Sunday, August 31, 2008

No August Baby! YAY! :)

Well, I think it's safe to say our newest lil' Steg is gonng be a Sept. baby for sure! I guess I have a few more hours til that's official, but I'm happy to say goodbye to August and to be moving right along to delivery month! And here's to hoping that Labor Day (tomorrow) won't actually be Labor Day for me :) I'm still holding out for my wonderful mom to be in town before baby girl makes her arrival (and so far there has been very little "hick action" which is super great!)

So....the end is near...I am feeling it big time. To spare you all my griping and complaining I'll just say that when I thought I couldn't get any more uncomfortable I have gone past that point....I am not sleeping more than an hour or two straight at night and I literally feel like this baby head is gonna push right out of me (sorry, TMI :))....but seriously...I don't remember being this uncomfortable. Either this baby is just so low in my pelvis or she is just one long little thing who likes to stretch to full capacity in my uterus. Not cool, might I add :( I could hardly breath this morning for a couple hours and my nausea is back big time...not to mention some weird regurgitation/reflux/heartburn issues again :(

All that to say that I'm getting anxious too...not something I usually admit but I think my dreams are admitting it for me. This past week I had two memorable ones. In the first dream I had triplets...a very small boy and a very large girl and I have no clue what the middle one was...I think I was so overwhelmed by the thought of 2 kids at once that I never even paid attention to the third! :) And none of them had names.....I'm guessing that's my anxiety there...not having a name for this baby....again...something we're working on....Kev is still holding out for his old lady names! My second dream was last it I had a VERY large boy...only thing is I didn't know it was a boy until he was like 4 hours hold and we had already named him a girl name. What's up with that dream??? And what's up with these dreams that I've having boys. Maybe it's the fact that I washed about 100 pairs of girl clothes last week and have them all it would be just my luck that our "girl" would turn out to be a "boy" :) Cripes! The dreams need to stop and I need to relax a bit!, there ya' go....I admit I am getting anxious...or maybe I'm just sad about all this ending...or maybe I'm just ready for it all to end??? Maybe I'm just confused...ok, obviously! Either way I have lost all ability to nest/clean/organize. I have spent this whole weekend thus far doing nothing but sitting (ok, not entirely true, but still)...even that has worn me out. Sleeping, eating, sitting...they all take too much effort. Am I a big ol' lazy prego or what?! I sure feel that way and I yearn for the nesting fever cuz I have so much to do still! But, instead I sit...or sleep...or dream crazy dreams. With my luck since I have no nesting instinct I'll still be pregnant in 3 weeks (which would be 1 week after due date). is rough :) Ok, so no more complaining...I just had to put all this out there on this last day of August. Tomorrow starts a new where we get to meet our newest girl. Maybe the "nest thing" will kick in's to hoping!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good Times with Great Friends and a Semi-Finished Basement!

Well, here's the proof of our wonderful time with our MI friends last well as the basement adventure we're undergoing :) I'll go into more "word" detail below for those few of you (mom!?) interested...but I figured the pics tell the story better anyway....sorry for those of you who haven't seen the "before" basement...I didn't feel like those pics needed to be I only posted what the halfway finished product looks like (or did on Monday) of yesterday Kev has taped and mudded "part" of it, so a pat on the back for him! above is our super big clan on Sunday before Jeremy and Melisa and kiddos left. I think it's a pretty good pic considering we had 5 kiddos to get to look at the flashing camera light :)
And here is a lovely walkthrough of our basement with a tour from Shelby (and fussy Dylan)....this is our dusty stairs going down (duh!)....and then below is Shelba showing off our roughed-in 3/4 bathroom (that won't be finished until we have the funds to pay someone to do so/aka not for awhile!). So, for now it's the kitty room/bathroom :) (this is to the right at the bottom of the stairs)

Looking up the stairs you can see Dylan had a meltdown and buried his face in the dusty drywall coated stairs...his face was white after this :) I should have known by this and other breakdowns previously that the poor boy was sick :(
And above is our main room as I stand near the stairs...this will be our play/toy room/office area/tv area...can't wait to have this!!!
Another shot of the room facing the other can see the new wall we made for the bathroom...
Our guest room (above)...aka Nina and Pops' room when they visit in December (hopefully it'll be done by then!)...and you can see the unfinished storage area behind this...
The guestroom closet (under our stairs)...we knocked out the wall and lo and behold we found extra space! Amazing! And a fun place for the kids and cats to play for now!
Another view (above) of the guestroom from the other direction (you can see the closet here again)
Above is the hard-working guys on Jer's last day of his basement endeavor! Does he look excited or what?!
Even the kids helped the daddies out! Don't they look like official construction workers!? Though Dylan looks like he's hailing something :)
The mini-helpers all decked out for business! Aren't they too cute, especially with the head gear and gardening gloves!
The above pic shows the guys (and kids) in action before the drywall went up...
This is also pre-drywall...looking into the extra bedroom...
And then a few action shots of the kiddos playing during the week....since our slide-pool mysteriously grew a hole in it, we revamped the slide to work in the big pool and the kids had a ball jumping/flying off it!
Look at Shelba go in midair!
Dylan took a liking to the ol' slip-n-slide!
Is the above pic not the cutest?! Lil' M (I'm leaving off her name cuz I know some parents don't like their kids names posted online)...anyway...she thought this purple ring and Dora ring toss sprinkler toys were good clothing choices...I'd have to agree, especially with the bucket on the head! Adorable!
Oh happy day! We found our new Snoopy Snowcone machine! A gift from Aunt Anne and Uncle Brian for Christmas that has been lost in the garage for months! Dylan took a great liking to it!
The 4 year olds liked it too! YAY for Snoopy and his snowcones! I still remember this toy from when I was a kid!
Ok, is the above picture not the funniest....maybe you can't tell but "S" is eating his sherbet with chopsticks! We took Jer and Melisa and kiddos to the Jap. Steakhouse here in town on Sat. night for dinner and their kids really liked the chopsticks...especially this little guy...he did better than me eating authentically and what a novel idea to use the sticks for eating his dessert! :)
After our Jap. dinner we took the gang out to the lake for a quick ride around at sunset...this is when it was soooooooooo humid and my "cankles" reared their ugly heads...and when my contractions started up again...but the kids enjoyed it. I love the above pic of "joe cool" Dylan in his/Poppy's shades :)
And look at my sweet Shelby girl...she actually let me take a semi-good pic of her! And she loved helping Poppy drive the big boat!
Well, I know I've let a good deal of time crawl by w/o commenting or posting pics of our awesome time with our MI friends last week...and about our lovely basement didn't want to let the weekend come and go w/o commenting about all that...

Honestly I can't even put into words how much it meant to our family to have Jeremy and Melisa and their kids make that long trek from MI just to see us...and then instead of relaxing they both set to work helping us out in any way they could. If anyone deserves a "best friends with big hearts" award it is both of them! Jeremy as you might not know is one of the handiest guys in the world....not only did he help us (and by help I mean do it almost all himself) finish our first basement in our MI house...but then he came out here to Bloomy back in 2004 to also help us build our awesome big deck...and then wouldn't you know, he somehow caught wind of our basement whisperings with this house...and out of the blue he calls Kev and says he wants to help with this too. Can these friends of ours be any more gracious and wonderful?! I really think not.

I still remember Kev coming home that day after work and saying "Jeremy called and they want to visit and help us with the basement". It was truly like a million pound weight had been lifted from our shoulders. We had hemmed and hawwed about the basement and how we would ever figure out how to finish it and if we could afford to pay someone to do it (we couldn't)...and if Kev could do it all by himself (he couldn't)....and then when Jer called it was like God was smiling down on us and telling us it was all a possibility now that we would have that extra living space to live more comfortably with our family of 6! Truly...we can't even put into words what our friends have done for us, Jeremy and Melisa our angels and we just are so indebted and thankful to them for their big hearts and their servitude.

All that to say that our wonderful friends not only came with an SUV full of tools (that we would have had to rent if Jer didn't own them)...they came with camper in tow (they wouldn't even stay in our nice air-conditioned home...they wanted to rough-it in the heat and humidity...and honestly I think our kids wanted to join them...the camper lifestyle looked super cool to Shelby and Hailey :))...and not only that, Melisa came with recipes in hand and was ready to help me in the kitchen as well as around the house with anything I needed.'s humbling to have friends like this. Truly, they are a God-send to us!

And so it happened...last Tuesday they set up camp in our driveway and the hard work started up early Wed. morning. The guys worked hard every day in our dungeon of a basement...Wed. the wall structures (studs?) went up and it all really started to take shape down there. It was a slow process since at the same time our A/C ductwork was getting done by 2 other (semi-professional) guys so it was a little crowded in our basement with 5 guys working at once and trying to work around each other (thanks to handy Bro Brian who lent a hand for 2 days too...we surely needed the extra hands down there!)...anyway....Thursday more wall "stuff" went up (can you tell I'm not up on my construction lingo...sorry Jer!) :)....also electrical was worked on and I think they made a whole new panel down there (again, not the expert to which my dad is probably gonna laugh at cuz he IS the expert on that!)....anyway....and Friday they put up insulation and cut all the drywall boards and put those up. Saturday was just a random "stuff" day. They were gonna attempt to get one coat of mud on the walls, but that just didn't happen. Instead they finished off the drywall in the closet and did some more electrical and made measurements for our drop ceiling. And then that was was 4 days of fairly heavy labor for Jer and Kev (and Brian... and Poppy Stegs-who also helped one day)...but what those few guys did in those few days was amazing. Truly...the transformation to our sad, dingy basement is now coming to life with walls and structure! I love it and I'm so proud of the job they all did...and they should be proud of the great progress they made. It is something that would have taken Kev months to even attempt and to have Jer there as the #1 job site foreman...well, it just goes to show how much talent Jeremy has and what a blessing it is that he has so often shared that talent with our family and on our homes. So, if I haven't said it enough....Jeremy and Melisa...thank you for your big hearts and your giving spirits!

And in case you wonder what we women and kids did for 4 days...well, let me tell you...just corralling 5 kids for that amount of time was adventure enough for Melisa and I! We definitely had some moments of insanity. Day 1 was pretty good...we spent most of it in the pools and playing in the water toys in the backyard (by "we", I mean the kiddos!)....they had a ball and Melisa and I enjoyed sitting and chatting. Day 2 started with their poor little guy complaining of ear pain. It got worse during our big "fun" trip to the grocery store where Melisa and I probably looked like two crazy mamas with almost all 4 of our kids crying in the carts :) Turns out their poor boy had an ear infection so they spent most of the morning at our CVS med clinic getting meds and then resting....not a fun way to start a vacation :( Day 3 was better as far as sickness goes. "S" felt better and we pretty much just stayed around the house...the kids all seemed to need/want naps all week (turns out half of them were getting sick) so we didn't stray far from their beds each day. And actually they all seemed happy and content to play with our toys or play outside with bubbles or ride bikes or swing on the swings (or play with My Little Ponies...a highlight for their sweet 2 year old daughter :)). So, we pretty much did the simple things like that. We ventured out on one walk down the trail, but that was a warm day and there was crying involved so it was a quick trip. As I mentioned...the kids just getting along and being happy (or not) was adventure enough! :) Day 4 was more of the same...the guys only worked half the day in the basement so when that was done we enjoyed a nice dinner out at the Jap. Rest. (Kev's fav!) was nice to just sit and relax and eat good food. The kids were semi-cranky, but that was nothing new :) And the trip out to the lake/boat was fun too aside from the horrible humidity of the day :( But, I was happy the guys could take some time off and just sit...they had really worked hard all week downstairs.

And I have to mention...that Melisa was incredible. She is a super cook/baker and she shared all those skills with me while she was here. She made half the dinners and desserts and even breakfasts and all were fabulous! That was a huge help to me as I'm not a super kitchen freak lately in my "fragile state" :) We so appreciated her food expertise (though I did feel semi-guilty having her do so much cooking...I'm sure she and Jer think I'm a pathetic cook by my lack of work in the kitchen last week...but honestly I can make good meals! :)). Anyway, I always knew Melisa was a good cook from my college days when she'd have us all over to their house for dinner...but this just further reinstated how great she is....and how even on vacation she was willing to lend a hand. I so appreciated that!

And was just great to hang out with our old friends. We don't seem them often...and it seems like we've only seen them lately when I'm pregnant (we'll have to change that from now on, since I truly am more energetic and fun when I'm not carrying the extra poundage and hormones :))....but really...we had a great time with Jer and Melisa....and just really enjoyed our evening "kidless" time when the house was semi-quiet and we could put our feet up and chat. Even Melisa and I took time to do this during the day. And it was just great to catch-up and have some adult conversation amidst the crazy kid times. Of course we had lots of those kid moments of insanity...breaking up fights between the little ones (Dylan and "M" were hilarious in their "Mine" could be upstairs and one down and they'd yell "MINE!" and the other would argue right back!" was too funny :) And then there were the usual non-sharing issues and the times when Dylan and "M" would haul off and hit each other for no reason :) So, we definitely had our moments....but all in all it was a great visit.

I still feel bad they had to spend their night's in their humid camper, especially since after they left it has been beautiful and cooler....but they never complained and that just goes to show what super people they are.

So, here's to our super duper friends and their super big hearts and generous spirits. It still amazes me how wonderful this little family is and how blessed we are to know them....but after half a week with them I can honestly say they are angels and they make me want to be a better, more giving person. Thank you, Jeremy and Melisa, for all you did for us...for all you always do...God has blessed you with servant's hearts and we are grateful receivers! If you ever need anything from us, don't ever hesitate to ask....I might not be as good of a cook as Melisa and Kev might not be super-construction man like Jer...but we'll do what we can to help you out as well! And hopefully it won't be another couple years before we see you again! We appreciate you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooo incredibly much and when we are enjoying our basement hopefully later this year we'll think of you and your wonderful friendship!

So, there ya' go. The long-winded version of our wonderful week with wonderful friends! Now it'll be interesting to see how long it actually takes us to get our basement completed....for now Kev is mudding on his own and hopefully he'll get a few coats of that on in the next few weeks so when my dad visits post-delivery he can help with the ceiling and electrical there...and then we can paint and pick flooring, etc. So, it's still a long-time-coming...but the end is in sight at least! YAY!!!!!!!

So, until next time I'm off to enjoy my last semi-kid-less day of organizing baby stuff! Hurrah!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blessed by good friends...

Well, I've always said I have the greatest friends and last night I was just further convinced of this! The gals from my small group surprised me with a "last hurrah before the baby arrives" at Applebees! How fun is that?! And they took me totally by surprise (which for me, is rare...I am a good secret-finder-outer :)). My one friend set up this last-minute get-together just the night before and called and asked me out for coffee (aka hot choc. for me since I'm not a coffee- drinker). I just assumed it'd be us two chatting and hanging out, which sounded great to me...I rarely have "girl's night out"...mainly cuz I feel bad leaving Kev with the kiddos...but since 2 of the 3 were gone last night at N&P Stegs I felt a little less guilty :)

All that to say that we show up at our local Applebees and I hear my sneaky friend whispering to the waitress and then I see 5 menus and I know something's up :) Sure enough all the gals from our small group (church Bible Study) show up with smiles and gifts in hand :) I was so very touched and very surprised. It was a lovely evening of chatting and laughing and sharing kid stories and relaxing. Not to mention we all indulged in some yummy desserts. I had a mouth-watering triple chocolate meltdown (on the house, thanks to the manager!). If it sounds sinfully sweet, that's cuz it was! It was more than yummy and had chocolate oozing from it's pores! Heavenly! As you can see I am still all about choc. and sweets these days!

So we all dug into desserts and then the girls each gave me wonderful and generous goodies. As you can see from the above pics we had a great time. I was lucky to have my camera along so I had the manager take our pic...and then Kev took a somewhat giddy looking picture of me with all the goodies at home :) I think I was on a sugar high by the looks of my crazy eyes! :) But, look at all the wonderful loot I was given! Diapers and wipes galore (yes, we NEED those!) and a super fun gift card to Target! Love that! And look at the beautiful blankie my one friend made?! Is that not adorable and so very crafty and thoughtful!? I love it and it's so soft. She even made a matching doll blanket for our new girl's baby dolls. Can't wait for our new girl to use it!

I was truly so touched by the whole thing and it was wonderful to have a night out and celebrate this impending new baby's arrival. Thank you, dear are the BEST and I am truly blessed by your friendships! :)

(fyi...I'm gonna try to post basement pics be looking for those is my day to clean and get organized with no kids in the house...yay!)

Gifts Galore!

All know I like to post our "new baby girl stuff" here's a few more gifts from wonderful family and friends collected over the last month! Above is Shelby yesterday with our new Baby Bjorn from my wonderful bro and sister-in-law! Isn't it awesome?! I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that we had borrowed one after Dylan was born and we used it a lot...but I gave it back right before our positive pg test. Sooooo...I debated whether to get a second-hand one or buy a new one or not use one all together...but with baby #4 I really do think I NEED one of these to have my hands free at times! So, Candy surprised me with this gift in the mail that came last week! Thanks, guys! As you can see Shelby had to try it out with her AG doll and it works perfect! :)
And here's our kiddos with a fun' package from Auntie Lein...she is too good to us. They always LOVE surprise "Leina gifts" :)
The girls had to show off the new baby loot! An awesome baby calendar (I have used these for all my kids to keep track of imp. events in hopes that someday I'll transfer them to scrapbooks when time permits)...and then a very cute Sesame Street baby video...the kids were thrilled! Thanks, Buddy Lein! You spoil us!
Ok, this one will NOT post in the correct direction...but I had to show it...isn't this outfit adorable?! I love it....from Kev's parents (from Children's Place). It's one of my favs. with all the matching stuff and a cute little sweater :) And below is another goody from Kev's parents from it too! They (or I should say Nina Stegs) always find such cute things! As I keep saying...we will have one best-dressed baby! She might not have a name, but she'll have LOTS of darling outfits! :) Thanks again to all our wonderful friends/fam!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What an honor :)

brillante_award.jpg picture by mamajones3

Well, apparently my good ol' MI Buddy, Amanda
recently honored me with a special blog award. With my recent blog hiatus I didn't even know about this big honor until my good ol' mom told me (she's a super-blog reader and could win an award for that!) So apparently I was nominated by my fellow prego friend along with 4 of her other bloggy friends. Yay for me! I feel so special!! :) Ok, so maybe it's not that big of an honor, but from a person who really never wins anything I was very honored. So, thanks, Amanda! You put a smile on my puffy prego face :) We hormonal big-bellied woman gotta stick together these days so I appreciate your blog support and friendship :)

Now, I've been told I need to honor 5 of my blog friends with this award. I thought this would be easy, but many of my blogger buds haven't really posted much lately so it was a little tough to nominate them...but I'll do it anyway. I'm not sure what qualifies people to get nominated, but I think if you simply have a blog it's an accomplishment in itself and you should get a pat on the back. At any rate, all the people I nominate are great friends and I think they all deserve the honor. It's quite possible that some of these dandy people have already been nominated for this oh-so-exciting award and I really wouldn't know cuz I've not been up on blog-reading lately. But, it goes. I'll try to post links to their blogs, but I warn you I am still very computer illiterate when it comes to that technical stuff so you might only get their names and not their blogs. But, trust me, they are all great people and have wonderful blogs. If I didn't nominate you, don't feel's probably just cuz you don't have time to blog much, in which case I'll be joining you in the very near future of non-blog-dom :) But, for now here's my awarded friends (in no particular order, mind you :)). All of you should be proud of your blogginess and your writing/picture-posting skills :) From one blogger to another I am proud of you! :)








Ok, so I nominated 7 you can tell I don't play by the rules....but I couldn't chose between a few of you cuz you all post about as often as the other...and I love you all so much :)

(and if I could nominate my bud, Amanda, again I would...I love her blog, her honesty and her sense of humor and I hope she goes into labor soon and has that August baby she's been wanting!)

So, blog on, friends! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Still 1...

cm, that is! YAY for me and good job on "baby girl's" part! :)

Just got back from my OB appt and I was sooooo relieved to hear the good news that the ol' cervix is still a nice small 1cm dilated! Actually the doc's words were "well, the outside of the cervix is 1cm, but the inside could be more"....and thankfully he wasn't willing to put me through the discomfort (aka PAIN!) to find out if there was more dilation on the "inside". He did say that my cervix has slid back a bit cuz the baby's head has come down quite a bit. That didn't surprise me at all as my nightly bathroom runs have been over the top lately...not to mention I can feel that head down there! It has made for an increase in the waddling for this mama :) And I'm not so excited to say that I have a nasty case of the "cankles" :( I've only had them once before when I was pg with Shelby and took a trip during month 7 to FL. I've been surprised thus far to actually have very little swelling this time around considering my summer large-dom :) But, the puffiness has set in as of Saturday thanks most likely to some heavy walking to the boat in some horrible humidity. My poor "cankles" have pitting edema and my toes feel like they are congealed together to form one big foot with no toes. It's a strange feeling. As I walk up the stairs I can feel the cankles jiggle like jello (ewww!) and it truly feels like I'm carrying 10 lb weights on each of my ankles. Cankles are just NO fun! :( I though the old doc would feel bad for me and say to put my feet up more, but instead he told me to walk more! What?? Really? Makes me wonder if he's ever had cankles?! Cuz the last thing I want to do is walk more! that's the "no news is good news" report on this end! All else is Group B Strep test came back negative as always (yay!), so that is good news too. And surprisingly my cankles full of fluid only amounted to a 2lb weight gain over 2 weeks...I was certain I'd be like 10lbs heftier! So, yay for that! Now it's just wait and see...and pray for no more dilation til Nina arrives on Sept. 10! Next appt is next Wed., so hopefully I'll have nothing to report til then (or after!). For now I just hope the "Hicks" hold off...those things are very uncomfortable and I had a nasty case of them again on Saturday...who knows what brought them on, but I'm sure a bumpy boat ride on the lake in the humidity didn't help!

So, that's all to report for today. As much as I want to post about our basement fun and our wonderful friend's visit I am just too plum tuckered out to do it today. Maybe tomorrow or more likely on Wed. when I have some free time w/o the little ones at home (S&D are going to N&P Stegs for the week...yay!). I can't wait to get some R&R and finish up my baby organizing! So, hopefully I'll have some basement pics to show off soon! So, until next time....keep praying for "no hicks" and "no dilation"...cuz so far the dilation prayers have worked!

(fyi: the above pic was taken a month ago (I am MUCH bigger now! haha :))...I had Kev take a pic of me and my babies cuz I knew it'd be the last appt we'd take them ALL to! Lately it's just been Kev and I and lil' D :) We don't need Shelba hovering while I'm getting a today she went to Aunt Kim's...thanks, Aunt Kim...Dylan would have gone too, but he has a lil' cold/virus/fever thing going on)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

B-day Wishes to our Fav. GA Sis/Aunt! :)

Well, it's b-day shout-out time to my sister-in-law and mommy-to-be, Candy! Happy 31st, fellow prego!

If you don't know Candy just trust me...she is one of those unique souls....just a truly genuine and wonderful person. Not only is she just a super fun and loveable gal, but she's a perfect wife to my only sibling and bro, she's a wonderful aunt to her 6 nieces/nephews (and I'm sure she'll be that to her almost fully-cooked new niece too...not to mention she's gonna be a fabulous mama to her first child/daughter)....she's also a super awesome cook/baker and she's just a fun chatty, happy person all the time. She is definitely a God-send for my brother and is his perfect soul-mate and we're all so happy he finally settled down with the best gal around! And we're even more excited to see the two of them embark on this exciting journey into parenthood :) I always knew since the moment I met Candy (back in 2003 at Disney World when I was prego with Shelba) that she'd be a wonderful mother, and to see her and my brother taking that journey together will be a fun (and funny) thing to watch!

So, here's to my favorite southern belle sister on her 31st b-day! Hope she's livin' it up with that brother of mine today...and I'm hoping her in-utero daughter is treating her better that mine (yes, that's code for contractions galore lately for me!). Candy, we love ya' and miss ya' and send you all our love and hugs. Here's to a great b-day full of naps and chocolate!

(fyi...I'll try to post tomorrow about our wonderful "last 5 days" with friends....and about our basement endeavor :)....and, yes, I am still hanging in there...37 weeks tomorrow and the contractions are still sticking around...and so far so is this baby girl of ours...phew!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Night in the New Bed :)

Ok, I know I just briefly showed a shot of Dylan in his new bed, but some of these pics were just too funny not to here is a weekend in the life of a big boy with his new bed :) Above is right after daddy and Hailey put the toddler bed together...Big Sis and Lil' Bro had to try it out right away (fyi Shelby LOVES this bed also which has caused some conflict :))
All ready for his first night in his big bed...does he look excited or what?!
After a few "out of bed experiences"...the big boy finally fell asleep all by himself :)
And check this above shot this not cute or what?! He was just barely hooked on the edge of the bed (this was about 2 hours into his sleep :)) Have I mentioned how sweet our boy is...I just adore him, especially when he's curled up like a little baby :)
And above is night #2...we think he fell asleep on the floor (or maybe he fell out of bed?). Either way, it was very sweet :) far so good in the new bed! We're so proud of our big boy! We joke that he is doing better in his bed at 2 years old than Shelby does in hers at 4 years! (sad, but true!)

The Baby/Big Boy Room :)

Well, I wanted to show a few pics of my "hard work" this past weekend. So, here's a glimpse into our nursery/baby/big boy room :) I'm still not 100% sure I want it all set up like this, but for now this is how it looks (and it's actually not as horribly crowded as I thought it would be). Knowing me and how lazy I am it'll stay this way, but if the spirit moves me and I get a real itch to change it up, it might end up a different way before "baby girl" is born. Above is Dylan in his new big boy toddler bed. Isn't it cute? He LOVES it! :) Of course you will notice that he had to have every crib toy put on it to make it "feel like home" (like his old crib :)) He's been doing so well in it too.!
And here's the rest of the nursery (the baby side)...I joked with my mom that Dylan has the right side of the room and the baby has the's actually true (even the closet is that way!)'s the same ol' nursery furniture we've had for almost 9's definitely made it's rounds amongst our kids. It's nothing special and girly for our new girl, but I was all about using something non-gendered for all our kids since we only knew half of their genders beforehand and I'm sorta thrifty and didn't want to buy new bedding for each of my babies. Yes, we focused on blue, but we figured girls like blue too (at least Hailey and I do!)...and the plaid isn't my style anymore, but it still works and looks cute. The bear motif was something I liked back in 1999. Hailey's first nursery had a bear wall paper border...but with our textured walls that wouldn't work here...and I never got around to stenciling bears on the wall....
Our newly vamped closet...not fascinating at all, but it shows my mom how we put Kev's old dresser in there (as Dylan's dresser) and split the closet in half...right side is Dylan's and left side is "new baby girl's" :) It's actually not that bad of a set-up!
And here's the other corner of the room...all ready for baby! And below is the baby dresser/changing table....all full of the beautiful girly things from our wonderful friends/family! Everything still has the tags on it "just in case"...but I can't wait to see it all on our new girl soon!

Celebrating 10 Years! :)

Just a few pics to pass the time...of our anniversary celebration (on 8/14). I love this new family pic of our "almost" 6 :) Thanks to our tripod for helping with this one.
Me and my honey...10 years in the making :) And you can see one of our very upset offspring in the background...awww, the romance of 10 years of marriage! :) (pic courtesy of our new home photographer, Hailey :))
Here's our boy before his outburst :) I love this little guy...
The girls being silly at Chili's...too silly actually...they were falling-off-the-bench-giddy for some reason :)
And our newest family photographer (Shelby) just HAD to take a pic of us at Cold Stone :)