Thursday, June 24, 2010

Misc. Picure Post! :)

Well, life has obviously come in the way of blogging lately and I don't see how I can really apologize for that....I wouldn't have it any other way than to be busy with my 4 babies and my wonderful hubby. But, I still feel a tad bit guilty in those moments of blog-blankness...when I know my sweet parents are hoping to see new pics of their growing grandkids. So we'll see if Nina Gritz notices I've updated the blog after going on hiatus for so long...I really think she's given up on me! :) Anyway...above is my most fav. pic of the week last week of my two littlest sweeties giving each other a big smooch. They actually are like this a lot...both very lovable and both very much affectionate with each other. I love that my little boy can take care of his little sister. They are very sweet together (fyi...she was kissing him cuz he was sharing his lollipop :))
Here's daddy on the day before Father's Day. We surprised him with a trip to the Jap. Steakhouse in town and the kids made him their old Cold Stone snickers ice cream cake :)
Me and my bestest bud (and our two fams) the drive-in last weekend on opening night of Toy Story 3! We had a great, great time! Love ya, Heather!
We've been to the pool too many times to count this summer already. Usually I avoid the city pool like the plague, but it's a been a great way to cool off this summer...Ash has LOVED it!
We went one day with Dylan's best bud, Minette! They are so cute together, aren't they?!
We've also been to the new Splash Pad in town a few's awesome and free and the lil' kiddos love it!
Silly Bandz are in (or at least they were a month ago)...our kids have them up the wazoo...or at least up their arms! If only I had come up with the idea of inventing wearable shape rubberbands!
VBX Rock Hero at our church ROCKED! We saw almost 700 children and I made it through my final year of craft leadership! I think I'm actually going to miss it! :(
Shelby somehow got very big over the last month! haha :) She and her bud, Sydne, like to make their own fun at their sisters' softball games!
Ash had her first encounter with mommy's makeup while mommy wasn't paying attention. Mascara can be a doozy! :)
Shelby got a new bike for her b-day...she LOVES if only we can get the training wheels off!
We celebrated Shelby's very belated b-day with Nina and Poppy Stegs and Uncle Brian at this interesting black-lighted indoor monster golf place. Sorta scary, but Shelby likes that kind of an indoor Scooby golf adventure :)
We've had some nasty, scary storms around here. We got caught once in one on the way home from a canceled softball game...lots of tornado sightings and time in our basement. Not so fun :(
Hailey's been putting her best foot forward on the softball field :) I think due to rainouts she might be playing til winter time (her games were supposed to be done by now!)
Her and Best Bud, Baileigh! Go Storm! (maybe they should have gone with another name this year...we've had a few too many stormy game situations!) :)
We've had lots of friends over...Shelby and her best bud Maya loved the triple slip-n-slide...and Dylan can't help but join in the fun...this was before he broke the slip-n-slide :( grrrr :(
Dylan and I had a mommy-son day out (last Sat)...we went to Miss Shanna's wedding (one of his preschool teachers)...Dylan enjoyed it so much that he slept through the entire ceremony right next to his best bud, Minette :)
About a month ago, Dylan got himself a new bunkbed! He LOVES it! It is now on the other side of his room and he just slept on the top bunk last week for the first time. Ash has already fallen down the ladder a few times too :) I can't wait to get his room all painted and looking boyish and car-ish!
On June 4th Shelby finally had her Splashtastic Kitty birthday party at our new Splash Pad! It was an awesome time and a perfect day! Above is her scary (run over by a car?)fondant kitty cake we made for her :) She LOVED it, but I thought it looked like it ran out of its 9 lives :)
Here's all her bestest buds doing their crazy faces!
The cupcakes I made in about 30 easy and thoughtless.
Ash LOVIN' the party! And below is us on our first outing on the boat/lake this season on Memorial Day with Kev's parents. We can't wait for lots more summer time out there!
So...that's a lil' pic rundown to pass the time while I'm decluttering over the next couple weeks. The first few days of clean-out have gone ok...slow, but we can see some progress. I think I saw the floor in our closet for the first time in like 6 years! It's nice to WALK IN my walk-in closet! And we've sold a couple of our furniture items on Craiglist...yay! So.....yippee for us! Happy Summer ya'll!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dad's Day!

Well, it seems I've fallen off the face of the blog-world and that won't be changing any time soon due to the "major Steg summer declutter event" starting this honor of my favorite fathers and this big day I could not let the blog go empty today w/o wishing my favorite dads a happy and wonderful Father's Day! So, here's to you, Pops Gritz, Poppi Stegs and to the man I am so grateful God made the father of my own 4 darlings, Kev. I love you all dearly and hope you had a blessed day. Ours was full of ups and downs (burnt breakfast with good intentions by mama, the discovery of a dead pet fish, some tired and cranky (hysterical) kids, almost missing church, late for the family dinner etc, etc...story of our lives...), but somehow I think Kev still thought he had a good day...or at least he's sticking to that story and being a good dad and making the best of our crazy life like he always does :) I am so blessed that God chose this man to be the dad to my kids and so blessed for the 10+ years we've been parents. Happy Father's Day to you, dear Kev...and to all you dads out there and a special hug to my hard working Daddio in FL. I love ya!......more pics to come at some point this summer :)