Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, for the first time in about 2 weeks I am finally able to take a deep breath and sit down for a moment and just think about blogging. That's not to say I'm going to blog much...but I know there are a few people out there who worry and wonder when I don't blog for so long :) So, for those people here is some reassurance....we are still alive, just dead tired! :)

I don't have the energy to tell you all the crazy things we've been up to, but be rest-assured that there hasn't been any down time lately. And I mean zip. And all I have to say is "ONE MORE DAY!". Shelb and Hays have one more day of school and then it's officially summer vacation in the Steg house! Yippee! I think I'm more excited than the kids. We all need a break around here. now I wish you all a fond Memorial Day Weekend (and Indy Race weekend for those here in our stomping grounds). We have very little on our agenda and I'm tickled pink about that....tomorrow I may just stay in my pj's all day! My kind of day! Many more pics to come in the coming weeks of: Shelby's Kindergarten graduation (this past is it that I almost have a 1st grader again?), Dylan's preschool graduation (last Wed.), Hailey's 1st two softball games (they won both!), Shelby's upcoming splash kitty party (next Friday!), and lots of other tidbits (Dylan got a new bunkbed and loves it...Ash is moving into hers this weekend or next...I am going crazy with VBX craftin'...)....and goodness...there's about 100 other things to blog about but just no time! For now we are just looking forward to this long weekend of restfulness....and then trying to get through the next 2 weeks of parties and VBX...golly, I wish life would slow down. I am truly feeling like a headless chicken lately :)
LOL...I couldn't help but post these of the kids jumping over the spraying Dora this week...we can't wait for summer! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shelby's B-day Recap :)

Well, in honor of Shelby's b-day last week I wanted to do a "quick" post to recap it all. This turned out to be more work than expected due to picture overload of the field trip and of Nina taking pics too. But, my Shelb likes to make a big deal about her b-day so I thought it appropriate to post A LOT of pics! :) It was a wonderful day though as you will quickly see...the above pic is one of my favs...of our later-in-the-day dinner at Olive Garden with Nina! :) Ash only cooperated thanks to a drink in hand :)
Backtrack to the a.m. Here is the first b-day pic of our 6 year old eating her regular fav. breakfast (grapenuts, yes she is crazy...I think those things taste like dogfood!) But, notice she has to have the bowl on top of her b-day plate :) haha
Then it was off to school....and then off to the farm (Peden Farm, that is). It just so happened that a very last minute field trip was scheduled for this day. If this had not been the case, Shelby would have been in school all day (something that had been planned for a month...remember, she only goes half day Kindergarten), but her teacher thought it'd be fun to spend the whole day at school in prep. for 1st grade. Shelb wasn't thrilled about being at school all day and losing out on valuable Nina-time, but the change in plans to a farm field trip was perfect, cuz Nina and I and Ash could tag along (Dylan was at preschool) ...I love it that kids this age can still hold sweet :) This was our group for the day...Shelby's best friend, Maya, and another classmate, Haleigh.
There were TONS of kids there...I think like 1,500 (Kindergartners and preschoolers) It was mass people and mass animals! Shelby loved brushing the horse.
And holding the baby ducks.
And posing with the horse (I think his name was Rocky)
And going on a hayride while eating popcorn!
Ash was especially thrilled with the popcorn!
Isn't she the sweetest toddler?!
And this is Maya and Shelby with THEIR baby chick. Their Kindergarten class actually hatched this chick in their classroom (out of like 2 dozen it was the only one that hatched). They were so proud of it. He actually came from this farm so since the field trip was this day they returned him to his home. I think he was 2 weeks old this day and boy was he whipped as you can tell from this pic! It was mass pandemonium in the chick/duck area with all the kids holding them. Very daring farm! :)
The three girls with different colored chicks :)
Then time for lunch....check out Ash trying to be a big girl...and Nina just basking in the sunlight!
Shelb with her b-day lunch bag is all smiles :) :)

Did you think I was kidding about the mass amount of kids?! :)
Ash is a "snackster" lately. She's vetos anything healthy, but loves anything snacky (just like a certain stubborn boy I know)! (she changed clothes due a fall into a cow-pie...not pretty or fragrant!) :)
Ash and Nina having a granddaughter-grandma moment :)
it didn't last long :)
Can you guess what this is??? It's a furball with a rabbit inside! :) Ash was fascinated by it.
She REALLY loved the baby ducks. So sweet.
The big girls take Ash under their wing :)
the girls being "corny" :)
Making cornmeal....I think the guy in charge was telling Shelby to make me grind the cornmeal :)
Shelby pumping water like in the old days....Ash wasn't so sure about this...
But she was intrigued....
chipping away at limestone...that's what we Bloomy folk do best (fyi we have quite a few quarries around here)
Ash escaping Nina again....poor Nina
Nina wrangled her up though....
And then the busy farm day was done...and it was time for the long walk back to the van...thankfully my good friend, Angie, was there to help pull Ash up the hill....I was grateful!
And one last photo of the b-day girl and Nina before leaving the farm. It was such a fun day of down-home good times!
Shelb was "pooped" out after!
When we got home we found that Nina and Poppy Stegs had called like 3 times from their vacation in Vegas. Shelby was excited to talk to them.
Then she got the special Cookies By Design cookies that were sent from N&P Stegs...she was super excited...she loves tulips and butterflies and bright colors! :) Thanks, Nina and Poppy!
Ash was excited too!
Ash was actually VERY excited! :) YAY, 12 whole cookies....and they didn't last long!
Then it was time for me to try to throw together some cakes. I admit, I am burned out on cakes lately. Well, I'm burned out in general, but cake-making was about on the bottom of my priority list for this week. Thankfully Shelb chose the easiest cake ever. I only had to make a round cake and just cut it and decorate. Soooo easy. I'm so used to making complicated fondant 3-d cakes that this was just too easy. I felt guilty that it was so easy. But, it was good timing for an easy cake and Shelby loved it! She is all about ice cream sundaes lately!
Here she is with her ice cream delight!
And b/c I am a glutton for punishment I made one more cake (a banana split). Only b/c I had leftover cupcakes in our deep freeze. This cupcake-cake turned out to a royal pain in my keester. I won't go into all the details, but the banana was difficult to make and the strawberry icing (with strawberry preserves in it) would not stay up on the cake for more than a minute. Believe me I tried many times. I was not happy with this cake, but Shelby loved it and that should be all that mattered. And I love my new cupcake book (Thanks, Nina!) :) Anyway...but this is basically three cupcakes topped with icing (choc, vanilla and vanilla with strawberry jelly), then whipped cream and sprinkles and the cherries are balled up starbursts. The banana was cake too with frozen yellow frosting on it). Sounds easier than it was. Dumb thing!
Sad-looking closeup :( (dumb strawberry ice-cream scoop!)
the joyous b-day girl!
another pretty shot of my pretty 6 year old
then it was off to Olive Garden for Shelby's requested b-day dinner! This will give you an idea of the trials and tribulations of getting a good Steg family pic :)
Not bad...if you pretend Ash is smiling and not crying :)
our Italian celebration!
Shelb with her b-day dinner...she LOVES spaghetti!
The sweet oldest sisters
The bread-loving starchy boy!
Smiley baby!
Can you tell these two love each other A LOT! :) And below you'll see the the joy of getting a grandkid pic with Nina :) haha :)
This one's not too bad :)
My big-eyed beauty! :)
Daddy surprised her with a big ol' bunch of balloons! :) She was so excited! Have I mentioned she LOVES all the b-day attention!
Then it was time for cake! Not sure why the small/sad cake got all the candles, but she made that choice :)
No problem with hot air here! :)
Then it was present time! Her fav. time! She was mucho excited to get an ice cream sundae card and stickers from Ann, Josh, Emma and Luke in MI! :)
Ash was most enthralled with her kitty card from Auntie Mary. She kept kissing it and petting it. It was quite amusing :) :) She loves animals lately, especially cats and dogs.
She really, really did love that card! :)
Shelba is extra excited about her b-day gift from her lil' bro...a "doodle book". She's wanted one of these for a month or so.
and check out the awesome gift from Auntie Mary and Great-Grandma Gritz--the Pet Pals leapster game. She has wanted this for like 6 mos! She was VERY was Hailey apparently! :)
best gift ever!
check out Hailey's face now....can we say "jealous?" :) I have to say that ALL the kids have loved this game...I think it was played for like 4 days straight w/o much down time in between (except to sleep). We love leapster learning games!
an awesome double Scooby book from Big Sis! We LOVE Scooby still around here...and Ash gave Big Sis a Scooby movie. I will say that Kev and I got busted this year for not giving Shelby any gifts. She apparently keeps tabs now on who does not give her gifts :) She asked a few times if we gave her anything. We used to be able to get away with it, but not anymore. Our gift to her is actually her b-day party which will most likely be in June (after VBX)...maybe a kitty water party of some sort?? Sorry, we let you down Shelb. We know you are our gift-girl! :)
Super excited about all the wonderful gifts she got! :)
Ash and Nina having a funny moment :) She really grew very fond of her Nina G. on this trip. They are two goofy peas in a pod!
I love this! Hilarious! :) Nothing like a giddy, happy baby and Nina!
And isn't this sweet? I was upstairs in our bathroom and looked out back and saw Shelby sitting in the grass and her good friend, Ben, sitting with her. I think they are playing the new Pet Pals Leapster game....
Above are some funny cake-eating pics. Shelb was more interested in the leapster game than cake obviously :) And LOL at's no secret who ate the red cherry off the sundae cake! :) And check out D and his big blues. Wowsers!
One last pic of me and my girl before heading to bed. It had been a great day...and I just love this girl!
And here is proof that our baby is a bully...she even tackles her mama...and then has her big brother run me over with his truck!
And here is Shelb's most valued bedroom gift...her new AWESOME, beautiful rug from Nina and Pops in FL. She picked it our herself from Target! We love it and it's perfect for her and Ash's room! Thanks N&P G!
And here's a couple post-b-day pics taken the next day when the mail arrived. Super excitement over the package from Auntie Lein...
A cool book on DVD and an ice cream card! Auntie Lein always keeps with the b-day themes!
And a very big and exciting gift from Aunt can tell where this came from!
Dyl and Ash were quite amused with the box and peanuts...
and Shelby LOVES her new AG scooter and scooter sweatsuit outfit! Thanks, Aunt Sue! She has played with this every day since!
And rewind to the day before (Cinco De Mayo!)...Shelby celebrated her b-day early at school (due the to the field trip on her actual day). She was super excited about her yummy garden themed double choc. chip cookie cake from Sam's (she has waited all year for this...we LOVE cookie cakes in the Steg house and Sam's makes the best!) :) (it somewhat pains me to see this pic as it was the first time we (I) scratched our new table...who knew there was a sharp back to this cake plate (bummer!) :(
Mrs. L. and class sing Happy B-day! Shelby might look like shy at this moment, but I know she loves the b-day attention!
Chowing on cake (actually it's gone already!) :)
The two b-day kids! She and Alex share the same b-day :)
The treat-hound stuffing her face!
Checking out Mr./Ms. Chicky with Nina :)
So cute...she loves that chick! And then a sweet pic (below) taken in the van by Nina :)

So, it was a wonderful day/evening filled with lots of fun and good times for our beautiful and spirited Shelba girl. Thanks again to all who made her day such a great one (and to Nina G. who purposely stayed here long enough to be here for her 2nd granddaughter's b-day!). It really meant a lot to her to know people were thinking of her. She loves being fussed over! And here's to a few more fun b-day celebrations with her friends and the Steg family soon. I love you, Shelby girl!