Monday, April 30, 2007

Presenting our Prima Ballerina...

one of her fav ballet poses!
another lovely pose...
ready to go...
a mommy-daughter shot before the big performance :)
Hailey and her new friend (don't even know her name...Lilly maybe?)...they were "coloring buddies" in the dressing room :)
"Mom, can you please, leave me alone now!" (really...that was probably what she was thinking :))
a backstage pose with her pretty flower in her hair...
a very long-distance, blurry shot of their performance (this was actually dress rehearsal...I couldn't take any during the actual performance cuz I was video-taping and holding Shelby)
Hailey and her friends Rebecca and Julia after the big performance
Hailey with her bouquets from us, Nina and Poppi G. and Nina and Poppy Stegs....she loved the flowers!
Hailey, Arianna and Shelby post-show
Hailey and Poppy Stegs :)
Us and our prima ballerina :)
A family shot....
Hailey by the MAC sign (yes, she is eating a lollipop :))
I know this is a silly shot...but it seemed cute to me, so I'm posting it....Hailey walking to the car after the dance...(and the below one is Hailey being our comic relief at Applebees...she had a lemon fetish on Saturday for some reason??!!)

Well, this weekend was a blur of ballet for was the BIG "Afternoon of Dance and Music" (recital) at IU for Hailey's precollege ballet program. It was a wonderful and impressive event filled with beautiful music (kids and adults were both chosen to play the live music for the dancers)...and the ballerinas were exquisite (well, at least for me...Kev I'm sure would disagree as I'm only guessing that ballet doesn't quite measure up to things like racing and soccer for him :))...but we had a great Saturday watching Hailey dance. I spent most of Friday night also watching her practice and Sat. a.m. was spent doing much of the same. And her big debut was that afternoon. She did spendidly and we were so very proud of her. Her performance went off w/o a hitch and she was front and center for it all. She really did great and I was much more pleased with the routine this year than last (last year's was very uncoordinated and the girls seemed clueless about their steps even during was close to embarrassing). I wish my mom could have seen this recital. It was a great performance by the "Mussette in D Major" girls and guys (that's Hailey's group :)). Anyway...I don't have much else to say but that we were so proud of our little ballerina. I am amazed at how she dances so gracefully and doesn't get nervous at all. Definitely not traits she gets from me :) But, it was a great weekend. Poppy Stegs came down for the performance and Hailey was thrilled to have him there...and I must say he was a lifesaver watching Dylan who made it through about 2 of the 20 dances dances and then had to be walked around the auditorium for 2 hours :( Shelby surprisingly was calm and non-dramatic and actually made it through most of the performance by sitting quietly in her seat :) Ever since she has not stopped talking about how she wants to be in dance next year (we'll see....) But, all the dancers did great and it was neat to see all different age levels perform. The older girls were just amazing and I could tell Hailey loved the pointe dancers....cuz she got out my old pointe shoes when she got home and wanted to know when she could use them at dance class :) It was a great day. And we got exciting ballet news at the end of the performance....the whole Nutcracker is being rechoreographed this year by the new IU dance director and he will be adding all new parts for all the pre-college kids (before they had to be 7 yrs old to be in Nutcracker)...unfortunately this won't effect Hailey as she would have been in Nutcracker anyway next year, but if Shelby ever does ballet at IU she might not have to wait til she's 7 to join in the Nutcracker fun! But, it'll be fun to see a whole new Nutcracker and to see what part Hailey will get (try-outs are Sept 15 already!) :) Can't wait....I'm excited that my mom will be here in Dec. to watch Hailey's debut of the Nutcracker too!

Well, so there ya' have it....we spent most of our weekend watching little girls in tutu's (and even some handsome little boys in their spiffy black pants and t-shirts (Hailey's routine had 4 of the 5 only boys in the whole program). It was a busy, but fun time and Hailey made us proud as usual. Thanks to Poppy Stegs who took us out to a lovely Applebee's dinner afterwards (Hailey's choice) and thanks to Daddy who then took us to Cold Stone Creamery after some pre-birthday party shopping for Shelby's birthday this coming weekend :) Yesterday, surprisingly was a "free day" for us. We had planned a family outing to Indy for the girl's b-days, but due to sickness that got canceled. It actually worked out great as Dylan is suffering from a bad cold with some nasty asthma symptoms and I have what I will refer to as "an infection" I was a bit under-the-weather (and still am). I caught up one some note-writing and the kids played outside while Kev got some yardwork done (bye bye dandylion yard :)). It was nice to relax a bit. This week will be a bit crazy with party planning for Shelby's b-day and our school carnival and lots of other tidbit stuff.

And since I'm in the habit of ending on poopy/pukey notes, I just need to vent about something. I know there were times when I whined and moaned about puke, but I have to say today I would trade a pukey day anyday for what I just had to deal with.....and, mom, you'll laugh at this cuz I was on the phone with you when it "unknowingly happened". I know I've told you that our little guy has been a bit "looser" than normal...and today was the worst I've ever seen. I knew he had filled his pants by the aroma of our kitchen, but when I sneaked a peek I saw very little (I even said to my mom "boy that smells really bad for being so small"...I think I jinxed myself there!) I let him sit in it til I was done talking to my mom on the phone. Well, I went to pick him up to change him and poop splashed everywhere...and I do mean everywhere...I am still finding it all over our was all over the linoleum at about a 10 foot radius, all over me....well, you get it...ALL OVER! I have no idea how that stayed hidden while he was in his seat, cuz it almost made an explosion when I picked him up. It was the nastiest thing I've seen in awhile and let me tell you what a joy that was to clean up. I still need to take a shower, cuz I know I don't smell right :( Anyway, I won't give any more details (I know you all are sad about that)....But, I must just end by saying.....Am I the only one that marvels at the gross things that can come out of such cute little babies/toddlers. All I can say is...I think I really prefer puke to poop at least for today :) :(

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Let there be no doubt...he is a BOY! :)

Look at the pride in this boy's eyes...could there be any more fun that scaling his way to the tip top of his fav. Little People garage!?
And then there is frustration over some entanglement :(
But, have no fear...he made it to the top again!
And then to add to that testosterone...there is the "softer side" of our boy....the side he gets from his sisters...maybe a love for American Girls as he pages through the newest catalog for a new toy/doll??!! :) (daddy is so proud)

Well, I've let time slip away today and Hailey's bus should be rounding the corner here soon, so instead of writing a normal, lengthy post today I thought I'd just post a few pics of our crazy boy! It has become VERY obvious lately just how much testosterone is in the little boy of ours. Not to say that girls don't do this stuff too, but our two "princesses" never have so this whole climbing thing is totally new to us. And I must say it's quite amusing too to see our little man find his way to the top of many high points in our home. hope you all are having a spendid Thursday. Mine has been crazy busy trying to make Shelby's Dora invitation, which I finally just let Kev do (thanks, babe, for doing those "Map" computer it!) and then the rest of my afternoon was spent last minute shopping for dance supplies for the upcoming ballet recital on Saturday....much to my dismay I couldn't find the much-needed new pink leotard (sorry, Hailey, you might just have to have a wedgie during your 5 minute performance :))...and I never found hair nets either...I thought Walmart had everything, but apparently not. it's a been a not-so-productive day of shopping and I have nothing to show for all the wasted time aside from crabby kids who had no naps and a worn out mama. Well, toodle-loo...the bus is here and so is my prima ballerina!
***On a side note, a big CONGRATS to Hailey's Kindergarten teacher...she had her first baby--a boy named Elias Jay, on April 19. We just saw his sweet picture on the hospital website...he was a little tot weighing in at less than 6lbs, but very handsome. Congrats, Mrs. G! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Disney here we come!!!!! :)

Ok, so these are the only pics I could find from our 2003 trip...I guess we didn't use much digital back then. But, nothing says "Disney" more than "the castle"! Can't wait to see it again!
This is one of the Disney highlights of our 3-yr-old, Hailey....she just had to have this unicorn painted on her you can tell she slept with it on that perty is that?!

All this is just the type of news I needed to put this week back on a happy, happy note! Yep, you got it right...we're going to good ol' Mickey Mouse-land...I can hardly stand the excitement! I talked to my mom briefly about the possibility of it yesterday morning...and she just "took care of business" and by dinner time we were all booked and ready to go! So on the first day of 2008 we'll be rockin' the New Year in at Walt Disney World...wahoo! We'll be staying at our fav. downhome country place...the Fort Wilderness Resort Cabins! We stayed there in Dec. 2003 and we have wanted to go back ever since...we recommend it you can all stay in one cabin (our crazy family of five and my parents) and we can eat a nice, big breakfast all from the comforts of our little cabin...not to mention there are so many fun things to do there like ride horses, eat good down-home cooking, and just enjoy the more laid back atmosphere of Disney...then you just take the boat ride over to the parks and you're fun and so easy. Anyway....I am sooooo excited! This will be Shelby and Dylan's first Disney experience and I can't wait to see their little faces light up. Shelby will be the same age that Hailey was when she first went and it seemed like the perfect age....all the princesses and the Magic Kingdom are so magical at that age (I still remember when Snow White kissed Hailey's cheek and she wouldn't wipe the lipstick off all day :)). Dylan will be a little young, but we figured he'll be almost 2 and at least able to enjoy some of it and not be too babyish for it to be a waste or a hassle (plus he'll be free so that's a BIG bonus :)). I just wanted to simply share that joyous news with you all today! And big thanks to my mom for taking care of all the reservations and doing it so quickly! And just to let you know, mom, on July 5, you need to remind me when we're basking in the fresh NC mountain air...I need to call and make reservations for our Cinderella castle breakfast....we can't forget to do that!! as you can tell we are so, so excited. This will be our "Christmas celebration" this year and I'm excited to even be there for my 31st b-day (we'll be there 1/1-1/5)....nothing better than that! And this time I won't be 5 mos pregnant (hopefully :)) like I was last time (with Shelby) I can actually ride ALL the rides! Yippee! It's gonna be a great time and we can't wait to spend it with my parents and hopefully my brother and sister-in-law-to-be (if my brother isn't back overseas by then). So, Magical World of Disney, here we come!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bye, Bye bad weekend, Hello even worse week...

I love this picture of Dylan...he looks like a little man to me now not a baby anymore (sob, sob) :(
The good ol' wood playpen (aka deck) :) and playhouse...those were lifesavers this weekend...
Crazy sisters...need I say more?!Somewhat normal and somber :)
Little stud-man :)
I love this playhouse and cooking on the stove!
Don't you just want to reach out and hug me!?
I know, I know...I'm a pessimist aren't I?!

But, really, that's pretty much all I want to say about this past weekend and about this week (and,yes, I am aware that's it's only Tueday and I am already having a bad week...not a good sign). I can't really pinpoint why my mood is so disagreeable, but I guess I'll blame it on my weekend of "single-mom-dom". I tried to be so upbeat about the whole "ordeal". I mean, how bad can it be to be by myself watching my own three kids for 37.5 hours (yes, I did do the math b/c it really did seem longer than that and I kinda felt guilty when I realized I was only by myself for that long :)). Anyway, so my lonely (aka crazy) weekend came and went...I must say that Friday was actually superb...I was happy and smiley (which isn't always the norm for me :)), the kids were happy and smiley (which definitely isn't the norm for them :)), we did lots of fun outdoor stuff all day, followed by lots of evening outdoor fun too...and I even made a gourmet meal of hotdogs and mac-n-cheese (yes, I am patting myself on the back :))....So, Friday, was, well...great! I even had all the kids in bed and bathed by 8:30 (whoa...that's a rarety even with Kev around :))....and they all slept through the night...well mostly...Dylan was up for his "mommy snuggly time" at 3am, but that was short-lived and I admit I (usually) love those moments even in the wee morning hours.

Well, Saturday, didn't go quite as well...I think we all woke up feeling hormonal and we were rushed getting to ballet class and I was snapping at the kids (gasp!...I know...bad mommy :))....and we were basically just running around like crazy people. Shelby was fit-to-be-tied about not getting to wear the mis-matched/too-small shorts outfit she picked out and Hailey was complaining about a small leotard giving her a wedgy and Dylan was hanging onto my leg as I tried to figure out the girl's issues...I was just ready to lose it....and this was at 9am :( Anyway....the day just dragged by and I won't bore you with all the details, but when Kev called at 6pm on Sat. night and said he was 5 minutes from home I just collasped cuz I was thankful to be not be a single mom anymore.

Anyway, so we survived (for the most part) and the kids were good (for the most part) and I know it could have been a lot worse. The weather was truly glorious, sunny and hot, the kids played outside with friends pretty much all day and into the evening...we even ate all our meals outside, which you must know was a BIG highlight for Shelby (I know this cuz she prayed on Friday and Saturday, "thank you for the picnics we had outside"...very sweet) :) So, the kids had a ball playing outside and even Dylan had a grand ol' time. I must tell you...he has found a new playpin called "the deck"...I put a nice gate up on the stair way and he crawled around that deck for hours and hours all weekend. He was in heaven just playing in our playhouse and having some freedom. I will admit that we all payed for his "happiness" though, as last night admist the screams and utter dispair we had to pull a good number of nasty splinters from his hands and knees. But, what the heck....he had a good time getting those I guess it was worth the pain (though I admit his screams were so bad that I was crying by the end of it). there ya' have it. We survived our weekend w/o daddy. I prefer to never have a weekend like that again only cuz I really did miss my sweet hubby. He had a pretty good time at the wedding...he said the one flower girl was so cute and reminded him of our Shelby (his little "daddy's girl" :)). I wish I could have been there with him, but we both agreed our choice to not make our kids travel 20 hours in 36 hours was a good one. I guess Kev even drove all 20 hours on his own...he didn't even devulge that info to me...I heard it from his mom and aunt...that's my man....taking on all the driving responsibility even though he hates driving. I think he was glad to be home with us again on Sat.

And Sunday...well, it was crazy to church and then off to IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speeday--where Indy 500 is), to see Kev's dad ride in a racecar at 170mph. It was actually pretty cool (but don't tell Kev I said that cuz I tried to play it off like I wasn't too interested being the "non-excited race fan" that I am :))...but I know his dad had a blast...the girls were pretty bored though and Dylan was on the verge of getting a new upper resp. infection so he was more crabby and drippy-nosed, than smiley :( But, Kev's mom helped watch them and Kev and I got to stand by the speedway track and take pics and did his brother. It was a neat event. I've never been to a real race and the noise of just this small event was incredible...I told Kev maybe I'd join him at ONE racing event in the years to come. Anyway...we took lots of pics of his dad all decked out in racing apparel...I'll have to show those off at a later time and date cuz it was a picture-worthy event. we raced back home from that to get ready for our bestest buds, Dave and Heather (and Ethan), to come over for a gourmet meal of bbq chix. Of course, just at that point Dylan decided to do his second nasty poo of the day...and not only did it fill his diaper and seep onto his outfit, but it fell onto me and all over our bathroom floor...ugh...if it's not constipation, it's diarrhea...we can't win. So, we had to call clean that all up....and call our friends to come over later so they wouldn't have to smell the poop stench....ugh! Anyway...and that just leads us to Sunday night...Monday was even crazier for us, but I just don't think I have the energy to write it all down...nor do I think anyone has even read this far so why would you read more.....

Let's just say yesterday I realized I could never have 6 kids (not that I ever wanted that many!)....I would be in the loony bin for sure! I am exhausted and it's only Tuesday and somehow I have 5 more days to make it through on this teeny bit of energy that I have. Have I told anyone lately I need a vacation...preferrably to a warm coastal area, with my hubby :) Kev says he's taking a day off this week so I can "wallow in quietness and aloneness", but we'll see if that happens. Until then I'll keep you posted on my's borderline right now. Hope you all are having a better week than me! And to end on a "poopy note"....we are in limbo now about the laxative issue. As you read before we are now dealing with mass amounts of poo that just won't stop "coming forth"...he's pooping multiple times a day now and it's ones that can't even be contained in his diaper. Although he is not straining for them anymore (thank the Lord!) they seem be too much and too frequent. I'm thinking we might need to back down on the laxative. I don't know how much more poop I can he had his 5th bath in 5 days (due to poop overflow)....and if you know me you know I usually give a bath every 3 days (for Dylan)....this is pure craziness! I never thought poop could wear me out, but I think it has....

Ok, so I want to end on a "non-poopy note"....I forgot to congratulate our good ol' MI buddies, Jorge and Melissa, on the birth of their "mystery second baby" was a GIRL!!! I knew it would be! We still have no idea what her name is (come on guys...plese tell us!), but she was born on Sunday (April 22) around 11:30am and I think she was 8lbs, 2oz. She's a beauty with a head full of dark black hair just like her big brother Matthew had when he was born (he's almost 4 now). So, CONGRATS guys! We can't wait to hear her name! Hope you all are getting home from the hospital today and doing well!

Friday, April 20, 2007

A lonely, but beautiful weekend to come...

Ok, so as much as I know this will sadden you all...I've decided to divert from the paths of puke and poop today....and focus on a more "clean" conversation like the beautiful weather and the coming weekend...

As much as I usually look forward to weekends I must say I'm kinda sad to see this one is the weekend of "the single mom" for me. Now, don't get me wrong...I don't mind being home all day with all three kids, but I must admit I've grown very accustomed to having my sweet and wonderful hubby around on the weekends to enjoy the kids with me (not to mention he's a huge help with them). But, this weekend I've sent him off to a fun family wedding in Omaha, Nebraska (Congrats, Kim and Chris! :)). He left very early this morning and I imagine he and his dad are having a grand ol' time fighting traffic and enjoying the 10+ hour drive today. Hoping they make it in time for the wedding tonight :) Then they turn around and come right back tomorrow (can you see why we didn't drag all the kids to this family event...20 hours in the car with 3 kids in a 36 hr time period...well, if you have kids you know that does not equal a fun time :)). Thus, my weekend of "single-momdom" :( I'm hardly ever w/o my hubby (thank the Lord for that!), so when he's gone I feel like I've lost my right arm or really is like a part of me is gone. I often don't think I appreciate him being here cuz he always is, so now that he's gone for a couple days I'm pretty bummed out....I guess it's like the saying says, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" :) Ok, so enough know I'm gonna be a bit lonely even though I know the "good times will still go on" with the crazy kiddos and I. And then to make my lonely weekend even worse Kev broke the news to me that he's gonna be gone most of Sunday too, to see his dad "race" a car in a Indy. Of course, Kev can't wait to see that event (the racecar phenatic that he is :))....but it just means another day of the weekend w/o him (unless I decide to join him and tote the kids there as well...)...we'll see...I might miss him so much by then that I'll put aside my "racing aversions" to go to Indy with him :), I just wanted to wallow a bit in my sadness of being without my most favorite person this weekend. What makes it worse is that the weather is supposed to be gorgeous and that means we'll probably be outside all weekend and I really don't like taking walks and doing "outside stuff" without Daddy Kev :) Ah well, it's only one weekend and I know I can handle it, but a girl's got a right to be bummed about that, right?!

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and that you don't have to enjoy it w/o that special person in your life. On a final note I will say that Dylan relieved himself yet again this, that good ol' lax really works wonders...though I must say I'm not used to changing so many dirty "blow-out" diapers...we haven't had those since his baby days...and I'm not sure I like the new stench of our home. But, I guess if it means our little guy is feeling better it's worth it :)

And just so I don't end on a "poopy note", I just wanted to say how much I love our son...I think back to 2 years ago when we were "almost getting pg with him" (unknowingly, of course :)) and I never really saw myself with a son, nor did I think I'd ever miss not having one (as I really thought 2 daughters was God's plan for our family)....but when we found out he was a "he" almost 15 mos ago I just can't tell you what joy that was and what joy he has brought our family. He is so sweet chatty...tries to copy everything you say, likes to brush his own hair, likes to try to put on his own socks, loves balls, dancing, scooting around on his knees, giving hugs, swinging sticks around and hitting everything in sight with them, chewing on my hair and he especially LOVES climbing...we've never had a climber in the family so this new phenomenom is crazy to us...must be a boy thing....he climbs on our speakers, our laundry baskets, toys, his little people's craziness....he thinks is great fun and I admit it's pretty funny to watch. He sure brings us so much joy and is such a wonderful addition to the joy we already felt with two daughters. We are truly blessed! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finally! :)

Well, you can probably guess what this post is about again...everyone's favorite topic that starts with P and ends with P....

Bravo to Dylan for finally "relieving himself" twice today! It took almost a week, but there was finally some progress made today...and what a lovely "gift" to have two surprises in one day (that's a rarety for our irregular boy :))! Anyway, I won't go into all the details, but I will say the boy has successfully stunk up our entire house....he did "his duty" this morning and the place still smells like a herd of cows ran through here...I think we might have to lysol the diaper pail and open up the windows even on a 40 degree day :) And then, it was just my luck that he decided to do his "second doo" at Shelby's friend's birthday party...wahoo! That was loads of fun to change a horrendously messy (soft poo) with his legs and hiney hanging out of the van. Ugh! Now we have a lovely new interior smell to our little caravan...great! That might need some airing out later as well. So, I just wanted you all to celebrate the "day of poo" with me. The little pooper is resting so comfortably now in his crib and I believe he must be about 10lbs lighter do to the loads he dropped today. I am happy for him and for his soft little roly poly belly that is back to normal size. This is a day of celebration in our little household. Maybe we'll have a "poo party" to celebrate tonight...and the "lil' stinker" will definitely be needing a bath in honor of his dirty bottom! So, be rest-assured...that powder laxative sure did it's took a few days, but there was no straining/vomiting/red-faced pushing or screaming for our little "constipator" today! Oh happy day! Hoping for continued regularity in the days, weeks and months to come....I know it seems like such an odd thing to look forward to, but "regular" days mean happy days for our household :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Adventures in "Poohland" :)

Ok, so you might have already guessed that this post isn't about Winnie the Pooh, but Kev came up with this jazzy title this morning so I figured I'd snag it from him and maybe it'd get more of you to read instead of titling this post about what I really have to talk about "good old-fashioned poop".

So, some of you might know by now that our little Dylan has some GI issues....not only does he have vomit problems but stuff comes out the other end "in different" ways also. So, don't get all worried that I'll start getting into all the "lovely " details. I won't (well, I'll try not to)....but let's just say we finally made a visit to the doc today due to "constipation problems". Now, I've told many of you that lately the little guy has had to push so hard that he often vomits as he's bracing himself...not fun as you can imagine :( But as of late he has actually had to have "help" pooping and even some open diapers just to allow his load to escape...also, not fun as you can imagine. Well, last night when giving him a bath I noticed how distended and hard his poor tummy looked awful and I felt sick just looking at it with those little veins popping out. Anyway...the little guy was up all night long and then up very early...still no "BM", but looking very uncomfortable. So, I caved and called the doc...if you don't know by now, I hate going into the doctor's...I always feel like I'm needlessly worrying. Anyway...she didn't seem too concerned about my concerns, but our little Puking-Pooper is now on a good ol' fashioned dose of laxative for the next 3 months...wahoo! (FYI...that's sarcasm :)). So, I just pray that that helps him along cuz I can't bear his heart wrenching screams every couple days as he works on those man-size BM's (and, yes, they are larger than adult-size...I swear...and I know you all wanted to know that). Anyway....I know some of you moms out there have been through GI issues with your kids so I know you can symthasize as you've had your own "adventures in poo-land" (and I know Amanda has had a very tough run of it with Annaliese). I just wanted to emphasize that if "it's not one's another"..if it's not puke, it's poop! Oh joy! Hoping for more "regular" days ahead for our big boy :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to the grind...

Doesn't our little "angel" look like she's up to no good with this "look" :) Gotta love her! (mom, tried to download some of your pics again, but they all come out sideways??...this one Candy took :))
Hailey and her favorite "girls" :)
Dylan swinging (duh!)
a view off our deck of our backyard...for some of you who haven't ever seen can see Shelby in the background crossing our "river" (aka drainage ditch :))...our neighbors (the ones with the nice, new, bigger playset) even put a bridge over the river :)

Well, folks...the weekend has come and gone (obviously :))...and I can't say I have a lot to show for all the "effort" we put forth, but at the same time I don't feel exhausted either, so I guess that means I got some rest, which also makes for a great weekend. So, while I don't much to share about this weekend I will say it was an enjoyable one just hanging around the house, shopping around town and hanging out with my favorite 4 people :)

So, yes, I know I had "the big agenda" of "stuff to do" (aka "junk to go through")...and I knew going into it that only a small portion of it would get done...but these days any amount of work we do around our house is better than I took what I could get. We did "mostly" finish up Shelby's room. We only had a few things to hang on her walls and what probably should have taken 10 minutes took 5 times that, but, hey...we got it done! So, don't tell us you could have done it faster! :) I know my dad would have had it done in 5 minutes....but, alas...we are anal about things and not "handy" when it comes to home projects and we like to hemm and haw over the exact measurements of picture hangings and whatnot. So, yes...Shelby has a few more things on her walls now and someday soon we'll tackle her scary closet where the toys leap out at you every time you open it :) But, that's for another date and time. We also finished up (mostly) our "fun play room project"....remember...the one where we painted it green and I hated it and then we repainted it and never finished it...well, it's just about done minus a few pictures on the walls. It's my own version of "the pottery barn catalog"...ok, so it's nothing as sheek as that, but it looks darn better than it did a month ago. We even made wires with clips to hang the kid's artwork...I love it! (Thanks Lowes magazene for that idea!) I've wanted that "blah" room to have some sass for so long and now it's not so boring and beige....oh, happy day! Anyway...I know all this "home decor" stuff is simply stimulating, but I won't bore you anymore with that.....

The rest of our weekend was just spent hanging out, watching a movie, Kev watching his beloved race :), lots of shopping, church, and dance class.....Boy, we lead the exciting lives don't we?! Hailey did spendidly at her ballet class and I was happy to watch her (and I didn't even have to sit on the floor..whohoo!) was neat to watch her recital piece. I love the music (it's something my grandma would have loved...Mussette? French, maybe?)...and her ballet steps go perfectly with it. It simply has to be the cutest thing....there are 4 boys in her class and they actually do little mini-couple's dancing with 4 of the girls (like the boys walk in holding the girls waists and try to lift them up like real ballerinas). Mind you, Hailey is not one of those girls (which is probably good for our "boy crazy" girl)...but it's so cute how they encoorporated these boys into the program. Hailey did a great job and has been practicing all day every day since (ok, so that's only 2 days, but get the point...she's practicing hard and doing her best)...she gets her recital skirt next week so hopefully it's prettier than last year's (last years was black with big red roses...not the prettiest)...Hailey is hoping for blue...we shall see! Oh, the good news about the recital...Hailey is front and center for it all...she is in the first line of girls right in the center so we'll be able to see her perfectly! Can't wait! It's a bit of luck for her to be in the front since she is tall and there are about 20+ kids in the class.'ll be cute and be reassured I'll take lots of pictures once the big day arrives (Apr. 28), not much else to post. The weather was pretty crummy on Sat., so we didn't do anything exciting outdoors. I had a passing thought of planting flowers, but that never happened. And on a side note...thank you to Kev's parents for offering to watch the kids this weekend. We were truly tempted by your offer and so grateful. I actually kinda wanted the kids to "go off for a day/night", but I think Kev felt guilty that Shelby wouldn't see him after her bad week last week (she needs her "daddy time" and I think he might even need his "Shelby time"....they have a special bond)....but I hope we can take a raincheck on that offer! We'd love a weekend to tackle our basement.

Well, so it's back to the grind now on this Monday....Kev was actually supposed to have today off from work (Patriot's Day...he gets every holiday off...lucky man), but he needs to take Friday off for a family wedding in, alas, today he works...and I will be without him most of next weekend :( Praying that Shelby behaves herself. She's been better this weekend thanks to "time with daddy". Well, that's all I got for today and looking back on all this it's not too exciting...sorry :(

I will end on a different note. We have new pet. Ok, that's not entirely true, but I do feel as though we have a new furry friend that has adopted us. He doesn't have a name yet, but we refer to him as "the squirrel" (where we came up with that name I don't know?! :))...yes, a real squirrel has adopted us as of yesterday. He came running up on our deck and just perched himself on our railing and was eating nuts all afternoon yesterday and watching us watch him :) Well, he must have eaten all those cuz today he was in our front yard figuring out how to eat the bird seed from our feeder. He succedeeded (much to Shelby's dismay who was frantic that a squirrel was eating bird food and ran all around our house saying so :))....and the sweet, bushy squirrel just likes to sit out there and look at us. He's kinda sweet. I think I'm gonna call him "Miss Suzy" (ok, so that would make "he" a "she", but that's ok, right?" I'm gonna call her that after one of my favorite childhood' books "Miss Suzy" (so, no, I didn't name our squirrel after my best bud, Sulu, or my Aunt Sue :)...though you do have squirrel-worthy names). So, we'll see how long our new "pet" stays around :) I'll keep you posted cuz I know you'll be wondering (ha!) On a similar note I had my first "run in" with a squirrel on the rode....yep, I made my first "rodekill" yesterday. I was very sad after. That little squirrel came out of nowhere and was too tire hit him. It was the first animal I've ever hit with my was a sad thing...sorry, Mr. Squirrel. I hope you weren't family to our "Miss Suzy" :( I'll end with that...nothing like some roadkill to brighten the day...sorry....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Guess who's 82?! :)

Well, I hope I have this right and it's grandpa Stegs 82nd birthday today...if I got it wrong then I know it's soon or it has just passed so we're close enough in wishing the patriarch of our Steg family the best on his big 82nd! I don't know if he reads this blog, but I know grandma is pretty up on computer lingo so maybe she might stop by and read....but I just wanted to wish him a very happy birthday today and let him know we love him. These were the most recent pics I could find of him (and of grandma too :)) And if I must say so myself they look pretty good for being grandparents of "too many to count" (and great-grandparents of 4). We wish you many more happy, healthy years with our growing family. Thank you for raising up 2 wonderful sons and 2 wonderful daughters and allowing the family tree to grow as large as it has. We love you and grandma more than anything and we know this has been a rough few months for you...praying that the rest of the year and years to come are carefree and full of the best of health. I still remember when you turned 75 and we had a big ol' party for you in Danville...Hailey was just a month old and I still remember her meeting you all for the first time and the cute little dress she wore (yes, it's a mommy thing :))...and I remember your 80th b-day party here in Indy...and how Shelby was just a baby. My, how time flies. So, Happy, Happy Birthday to a wonderful grandfather and great-grandpa! We send lots of hugs your way today!

Friday, April 13, 2007

TGIF! :)

Can I just tell you all how happy I am that Friday is finally here and that this week is slowly coming to a close. Now, I'm not usually one of those people that wishes for weeks to go by quickly, but this week has been a sort of crappy week so I'm glad it's ending and glad that that the weekend holds very little plans.....

With that I think I'll just post a few bullet points, since I have very little exciting to really say today (or to rephrase...I have very little good to say about this week)....
  • Main reason for the bad week is "Crabby Shelby"...I don't know if she's still fighting a little "bug" or what, but she has been the most hormonal, grumpy, disagreeble, whiney child this week. Now if I had said that like 6 months ago that would have been no big deal cuz that used to be her "normal" everyday lifestyle...but since the new year she's been better and even kinda sweet some days. So, to have her revert to her former self is...well...unfortunate to say the least...and has made not only for a rough week for her, but a rougher week for me and even a rough week for Dylan as he has felt the brunt of her frustrations....she's pushed him over a couple times, threw stuff at him and has generally been a bad big sis :( I pray that it's all just a temporary thing as she has worn me down completely this week and facing another week like this might have me calling the psych ward...ugh! So...that's my number one reason for being worn down this week, having a bad week and not posting much. I figured most of you didn't want to hear ranting and ravings daily about my crazy kid...ha, ha! I'm trying not to take it personally, but hearing "I don't like you or want you" all day long does get engraved in your brain and it makes you feel like you're not a good mom.....ok...enough said....just hoping the weekend holds happier times for us all....

  • A belated b-day shout-out to my MI friend and faithful blog reader, Amanda...she turned the big 3-1 on Wed. and I didn't want this week to end w/o mentioning that on my blog! She's been a great support to me the past couple years and I have enjoyed reconnecting and learning about her through her own blog (and she's always kind and funny enough to leave comments on my blog, which I thoroughly enjoy). She's an amazing person really...I wish we lived closer so I could meet all her 4 kids...I think the last time I saw her was at our wedding 8 1/2 years ago....we've both come a long way since then with our wonderful Calvin hubbies and all our kiddos. I wish I had a pic of her to post, but alas I don't. But, Happy Belated 31st, Amanda! I was thinking of you on Wed...sorry I didn't post about ya' then, but that was the worst day of this week with me having 3 extra kids in the house almost all day....hugs to you, my friend!

  • Dylan is doing superbly on the "eating front". I almost haven't dared to say anything the last week or so, because I feared I would jinx the boy...but there has been no vomit since I think my mom was here weeks ago. Bravo, Big Boy! Mommy is so proud of you! He is now eating table food (well, mostly)...he much prefers his "gerber stars", but he eats those like a champ! It truly is miraculous in a way....because I know even a month ago I was exasperated by his continual vomiting. And now I feel like we've come to this breaking point and he's somewhat of a "normal eater"! Whahoo!
  • Still on the subject of Dylan...our little toddler is doing well with his
    toddling ways...he's walking better and better every day though he needs to try doing it w/o a lean in his step cuz he keeps toppling over halfway through a good walk....he also took a mighty "good" tumble down the stairs on Wed. (have I told you that the worst day for me)...anyway...apparently he knocked over the gate and then climbed over for all that trouble I guess he kinda deserved to fall down (and he has a huge ball of blue and purple on his forhead to prove it...ouch!)....."the boy" is almost talking up a storm....I am glad to say he's finally blurting out, "all done" and not throwing his food at me anymore when he's "had enough" :) And he likes to say "Big Boy" this's pretty funny! I'm not one of those mom's that are biased and thinks their kids are brilliant...but they are! LOL! :)

  • I am sad to say the little guy is almost weaned too....yes, I'm still nursing (please don't cringe :)), but only once every 2 days....I will be the first to admit that I'm a bit emotional about that. I know there have been many days where nursing has been a pain in my booty (and literally it was a pain in the beginning)...but now that my (most likely) final baby is almost done nursing I find myself almost in tears some nights. I'll miss those nights rocking him to him a cup of milk and rocking him just isn't the same. So, boohoo for me....I think I'm entitled to feel a bit emotional over that. But, on a positive of his 15 month b-day in a couple weeks he should be able to finally spend the night at a grandparent's house (hint, hint...Nina and Poppy Stegs can have him any time!) :)

  • I think I have already gained 10lbs from all the candy I've been eating this's getting dangerous to be home all day with these bags of sweet temptation. So, don't be surprised if some of you faithful blog-readers get a nice chocolate surprise in the mail soon! I need to get rid of this stuff...any takers out there?!
  • Hailey is just about ending her first week of being grounded. Yep, the big ordeal happened on Easter night of all nights. Let's just say she was "sneakily disobedient" that night and we finally decided it was time to "nip it in the bud" (is that the right saying?) after sobbing and tears and yelling (on her part), we decided it was time to ground her for the first time...her grounding was painful too as it included "not being allowed to play outside with her friends for a whole week" (nothing could be worse for our "friendly/social"daughter). Unfortunately there has been only one day this week that that applied (due to rain on the other days), but that day was pure torture for her (and I imagine the weekend will be torturuous as well as she watches all her neighbor friends play on our playset). Sorry, sweet Hailey....we just want you to be honest, obedient and to lose that sass in your voice. We know there is still this sweet little girl under all that drama :)

  • A big congrats to Hailey's teacher at school...we just found out she is expecting a little bundle of joy in October! Actually, her teacher confided in me awhile ago, but she just told the class last week, so now I feel I can spill the beans! Hailey is so excited to find out what "it" is at the beginning of May :) So, congrats, Mrs. Taylor...we're so happy for you and your hubby and even happier that your baby is due next school year so you won't be absent from our class :) Hailey's Kindergarten teacher is due to have a baby boy any day now too, so we've lucked out that "the births" are happening after Hailey is out of their class :) But, we're happy for both her teachers...Hailey loves them both! And can I just say there is lots of babies coming around lately...something must be in the water...please, stay out of my water!

  • It's a "clean up the piles of crap" weekend for us....yep, that's my clean up our overflowing piles of junk that have taken over our bedroom. I know it's a high expectation, but I hope to make some headway so I can rest better at night! Kev is so "excited" about the task at hand, but he's a trooper...I know he'll help out! Hoping to get Shelby's room looking better too and also maybe finish our play room endevor that got started a month ago and is still in "waiting mode" (aka needs more painting). As I think about all on my "to-do list" I know it's unrealistic...but don't burst my bubble yet, ok!?

  • We're in planning mode for Shelby's 3rd's only a few weeks away and she is requesting again to have the ever-popular Dora as much as I hate doing repeat themes I have given in and we'll do a friends party sometime in May with hopefully 4 of her closest buds.

  • We're also in planning mode for the girls' "combined/Steg family b-day party" sometime in May or June...phew...can I just say birthdays wear me out. We usually do Hailey's on Easter, but decided to wait for nicer weather and we'll invite the whole Steg gang to our house and cook-out on our nice big, we're gonna combine the girls b-days for once (or maybe we'll make it a tradition...)...we'll see how it goes.

  • Hailey's been practicing for her big "Afternoon of Dance" recital for ballet which is coming up the last Sat. in Apr. I'm sure it'll be a spendid performance...we can't wait! She's been very inquisitive lately about the type of flowers sh'll be getting that day...I told her I'd pick her a nice bouquet of weeds....boy, is she demanding lately or what!? But, I am excited about the big day and also about tomorrow...I get to view her class again...hopefully this time I don't have to sit on the floor!

  • I've been nominated for office (gasp!)...PTO office, that is! Whohoo! Ok, so I said I'd take on the resposibility of PTO secretary (parent teacher organization at school)....I said I'd do it if no one else wanted to (which means I probably unofficially nominated myself...huh?!) I'm guessing no one else wanted the joy of taking minutes at meetings...cuz I got a note home yesterday saying "congrats...I've been nominated and to please fill out my bio and send it in" I'm all nervous as I don't have much of a "bio". What have I gotten myself into now?? I guess I can handle it cuz we all know how I love to write :) LOL! I'll let you know if I win the race :) I'm also gonna be Hailey's Brownie/Girl Scout co-leader, so it'll be busy times for me next year!
  • Did you know it's Friday the 13th...I didn't until this very moment...I hope that doesn't mean that Shelby's gonna be even worse today....I'm not superstitious or anything, but my kids always seems crazier on Friday the 13th's....

Well, I'm sure I have tons more of exciting "Steg info" to share, but I'd hate to use it all up in this post, so I'll keep you in suspense. Hope you all have a spendid weekend. I'll keep you posted on how productive our "to-do" weekend is. Toodleloo!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Calling all candy-lovers....

Well, here's the big basket of loot Dylan won and all that came overflowing with it...I just had to post this today because you will not believe the amount of candy we have in this house is astronomical, really. The picture doesn't even do it all justice cuz it's still contained at this point (in that big ol' basket)...but if anyone need a sugar fix in the next 2 years I think we'll be well-supplied! Ha! We think they spent about a 100 bucks just on candy...holy moly! But, very generous and we had a ball going through it all last night. The basket looks small only cuz Dylan is sitting up in that fairly high pooh chair...but the thing was huge and weighed a ton! What fun! (and, yes, that is Kev behind Dylan and the loot holding up our throw blankie to hide our messy mound of toys in the background...yes, I know, I'm crazy :))

Monday, April 9, 2007

An "Egg"cellent Easter followed by Monday Moodiness :) :(

look at all the eggs I found!
Look at all my loot from the E.B...whohoo...who knew the E.B. shopped at Gymboree too....what a high class bunny!
Hailey and her E.B. stuff....she esp. liked her (generic) crocs!
Shelby and her goodies...
my pretty little easter girls...

awww, look at the loving sisters :)
little miss innocent :)
whoa...the kids actually sat and looked normal for a picture...very rare :)

For some reason my big girl Hailey just looked so grown up to me yesterday...maybe it's her "ladylike" easter dress (which, by the way, she picked more crenolin and floofy stuff for her!)
Even Dylan found an Easter egg yesterday and boy, did he LOVE those eggs! He got us all a few times with them...he has a really good arm for a 1 yr old!
Look what I found on my easter egg hunt...a CARS ball! Whohoo!
Daddy is so proud of his "pretty" boy :)
Boy, we're "all smiles" for this family pic, huh?! Maybe I shouldn't have made the kids stand out in the cold??!! :)

Danielle, Harrison (Kev's youngest cousins) and Hailey had a ball together yesterday...
Can we say "little beethovens"?!
Daddy and his girl
A basket full of fun!

Well, Easter has come and gone...ho humm :( I think I've told many of you and I think I wrote it on my blog once that I love's my favorite holiday actually. I don't really know why cuz most people probably love Christmas hands down, but I guess I'm just a spring girl at heart and I love this time of year...I love it when all the beautiful flowers (esp. tulips) are springing up from ground and I love seeing all the kids all dressed up in dresses and hats, sweater-vests and ties and all those outdoor easter egg's just a springy, fresh, green, flowery time of year. I don't know why really, but I love it...maybe cuz it means that summer is just right around the corner and that winter is (mostly) behind us (and you know I don't like winter being a FL girl at heart) :) admittedly I'm in a bit in a funk today since my fav. holiday has passed....and because it was horrifically cold on my fav. holiday which was also quite a bit of bummer.

The Easter egg hunts this weekend had most kids bundled in pants with long johns under, winter coats with hats and gloves...but NOT my kids...I was true to the Easter spirit this weekend...I made my kids brave the elements and wear their true Easter attire even in the midst of flurries in the air and a brisk wind that brought out temps to the mere teens! I was proud of my kids....well, I felt bad for Shelby as I saw her shaking like a leaf on our Saturday outdoor easter egg hunts only to find out hours later she had a 102 fever (what a great mom/nurse I am, huh?!) Poor baby! But, as I was kids were dressed in their Sunday best all weekend and I was proud of it! I wouldn't say it was a down-home good time, but I think the kids had a fairly good time hopping from one easter activity to the next even with their winter coats over their fancy Easter attire. It was a crazy weekend. I think I kinda briefed on Saturday already in my other post and yesterday was more of the same. Our little family of five got to "sleep in" a little since we had already made the church rounds the night before for our "fam jam" service. So, it was nice not to "get up and go", which is usually our rushed routine on Sunday mornings. By, saying we "slept in" I mean to say that the kids slept in and Kev and I got up at the normal early don't go thinking we're all well-rested now, cuz we are NOT! :) we had a smashing good time with the kids that morning at our house...just doing our own egg hunt (thank you E.B. for visiting our house!) having a big ol' breakfast of pancakes and bacon and then scurrying off to Indy for dinner and more family fun at Kev's aunt and uncle's. It was a good time....sadly the easter egg hunt had to be indoors cuz it was just too cold to make the littlest egg hunters (Dylan and little Averey--fellow 1-yr-olds) go outside. But, it was great to see Kev's family and especially to see his grandma who had been very sick and in the hospital for awhile after a recent surgery. So, it was a blessed Easter....wonderful to remember our Savior's death and resurrection and wonderful to see family and friends and enjoy all the festivities. Next year, I do wish for a good round of sun and warmth though. That cold was truly brutal and definitely put a damper on the weekend :( But, we still have good memories of it all and came out of the weekend with too much food in our house and much-TOO-much candy (which we all know I will eat all day long as I always do...lucky me!) :), now it's Moody Monday as I'm calling the day today. I won't go into all the details of the day as this post is already dragging on, but let's just say that someone in our house who's name starts with S and ends with Y woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and ever since mommy has been wanting to send her first class to her Nina and Poppi in FL. Little Gracie girl is driving me nutso today! Truly...there are days where I just don't have patience and then there are days where I do and she just wants to test it...well, today is one of both...I had patience this morning, but after a huge tantrum after daddy left for work (she wanted daddy to stay home as usual) and then after a horrific trip to Hobby Lobby and Target where she pretty much screamed and layed on the floor and even ate from a bag of open jelly beans (not cool!), and then told me repeatedly, "I DON'T LIKE YOU!" (and I put that in caps because she started out saying it in a normal voice and then when I wouldn't respond she started yelling it so everyone would hear and, of course, give us nasty looks) now I'm too the point where I've lost my patience and she's continues to test it (not a good combo)! So, today has been a day that I have not really enjoyed being a mom to an almost-3-yr-old. I've been trying to make up excuses for, "oh, she must be tired", "oh, maybe she still not feeling well" "maybe she is just in a post-Easter-slump too" or "a post Easter sugar low"....but who the heck knows...all I know is I have had enough of her this morning and I was at my wits end pre-naptime. I am so thankful she went right to bed after our awful shopping experience cuz I just could not bear her mouthiness anymore :( Sometimes I wonder if I've cut out for this line of work (being a mom that is)...but I guess I'm knee deep in it so I must continue :) Oh, the joy! the house is quiet and I must wallow in it for a moment before the crying and moodiness returns (as it always does). Praying for a better day tomorrow....

(oh....I did want to share a fun surprise with you all...when we went to see the E.B. on Saturday at our local downtown mall we put the kids names in for a drawing for the kids to win a free easter basket of stuff...well, guess what?!?! Dylan WON!!!! We got a call on Sat. night when we were at church and Kev just picked up the basket this morning. Kev was so excited by everything in it that he called me on his cell so I know it must be big (I have not seen it all yet). I hear there is over $200 worth of stuff in it...a tent, sleeping bag, kid's chair....oh my! What a fun surprise for a family that NEVER wins ANYTHING! I was thinking we won this little basket of candy and maybe a stuffed animal, but Kev said they needed a trolley cart to take it to his car :) Ha, Ha! I can't wait to see it and take Dylan's pic next to it as I hear the basket is bigger than him! So, whohoo for us! What a fun Easter surprise!

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

Well pinch me now, my little green st paddy’s baby is 19!  The last year before 20. For some reason that feels really old. And makes me feel...