Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Looking at this pic from afar it might not seem like anything special...but click on it and take a look as Ash. I had my camera out to take a pic cuz this is the first time she sat at the big person table in a big person chair (usually it's high chair or sassy seat for her). She's actually sitting in Dylan's seat...can tell how pushy she is lately?? She saw an opportunity to eat pizza like a big girl and she climbed right up there and sat down. That was funny enough for me to get the camera out, but the cuteness factor came when we started to pray. I happened to look up during Dylan's prayer (honestly it's cuz I thought Ash would dig right into her pizza and make a mess on my rug), but much to my surprise she was sitting there quietly like this with her cute little chubby hands clenched to her face in prayer. It was the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. I love sweet moments like this and I love this growing toddler :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Wish...

I wish I was here....(in warm St. Kitts)
or here... (in warm St. Lucia)
or here...(in very warm St. Maarten)
...or here...on the warm cruise ship being waited on hand and food and eating delicacies....
But, mainly I just wish I was on vacation with my hot hubby :)

Anyone else in need of a vacation get-away!? :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Here's our handsome man on V-day...sitting innocently with our Cold Stone surprise dessert....any guesses on what's wrong with this picture...or maybe "what's alarming" is a better way of putting it :) I think daddy did this on purpose, but I didn't photograph it intentionally....

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Bloomy Blizzard of 2010

Are you getting sick of snow pics on my blog! haha :) Well, too bad...they just keep coming...just like our snowy weather! These were taken on Monday after we had our nice late night V-day blizzard :) We had so much snow the kids could play on the deck w/o even going in the yard :)
They found new enjoyment in "deck stair sledding" :)
Ash got stuck in the backyard :)
She's all about snow, but this was a little too deep for her enjoyment :)
Being silly in the snow....I think this says "bring it on!"...or maybe "let's eat snow!" :)
As you can tell I take dozens of pics before I get a good one (if I'm lucky)....but I love the above pic of Ash. Check out the tongue!
Finally...a good one...and not even a dozen pics taken! My lucky day!
Shelby tries out deck-sledding...
Daddy takes daughter for a ride...awwww
they didn't go far...snow was too deep :(
The kids built an AWESOME snow fort/igloo in our backyard neighbor's front yard. Soooo fun and very impressive. I think Mr. Dan has a lot to do with it :) It fit like 10 kids inside it (ok, not sure on that, but it fit a lot of them as you can kinda see)
Ash LOVED it! And, yes, she was sorta blue this day....it was very cold and she stayed out too long...and was wearing her church shoes since her boots were already wet/dirty :( Poor girl!
This is what you do on snow day #7...you get so bored that you shovel the driveway w/o being asked...and you shovel the neighbor's driveway (just to be nice) :).

Too much snow, but still lots of good times. Hope everyone has a happy weekend. We're recovering from pink eye and an eye injury (Dylan) and a nasty cold/ear infection (Ash). Trying to lay low this weekend and recup. Praying no more snow is in the forecast!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wise Words

My Aunt Mary sent this to me recently. I'm not sure who the author is, but I think it was from a card she received. I love it and I think it's a great prayer for so many of us who lead crazy lives :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love 'em!!!

I was very excited when these long-awaited goodies (and belated b-day presents from N&P G!) came for Ash and Dylan this week! Aren't they awesome?! We get them from a very talented lady (Jane Loedding) who lives in PA (I came across her website years ago when looking for something unique to personalize our kiddos's bedroom doors.....(http://www.creativenamesigns.com). I just loved how they turned out! Ashley's is my fav (castle with horse)...perfect colors of her new room (a shared room with big sis, Shelby, soon!)
Here's Dylan with his racecar one! Just the right theme for our man's new BIG boy racecar room (hopefully it'll be completed this summer!) :)
And here's a few old pics I found of the oldest girlies getting their name plaques years ago...Shelby above in 2006 with hers (flowers and butterflies)
And Hailey with hers back in 2007 (castle and fairy)....my how my "baby" girls have grown up!
And here's all of the signs together! LOVE them!!! Thanks again to Nina and Pops in FL for these special goodies. I think they've bought all (or most) of them for our kiddos and they are the perfect gift!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Day #7

Question for the day: How is it that I can feel more exhausted on days like today when I do nothing but sit inside the house and watch the kids than on days where I'm racing all over town running them from activity to activity? I don't understand this, but I'm ready to get back to the grind of the "normal" craziness :) Snow, snow go away and don't come back til a 2011 day :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Grief!

It's official....Bloomington has seen tooooooo much snow this year! We are on Snow Day #6. I almost feel like we live in Grand Rapids again. This is getting ridiculous! Ah well...I will say that today it's snowing the "pretty kind" of snow. Kev thinks I'm nuts for saying that, but it's the kind that is nice and white and fluffy and is piled high on our table on the deck out back. I love pretty now...especially from inside of my nice, warm house :) So, another day with the kiddies home....what to do to amuse them today?? I'm running out of ideas....

Below (and above) are pics from last week's "big" snow! Do you like the snow fort the neighborhood kids built in our backyard (see below)...they were very proud of it (it looks better in person than in the pic...it was pretty big)! :) And don't you love how we chose to grill steaks in the snow too. We are gluttons for punishment! Either that or Kev just really loves steaks :)
I love the above pic of Ash...I was looking at her through another snow fort the kids made :)

Sometimes snow can be fun....but I think I can wait til next year for more...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-day!

Just wanted to take a sec to send some v-day hugs to all our dear friends and fam. out there. We love ya'll and hope you're having a great "day of love"! We're having a nice lazy day at home today....had pink heart v-day pancakes (and doughnuts) for breakfast, spent half the day at church and now we're lounging around watching racing and the Olympics and eating lots of candy...heart-shaped pizza is on the menu for dinner and some cold-stone goodies :) I love lazy v-day days at home with my fam. Who needs romance, roses, jewelry and expensive restaurants. I'll take a nice day at home with my hubby and kids over that frufru v-day stuff any day! :)

V-day Misc. pics...

A few misc pics of the past few days...mostly of misc. v-day stuff :) Ok, the above pic of Ash is not at all V-day related, but I couldn't resist cuz I thought it was pretty darn cute :) I guess you could call this her pre-v-day bath (since it was last night :))...she's already had a v-day bath too (fyi...a doughnut for v-day breakfast before church is not a good idea for our messy baby who likes to put her hands in her hair while she eats!) :) I love this goofy girl!
And speaking of goofs...check out the goofy guy of the gang! SCARY face! You know him and scary stuff! That's our boy!
The annual v-day cards from Pops arrived in the mail yesterday! (always a highlight!) Dylan is the first to open his and do a HAPPY dance as Pops sent him his FAV Lightning McQueen card! Pops knows him well!
Here's Ash opening her Pops card. She went and hid under her high chair cuz Dylan was trying to steal her card and she was NOT happy...she was trying to lay on it and hide it from Dylan that way :) (fyi: it was nap time...she was extra grumpy) :) But, she loved her special card from Pops in FL! S&H opened theirs later after Hailey got home from ballet....I forgot to snap pics then, but they LOVED their cards too. Pops wrote novels in each of them. It was very sweet. Shelby's was very sweet...about ice-skating. Hailey's was especially humorous...about ballet and basketball (silly ol' pops...he never gives up on b-ball!) :)
Ash was so sweet to help me decorate the house yesterday...she LOVED these gel gems for the windows. (please ignore the dried boogars on the nose...we are all nursing colds in the Steg house)
And our sweet Shelby...she wins the award for having the most generous of spirits. She really is the sweetest girl. Yesterday she spent the entire day making us valentines. Not just one, but like 2 per person. She cut out hearts and hid them around in special places along with candy. This is what she left daddy by his side of the bed :) I love this girl!
Here's me in bed with my goodies that Shelba left me! :) Dylan, Ash and Hailey also had hearts taped to their beds :)
another shot of Ash and her gel gem hearts. She hoarded all of them...had taken them off another window and was putting them on the front window.
Last Friday was party day...a much welcome day out of the house after all our snow/school closings and delays. My first stop of the morning was Hailey's class. She had her governor's tea and valentine party. Did I tell you she ran for lt. governor of her class and WON! Big accomplishment as she beat out some very smart boys who had printed t-shirts and pencils and other such stuff. We were so proud of our smart leader-of-a-daughter...and of her friend Audrey who is governor (they ran as a team)...had to write a speech, etc. It was a big accomplishment and this tea on Friday was in honor of them! They had real tea and hot choc. in real tea cups and all sorts of fancy, yummy food (scones, choc. covered strawberries). Ash and Dylan were in heaven pigging out too! I love Hailey's class and teacher. What a blessing this new year of school changes has turned out to be. I am so thankful.
Here's a view of (part of) Hailey's class...(remember they all sit on yoga balls...have I ever mentioned that?)
Here's Hailey and best bud, Ella. She went sledding at Ella's house on one of the snow days last week.
And Hailey and other best bud, Audrey (aka Lt. Gov. and Gov)! :) Yay for them!
And then it was off to Shelb's Kind. party. I will say that it was lucky she went to school this day at all. She had been running a fever the day before and then thankfully it was gone in the morning. But, she still felt icky and didn't want to go. I told her it was only 2 1/2 hours of school and she wouldn't want to miss her party. So she went...and she was fine.....here she is with all her valentines from her friends.
Looking kind of sick at the thought of eating all the goodies on her plate. Ash and I ate most of it :)
Here's Ash pigging out. She went from plate to plate and stole a lot of grapes and doritos from kids. Have I mentioned this girl LOVES to eat! :)
The heart-breaker of the family!
Ash loved the party so much she didn't want to leave....we forced her. This is what she looked like going out to the van....she can throw a good tantrum if she's in the mood :)
The AWESOME box of chocs from my AWESOME BBF, Heather. Her hubby delivered them on Thursday when he and his BBF, Kev, went out on their man-date to see Avatar :) Love ya, Bestie, Heather!
Hailey with all her school v-day loot.
On Friday a VERY fun V-day goodie package came from Auntie Sue. The kids went wild...it was a box FULL to the brim with all kinds of candy and trinkets. Above is big sis reading Ashley's card to her...
Check it out! Yummmmmmmy! Notice how immediately Ash hoarded ALL the lollipops. It was pretty funny. She's very possessive about things if you hadn't noticed :)
I have no idea why I can't get the above pic to post normally, but oh well....I think it's funny how Ash STILL has all the lollipops in her hand!
Yes, he is Mom's Lil' Love Bandit! :) We actually returned this shirt...I had bought two last week from Old Navy and I like my boy in red rather than black so I kept the heart-breaker one instead. But, the bandit one was cute! :) I got all the girls (and my) shirt (all matching) from Old Navy last year for a $1 each. I heart Old Navy! :)
This is my creative daughter and her creative valentine idea. I tried to get her do make the Family Fun i-pod idea (which thankfully she did not want to do....this was good cuz another kid in her class did it and it wouldn't have been very cool to do the same valentine as someone else). Anyway...Hailey made I-phone valentines for everyone. Since she's wanted a cell phone forever and she loves her daddy's i-phone...she and daddy worked hard on coming up with this fake valentine i-phone (see close-up below). She actually asked if maybe I could send this idea to Family Fun or at least post it on my blog. She was very proud of her unique idea :) That's my girl!
hee, hee...I love this face :) I get it a lot lately! :)
Here's a semi-close-up. (the paper screen was stuck on a box of sweetheart candies) I have no idea how Kev made the copy of his i-phone screen (maybe he copied it on the printer?). And I think he typed in the messaging info too before he copied his phone. Hailey just wrote the "to" and "from" herself. It was pretty cute. She came up with all the texting info too (one for boys and one for girls) and I guess it was a big hit in class. All her friends were pretending to text and seeing who could pretend text the fastest. Man, how times have changed. Back in the day we used to just give each other paper valentines. No candy, no fuss.
My lil' man smiling from ear to ear doing his valentine's on one of the many snow days last week. He picked out lego cars sticker puzzles and some jolly rancher lollipops. Unfortunately his preschool party was canceled since he had no school last week so his party is now scheduled for Tuesday. We'll see if it happens...more snow due tonight :(
Shelby was very proud of her scooby doo valentines and nerds candy combo :)
And here's me and my man at our awesome early v-day celebration last Saturday at none other than Melting Pot. It was our first time at this "new" MP in Greenwood and it was super awesome (esp. nice cuz it was cheaper than normal since we used the gift certificate Nina Stegs won for me at the AG fashion show back in Oct!) We tried the new Swiss Big Night out. We rarely stray from the same old thing, but we figured we'd be daring for once in our lives :)...we got new yummy salads and new entree's (ravioli and sausage along with new steak and yummy chix) and we tried the turtle chocolate dessert (we almost always get yin and yang). Super yum, yum! And it was super nice to spend a night alone with my hubby having a quiet dinner and looking for furniture for the kids' bedrooms.

So, there ya' go...a few lil' tidbitty pics. I'm so bad at doing this stuff lately cuz it's time-consuming....but I do what I can. Happy V-day everyone!