Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poodle Pool Party!

Well, here ya' go...the long-awaited poodle pool party pics! And, yes, beware...there are a lot! You know me and pictures...especially party pictures...I go crazy snapping away! :) The pics will tell the story, but be rest-assured it was a great, great day....perfectly HOT and sunny weather and lots of fun in the comforts of our own backyard with all of Shelby's bestest buddies. In case I never mentioned it the whole idea of the poodle pool party was Shelby's. She came up with it back in the early spring or even late winter. She had it all in her her head that there would be pink poodles involved and that it would be outdoors and water-related. I'm not sure if what we provided was what she had pictured in her mind, but it didn't really matter...she was thrilled by the end result and said it was the best party ever afterwards! So.....in remembrance of the big day last Wed. here are the big pics. The first two are my favs....of Shelby and her poodle cake that mama slaved over (ok, not really...it was sooooo simple...I copied it off a pic on the internet...and I whipped it together pretty quickly the night before....it was half choc. and half white cake with mostly strawberry frosting (saved me from dyeing frosting pink)...and other than the gimpy front dog leg it turned out ok....Shelby loved it!)
I love the above pic...it's my most fav. of the b-day gang all amusing me by posing for a group photo in the new Steg pool (that we bought specifically for the big PPP). Dylan is absent from the photo cuz he was having one of his "moments" (see below for pics of that :))
Ok...so let's rewind to a couple weeks ago when we got all the invites ready to deliver (see above).....this is the actual invitation....a beach ball complete with a container to send it in (and keep...I think you can use these cylinder things at waterparks to keep your money dry...they hang around your neck??)...anyway, they were really cute and fairly affordable (thank you, oriental trading!) :)
Here is Shelby helping me put all the "invite" balls into the containers and into envelopes...Ash was particulary interested in the balls and the containers :) She is very "hands on" lately now that she's mobile! :)
Daddy even lent a hand putting all the strings on the containers...what a great daddy we have!! And if you haven't noticed...parties in our house are a group effort! Mama is thankful for that!
Here is Shelby delivering one invitation to her bud, Sydne :) We had to hand deliver most of them cuz it cost way too much to send them through the P.O. due to bulkiness! But, Shelby had a "ball" (haha) delivering them to her friends....
We even rounded up our super wonderful and helpful neighbor friend, Maddie, to lend a hand on the poodle crafts! She and Big Sis Hailey worked hard on these poodle cups for the puppy chow. They were super cute when finished!
Ash really took a liking to the noodle take-home gifts for the kids :)
Here's the belated b-day girl packing the goodie bags for her friends to take home. I'll let you in a secret...most of this stuff I got for a quarter at Target. Love those 75% off sales there! I am a bargain shopper like my mom :)
And here's the finished poodle cups (courtesy of Hailey and Maddie)...filled to the brim with puppy chow snaks for the kids to take home. Yumm!!! Shelby had to sport her poodle skirt in honor of the big party! :)
Here are the goody bags all packed and ready for the kiddos. We gave out beach bags in honor of the pool party theme :)
Shelb is never lacking a funny face as you can well see :)
Dylan (and big sis) were all about helping stuff the purse pinata with goodies :)
I can actually post a picture of a plate now cuz I have sooooo much room on my blog! YAY! But, seriously...aren't these plates so cute! I love the colors!
And in case no one liked choc. or vanilla cake we made strawberry cupcakes...that kinda looked like poodles. I say kinda cuz I think they looked like kitties and pigs a bit too :) But, these are MUCH better than my first rendition of poodle cupcakes...those were so icky I threw them away :(
I have no idea why this pic is sideways, but it shows some of the dog bone cookies I made for the kids to take home. I wrapped them pretty too, but never took a pic of that....
Here is Shelby and her poodles by the front door welcome sign that Hailey made for the big party!
And Shelby by the goodie table...we had to keep it all indoors cuz it was such a scorcher of a hot day...it would have all melted outside!
Here's our big 5 year old and her beautiful new dress that Nina Stegs bought her at Justice :) She only wore it for a half hour while we got ready for the party...but isn't it pretty!?! Complete with matching shoes and headband. Our girl is all about fashion these days :)
And then it was time to change into the new bathing suit...also courtesy of Nina and Poppy Stegs from Justice :) Doesn't she look all grown up! Our neighbor, Ben, was yelling to us while I was taking this pic...he wanted to know "is that Shelby??"....even he must have noticed she looked more grown up! :) haha :)

And another close-up of the b-day girl and her pretty, new suit...and then the party began....here are the first party-goers....no one wasted any time getting in the new cool pool, esp. on the hot, hot day!
an aerial view from the deck :)

A view from the other side of the yard of the beginnings of the party! Yes, it didn't take long for Dylan to be on the triple slip-n-slide!
Shelby in all her poodle pool glory!
More smiles from the b-day girl :) :)
And then it was time for the games...the first was: triple slip-n-slide races! Take a gander at who won!?! I love the mid-air shots!
Here is the finale race...and, yes, Shelby won! Look at that form!
And then it was time for the water-ballooon toss. I think Shelby (and Cami) won this too! :)
More water balloon fun....
And then it was time to search for pennies in the pool.....whoever found the "special" pennies won!
And then it was time for cake....on the VERY hot deck! In hindsight it would have been better to have the tables set under our deck (out of the sun)...but who knew it'd be so hot...and so sunny! Shelby couldn't even open her eyes to blow out the candles, which was fine...the candles wouldn't stay lit due to a slight breeze. Oh well...Shelby amused me and pretended to blow those candles anyway :0
LOL...you can't even see Shelb in the shadows cuz that poodle cake was all a-glow on top of the sun-attracting aluminum foil :)
The party table and gang up on the hot, hot deck! Most of them devoured their cake, ice cream and pink lemonade in minutes just so they could get back downstairs and into the cool pool!
They were quick to use up all the leftover water balloons to cool off with!
And then it was time to bust open the purse pinata! B-day girl took a swing first...but nothing....
t-ball lovin' bro even tried too...but nothing....
Even Big Sis helped...but nothing....and is it just me or does that pinata form resemble ballet???
Shelby took a second...and third swing w/o the blindfold on....still nothing....that purse was really durable!!!
And finally Hailey's friend Julia found the strength to break that pinata wide open...I apparently missed it with the camera...but I got the kids going for the loot. I am posting all these pics so you can see Dylan in the background....he got tired of waiting for the pinata to open so he went back into the pool.....but watch as he noticed the loot fall out....
he gets closer to the edge of the pool....and then talks Hailey's friend Baileigh into getting him out....
and getting him some candy! :) LOL! That's our boy!
And Shelb with her handfuls of loot!
And then another game....a water relay...made up by daddy himself :) Who knew our daddy was a party planner! :)
more of the water relay! :)
...and then comes Dylan's breakdown....I have no idea what happened...but he was mad!
...and then he took some time to stomp off....
...and sulk :( Is this sad or what?! He continued to sit her for quite awhile (thus why he was not in the group photo!)
Baileigh then decided to make up her own pool came for the kids to play...they seemed to like it :) I was soooooo thankful for our big girl helpers...they ran the games for us and helped tremendously!
The poodle pool girl splashin' away!
And then it was time for gifts! Shelb's fav part!
In a matter of minutes she had torn through it all...and loved every single wonderful thing!
And here's a few "friends" pics. I'm not going to post them all cuz I took them of every kid there...but these are some of my favs :) I think Shelby and Ethan (above) could definitely be future husband and wife...are they cute together or what?! And we definitely approve of the family he comes from :)
BFF's Cami and Shelby :)
And another best bud from preschool, Sydney :)
And more fun in the new pool....this time Ash was there to join us...she slept through the whole party (in Nina's basement room)...what a blessing it was to not have to hold her or watch over her the whole party. Way to go, Ash...you were a trooper sleeper! :)
The normal craziness of Shelby :)
My 4 sweeties in the new pool (post-party).
Ash's first time in the new pool...I dare say she likes it!
She loves her floatie toy too!
Dylan loves the slip-n-slide!
so does Ash....
awww...isn't this sweet...a nice brother sister moment (of non-fighting) :)
Bathing beauty!
Whohoo...a successful party...all done! The party girl was exhausted afterwards!
Me and my girl....glad the party was over....so tired and so hot! :)
Sweaty daddy after all his hard work for the big party! Thanks, daddy!
The eldest sisters...and the suit Hailey wanted to wear to the party :0 Daddy made her wear her one-peice to appear more modest :)
Above is Shelba with all her loot....thanks to all her wonderful friends for such fun goodies!
And below is Ashley's fav. part of the party...balloons! She seems to be a magnet to all things "non-baby safe"...but what the heck....I watched her carefully and she had a hay day with the balloon bouquet! :)
So, there ya' go...the poodle poodle party is said and done! It was a great time and I'd do it all over again if I had to! Having a summer b-day party was great...all outdoors with little clean-up...and kudos to Shelb for being so patient for the last 2 mos of being 5 and having to wait for a party! We love you, Shelby Girl!!