Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from our gang of turkeys to yours! I sure know we are blessed beyond measure by so many things and I hope you know you all are too! Gobble, Gobble!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Finished Basement and a Big Baby! :)

Well, it's been a rough 24-48 hours, but I have very good news to share!!! Our basement is finally done!!!!!

Ok, so that's not entirely true...there are some finishing touches to do this weekend...but for the most part it's a liveable space!. Yippee, yay yay! I am too exhausted to go into all the details now and honestly I'd love to just post the pictures cuz that is the best way to show it off (that'll have to wait for another day). But, I'm happy to say that today our carpet was laid! And this was after Kev stayed up all night (yes, NO sleep AT ALL!) painting and finishing it. And it looks awesome! I can't even tell you how proud of him I am for all his hard work the last couple months....and I can't thank him and all our friends and family enough who helped with this huge project. It really is incredible to see the before and after photos. I'm so excited to throw all our toys down there and get this big ol' computer desk out of our bedroom! And I know Nina Gritz is all gung ho about having her own room! She even wants to decorate it go, Nina...have at it! And I can't even tell you how thrilled the kids were by the new space. Hailey was doing cartwheels and dancing all around in my old toe shoes and Shelby got our her blanket and laid on the floor and Dylan literally ran in circles for about 10 minutes straight down there (this is the biggest room in our house now and he was very excited to have some space to roam was so cute! :)) that's that. The basement is mostly done. It's been a long time coming, but thanks to wonderful friends and family and a dedicated hubby we have a finished product. Now we just need our furniture moved back in this weekend and we're good to go.....What a day and just in time for Nina from FL who arrives tomorrow!

And....I have to add that we have a big ol' baby on our hands too....she's a whopping 3lbs bigger than 2 mos ago when she entered this world. She had her 2 month appt today and is 12lbs, 14oz and 25 inches. She is one one tall drink of water just like our other kiddos :) She was a trooper today though through her first nasty round of shots....mama was not as's so rough watching your baby in pain...(sigh)...and knowing she is growing up before your eyes (sigh)...but she's as healthy as they come and greater than the 95th percentile in all areas! YAY! :)

And can I just say I feel so blessed by our second family here in Bloomy. We had a wonderful early Turkey Day celebration with our bestest buds, Dave, Heather and Kiddos. I'll have to post those pics later too....cuz they are pretty hilarious. But, we just love these guys so much. They made us the best turkey and fixin's dinner tonight and they are so good for the soul...we love you guys!!!

And now I'm off to hubby's been sawing logs for awhile now and he so deserves that. Happy Thanksgiving to all you turkeys out there! :) Gobble, Gobble!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Halloween...a month late :)

Well, nothing like posting Halloween pics a month after the fact...but honestly it's a wonder I'm even posting them at all...but before Dec. hit I thought I'd show off my ghoulish gang cuz they really did look cute on Pumpkin Day. So, here they are....
My sweet purple butterfly (or is it lovebug...someone asked us that??)...anyway...Baby Ash was cute no matter what she was...we joked a few times cuz I was taking pics of the other kids outside and she was so sacked out on our front lawn that people walking by didn't even notice her...and she sorta looked like a dead butterfly by the way she was laying all sprawled out :)

Aaarrrghh! Ahoy Matey''s pirate Dylan in full garb...he looked very humorous with his blonde hair sticking out under that black wig :)

Flapper, Shelby...please ignore the finger she's holding out...she was "trying" to do a flapper pose, but I'm not sure this qualifies :)

Renaissance Princess Hailey...doing what comes natural--a ballerina pose :)

My favorite part of the night...watching Dylan's excitement over CANDY! This is literally how he operated...running from house to house for more loot! :)

My oldest and youngest girls...they look so sweet in matcing purple :)
The butterfly flitting around the neighborhood trying to get some candy :)

Trick or treating with our cute backyard neighbors, Chef Hope and Batman Ben :)
Our gang before trick-or-treating...LOL at Dylan...he really does look sorta crazy as a black-haired pirate (and kinda realistic with his belly hanging out) :)
The baby girl and her loot...ok, so it was Dylan's loot, but I wanted a picture of her with some candy :) Dylan was NOT happy I chose his candy...he gathered it up right up and said "no baby, my candy" :)
the kiddos with our yummy pumpkin pizza dinner...gotta love Papa Murphys! :)
One of Ashley's many Halloween costumes...I got this one last year for $1 at Kohl's after Halloween...little did I know we'd be pg a couple months later and our baby would wear it! It's the softest and cutest thing :) (the outfit and the baby :))
This really shows what happens in our house on a daily basis...Hailey is definitely my biggest helper with Ashley...and her lil' sister loves her to death!
My sweet lil' pumpkin on her first Halloween (this cutie-pa-tootie outfit is from Aunt it!) :)
Our crazy brood!
The cake the girls made on Halloween (thanks to Aunt Sue for the cool new silicone pumpkin pan she sent!)
above is "make a scary face" time :) I'm not sure how scary Ash's face is :)
I love this outfit too...from my wonderful parents :) :)
A sweet pic of me and my baby taken by our own photographer Hailey :) At our church pumpkin patch...
our gang at the patch...minus daddy who was at work...
more patch pics...

baby lost in the pumpkins...and another Halloween hand-me-down outfit...the front side is adorable too, but who can resist some rear-writing! (and I must say it'd be great if that area of her body did meow instead of doing what it usually does all day long :) :))

Monday, November 24, 2008

I love my kids!

Nothing in-depth to post today...actually there is probably too much to blog about and I just can't put it all into words right now...but I am just sitting here in this brief quiet moment thinking (and knowing) how blessed I am. There is no greater gift than having healthy children...and I have 4 of them. My cup overflows for sure and in this week of thanksgiving...I am thankful for that (among many of things)....I love these cuties...even if one still eats baby food and wears big ol' diapers, and one loves to overly exert our family with all her over-acheiving activities, one who has way too much puke and poop coming out of her tiny body, and one who loves to be honest about everything even if it's not nice :) Gotta, love them all...and I do! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

2 can that be?!

Well, as you can probably guess from my blog-hiatus...things have been "slightly" busy around here...and honestly given the timing of this blog post (2am) I have no energy to give any detail on all that...but in honor of my sweet baby girl turning 2 mos today I wanted to post a few newer pics of our sweet for your viewing is our chubby little girl (and her cute sibs) :) Above is Baby Ash wearing her first 3-6 month outfit (sigh) can it be that my newborn is no longer a newborn...she is one tall drink of water and has these big ol' chubby cheeks now...and she smiles all day w/o fail. I love this baby girl!
More smiles from Miss Ashley :)
And a few thought I was kidding about the smiles...they are never-ending and fill my heart with joy :)
My 4 beauties before church this last Sunday...have I mentioned how blessed I feel lately?!
Is it me or do Lil' Sis and Big Bro have the same spikey hairdo going on?! Heaven help her if Ashley has double cow-licks like our poor boy :)
Shelba and Ash a few hours ago :)
Biggest Sis and Littlest Sis...
And just since I never posted any Halloween pics (mostly cuz they were still on the camera til a few hours ago) is the sweestest lil' butterfly/lovebug around...
more smiley/very long Ashley!
Her fav sleeping position...on her belly on mommy's lap :)
Even more smiles :) :) And I love this pic of daddy and "Smiley" below :)
So, there ya' go.....a little Steg "pic fix" for the week. Sorry about the lack of blogging...I'll try to catch you up on life soon, but something tells me a 1 per week blog post is probably all that life will allow for the next couple months....Hope all's well in everyone else's world :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

More of the same... think I'm joking, don't you?! Nope, I REALLY am destined for a life surrounded by puke, poop and pee.....

Wednesday "baby girl" peed all over the floor at the carpet store....luckily she timed it well enough so that the sales guy was at his computer getting us a quote and he missed the spray of urine on his floor :)

Tonight it was the doomed dance area AGAIN! I kid you not, the ballet studio at IU is definitely jinxed...we had a blow-out poop again....this time I was more prepared though and had the piddle pad in the car seat (yay for that!) and I had all the necessary equipment. Hey, it only took me 3 tries, but I learned my lesson finally...

But, can I just say that I never dreamed puke, poop and pee could be so exhausting....I am one worn out mama and now I have a whole weekend of single-mom-dom where I'm sure poop, puke and pee will all continue to rear their ugly heads :) (no, daddy Kev is not gone...but he will be in our dungeon of a basement finishing up business down there...yay!).....and to make matters so much better, I heard there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow....just lovely....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, it's been a duplicate poopy/pukey day....and, no, I'm not would think one day would be enough for me to learn to be prepared....

This time it was Shelby's dance class...I actually had the diaper bag, but it was not fully stocked and I was left to put our 7 week old in only a stained onesie on a 30 degree rainy day. Thankfully she didn't puke all over any dance bags but instead puked all over me and her car seat...this was after she pooped and then peed all over the same car seat...on the one day I did not have the piddle pad in the car seat (yes, I love those piddle pads, mom, but I guess you have to use them to have them work!)...oh, how I love these days filled with emesis and BM's :)

If you ever wonder what's going on during a blog-less rest assured I am just dealing with puke and poop...same old same old. Don't you wish you were me!?!? Like Kev just said to me..."you have to laugh about it...cuz otherwise you'll want to cry"...I've done both today (and it's not only cuz of the poop/puke, but our poor girl is having a rough time of it with her painful reflux...(sigh))....being a mama ain't always's to hoping that there will be no "round #3" of the Ashley 2008 poop/puke-fest :( (and don't worry, Grandma Di...I had considered taking some pics to post as proof but I decided against it for your least for now :))

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This too shall pass...

Don't you hate it when you are running late to take your daughter to Nutcracker practice only to find that your husband has the van with the diaper bag in it at Lowes...and you think to yourself...I'll just grab a couple diapers and 1 extra outfit and surely my newborn won't make that much of a mess in an hour and all will be ok...but then not only does your baby do a doozy blow-out poop, but she does it on your shirt....and you have no wipes and no place to change her so you have to change her on the dirty floor with only a plastic bag underneath her...getting poop all over the floor and yourself and the only other clean outfit you have....thankfully the poop smear on the new outfit isn't too noticeable so you go back to sit and chat with the moms only to have this same newborn with horribly bad timing then puke (more like projective vomit) all over yourself, the floor in the ballet dept and then horrifyingly all over some little girl's dance bag. Not a shining mommy/baby day for us....I am whipped! These are days when I force myself to think that maybe, just maybe "someday I will miss all this...."....really???!!! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

October Activity Recap via Pics...

Well, since I've had little time/energy in Oct. to post much in the way of pics I thought I'd do a quick run through of some of our activities of the month (and do so by posting a few pics) here ya' go....above is our annual trip to the pumpkin in most years past we didn't venture far and just went to our sad Patch here in town (Freeman Family Farm)...remember last year where the patch had only like 2 pumpkins in it. At least we came early enough this year and they had pumpkins...but the hay ride out to the patch was pretty pathetic. They took us over the creek only to bring us back over it to the patch which was within walking distance from our van. Sad, sad, sad! Next year we will be going somewhere where the pumpkins actually grow on the more of this "tossing the pumpkins in the field for the real effect!" :) Anyway...above is me and the kiddos on our way to the sad patch (this is before we knew how sad it was)...and isn't Ashley lookin' cute in her Halloween outfit from Aunt it!)
Here's my 4 cute kiddos with their pumpkin choices. We only took the one big one home...the rest were for picture-effect :)
Dylan was very confused as to how the pumpkins "grew" (were thrown) into the field by these boys in the tractor...
Dylan started potty-training in Oct...YAY! Ok, so this was a one-day thing, but counts...and soon we'll start up with the potty excitement again! Look at that smiley peeing boy!
The sibs finally got their big sis/bro gifts from us from good ol' Cookies By Design. We used to have one here in Bloomy, but it went out of business so we had to wait to get the treats from was worth the wait...we love their cookies and they turned out really cute!
Ash took her first airplane trip to FL! She slept the entire flight there and back! What a trooper!
The Bjourn was a lifesaver in the airports! Thanks again to my Bro and sis-in-law for this awesome gift! Ashley LOVES it!
Ashley also loves her Pops in FL! Isn't this above pic hilarious?! She really has a special bond with good ol' Poppi! :)
The baby shower my mom and I threw in FL for Candy (and in-utero-Brooke) was so fun...doesn't Candy look great for being only a couple months from delivering?!
And the above pic is for my awesome neighbor pal, Jill...I made her rendition of a diaper cake and this was the result. Not as awesome as hers was, but it turned out ok for making it very late at night (I did have to use 2 of the flowers Jill gave me cuz I couldn't find any of the right color flowers anywhere...and I also bought the same teether she gave me...I'm such a thief when it comes to ideas!) Thanks for the inspiration, Jill!!
My grandma got to spend lots of time with Ashley...isn't this a great pic?! Ashley was sacked out this day!
And then it was sick-time in FL :( Here is Ashley with her first nebulizer treatment :( Poor sad bronciolitis girl :(
And above is me and my mom and Ashley with my old pediatrician, Dr. Taslimi...he's the sweetest man! And goodness...that wallpaper in the room was probably there when I was a baby!
Above is Ashley on her 1-month b-day in FL! And look at her smile! She is smiling up a storm now. And on Election Day she talked to herself for a good hour (looking at herself in the mirror)....I think "herself" talked back too so "they" had a good conversation going! :)
Ashley did NOT like the cold pool in Nina and Pop's was her first taste of FL water and it was not to her liking! :)
But, she did look cool in her bathing beauty duds :) (courtesy of Big Sis Hailey who wore these 8 years ago in FL) And thanks to Chad & Cor and Fam. for the cool, new shades! :)
Ashley had her first Halloween last, this is not her official costume, but it's a cute one from Nina and Pops in thought we'd show it off. More pics of Butterfly Ashley to come in the next week or so...
We visited our fun church pumpkin patch! This patch had more pumpkins than that other sad patch! And the kids loved racing around with the wagon...(as you can see...)
Daddy "almost" dressed up for Halloween....ok, so this is Dylan's pirate wig, but daddy Kev has always wanted to be a pirate and I guess this is what he'd look like if he were...freaky!
Pirate Dylan playing the "hit the lizard game" at our church Oak-toberfest (Halloween alternative)...he loved this game!
The kiddos "enjoying" the church pumpkin patch...Ashley thought it was too cold this day and let us know!
Mr. Scott took this lovely pic of our fam. at the patch. Poor Ashley has lost her eyes in that hat!
Ok, this above pic is one of my favs....this is a typical day in our household...or out in public...Shelby teasing Dylan...this time it was over the can almost see the smirk on her face and the dismay on his! :)
And the above pic shows you the true personalities of our kids. Sweet laid back Ashley sleeping (most of the time)...and big Sis Hailey taking care of her like a mini-mom...Shelby fooling around and Dylan eating a treat....don't be fooled by the apple under the caramel...he only ate the caramel! :) Oh...and you can see our pumpkins...two big and 5, that doesn't mean we want to have one more kid! :) One of the lil' pumpkins was an "extra" :)
Me carving one of the big pumpkins with Ashley hooked on me...not as easy as it looks to use a sharp object and have a newborn on ya'! Shelby was our official picture-taker this night...she did pretty good!
Daddy and the two oldest girls scraping the pumpkins out in the was too cold to do it outside....
The kids painting their pumpkins...Shelby was her usual stinker self and decided to go around and put stickers on everyone's pumpkin...Hailey and Dylan were not happy with that!
We made caramel apples...the kids ate the caramel and left the much for trying to be semi-healthy....
Shelby had her preschool pumpkin party...she refused to wear most of her flapper outfit (go figure)...Hailey had a party too, but those pics are still on the camera along with the Halloween you have to be patient there...
We watched Charlie Brown and the Pumpkin one night (not sure if that's the official name, but who cares)
Daddy gave his first Ashley bath...sad but true that he has avoided all baby baths for his new girl up until 5 weeks. She was not a big fan of the daddy bath procedure! :)
We made Halloween cookies...and scary faces...and then delivered the cookies to our fav. neighbors! And then daddy and the kids made daddy's fav...Pumpkin seeds!
And that was that....our October....well, parts of it....crazy, but fun times!