Friday, May 29, 2009

Nina and Pops' Visit--Part 1 :)

Well, this is a long overdue recap of Nina and Pops' first visit from FL...I say "1st" cuz they come back on Sunday after being gone all week. But, in their absence we are remembering them through pics :) Above is Day 1 when Nina arrived. Actually this is Day you can see it took awhile for Ash to warm up to Nina (remember that our girl REALLY just loves her mama :))....she cried the minute Nina opened the van door and said hello at the airport. It was quite funny actually. And she cried for quite awhile as we drove...and then she cried at home when Nina tried to hold her (or just talk to her)...and then she cried the next morning to see Nina still at our house. And finally about 12 hours into Nina's stay Ash decided she actually liked her Nina! Above is the morning of Day you can see Ash is crying but Nina is persistent to still hold.... :)

Then the moment happens...Ash actually stops crying...and maybe even smiles a bit for Nina...and then the laughter and smiles overflow (below) :)
And then there's many more fun times.....since it rained the first day Nina was here Nina found fun ways to amuse the kids on her laptop :) Dylan took an immediate liking to this new technology (yes, mama never lets him on the computer)...but the boy is SMART! And he caught on very quickly (even quicker than Shelby which made her somewhat grumpy :)) is Nina and Dylan playing with the Jacqui Lawson e-cards (was this the matching game?). As you can see Dylan loves technology! Maybe he'll be a future comp. nerd like his dad!? :) We could only be so lucky! :)
Here is Nina and the kiddos before leaving for the music program at church. Hailey was in the older program (GPS) and had a solo this year (she did great!) and Dylan and Shelby were in the younger program (they did great too!). We were so glad Nina could be here to see it all!
After the program we went out to ice cream at our fav. Cold Stone! :)
The next day we took Nina to our downtown Bloomy Strawberry Festival. We had never been and it was scrumptuous! I love the above pic of Nina and 1/2 the kids :) Dylan was in heaven with his strawberry shortcake dessert!
Even Ash tried to take a bit of the yummy treat!
Then we took a walk on IU's campus. We've never done this before and it was so fun and a beautiful day. Here the kiddos are throwing rocks with Nina in the stream near IU. Look at Nina's wicked side arm!
And a nice bridge shot of Nina and the kiddos (Hailey was at school so she missed out)
Me with my babies :)
And throwing money into the fun fountain at the IU Memorial Union. This is one of our fav. places on campus. We love to eat at the Tudor Room for brunch.
Sweet pic of Nina and her boy (they both look nice in blue) :)
Nina has learned that Dylan loves to count they were counting money in the fountain, I think :)
Nina and the kiddos again by the fountain. This was after Ash fell out of the stroller and landed on my foot (phew!)
And more walking by the MAC (ballet area) and time to sit and eat a cookie!
Then home to play in the sandbox!
And then it was bath time...Nina was in charge :)
And time for Nina to give her first Ash feeding. She did great....and anyone who feeds Ash is an instant friend...our girl loves her food!
Nina even inspired Shelby to become our #1 dishwasher! Truly...Shelby loves to do dishes now (usually)...thanks, Nina!
We played a rousing game of twister too...this gave Nina some laughs :)
After church on Sunday we went out to eat at Moes...Shelby's choice of food, since it was the day of her dance recital :) Nina looks like she loves that Mexican food! :)
Nina with her dancing Shelby....probably the last shot we'll have of Nina and dancer Shelby, since Shelby wants to move on to other "sports" :)
Nina held Ash the whole time (I think)...during Shelby's recital :) Look at that smile...our girl LOVES her Nina!
And then a few days later it was time for Shelby to graduate preschool.
I love this pic of Nina and Shelb after the graduation :) (remember the "fun" we had letting Shelby pick out her dress for the evening, Nina?? :) In the end I let her pick her own outfit :))
We went to Steak N Shake after the ceremony to eat dinner and have dessert with Nina G. and Nina and Poppy S). Meet the newest Steak N Shake employee.....Ashley! :)
The next day we took a walk to another creek near church and had a picnic by the was so fun that the day after Pops arrived Shelby and Dylan had another picnic at the same place with Pops!
This was Nina's humor for the day. Can you figure out what's wrong with this picture and can you see the look on Shelby's face. This was after I told her NOT to take off her shoes or she might lose them. The humor came when mommy (who was not wearing shoes at the time) had to walk across all those rocks and jump halfway in the water to get the shoe.....but mommy saved the day and the shoe was rescued! Phew!
Then Dylan went in the water.....
And Nina just relaxed with Ash....poor Ash apparently was thirsty at this point and no was was feeding her so she took it upon herself :)
Sweet Ash and her Nina having a chat :)
Two of my favorite people looking beautiful :)
Then it was time for Ashley's first time in her new pool (a Christmas present from Santa)....she loved it even though it was like 50 degree water! And don't worry...Nina (with her popcycle) was close by in case she toppled over.
LOL! Look at how hard she was splashing...she was sooooooooo excited!
We got the ol' slip n slide out too. The kids loved it (even the neighbors came over :))
Ash loved the slide too....she sat on the end with Shelby and just splashed away. She has no fear of water.
My sweet girls :)
And this was night Pops arrived. Ash stayed up very late to greet him...and she liked him right away (hence the smile!)...Syd (aka Squid), our cat...also loves Pops! :) It looks like she's trying to hypnotize Pops with her glowing eyes! Ha! :)
The next morning was the first time the other kids saw Pops. He and Dylan immediately did an inspection of feet for slivers. They found a few and Pops did his famous sliver surgery :)
Ash went shopping with Nina and Mommy (which Pops watched S&D) Ash is waiting for Nina to come out of the dollar store :)
Ash checking out Nina again :)
Clapping as she realized she had just turned 8 mos old that day! (she loves to clap now!)
Lovin' Pops!
Nina got sick (as usual) a few days after she arrived. She ended up sounding like she'd swallowed a crying baby so Ash insisted she use her nebulizer! Here Ash is trying to show Nina how it works....
And look at sweet Dylan on the floor holding the machine for Nina. He looks like he's bearing a great gift for Nina, which shows how much he loves her! :)
The mommy and daddy had not one, but two evenings out!!! Whohoo! This was our first where we tried out our "new" Mexican place in town (Casa Brava)...very yummy fajitas and dessert! Our second afternoon on the town was to see a movie (Angels and Demons) Gotta love dates with your spouse! Thanks Nina and Pops for holding down the fort with the 4 crazy kids!
Shelby had her last day of preschool (last Friday) and here she is showing Pops her scrapbook....
We even planted some beautiful flowers by Grandma and Grandpa F.'s tree. Remember how I had failed miserably at planting bulbs in the fall (planted them upsidedown and they never sprouted)...aren't the new flowers nice!?
Nina and Pops and the gang....I love Pops and his "pitchfork" :)
Pops and Ash had many bonding moments....this was one on the deck....
She discovered his wiskers and she really likes them :)
I think she's trying to give a kiss back here, but she can't find Pops' face :)
Pops also got the grand luck of feeding Ash :)
Sweet pic of Hailey and Pops....
Bike riding with Pops....always a fun adventure!
Pops actually got Dylan to ride his new bike (a gift from Santa)...before this Dylan wouldn't even sit on it.
We took a very fun trip to Lake Monroe...I'm not sure this qualifies as a dam, but not sure of the official was neat to watch all the water rushing can see our gang peering over the edge with Nina taking their picture :)
Kev and the older girls went down to the water to try to be daring and put a foot in....
I love this pic of Ash and me...well, I think I look old in it...but Ash is so sweet all smiley and happy :)
Here's our "campsite"...we didn't camp, but we had a nice picnic since our usual place overlooking the lake was being used for a wedding :( Bummer :(
Poppy grilled us a yummy hot dog lunch though :)
And we had a nice view of the water
Nina was the pro smore maker :)
Dylan tried his first surprise, he LIKED it! :)
Then it was "Drivers Ed" with Pops! Hailey actually was the last to take Pops' course, but her pic is first for some reason....
Shelby was first to take the wheel....she was very good actually! :)
The boy who's still in diapers and eats baby food also got to drive....he obviously enjoyed himself!
And then we had to get a nice group shot in front of the car :) And finally (below) is Pops in our front drive...he likes to sit out here and watch all our neighbors :) Him and Ash had many fun evenings just sitting out here chatting and watching the wildlife and airplanes.
So...that's that....part 1 of Nina and Pop's visit. There is much more to share, but Nina and Pops still have their pics on their camera so I'm sure I'll share those next week once they leave and time permits. It's sure been a rip roaring time with them in town though and we are so grateful they both decided to come and were able to see so many of the kiddos' activities (and give the tired parents a break). We love you, Nina and Pops G.! :)