Friday, November 30, 2007


A lil' update...we just went to opening night of the big ballet (Hailey, Nina and I)....and Hailey's showtime should be approximately 9:05pm tomorrow night (if you are watching via the link in the previous post). Kev said he actually tried to watch the live feed tonight and it didn't I'm not making any promises on that for tomorrow night...and it looks like they are only broadcasting the evening I'm not sure Sunday's matinee will be viewable. was a fun night...this is a whole new Nutcracker for IU and I'm not really sure how I feel about was different that's for sure. I think I like the old choreography better...but I'm not one for change either. I guess the verdict's still out on that one. We see it again tomorrow night so maybe I'll feel differently. So, it's been another late night for us...and I'm ready for bed! Til next time...have a great weekend everyone....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

In the Midst of Mayhem :)

Check out the blue wig! What do you think?! Hailey doesn't care for it at all (can you tell by the half smile on her face?!) I can't blame's not a pretty sight up close, but I think from the audience it's really pretty...or at least that's what we tell all the girls as they are itching their heads and complaining about them :) On a brighter note the wings are beautiful...made from feathers and I've heard they are like $100 a piece! And did you know these costumes are 10 years old! I thought that was impressive.
Me and my fav. blue angel before she goes on stage (and how coincidental that we are in matching blues?! :))...and below is a group shot in the dressing room. I wasn't too pleased that the one angel I wanted to see was actually hiding in the back trying to escape another mommy photo! Did I mention she was not very photogenic this night...I think all these late night practices have worn this angel down! But, isn't this a beautiful blue angelic group!?!

Howdy "Strangers"! :) Well, this is a just a brief post to let ya' ll know that we are still alive and kicking amidst the mayhem of a very busy week of hustling and bustling to and from Nutcracker rehearsals. All has gone fairly smoothly and aside from being exhausted we are enjoying the craziness of the late nights....and so very thankful Nina from FL is here to help! I certainly don't have time nor energy to type all that has been going on...but I am gonna post a couple pics and also share the exciting news that Hailey's performances will be online live this weekend. I hope the live feed works (it's the first time IU has done this) maybe my dad and a few friends and relatives will tune in and see Hailey's 65 seconds of fame! :) Remember she's in the Saturday night performance (probably on stage around 8:45-9pm) and on Sunday afternoon (maybe around 3:45-4pm). And she will be coming out from stage right (which is actually left as you are watching from the video)...and she is blue angel #5 :) And don't blink or you might miss her! We're's gonna be a great weekend! More about everything next week.....Love ya!

Here's the link below (just go to this website and click on the Nutcracker video stream on the right)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Turkey Day from our crazy household to yours! :) Hope everyone is stuffed silly full of good food from a day full of thanks with family. We sure are! Love to everyone! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gobble, Gobble!

A lil' peek into the life of our preschooler during her Thanksgiving Feast :) Above is Shelby walking into the room with her wonderful teacher, Miss Kim...and look at that joy over seeing mommy there to help out! Usually mommy doesn't get that nice reaction from Shelba! :)
Shelby feasting on Turkey and showing off her lil' gobbler that she those googly eyes :)
A view of the group...this is all three Tu/Th classes...they had a feast together in the church gym...they never did this when Hailey was there. Notice Dylan wandering around....he was a trip this day...there was a 7 month old baby girl there and he would NOT leave her alone....he followed her all around and yelled "BABEEEE" at her and then tried to throw balls at her...and then when she was in her car seat carrier he was rocking her back and forth. He loved her! Can we say wonderful future daddy some day??
And here's me and my Shelba....too bad my big ol' hair is in her face :(
Shelby-the Indian Chef? (hence the Indian headpiece and the apron??) Very cute though...they made the headpieces and the aprons...notice Shelby's S's on her apron...she's very good at them now! :) (and she also made the cute placemat with her picture on it...I love this preschool and it's teachers...they are so crafty...very unlike me :))

To everyone out there I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. May you enjoy the company of family and friends and eat turkey and the fixin's til you drop! I love you all and I am thankful for YOU! :)

Pilgrim Time :)

Here's our pilgrim hat cookie assembly line. Shelby had her own assembly line going due to her issue of licking her fingers often and eating parts off her cookies :) But, look at Daddy Kev lending a hand...he was the cutter of fruit roll-ups :) Hailey was the cookie flipper and reeses unwrapper...(and please ignore this atrocious background of a kitchen...I am most embarrassed by the disarray of our home at the moment....hopefully we can get it into shape before Nina arrives on Friday!)
I had to throw this pic in cuz it just goes to show ya' who is the comic relief of the household...enough said!
And then a more sweet, somber pic of my girls...aren't they beauties! I love them to pieces!
And my sweet Hailey Nicole. Well, I posted this cuz you can kinda see her "new look". Yes, this is a dance/gymnastics outfit, but she wears it whenever we are home now cuz she wants to look like all the professional ballerinas at IU...who wear dark colored leotards (she's only allowed to wear light pink) and roll their footless tights up. It's hilarious to see her dress like this....and most of the time she's walking around in point shoes too (my old ones)...she always has ballet on the brain :)
And here is a closer look at our cookies. Aren't they cute?? And so easy...just a striped fudge cookie flipped over and a reeses stuck to it with frosting and then a fruit roll-up cut and wrapped around it and some frosting to make a buckle...easy enough!

What's wrong with this picture??

Well, the picture says it all...we have a lil "homeboy" in our "hood" :0

Two things wrong with this picture:
1. Our boy still has no rear
2. These are 12-18 month old jeans that fit him last year and actually stayed ON last year....this year...well, you see the result of getting taller, but not wider in the belly....

We definitely have an issue here....but unfortunately not all pants come in "no rear" form :) Help! :)

November Birthdays Galore

A little glimpse into our double b-day celebration last Sunday for Nina/Mom and Uncle/Bro Brian :) Above is the awesome yummy coconut cake that Brian and Anne got for was decorated so pretty with flowers plus it was huge and I was glad cuz it meant I could have leftovers...I LOVE CAKE! And we had some tonight for dessert!
Here is lil' cake-lovin' Shelba helping put candles on Brian's cake that daddy made all by himself (I'm so proud of Daddy Kev :)) was a yummy cake too...banana with caramel frosting.
Dylan playing with balloons...his fav. part of parties! :)
The girls helping blow out candles...Hailey helps Uncle Bri and Shelby took over for Nina since she didn't want to blow germs on her we all know Shelby has enough hot air in her to blow out a million candles :)
Hailey showing Nina her special b-day card she made :) And below is Poppy with the kids...playing "horsie"...don't know how his leg can hold them all...but the kids love this game :)
So, that's our lil' shindig :) November is the month for b-days in this family...Happy B-day to Harrison, Aunt Kim and Averey too :)

Bye Bye Birdy (or Birdies?) :(

Well, that's not a very nice title for what I'm gonna post about...but it kinda reflects what happened over here recently....

Kev just went out to mow and he was wandering by our bird feeder out front and noticed a lot of feathers and a bird leg sticking out if it. I don't think he got close enough to really look at it, but he gathered that a bird had had some bad luck getting some seed out. I went out to look at the scene of the crime and noticed there were actually two dead birds in looks like both had wanted seed so badly (we have not filled out feeder in months...due to lack of time)...anyway...there was a little seed left inside so they must have been so hungry they tried to stick their heads in there and that was where things went all wrong for our feathered friends :( I was so sad to see them both there with what looked like their two heads together inside the feeder :( And now I feel really guilty for not filling out feeder for so long...or at least not taking it down. I guess it's better to have hungry birds than dead birds...meaning if I'm gonna commit to feeding the birds I need to keep up with it or take my feeder down. I just feel really badly today knowing some birds lost their lives and I could have prevented it. Just another thing to feel guilty about, I guess :( Has this kind of thing ever happened to anyone else?? It makes me sick to know that some birds had their heads stuck and were probably quacking for help and I never knew :( It's a sad state of affairs. And did I mention a couple weeks ago we found a baby mole on our front steps...that was the strangest site...I've never seen anything so small...and strangle looking :( I don't like dead animals :( (not that I should....) Not to mention last night I had a dream about rats eating my hair! And I was up all night itching my head! Now who has dreams about that kind of stuff? Apparently I do...and yes, I am weird :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Taking Time to Smell the Roses :)

Well, I'm happy to say that yet another weekend has past and it was a good one. I'm not sure what exactly made it good, but this indeed makes two weekends in a row where we weren't so "on the go" that my head was spinning. And...wonder of wonders, we actually had this strange thing called "down time" on Saturday :0 (shocking, I know!)...but it was all a welcome rest from the marathon of activities that have been warping our family life lately. I already posted about Friday and the fun angel costume-fitting....and due to "a job well done" the normal angel rehearsal was canceled for Saturday....which kinda freed up our evening...yay! Unfortunately the day also came with a couple downers for our dear Hailey. First of all I think she was actually bummed about Nutcracker rehearsal being canceled (bummer #1)...then the big church live nativity that she and Kev signed up for and were so excited about....well....after going to church and wandering around for a half hour thinking we got the wrong date and time...we finally stumbled upon a person who said it was canceled this year due to lack of interest. That was BIG bummer #2 of the day :( Hailey was completely crushed by that. Kev said she was close to tears and due to that fact he had to make a detour on the way home to DQ and get her some ice cream to soothe her sadness :( Poor Hailey. She has wanted to do this nativity for years and of all years for it to be canceled. I felt so badly for her and very sad for the church who has put this wonderful event on for almost 20 years. It's sad that people are too busy these days to take the time to sign up for things like this (present party included...I should have signed our whole family up instead of just two of us). I feel guilty about that. But, there is nothing we can do about it....just a sad state of events and sad that our community won't be able to enjoy this wonderful Christmas event this year :( And the last downer of the day for Hailey...well, it's kind of hard to explain.....but....this is actually why I posted the title I did today. Now you all know how I tend to hem and haw over "doing too much" and "being too busy" and "not saying no" and "needing to slow down".....well, that all came to mind again this Saturday night. It had been a nice Saturday...but still kinda busy...Hailey had had ballet in the a.m. and Kev had taken Shelby with him to watch Hailey dance....then we all went shopping for a couple hours....then back home to what we thought was "nativity practice"...anyway....after that....we had planned on doing shopping for our church's service project-Operation Christmas Child. We've been doing it for years and the kids love packing shoe boxes full of stuff for needy kids all over the world. In fact, it's a fav. holiday event of Hailey's. Anyway....we had planned on doing the shopping earlier in the week but due to me being sick and Nutcracker and just life in general...well, we were last minute yet again getting something done (the boxes were due the next day). So, we packed up the car, Dylan was screaming, Shelby was sobbing and I was not feeling good and just wanted to go to bed. Anyway....then Shelby blurted out in the midst of her tears, "I just wanted to stay home and play in my room". Well, Kev looked at me and said, "we have to stop this" (by "this" he meant being "on the go" all the time")...and I looked at him and said "well, let's go backside and not do anything tonight". So, that's what we did...we unpacked the car and went back in the house. It's something we've never done, but it was the right thing to do. Of course I felt bad we weren't gonna do our charity boxes, but I'm starting to realized that we can't do everything and our family has to come first. Often I am giving so much to other people/church/school, etc...that I ignore the most important people in my sweet husband and kids...and the rest of our extended family :) I was reminded of that in that moment :)....and I was glad for that reminder :) Of course, Hailey almost started crying again...this was bummer #3 for the day...she wasn't going to get to shop for the 3 kids she has hoped to give some new stuff to for Christmas :( She started to lose it and I did feel bad, but I sat down and talked to her about how it's not fair for Shelby and Dylan to always be on the go and always running to HER activities...sometimes they just need time at home to play. She understood, but with her generous spirit she still wanted to fill some I sent her off with Kev to the dollar store to get a few things since he was getting us pizza anyway. So we did end up doing one shoebox...and that seemed so calm Hailey down a little. I can't really fault her for being sad on Saturday...she is girl-on-the-go...meaning she likes to be on the go and she likes to give to others (so two "giving" things taken away from her in one day was a bummer). But, all in all that Saturday was a nice one...a little down time...a little family time....time to slow down and smell the roses. Sunday was partly that way too....and we enjoyed a nice b-day party at Kev's parents for his mom and his brother. Kev and his bro and dad made all the food (way to go, guys!), while mom and I watched (we were both sick and didn't want to touch the food, not to mention Kev's mom deserved a break!)...and Aunt Anne played with the kids :) It was a nice night and hopefully I'll have the pics to download soon. We're still enjoying all the wonderful cakes....Kev made a banana cake with caramel frosting for his bro (it was Kev's first try at a "cake from scratch"...and it was very good...a pat on the back to my wonderful/Martha Stewart hubby :))...and his bro ordered a very extravagant and yummy coconut cake for Nina/Mom (her fav). Not to mention we had an incredible steak dinner with all the fixin's! There are some wonderful men in our Steg family :) (there's wonderful women too, but I'm giving the guys a "bravo" today...they are great cooks/bakers/grillers) this week I am thankful that time has slowed down a bit...or maybe it's not time that slowed down, but US that are finally slowing down :) Either's a nice change of events...and something we need to do MORE often! :) Today has been packed with fun turkey activities for lil' Shelba :) She had her big Thanksgiving feast at preschool this morning...I helped with the big event and made a crock-pot of mashed potatoes and some cookies that ended up being a big hit (have you ever heard of or made pilgrim hat cookies...very cute and VERY easy!) I'll have to post a pic later. They turned out great. that was our morning....feasting of the fixin's at school. Tomorrow Hailey has a party...nothing to do with Turkey day, but instead to do with chocolate :) I'm not sure of the exact circumstances of her party, but her class somehow won a contest of some sort and they get a popcorn/chocolate/Willie Wonka movie-a-thon in the classroom tomorrow (I think they've been learning about choc. hence the chocolate theme??). I was supposed to help with it, but I found out daddy Kev had half the day off work so I'm sending him in to do some male bonding with the second graders and their male teacher :) What a good daddy :) So, that's the plan for tomorrow. Today we have Nutcracker practice again so it's about time to pick up Hailey from school and run to that. Tomorrow's practice was mostly worthless...Hailey sat and watched Cast A do their dance and then went home...we were there like 15 minutes total all for her to sit and watch. Oh well...such is the life of a performer :) But, I must say I'm VERY excited that this week we have NO evening activities thanks to the holiday....whohoo! It's been (and is going to be) a lovely week :)

So, in this week of thanksgiving I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Turkey Day and wishes for a safe and healthy holiday and travels. I know we aren't going far...only to Kev's parents for Thanksgiving (and doing very little cooking..yay!) and I'm sure that'll be a great day. I probably won't blog again for a couple weeks due to my wonderful mom arriving on Friday and the fun times that will ensue. So, I'll have a bit of a blog hiatus until December :) So, if I don't talk to you all before then I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (and enjoy your time off work for all you folks like Kev who get 2 or more extra days off!) and I'll be excited to share all the fun times of the upcoming Nutcracker performances when I return. We'll miss my dear ol' dad in the coming weeks though :( I heard today that he cannot make it up for the big angel debut :( Hailey will be bummed out, but we certainly understand....(maybe I'll blog just to keep you informed :))....and we'll see you in a month, dad....and then we'll be off to Disney! :)

So, Gobble, Gobble to everyone out there! Don't stuff yourselves too much on Thursday! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Check out this Angelic Attire :)

Well, here's pics from the big costume fitting tonight! Now what do you think of these threads!? Nice, metallic baby blue color, huh?! I'm more fond of the white slip underneath :) But, she still looked as angelic as ever :) It was fun to see her donning her costume for the first time...and even better that she shares her costume with her friend who is in the other cast (Arianna)...what a coincidence! The big costume fitting occurred in the hallway, not the costume shop (as was planned) due to "too many angels" :) So, it was fun to see them all trying on the costumes. It was quick and painless and NO parents were allowed to touch anything. More strictness...what's up with that?! Anyway...after the big fitting Hailey had her normal practice and after that we had our "parent volunteer meeting". Very interesting stuff. Apparently there are NO cameras or videotaping allowed at all during any rehearsals or practices due to copyrighting :( I was bummed about that. I was at least hoping to videotape Hailey's dance or take a (non-flashed) picture from the audience, but apparently it's strictly prohibited due to this new Nutcracker being "professional"...thus also why the new strict policies of "no watching dress rehearsals"...ugh! Oh well...I can get pics downstairs of the girls in the dressing room, but once they enter the elevator cameras are off limits. Too many rules :( But, the night was a good one cuz it was fun to see the angel sporting her costume...even if it was blue. Next up it'll be a hoot to see the big blue wig at dress rehearsal and her all dolled-up in make-up (I guess they have make-up artists that do it...parents are not allowed to put on the make-up or help with costumes)....but I do need to learn to french braid in the next week...Hailey's hair has to be pin-curled or french-braided so it fits under her wig. Something else to do in my "free time" :) Well, that's all for now, folks. I am sitting here w/o a voice tonight...somehow during the hour of ballet I lost my voice. It's always something.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Surgery....Yet Again....

Here's a few pics from yesterday...we only took this one at Riley cuz the appt went so fast! This is Lil' Shelba waiting to see the Opthamologist :) (notice the fat lip? She ran into the wall the night before :))
And all smiles in the car with her big ol' ice cream cone! :) And then below is her and her bud Cami before their church program last night....Shelby had to wear her new shirt she got from Nina S. today....have I told you lately how picky she is about her attire....well, she LOVED this shirt :)

Well, I hate to sound like a broken record, but today's long drive to Indy again resulted in the same repeat blog title that I think I posted this summer :) I guess it's good news, but I'm not much for waiting things out...and as the doctor put it's just a matter of time before she needs the's not a matter of if. She WILL need surgery...the eye turns will not correct themselves......Ok, so that pretty much says it...and because I'm wiped out from a long day I'm gonna make this brief...which should be easy considering the appt only took like 30 minutes today (which was in itself shocking...I was expecting 2 hours like last time)....anyway....we saw another opthamologist this time (thank goodness!)...he had a very nice bedside manner and there was no talk of dictation while we were sitting there :) So, that was a good start. He looked at Shelby, did all the necessary eye exercises and then turned to us and said....well, I think we'll see you in 6 mos. Huh?! I was not expecting to be waiting longer to schedule surgery. I think he could see that in my he explained Shelby's issues to us a little more clearly. I guess her eye turns are the same as they were last time...bad, but not horrible and apparently she is grouped in the "optional surgery" category. This basically means that we as her parents need to decide at what point we want to move forward...great...I hate big decisions like that. he went on to say that if this was his daughter he would NOT do surgery on her yet (ok, that helped cuz I trust most doctor's advice)....and he went on to explain that at her age and in her "semi bad eye turn stage" (not his words :))....he has seen surgeries where they have overcorrected the eye turns and this has in turn caused crossed eyes (both eyes turned in...whereas Shelby has outward eye turns now)...anyway...crossed eyes are worse cuz with that comes vision issues (and right now Shelby has perfect vision) he said that it was not wise to send a child Shelby's age to surgery and risk messing with her vision and having her end up with crossed eyes and more surgery to uncross them. It all sounded convincing and the thought of Shelby with crossed eyes...well, it made me want to I'll definitely take the lazy outward eye turns (that are very short-lived and hardly noticeable to most)....over crossed eyes and bad vision. So, that was the jest of it. We wait now for 6 more months and if we notice her eye turns getting worse before then we are to give them a call and they will most likely do surgery right away. Otherwise we wait til May 7 (the day after her 4th b-day :)) to take another fun jaunt back to Indy....where most likely we will still come back with me posting..."no surgery yet" :) But, Shelby WILL indeed have surgery...and she will have it before she enters Kindergarten (they recommend it before real school starts) it's just a matter of time....and a matter of her eyes being a little more mature. So, I guess that's good news for the day....kind of unexpected and a little amusing...cuz I really was not expecting to not have a surgery scheduled as of today...but I'm thankful that Shelby's eye issues are not serious and that we have this choice to, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers today! They worked, obviously :) Shelby was a trooper (aside from her funny repeated comment on the drive to Indy that "the hospital makes me freak out!" :)) and we celebrated with a nice big ice-cream cone from Mc D's after :) All-in-all it was a good day...and Dylan enjoyed hanging with Nina on her big b-day :) And Shelby did great in her Thanksgiving program at church tonight too :)'s been a long day.....gotta get to bed.....Love ya'll! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Hodgepodge of Stuff :)

Well, these are some old pics that I never posted...Hailey's first field trip of the year to the IU Art Museum in our downtown. I was a chaperone and also designated picture-taker...but I didn't want to bore everyone with pics of all the I'm only putting one and a couple other cute ones. Hailey loved this place though and she was majorly disappointed that the one floor we didn't see was the Egyptian stuff...she loves Egypt info, we'll have to go back sometime, especially since it's free. But, it's a great place...they even have real Monet paintings (among others) was impressive. Unfortunately we went on the day the Dalai Lama was going to be speaking in the building next door so this place was crazy...but it was still fun. Above is Hailey's class and her teacher (left)...and her helper teacher (right) who plays b-ball at IU.
Here's one of Hailey's fav. artworks (an abstract)...I think it was made for a place in NY, but ended up being the first piece of artwork in our museum...very neat painting and full of vibrant clor :) And below is Hailey and one of her good buddies, Lucy :) All the kids took my camera on the bus and took pics of each was funny...I could do a post all on that...cuz they took A LOT of funny faced pics of each other :)

Well, it's been a lovely, lazy day for me...and knowing my current schedule and way of life that is a very rare thing for me to say....a day like this has been long overdue, and while I'm not feeling 100% physically I am glad to say I didn't have to run my hiney all around town like I normally do. And I actually sat on my rear for awhile and held by baby boy and talked to my mom on the phone and did a whole lot of nothing. But "doing nothing" days are nice every once in awhile and I needed a dose of "nothing" today. Of course the piles of dishes in the sink and the mounds of laundry still haunt me and look like they might pledge and all out war on our house...but so be it. I'm gonna just sit and type away right now instead of doing the necessary household chores. So, with that I'm gonna rattle off some of the "going ons" of our household lately since I've not been very forthcoming with info lately:
  • First and foremost on my brain this week is our dear little Shelby girls eyes. The big re-check is tomorrow in Indy. For some reason Nov. just snuck up on me so I can't believe tomorrow we'll probably be making plans to set a surgery date. I'm at ease about that decision if indeed the doc decides to go that route (which I imagine he will)...but I'm just praying the timing works out and we can postpone surgery til Jan. after we've made it through the crazy holidays and our Disney trip. So, if you think of us tomorrow pray for safe travels for us to and from Indy (Riley Hospital)...and that Shelby will be the obedient girl that she "usually" is :) And that the doc will have a little more bedside manner this time around and will hold off on doing his dictation til we've left the room :)

  • Also, since I prob. won't have time to post tomorrow I wanted to wish Kev's mom a VERY happy early b-day (her big day is tomorrow). I won't tell you how young she is, but I will say it's a BIG b-day for her :) I kinda feel bad that she'll be babysitting for us on her b-day, but what better way to turn another year older than to celebrate with her cutest grandson :) I hope he behaves for his Nina :) So, Happy Birthday, Nina/ don't look a day over 40 in my opinion :) We look forward to celebrating with you and the family on Sunday.

  • Well, I know I just typed a big ol' post about Nutcracker news...but since then I have learned some new info about our dear angelic Hailey and her prized part in this year's performance: Hailey is on stage a whopping total of 65 seconds! Whoa, baby! :) I laughed when I timed her this past weekend....but don't get me wrong those angels really race around that stage for that 1 minute of time, so I'm sure their little hearts will be fluttering! Hailey is also Angel #5 to come out from the left side of the stage. This is actually a good thing cuz she ends up being in the first/front line of angels most of the time, so we'll get to see her pretty well from our seats. I write that on here just so I can refer to this in case I forget when the performance is upon us. And also I write it on here, cuz we, parents are NOT allowed to see any dress rehearsals :( I guess this is a new IU rule :( Cuz last year they let all parents watch the last dress rehearsal. Very disappointing that they've changed all that this year especially since my mom and I were looking forward to watching it...and we did pay a few hundred bucks to buy real tickets. The least they could do is let us watch a rehearsal! Ugh. Oh can't argue with the IU Ballet Dept...believe me, I've tried :( Also, Angel-Related...I've been told that this year's angel dance is not nearly as cute as previous years...some experienced moms said that they cut out the part where all the angels line up and are posed very cutely......bummer! But, I guess since I've can't remember that then I'll just pretend this year's is the best angel dance :)

  • Much to my dismay I have to post that our dear, sweet Hailey has chosen to tackle the "sport" of cheerleading this winter :( :) Ok, so that's mean of me to say, but if you knew me in high school or were a part of our girls' b-ball team you know that we greatly razzed all cheerleaders at our school saying "cheerleading wasn't a sport"...blah, blah, blah. Ok, so I don't want to get any heated debates going on cheering...but I am not a cheering fan and this is my blog so I can say that in all honesty. But, Kev and I begrudgingly decided to swallow our pride and let Hailey join our church Upwards Cheerleading team this year. If you remember Hailey played Upwards Basketball last year for this same program and that was only b/c we would not let her cheer (which was her first choice and which caused some heated debates in our household during this time :)))...this year we gave in and decided if she was gonna try out cheerleading we at least wanted her to do it in a Christian non-competitive arena. So, we do indeed have a cheerleader in our midst :) I'm gonna try my best to be happy about that cuz I know it'll be bring such joy to our happy, bubbly, loud "cheer"ful girl. And I will say we went to her Cheer eval. recently and she did look very cute in the "outfit" she has to wear :) So, I'm sure this January-March will bring about some very fun cheerleading experience for our whole family :) Daddy Kev is especially excited to watch his little daughter cheering away :) Oh "joy"!

  • Dylan...well, I have so much to say about him lately, but most of it escapes me. First off...his eating....still a big frustration and we are still at the same place we were probably 6 mos ago...still eating baby food, applesauce and yogurt....still able to eat real food, but refusing and gagging/vomiting if you force the matter. I have somewhat resided to the fact that I will have a baby-food-eater for life :( Ya' know...I'm ok with that for now. I've had very little energy lately anyway so I've been kinda forced to be more lenient than I'd like. So, yes...that lil' "issue" is still rearing it's ugly head. Second: tantrums....well, they are still existent, but have changed in form. Half the time he screams worse than a little girl and for that he gets put in his crib for 2 minutes. The other times he gets in trouble he closes his eyes and won't make eye contact til he's forgiven you for being stern with him. For example...he threw his applesauce all over the other day and I got in his face and gave him a stern "NO!". He then cried hard, closed his eyes and would not look at any of us for about a half this time he still ate applesauce, but with his eyes closed. Weird, I know. We are learning he is as stubborn as the rest of our family...which I should have expected! :) Other than that life for Dylan has been pretty laid back. He's, of course, been sick for a good part of the last month...same upper resp. issues that always plague him and make him cranky and miserable :( But, that is something that is never-ending. He still is definitely the best little boy I could ever ask for. Still a mama's boy to the core and loves kissing on me as much as he can...and what mama doesn't love that?! He definitely doesn't slow down though...and that makes life even crazier...but all the more fun :) On a funny note his bed time ritual has changed somewhat....he's taken fondly to music played via water globe. I'm not sure how this all started, but a few weeks ago I was changing his diaper and he saw his water globe that sits on his dresser and pointed to it and said "ball"...sure enough it does look like a ball (and we all know he is a ball fenatic!) I turned the knob to make it play music and ever since he INSISTS (quite loudly) that it be played with every diaper changed and during every bed time ritual. I've tried to go back to "mommy lullabies" sung off-tune by none-other than mommy :) But, he gets very mad at my songs and insists on the "ball songs" So...that is where we stand on that :) So, that is an FYI for Nina who will soon be here from FL to help out! :) And I do believe she gave that snow globe thing to us before Hailey was born...for our nursery (the one with bears in it) :) Also, on a funny note...Dylan has really taken to mimicking lately :)...not only with words, but with funny noises :) Last week Shelby fell asleep in the car and starting snoring loudly (as she often does)...and Dylan looked over her and said "nigh night" and did his snore rendition and then started laughing at himself for being so funny :) It was quite cute and comical :)

  • A few things that have happened to make things crazier than normal over the past couple weeks: We've made two different trips to Indy to get the kids and our family pics taken at Penneys. I always say about this time of year how crazy it is that we still drive that far for pictures, but I've found that Penney's does a great job for the price (I got out of there the other day only paying $3.99 for about 40 pics!). So, I keep dragging the family back there every year...or lately it's been every 3 mos with Dylan getting his pics taken too. All that to say that our family and Christmas pics are DONE! Whohoo! That is a big relief, but has taken a huge chunk of time out of our already busy schedule. Not to mention we are now the proud owners of three new dresses from David's Bridal in Indy. The girls and I have yet to try our pretty dresses on, but maybe we'll do that this weekend. Can't wait for that March wedding! Also, on the activities list was a great viewing of our local high school's Hello Dolly musical! It was awesome! I've never been to anything at South H.S. (the high school that Hailey will someday attend :)), but I must say I was impressed by the performance (and so was Hailey...she is still singing the songs and doing the Dolly dances...she's a definite performer :))...and we were lucky enough to have a friend's son in the cast so we got to see the "free" performance for family and friends only! It was very impressive stuff and most enjoyable!

  • Hailey and Daddy Kev will soon be the proud participants at our church's annual live nativity (19th year). This will be a first time thing for them and something that Hailey has wanted to do for years! I don't know what parts they have yet (we'll find out on Saturday)...but both will be in this big event...with 17 scenes and about 225 men, women and children. It's a wonderful community event that is always jam-packed with cars every year as they drive by...even if it's raining or snowing (which is why I didn't volunteer for it...I made Indiana native and snow lover Kev do it...I'm just a wimpy FL girl who'd rather stay warm in the car and watch from there :)). But, the Nativity is really neat...scenes from Jesus' life from his birth to his death...all with live animals and really neat sets that people have made. It'll be fun to see Hailey and Kev in it and see where they are placed. I'm bummed my parents will miss's the weekend after Nutcracker.

  • Lil' Shelba...what else can I say about her?! Well, she's been doing splendidly actually. Life hasn't been too bad for, which in turn means life hasn't been too bad for me. She's excelling in school and loves every minute of that. We had her teacher conference a couple weeks ago and I was surprised to learn she has no issues with her attitude or with authority. That really surprised me cuz she can be quite ornery at home. But, I guess she saves her best dramatic outbursts for mama....which I guess is better than displaying that for her teachers. Sweet Miss Kim had nothing but good things to say about her and how helpful and well-mannered she is. She even seems to know more letters and academic things than I though she did....which also surprised me cuz she is not a "sit and do work" kind of girl like Hailey was/is. So, we are proud of our little Shelba girl :) Preschool really is a very exciting thing for her and it brings joy to my heart to see her happy face every preschool day. Not to mention she still loves her dance class :) :) I guess she has a little performance coming up in December so that will be fun to watch....not to mention her big performance in May with a special costume :) Right up our little "dresser upper's" alley :)

  • Shelby's funny for the day...well, actually this didn't occur today, but it's still funny: Last week in the car Shelby was chatting away (not a rare occurrence :)) Anyway...this particular day she was talking about hair and things in relation to that (which is always a complaint of hers...she has hair issues). Well, she looked over at Dylan and said "Why doesn't Dylan have to wear hair things?" To which I replied, Dylan's a boy...boys don't wear stuff in their hair (usually)". Well, all she had to say to that (in her most ornery voice) was "Well, I wish I WAS A BOY then!" :) It's not the first time we've had this conversation/argument over hair things. Oh...she is a pistol sometimes...and, yes, if you haven't guessed...she does HATE to wear anything in her hair. I'll send her off to school with a big bow or flower barett in her hair and she'll come home with all her hair down and in her face (and food in her hair due to hair in the face)...with no baretts or bows in sight. It is a constant struggle and if it weren't for the family wedding fast approaching I'd be cutting her hair like a boy's with some nice choppy bangs. I've never been able to bring myself to do that to my girls....but it might just happen sooner than later for "tomboy" Shelba :)

  • Well, my last point will simply be this: You know how I've posted about "saying no" to things and being tired of running from activity to activity....well, Kev and I have decided to slow down. Now this is no easy task with 3 kids in activities and activities of our own...but for the New Year we are gonna do our best to start saying no to a lot more things. I've always felt guilty saying no to church things in general, but I think we will even be saying no to that too...Kev's gonna take time off from working Sunday School, I'm gonna take time off from the same and hopefully more. It's a tough thing to say that simple word "no"....but for the sake of my sanity and our the peace and joy of our family...we are going to make it a priority. I think this world is too full of people doing too much and being too involved. I'm guilty as charged many times...but I'm gonna try to be better about it cuz I know years from now I don't want to look back at these days and say "I can't remember those years at all cuz I was so busy" or even worse to lose touch with my kids cuz we are too busy to sit and spend time with each other in our own home. I want to hold my babies (even though they aren't babies any more)...I want to sit with them and play games and read and just do stuff at home. Being out and about is over-rated and after our crazy Nutcracker/church/school/PTO schedule...well, I'm looking forward to a time of rest and relaxation with our family. I know it's not gonna be as peaceful as I'm envisioning, but it's gotta be better than it is right now. My new thing for the rest of the year is to make Thursdays "Dylan and mommy day". A day where I do stuff just with Dylan during Shelby's preschool time. I know I can't stick to that 100%, but I'm gonna do my best...cuz I know my boy needs his mom and most days I am home with him I am cleaning/on the phone/doing PTO stuff, etc....all that stuff is so piddly and meaningless in comparison to being a mom to my kids.....
Ok...enough said....I know I've rambled a bit today...but I figure it's been awhile since I've sat and blogged a long there ya' go. Probably only my mom will read it....and I'm ok with that :) Hope everyone is hanging in there. My motto for today is to try to be more positive. I know I've been wallowing in my own self-pity lately...and I'm not apologetic for that...I've been going through some true aches/pains/issues....but I know things could be worse and I know God is by my side and he is taking on the brunt of my burden and that brings me peace today. Since it's a month for thanksgiving I think I'm gonna try to post something every week that I'm thankful for. This week I am thankful for family...I know that's a typical thanksgiving thing to say....but more specifically I'm thankful for my kids....I remember vividly 5 years ago what anguish I was going through with my heart ached for a sibling for our I truly thought I would be a mom to an only child and I would have to make peace with that....and then it's like I blinked my eyes and now before me sit my three beautiful children...these little blessings from above...two of them that I never thought my eyes would ever see. God is good. He had a plan for my life all along and in hindsight that waiting and worrying and sorrow...well, it was all worth it for what I have today...three beautiful and perfect children....what could be better than that. I am blessed and thankful for them today...and for the amazing husband God made for me to stand by my side to help raise these little sweethearts :) God's plan is best...and I know that now...and will continue to hold on to that as I try to live each day to the fullest......blessings to all you dear friends and family out there! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

To my Fav. Veteran, My Bro :)

Well, I do believe yesterday was actually the official Veteran's Day, but since today it is actually be "observed" I wanted to give a shout-out to my fav. hero, air force pilot, war lil' bro, Jeffie...who is currently overseas in Qatar on his own special mission. Many of you don't know my little bro or have only seen pics of him through this blog, but he's a great guy...a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy...he lives a good life, has an awesome fiance that he's gonna marry here in a few months, he's a superb son and brother, not to mention he's an amazing and fun uncle to our 3 kids, and if I do say so myself he's turned out to be a pretty great young man :) (and that means a lot coming from the sis who used to lock him out of the house in high school :)). I love this guy and I'm so very proud to call him my brother. And so very proud of the career choice he's made and the call to duty he's taken abroad. I know he'll return safe to us all in January...but it's definitely not easy to see him so far away. I know if anyone can share that anguish it's our wonderful, sister-in-law-to-be, Candy :) I hope you're hanging in there, girl! :) I didn't really want to make a mushy, drawn out post today...I just wanted to say on this Veteran's Day how proud I am of my brother (not that I'm not usually proud of him...but it's a day to say it out loud)'M PROUD OF YOU, BRO!!! I actually stood for him in our church yesterday too. They had all the Vets stand up...and then they had family of vets stand up...and I stood in his honor and in prayer for his safety and thanks for his bravery. And Hailey said his name was hanging on the wall today at her school in honor of his servitude for our country :) I don't know about you, but I feel blessed to know so many vets (I have grandparents that served)...and to know that people would lay down their life for my freedom. Well, there should be more than a day or two to honor these men and women. So, here's to all you heroes out there! Thank you! And to my bro, who I don't think can read my blog from Qatar, but I'll say it anyway...I love you, bro...take care of yourself and thanks for serving your country and all it's people! :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Angel News...

Well, here's a few "ballerina" pics....they are not really Nutcracker-related since we have yet to see the Angel costume. But the one above is right before we left for her first Nutcracker rehearsal, which was almost 1 month ago....gotta love this ballerina of ours :)
Here's a couple group pics of Hailey's ballet, not all these girls are angels...some are understudies and some (tall ones and boys) are mice....but this will give you an idea of where she dances every week....Can you find our lil' Hailey in this pic? I say lil' cuz she used to be the tallest in her ballet class until she got bumped up to the older class...and now she's just average...
If my memory serves me correct this is third position?
The group (can you find Hailey in this one?) with their lead teacher....and the pic below I just added cuz I laughed when I saw it....not only does it make me feel "blue" to just see it (what is up with the coloring???) but you get to see Hailey in action :) And what a lovely, "graceful" move this is, Miss Hailey :) Teehee :) Sorry...but our camera takes really crappy action pictures especially bad up in the ballet studios cuz the lighting is so I don't have any better than this :( But, trust me....Hailey is a very graceful ballerina :)'s been a crazy couple weeks, my friends! And I don't see the "excitement" dying down anytime soon. But, before another week comes to a close I wanted to jot down a few thoughts and tid bits of info about one of the major things that is consuming our lives lately...and that would be none other than the good ol' Nutcracker (which if I might say is FAST approaching!!!) :) So....due to time/energy/health constraints I have really kinda glossed over the whole Nutcracker rehearsal thing this last month as well as the HUGE time commitment that it has taken on our lil' fam. Now, I'm not complaining...I'm just saying that being at the ballet dept. 4 times a week with all three kids....well you can imagine I'm down right batty some nights afterwards. Being in a big ol' non-kid-friendly, stark, somewhat boring IU building for over an hour with hungry/tired kids does not equal any type of fun in my book. But, we've persevered (and will continue to do so, I hope :)) and I'm sure the end result (a happy dancing Angel) will soon be revealed :) All that to say that I don't really have much to report as far as "progress of the Angel" (Hailey :)). Most of you probably have never been involved in the IU ballet dept, but they have strict rules about "distracting dancers" and the first time we, parents were caught peeping through the little studio door window...well, we got a there's been very little peeping from then on (Ok, so I've peeped a few times...shhhhhh!)....but, what I do know I think I'll turn over to bullet form now....
  • First and foremost our lil' Angel is in Cast that means a whole lot of nothing to everyone reading this, but to us it means she will be in the Saturday, Dec. 1, 8pm performance and the Sunday, Dec. 2, 3pm performance. Not that it really mattered which performance she was in, but we feel we really lucked out...not only is the Sat. night performance usually the "most anticipated"...but it just worked out good for our schedule that she has Saturday afternoon free to go to a very important Build-A-Bear outing with our Brownie troop :) (And we're all about Build-A-Bear even though I think we own enough of them to have a store of our own :)) So, yippee.....we're so excited for those TWO big performances (and the bonus Brownie outing)
  • With all that being shared....7 of our family are coming to watch the big performance on Sat. night (this includes Shelby's debut Nutcracker viewing...that should be interesting considering 8pm is her bedtime and the night will easily not end til 11 or midnight...ugh!) But, I'm excited that my mom and dad (hopefully) from FL will be here for it...and also Kev's parents......not to mention Hailey has a good number of friends who have made a point to get tickets to watch her! So, the excitement is abounding here in good ol' Bloomy. The IU Nutcracker is always a very anticipated (and expensive....ouch those tickets cost us a buttoad!)....but we're down right excited about that weekend.
  • I could do a whole post on how annoying it was to get tickets (and another post on last year's fiasco with parking tickets, nasty phonecalls/emails to the parking people at IU, and waiting in line for over an hour with two crying kids), but all I want to say about that is I am SOOOO incredibly thankful to my dear, wonderful husband who went on opening day this week to purchase (most of our) tickets and was probably the only male in a nice, long line with A LOT of Nutcracker-loving women :) Have I mentioned I have the best hubby around....I am most fortunate and truly blessed. He saved me an extra headache during this bumpy week....I love you, Kev, and you have to be God's best gift to me lately....all he wants to do is make my life easier/happier...and you've gotta love a man that will do whatever that takes...which lately is a lot :)
  • little about the Angel in our family :)......apparently I was wrong about her's not's BLUE! :) LOL :) I just about died when I heard that...ha, ha! Hailey wasn't so sure about the idea of blue hair...and who can blame her?! Can you imagine Hailey with a big ol' blue wig? Now, I'm not all up on my "angel attire", but I don't believe I've ever seen an angel with blue hair?! Well, be rest-assured we WILL be seeing a few in a couple weeks fluttering across the stage :) Now that will be a blog picture to post for sure :) Costume fitting is next Friday so hopefully I can stick around and get some pics of the lil' angel in her gown. That should be fun...cuz I think the best part of all my Nutcrackers was the outfits. I'm sure Hailey will be in all her glory outfitted like the Angel that she is :) And she's already a pro at carrying around her little lighted tree....which also is an oddity to me. I thought angels carried candles or little lights...well, the blue-wigged IU Nutcracker angels apparently carry little bonsai trees with lights on them...hmmm?? And apparently this year's angels (not Hailey, of course :)) got a bit carried and broke a few of them during rehearsals so they have been banned/replaced for the time being with plastic cups, which don't hold nearly as much fun as the lil' twinkling trees. So......can you picture the dance already? Maybe not...but just imagine lil' Hailey with her big poofy, blue wig and her big flowing blue/silver (metallic, I think :)) hoop skirt dress, holding her little lighted tree shuffling all around the stage in all her glory :) It is sure to be a sight!
  • And I think in the chaos of the last few weeks I failed to mention the BIG Nutcracker snafoo that occurred. Well, as you know the rehearsals all started a month ago...well, about two weeks ago Hailey came out of practice and said "they changed the whole thing" :( Well, apparently there was some mix-up with the stage measurements (yes, they've been doing this Nutcracker on THIS stage for decades, I believe), but apparently when the special choreographer lady was here the first day...they told her the wrong dimensions for the stage. So, all the dances that the girls (and boys) learned had to be redone to fit the stage. Not cool. Poor Hailey....she has been thinking all long how easy the Angel dance was and she came out of this practice very frustrated. I guess they had to make 4 lines of angels whereas before there were 2 lines and now she was behind a girl who didn't know what she was doing (and if you don't know what you're doing as an angel it could be bad cuz that means you could run smack dab into another angel (they scoot really fast by each other and you have to be right on cue to do it correctly). Anywho...since then the dismay of Hailey has calmed...and now she's not as frustrated and is her normal confident self :) But, that was an interesting thing to learn halfway through the rehearsal schedule :(
  • I am VERY excited cuz as of today I am a backstage mom :) Now that may sound like a "blah" thing to be, but this will be my only chance at getting pictures of Hailey in her costume. And if you know me well (and glance at my blog full of photos!) you know getting pictures is my true alterior motive :) (they don't let anyone backstage or near performers in costume unless they are backstage workers...yes, very strict) So, I am working backstage during her Nov. 28 dress rehearsal and her Dec. 2 performance. I am very excited to help out and see all the girls all decked out. A HUGE thanks again to my hubby who I sent over to the ballet dept. early this morning to sign me up. I feared if I waited til this afternoon during rehearsal that I'd miss the opportunity to get a good helper date/time (cuz apparently being a backstage parent is in HIGH demand) :) So, YAY, for me! :) Now I can relieve a little of my own Nutcracker joy by watching the girls backstage.
  • Well, I have a ton more info to give about all this, but for the life of me right now I just can't think of it. Some of you know the health issues I'm going through right now and that has taken it's effect on my brain and ability to think straight and to gain energy to even do simple things like blog.....but that's a story for another place and time (and not one I'll blog about...and don't's nothing major), before I get off the subject I just wanted to say again how excited we are about the upcoming BIG performance of our little Angel Hailey :) As I've said before it's been a HUGE time commitment due to practices all weekend long....and this will just get worse as of next week where she actually has to get out of school early to practice for 3 straight hours for two days. And then the last week of Nov. she practices almost every night from 7-10! Cripes! That's a rough schedule for a 7 year old! (and for the mommy who will be toting her their and back...thankfully Nina from FL will be here to help!)
So, to all you out there who wonder about our lives and pray for our crazy you have a little more insight into how it's been lately for us. I have to say if daddy Kev hadn't come to the rescue a few times lately I would be in the loony bin for sure (and in all honestly who's to say I'm not there already :))....but's been so much fun. Hailey is really enjoying herself and there is truly no experience better than this for our prima ballerina (who still dreams of being Clara :)). This is big stuff for her....and so exciting for me as a mom to anticipate (and I know equally as exciting for my mom who is itching to be here now and will be here in two weeks :)). It's gonna be good/crazy times coming up in the next few weeks. So, if you think of it say a prayer for my sanity (in the midst of my health stuff)...cuz I think I'm gonna need it...and pray for health for far she's been resilient, but it's that nasty "sick" time of year and the last thing we need is an "under the weather" Angel :( Hailey is holding up considerable well, but I know she'll be exhausted Dec. 3 when this has all come to a close :( But, for now our house is full of anticipation...and often flooded by Nutcracker music and you'll often see us all trying to perform Hailey's dance (mommy even does a nice Angel rendition much to Hailey's dismay :)...and lil' bro Dylan tries to be a wannabe ballerina...much to daddy's dismay :)). It's angelic good times here in the Land of Steg :)

(and a lil' side-note....congrats to one of my old friends in FL, Geoff....he welcomed his first child, a daughter, into the world today. Congrats, Geoff and Dabey, and to doting Grandma Barb too :)) I have no info on the baby, but that maybe her name will be Siena or Ellie?) But, congrats to the new parents and best wishes!) ***Update...her name is Siena! :)***

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Here's our lovely little daughters looking so angelic...and then below you can see their true dramatic/crazy side come out :)

Well, I needed a little smile in the midst of a downer day so I thought I'd post these two pics of our 2BMe girls (cuz they make me smile :)). If you don't know or remember...that's the clever name of our mother-daughter Bible study that my awesome (and very creative) neighbor, Jill, started at our church a few months ago. This study, into how to raise "Godly girls", has been a great inspiration to all us moms who want to help arm our girls with the knowledge to make the right choices now and in the many years to come....not to mention our beautiful daughters thoroughly enjoyed Jill's creativity and her wisdom. We are looking forward to expanding our lil' group into a bigger group hopefully in January. But, for now, this is our little gang above (minus a few girls)...aren't they just a lovely bunch of young ladies?! I sure think so...and I'm excited to see them all grow into the Godly woman He wants them to be :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trick or Treat...

And without further's some actual Halloween pics...only a week late :) Here's our sweet Princess Dora girl looking angelic (looks can be deceiving) :)
The Egyptian princess up close :) (I know my mom loves the all these different angles/poses are for you, Mom :))
Our lil' Star Wars Man :)
Another princess pose...
A full length shot...complete with those lovely plastic shoes...these were the doom of her later on (as you will see)...but she HAD to wear the high princess is complete w/o them! :)
An authentic Egyptian pose :)
A more trendy Cleopatra pose :)
What a lovely trio :) My greatest blessings....
Lil Yoda looks perplexed...
Here we are at our friends' church (Baileigh and Sydne) on Halloween (pre-trick-or-treating)....this is Shelby throwing cheetos at the pastor's head...this was hilarious and it took Shelby a long while and some coaxing to get her to do it (I think she felt bad throwing something at someone's head??)
Shelby...bobbing for apples (the new way to do it?) was pretty funny and she was very persistent at getting that apple in her mouth!
Toilet paper mummies...Shelby tp-ing Hailey's friend Tyler :)
Back at the house before trick-or-treating...all smiles from the princesses and a glare from Yoda :)
Me and my kiddos...gotta love these guys....we sure did miss you this night, Nina and Pops in FL :(
My and my sweet Egyptian girl :)
And me and my Yoda...
Us getting ready to trick-or-treat with our backyard neighbors (Bed and Hope)....Notice Shelby's red face...she had just fallen down our deck stairs due to the purple plastic high heels...not a fun way to start Halloween night...but we replace the footwear with good ol' comfy crocs :( But, it was very fun trick-or-treating with friends....the kids had a ball as you will see below....
"May the Force Be with YOU!" :) Hee, hee...isn't this hilarious! We borrowed the lightsaber from Ben, and Dylan just rode around in our wagon with it...he didn't get much candy, but he had fun!
And here is how speedy Shelby, trick-or-treated the WHOLE night! Can you believe she had to push her twin babies (Clara and Sara) all around our neighborhood. I guess she didn't want them to miss the fun. And can you see her pumpkin filled with candy in the stroller...she had it all figured out. Kev thought for sure we'd end up pushing the stroller for her at one point, but she persevered and never grew weary of pushing her babies! I knew you'd get a kick out of this, mom. We even had a few funny moments where the stroller was parked on some steep driveways and Power Ranger Ben swooped by and saved the stroller from going into the street! It was pretty funny....
Yoda enjoying the trick-or-treating fun :) He was pretty hilarious each house he went to he'd bipass the people and the candy bowl and go right into their house and walk around...he didn't want the candy...he wanted to check out the houses around the neighborhood :)

And here's the loot....I shouldn't even tell you that we've eaten most of it already :( :)

It was a fabulous Halloween...awesome weather...happy trick-or-treaters and lots of, no complaints there. We even had neighbors who grilled in the street and passed out hot dogs, cupcakes, hot chocolate and cider. Wow! That is hard-core, huh?! We even drove to Hailey's teacher's house who was handing out BIG giant candy bars to all his students who could find his house (we found it on map-it)...then we stopped by good ol' Miss Vonna's house (my good friend and Hailey's Brownie leader) :) She handed out good loot too! It was a super fun Halloween with lots of good memories :) And we're all ready for next year too....we got our costumes really cheap the day after...gotta get the bargains. :)