and let me just tell you...he was happy as a clam...just smiling away as he got stripped down to his onesie :) Gotta love our little puker :) w/o going into all the details I'll just tell you I couldn't get the second tray of vomit off the high chair so I thought it was a good idea to try to dump the vomit into the sink (I had to lift the whole hich chair into the air)...only.....I missed :( :( Don't ask how I missed, but most of the orange "joy" went on the floor, on me, on our cabinets, on our nice rug in the kitchen....oh my. I just about lost it then. You have no idea how badly sweet-potato puke smells and then to have it all over my kitchen. My eyes were watering and I just about lost it myself (I know, I know...I'm a nurse and should be able to suck it up and clean some puke, but that's one of my nursing downfalls...don't like the look/smell of puke). To give you an idea of how bad it was even Shelby must have noticed my dismay cuz she ran into our bathroom and grabbed a big wad of toilet paper and started helping me clean the floor. Then she realized how dirty our kitchen floor really was and she ran and got more toilet paper (can you tell I don't like to mop floors)....I was thankful for my little housekeeper, Shelby, more than ever at that moment...there can be nothing better than a 2-year-old who is willing to clean up puke! :)

So, there ya' have it. I was so dishearted by the whole event that I just put the kids to bed and had to walk away from the situation. It's still down there smelling up the first floor or our house. I hope my hubby doesn't read this from work and decide not to come home :( I feel like a complete failure as a mom right now. In my defense the day didn't start out great (yet another school delay due to dense fog...and 3 extra kids in the house), so I had very low expectatioins, but I really wasn't expecting this much of a puke mess :) I guess this is to be my life for the time being. I'm really not complaining...I'm sure I'll look back on days like these in a year and laugh as Dylan will hopefully then be eating a big mouth sub :) But, for now somedays I literally feel like I'm swimming in puke and I admit I am a bit frazzled lately. And I can't help but think/hope/pray every morning when I wake up "maybe this will be the day that Dylan can eat real food (without puking, that is)!" I keep hoping and praying...but for now I am destined to a life of vomit :)

Ok, so now that I just did a whole post on vomit (that truly was NOT my intention)...sorry to all the weak-stomached out there...I'll try to end this post on a lighter (non-pukey) note, with some more Shelby funnies...this time it's the prayerful kind (which I'm sure the good Lord also must find very humorous :)).

Shelby has really come a long way in her praying lately. Not that you brag about your prayer techniques, but lately her prayers have become what I like to call "short" sermons, basically listing everything she has done for that day and thanking God for them. Of course, that is wonderful and I am not at all complaining... :) But, I do have to share a few of her repeating dinner prayers from the last few weeks. So, here it goes...this was pretty much her prayer before last night's dinner, "Thank you for our food, thank you for our car come back home and for daddy come to my garage in MY house. Amen". translation/explanation and why this is so funny to us (Kev and I truly have to hold in the laughter til this prayer is done as it has been the one she's been praying for about 3 weeks now).....the dinner part you get....we're all thankful for our food, right?! And the car part...well that made sense a few weeks when we had been without our van for about a week and had been pretty much hermits stuck in our home. I guess that week really must have bothered Shelby cuz the day we got our van back she went ballistic every time she looked out the window and saw it sitting in our driveway, "Our van's BACK!" she would was like Santa had delivered the best Christmas present ever...and she just wanted to thank God for that gift that very night...and every night since! She never forgets on a daily basis to thank God for bringing our van back! Don't get me wrong...I'm thankful for it too (not so thankful for the massive amount of cash it cost us), but thankful to have the second vehicle that many don't have. So, I guess I should be thanking Shelby for making me more appreciative and for daily reminding us that our "car come back home". I guess the van (aka way out of this house) means more to her than most things! Ha! :) And....then about the daddy part of that prayer...well, that just started this week. We don't know if it's because she really misses him at work all day or what the deal is, but Kev has gotten a kick out of it. Yesterday she even included the garage part maybe cuz when he gets home from work he enters from the garage or as we joke, maybe that is where she wants his "new home" to be?? (any child pychiatrists out there have any better views on that?) Kev is afraid she thinks he may not come home someday and that's why she's praying for it...ha, ha! I wouldn't blame Kev for not wanting to return to this puke-infested house! :) And did you all know that Shelby owns our house...ha, ha...she must be one weathy 2-yr-old :) :) there ya' have it...the innocent prayers of our not-so-innocent Shelby. If you ever come to our house for dinner you must ask her to say is a blessed event :)

(Ok....and sorry about the pictures I am posting...they are a bit disturbing I know (as you can see he is eating one of those gerber "soft" stars)...but for those of your who have been wondering about the vomiting sequence of events (or maybe who have said under their can a one-year-old not eat real food)...wonder no's the proof...and to those of you wondering "what kind of mom would take pictures of her kid vomiting"...well, I guess the answer simply is, ME! :) Ha....if you can't enjoy the vomiting sometimes at least take pictures of it! Enjoy!