Thursday, April 30, 2009

Outside fun

Just a few outdoorsy pics from last week (Hailey/daddy not included due to work/school schedule :))....anyway....but this is one of our fav. past-times...walking along our trail near our house. And a sweet lady (and fellow mother) was walking by this day and so nicely offered to take a picture of us by the creek :)
The double duo in our double jeep wrangler. We LOVE this stroller. We opted out of ever getting a front to back double stroller and I'm so happy with our choice. This is great for taking walks and going to fairs and the mall, etc. This was the first time Ash tried it out. She wasn't too fond of being so close to her touchy/feeling brother who just wanted to stroke her hair the whole time and hold her hand :)
Shelb doing her fav. thing...throwing rocks...and looking for shells (do creeks have shells?? ok, so maybe they are clam shells??)
Dylan gloating over a good rock throw in the creek!
Shelb leading the pack on her bike...and Dylan messing around with lil' sis in the background....he kept putting the canopy over her face...which is why you can't see her!
Shelby on a new rock mound by the creek....
Dylan showing off his "special" rocks :)
Shelby in awe of her shells :)
Shelb with her super cool baby bike seat (from Aunt Sue for Christmas)...her AG doll can now come on outings with us! YAY!
Ash chillin' in the "jeep" :)
then she discovers the dandilions below....
then mama picks her one....
and then she tries to eat it :)

Fun times! Today was supposed to be another creek/trail outing, but the weather didn't instead we've spent a day indoors with the kids fighting and crying and mama wanting to throw in the towel and cry too! Yes, fun times :)

In other/more exciting news....CONGRATS to my bestest dinger bud in FL, Lein, who went and got engaged this past weekend! You go, girl! And way to go, Marc, who roped in a winner of a wife! Wishing you guys all the best as you plan your lives together! YAY!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Current Events

Just a quick recap of the current events of the Steg household (in case you were wondering :)) is a pic review of this past weekend....above, you can see the joy on our boy's face as he started t-ball (his first sport!). Do you think (from the above pic)...that he likes it!? Yes, indeed he does! And he's not too shabby at throwing and hitting the ball....the ball-in-the-glove thing needs some slight work....but nonetheless our little man is growing up and entering the big, wide world of athletics!
Daddy and his boy after the first t-ball practice :) Are they both handsome or what?!
Dylan's first hit! It's a pretty good one too for a 3-year-old! :)
Here's my two favorite men. Dylan didn't know mommy was even at the ballfield yet....and doesn't he looks so sweet just standing there. It's hard for this mama to believe that her sweet boy is old enough to play sports :) I still remember when he was born and how excited I was to have a son...and now he's all grown up (well aside from wearing diapers and eating baby food...minor details :))
The first huddle after practice...with Coach G (lady on the left)....can you even see Dylan?? He had no idea what a huddle was.
The middle girls playing on the grass....Ash was eating the grass actually :) Aren't they sweet?
Ash and mama spent a lot of time in the van this past Saturday waiting for biggest Sis at ballet practice (her big recital is this coming weekend). Can you tell it was hot in the car...check out those big red cheeks on our darling Ash girl :)
Two of my girls in their cutesty matching dresses from Nina Stegs :)
Hailey at her girl scout campout at Belmont....we had to do lots of driving back and forth to the camp due to ballet practice interferring....but it was worth it. The campout was a great success....
Even Ash enjoyed being a mini girl she is outside the cabin...with her fairy "hat" on....the campout was called the "Brownie Fairy Myst Festival". Poor Ash even got a big shiner on her head thanks to falling off the bunk bed in the cabin...way to go, Big Sis Hailey....who let her tumble while she was busy eating pizza :) Ash recovered quickly though....
Brownie Hailey doing a jig outside the girl scout cabin :)
Before leaving the house for the big campout...Hailey made her own pillowcase and had to pack lightly for the event. She packed all her stuff in her sleeping bag actually. The campout was great fun....quite hot due to our unseasonably warm 80 degree spring weather and the girls had to fight off lots of ticks too :( Fun, fun.
Shelby spent most of her weekend begging to go in a pool. Can't blame her due to the hot, hot finally we put water in the sand box. This was after Shelb got out our big pool all by herself and tried to blow it up with a bike pump :) She was very determined to swim even it it meant doing it all by herself :) Does the girl look happy to simply have her feet in water?! YES!
We got a new storm/screen door on our backdoor this weekend! YAY! We love it....and LOL at Ash behind the door...she looks like she has a house for a head due to the reflection :)
...special thanks to Poppy Stegs and Daddy who spent all of Saturday installing it. What a long, tedious project.....and next time we'll be paying Lowes the 80 bucks to install in themselves. Sooooo not worth wasting a day on it. But, thanks to the guys for doing it!
Nina Stegs surprised us with some more of her awesome planting in our yard/pots. Shelby has been very good at keeping up with the watering.....
Ash helped too...sorta....well, she sat and looked cute which is hard work :)
Even the little man of the house helped....
and we planted some flower seeds too. Maybe these will actually grow unlike the bulbs we planted at G&G's tree which apparently I planted upside down. Did anyone out there know you could plant bulbs upside down? I had no clue.....yes, I have a brown thumb.
We also planted the silver maple tree that Hailey brought home last week from school on Earth Day :)
Daddy might appear to want to play tennis...but instead he was playing with bees...he killed about 10 bees this weekend that have built nests in our deck....dumb bees!
Ash loves the sun....and bad mama forget to put sunscreen on she got one burnt arm ....shame on mama! Fortunately Ash is a trooper....she never complained....and look at her first pony tail (hee, hee) :)
We got the sandbox out...and Ash got to play in it for the first time! She LOVED it!!! I think she is the first of our kids that like sand...the others always cried and hated being dirty. Not Ash...she's a happy messy baby!
I love this sweet pic of my sweet girlies....playing in the sand
I just noticed that Shelby and Dylan are fighting in this pic....also a common occurance lately. But, they did all enjoy the tiny sandbox even though they all barely fit in it. Hailey probably would have joined in, but she was at a friend's house for a sleepover.
Ash even enjoyed eating the sand.....have I mentioned she'll eat anything?!
This brother loves his sister....he really does....and he's constantly touching her head....
After the sand came the sink bath....Ash loved it!
Ash took it upon herself to clean herself with a paper towel...good baby!
And last, but not least, Hailey was accepted into the ALPS (accelerated elementary) program yesterday. She was invited a few weeks ago and we had to go through a lengthy application process (I had to fill out paperwork as did her teachers/school). Anyway....after waiting a few weeks we found out she was accepted. Please pray for us as we are considering this opportunity for Hailey. We are not sure we want her to be in accelerated program at this point in her life since she is still so young (and for the fact that she'd be going to a new school on the other end of town). We know she is a smarty-pants, but just not sure this program is for her. We need to decide in the next couple weeks. I'm hoping she will take part in this big decision, but as you can see from this pic she was not herself yesterday when this pic was taken. She had actually just walked in the door from school and puked all over. So....when she's well we'll discuss in more depth.

So....there ya' go....some of the current Steg events. Never a dull moment...and wouldn't want it any other way....

Friday, April 24, 2009

The studious pupil and her new purchase

Well, here's Hailey and her exciting new furniture purchase...a new desk....or at least half of it. After much hemming and hawwing this past weekend we finally made the big purchase at Target. And our studious girl is thrilled to say the least. She's wanted a desk in her room for years, I think...a place to just quietly do her homework w/o her "nagging" siblings around to mess with her :) So, she's been saving up her Target gift cards and saving some money in her piggy bank and we've been doing our research online and in-store. And finally we made the decision. We also bought the matching hutch (which is very cute), but Hailey has to save up the extra money doing extra chores this summer and hopefully by the start of the new school year she can purchase the hutch from our basement :) (and at some point down the road she'll hopefully be gifted with a matching chair) But, for now the desk (and blue fold-up chair) are very functional. And our big girl is so happy to have a place all her own to study every day. She was also very excited by the cool pink desk lamp she bought with the Easter money from Nina and Pops in FL. So, yay, for Hailey on saving her money and putting it to good use.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Steg First

Well, we had a Steg first this past Saturday....our first time at the local drive-in. Actually, we think it might be our first drive-in ever (even Kev and I)...cuz we couldn't remember ever being at one back in our younger years. here's the pics to prove it. If you've never been to a drive-in movie, I'd highly recommend it, especially on a nice spring/fall evening when the weather is cooler and there are minimal bugs. We had a grand old time (aside from the fact that Ash was slightly fussy and I had to hold her til she finally zonked out completely). But, we enjoyed this new movie atmosphere (aside from some nasty smoker near us)....and the movie "Monsters Vs. Aliens", was not too shabby for a cartoon (I'm not usually a cartoon fan) it was good times and hopefully we can repeat this event next time a kid appropriate movie is in town...and this time bring the middle two kiddos who missed out on the fun. Above is me and my date for the evening (with our treat of popcorn...yumm!). Wish we could have stayed for the double feature (Fast and Furious)...but with kids in tow and it being a late evening already we left after the 1st movie.
Daddy's "other" date...crazy Hailsters :)
Daddy and two of his girls....waiting for the show to begin...
Me and my "date"...also know as my "extra appendage" lately since she won't let mama out of sight anymore!
Ash is ready to watch her first "theater" movie....she even brought her flashlight in case the dark was too much for her :)
Ash's snack for the evening...a jumbo container of Sam's Club jelly beans :) And below is how we watched the three inside the back of the minivan (with the back seats was too chilly to sit outside for us wimpy girls)...and daddy sat in his chair outside. Fun times! (fyi...yes, Hailey is the bookiest book worm you can see from this pic....she had to read her new book all the way up til the movie started)