Friday, July 31, 2009

Misc. Friday

A quick random post on this lovely Friday....of my sweet kiddos and some of their downhome fun over the last week :) Can you tell my baby loves the water and outdoor fun! :) Look at those smiles....
and more smiles...
and a funny face as she chills on the slip-n-slide
Hailey showing Ash the ins and outs of triple slip-n-sliding :)
and then it was time to get out the new splash bomb water slide from Nina and Pops in FL. Ash loved her first try down the slide....thanks to big sis Hailey and best neighbor friend helper, Maddie, for all their assistance!
Dylan showing his slide skills :)
Hailey showing hers...
And Shelb wasn't far behind :)
a view from the deck above....even the neighbor kids have fun in our backyard full of water stuff.....too bad that darn slide had to go and pop only after a week of using it! Makes me so mad...but we're determined to fix it!
Me and my Ash on one of our walks around the neighborhood....the Bjorn is a good workout for this mama and her very heavy baby!
LOL! Gotta love those sticky Gerber puffs :)
Ash on her 10 month b-day....we finally pulled out the good old fashioned walker that got Hailey walking back in March of 2001. So far Ash just likes to stand with it....but can't lift her big ol' hefty chub legs :) But, she looks like she likes it :)
Here is Ashley's new skill and fav. pasttime....stair climbing....she's very good at it and very fast and very determined to do it as often as possible every day...esp. if mama' forgets to put up the gate!
this is shortly before she fell almost all the way down....and, no, it wasn't cuz I was taking a picture...she fell after retrying to climb the stairs a few minutes beyond this as I was tending to cat puke...
No wonder she takes talent to climb stairs in a dress and clog shoes!
Well, I'm missing my babies, but it's been nice having some down time and having some one-on-one with just Ash and also getting our bedroom cleaned up (it was atrocious). But, it's time for my babies to come home tonight. They've had a good ol' time with Nina and Poppi Stegs though (and Dylan's stayed dry the entire time...whohoo!). Unfortunately all of them have been sick. They couldn't even go to the zoo cuz the girls weren't feeling well enough...and they just sat like bumps on a log at the fun water place they went too cuz both girls had fevers (bummer). Now Dylan has an ear inf. Ah well...that's life for our family...a common thing and I'm surprised we haven't been more sick this summer. But, the good news is we've got Ash all moved into Dylan's room so we're gonna give that a whirl and see if we can finally reclaim our master bedroom back from baby-dom. We'll see if I have the strength to let my baby's not going to be her one year b-day loom closer I am getting more and more sad. Sad to have her grow up and sad to have to wean her and move on to the next phase of toddlerhood. Don't get me wrong...I love all the stages of my kids...but it's hard saying goodbye to these baby days forever. Time just goes by so fast......

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

B-day at the Fair

Well, I'm flying semi-solo the rest of this week(3 oldest at N&P Stegs...yay!), so that'll give me a few quieter moments to post some pics. First off I wanted to do a b-day recap of our fav. old guy's b-day on Monday (and Tuesday). It was all about Coca-Cola for our daddy/hubby :) I made him a coke can cake. I had been stumped as to what to make for his b-day for months now...but on the way home from NC as he drank his fav. soda it seemed very obvious :)
Not too shabby, huh?! And this was all done with 2 middle kids fighting like cats and dogs, the baby at my feet crying (teething) and the oldest dancing around to the coca cola song :) I won't tell you about the moment I threw some frosting (yes, I have a bit of a cake decorating temper :)), but I was so frustrated about having to write sideways (hence the bad writing job that I redid a half dozen times)....or about how I ran out of red frosting)...but even with the imperfections it was fairly obvious what the cake was :) And I think daddy was happy with it, which was the most important :)
The big guy's big 3-4 was spent mostly at work...and then at our county fair. I know he (and I) didn't really want to celebrate this way (we wanted to go out to a nice dinner and maybe rent a movie and be in bed early)...but, alas, since the kids were off the grandparents and this was one nice day of weather we opted to head out to the annual event for us :)
Here we are first arriving...and watching the horse judging. If I had all the money in the world (and Hailey had more time in her schedule), I'd buy her a horse or at least have her take riding lessons. I can tell how much she loves them and wants to learn more about them.
Finally...we found dinner....the fair ain't complete w/o a corndog!
...and a bun! That's our boy....he loves his bread...and since Shelby doesn't eat bread....he ate her hot dog bun...worked out great! And notice the car on the table....he always has a car in hand! :)
Poor Daddy didn't even get his giant tenderloin sandwhich for his b-day dinner :( The fryer was broken :( He settled for a very cheesy (he doesn't like cheese really)....philly cheesesteak. Not the ideal dinner for the b-day boy :( Sorry, babe :(
Ash praising the Lord cuz she got a fry! Whohoo!! She ate that fry for like a half hour!
"Whacha talking about Willis?" :)
Giddy over her fry!
Mama and the hot kids trying to avoid the sunlight :)
It was family night at the fair so we all purchased wristbands. It was worth it for how many rides we did. We made the wise choice to do the ferris wheel first (to avoid the long line that formed later). They had a new wheel this year that Ash couldn't ride so instead she and I watched from the ground (bummer). Poor Hailey had to ride by herself (she didn't mind actually)
Daddy took the two middle kids...they loved it! :) Here they are whizzing by!
And talking about what other rides they want to try next....
and about to get off the wheel....
Ash and I watch from the can see daddy's foot on the right side way up high!
The big slide was probably our most fav. ride....or at least the most ridden ride! First the oldest girls go down....
then daddy and Dylan (I should zoom in on the was priceless!)
he wanted to go again and again and again!
Mama takes a turn with the kids!
S&D's first drive together :) This will be them at 16 and 15 as Shelby drives Dylan around years from now in her! :)
Then driving a boat....
And proof of Daddy's babysitting skills (or lack of). Notice the big scratches on Ashley's knees (and this is a few days healed and also not showing off her feet which are worse). Apparently daddy thinks it's ok to let his baby crawl on the sidewalk and the splintery deck. Luckily Ash Baby is a hearty girl and didn't complain :)
The highlight of Dylan's night was the blue-goo ice cream. He and Shelby shared two bowl a treat for him staying dry (no pee in pants) during the entire fair! YAY!
Don't they look like they get along so well? It's all a grand illusion!
on the mini ferris wheel...aren't they sweet :)
Is this not the cutest thing? We've never seen a baby ferris wheel. There were new rides at this year. We did miss the mini-roller coaster. That was always Dylan's fav, but I'm guessing it was a not-so-safe ride so they did away with it :(
Dylan and Shelby's first try on a BIG ride (the pirate ship that swings...ick!). Mommy and Ash thankfully watched from below. Dylan's face is priceless! He loved it! He's a thrill seeker like his older sisters and daddy. He was just at the cut-off height to ride this ride...phew!
Can you spot them near the back?
I wish I had a good camera to capture his face....he loved it!
My firecrew! LOL!
Daddy and his kiddos feasting on b-day treats! LOL at Dylan's face and Ash thinking about grabbing the root beer float from daddy :)
A more normal looking pic to appease mommy :)
My sweet baby...she loved her first fair outing!
Her first fair ride...the merry-go-round! She loved it!
Another time on the slide...this time Dylan went by himself!
A view of the b-day boy and his cute baby from above, while mama and the 3 oldest were on a ride :)
Finally the baby girl fell asleep...she was tuckered out from fair rides and fair food :)

She slept through most of the animal adventure. Shelby and Hailey spent a good chunk of time talking to all the horses. They both love horses :)
Dylan liked poking his finger at the goats. I'm surprised he didn't get bitten :)
The baby pigs were a highlight also...
Hailey showed Ash the rabbits...and tried to talk us into buying one. Who needs the caged kind when we have wild bunnies all over our yard :)
Hailey showing off her bird calling talents :) Ash was enjoying all the whistling :)
And more bunnnies....
As in year's past, Shelby's fav. animal trait was seeing the birds that have laid eggs...she had to show daddy and count all the eggs :)

And then it was home for Coke cake :)
Dylan blew out the candles before daddy had a chance....
So, we relit them and sang to daddy again....(I think Sam (our cat) even wanted a piece of the action or was hoping for cake droppings under the table :)
Ash seemd particularly interested in the cake...
Daddy and his cake and his crazy kids :)
A nicer pic....aside from Ashley's face. I was lighting our lighter to get her to look and I don't think she liked the fire :)
Can you tell where Ash's mind is....
Dylan gave Daddy a Coke plate to eat off of.....(thank you Dollar aisle at Target!)

Ash gave daddy a matching bowl for his ice cream (then she decided she wanted to keep the bowl for herself :))
Shelby had to use her special b-day plate from Nina and Poppy in FL. She loves that plate!
I think Daddy's highlight of the day was eating his infamous Cold Stone better batter ice cream with snickers mixed in!
Then it was time for presents (mind you this was at 11pm)....but the girls had to give daddy their gifts before bed!
Shelby made 2 cards for daddy and was soooo excited to finally give him the penguin she had picked out and painted at our Latest Glaze pottery store :) Daddy likes penguins (some computer Linux thing, I think :))
Hailey made daddy a cool Coca Cola card and gave him a "glowing" coke Christmas ornament that she picked out in NC (thanks, Nina G). You can see it better in the first pic of this post. It's really cool (and, no it doesn't just has a frosted appearance so it glowed with a camera flash). She was going to save it for Christmas, but since it was a Coke-themed b-day she gave it to him then. Nothing like Christmas in July! :)
Daddy and his oldest girls and his BIG present from us and all my family...a new GRILL! We are going shopping for it tonight! Thanks, Aunt Sue, Mom and Dad G., Aunt Mary and Grandma G, and Candy, Jeff and Niece Brooke. Niece Brooke even picked out and wrote in a card for her Uncle Kev. She is one brilliant 6 month old! :)
Time for bedtime but not w/o one last game on daddy's i-phone. No wonder Dylan always wants daddy to put him to bed lately! :)
Another day of dry pants so Dylan got another matchbox car for his efforts! This was day two of being dry all day (yay for our big boy!)
This was yesterday (Tuesday). Since we couldn't take daddy out for a nice dinner on his actual b-day we celebrated a day late at his fav. Japanese Steakhouse in town (DoMo). He loved it. And LOL at this firery pic above. I wish you could see Ashley's face...she was mesmerized! At least she didn't cry this time! And Dylan said afterwards that he actually "liked the fire this time" :) Good thing since we're going to another Jap. restaurant on Sunday to celebrate with the Steg fam!
Here he is playing with his chopsticks. He's such a ham lately! :) And below is the cool onion volcano our chef made :)
These two pics are from Sunday. We had our great friends Chad and Corie and kiddos over. Kev actually made this ice cream cake for Chad's b-day (which was back in June)....but since it was Kev's b-day the next day we let he blow out the candles too. Aren't they a funny pair Chad and Kev :) More pics of their visit (and the cute kid pics) to come....

So, there ya' go...a 34th b-day recap. Hope our fav. man of the house had a great couple days. We sure are blessed to have him around. He's tops in our book! Love you daddy/hubby/wonderful Kev! :) And thanks to all who wished him well with gifts, cards, emails, texts, and phonecalls (namely Nina G. who sang a rousing rendition of Happy B-day on our machine :)) All the well wishes from friends and family were much appreciated! We love you all too! :)