Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Trick or Treat from 50's Poodle Skirt Girl, Shelby; Athena (the Greek goddess of Wisdom), Hailey; Cowgirl (aka Wild West Cutie!), Ash; and Superman, Dylan! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Photo Update!

With little time to spare as usual all I can provide is a little photo glimpse of our fall festivities as of late....We had some lovely semi-professional pics taken by a mom from our church a couple weeks ago at the beautiful Spring Mill Park (remember when my awesome friend, Jill, took pics of the kiddos here last year?) I don't have the professional pics to show off yet, but here's a few I snapped with my not-so-great camera :) (not quite sure what Hailey is cracking up about in the above pic :))
And this pic would be adorable except some buzzing bees in the plant to the left had Shelby's full attention and concern :) Alas, my life of trying to get good photos of 4 children :)
More proof of the non-cooperation of another Steg kid....Ash had thrown her hands up in dismay...she was DONE with pics! But, isn't the water wheel in the background beautiful. Such a pretty park!
Hailey practicing her party girl part (with a pumpkin as her doll) and Ash as her under-study :)
Our trip a couple weeks ago to our church pump. patch. I love that our church does this...makes for great photos...if we had a more cooperative photo bunch! The above pic was the best I could get!
Our fam. amidst the pumpks! :)
You see what I have to work with here...they only wanted to make funny faces...esp. love Hailey's half-dead look :)
After much hemming and hawwing we finally decided on a big pumpkin (and 4 small ones for each child)
Ash is very happy about her lil' pumpkin hiding in the background. Have you noticed how blonde she's become? People are commenting about it all the time lately. I guess I never noticed til now....Hailey is really our only true brunette...interesting.
It's been very windy here lately....which was awesome for Iron-man kite-flying!
If kite-flying were an Olympic sport, daddy could win for sure! :)
A little jaunt to our church pumpkin patch party/fall festival....we could only stay for a brief time before our park photo shoot...but it was a beautiful fall day and actually very hot. I show this above pic cuz it was the humor of the afternoon. You can't see it, but Ash is crying over fear of the puppet show going on in front of her and running to Hailey for comfort. If you will remember she does not like any type of animated/dress-up thing (i.e...Disney is bad news for her and Halloween might not go well this year either!) :) Her siblings finally calmed her down, but it wasn't easy :)
Leave it up to Dylan to find the one hole in this blow up toy to put his head through...can you see him?? :)

And no party is complete w/o cookies! :) Shelby was apparently in deep thought over what sprinkles to add to hers :)
I love this shot of Ash with her daddy (and lollipop in mouth) :)
Shelb started ice-skating lessons last week. Isn't she a lovely big-eyed beauty?! :)
And then the highlight of my week last week was Hailey and was parent visitation week and I was able to watch 3/4 of her classes :) She was most annoyed by my constant presence, but oh well! :) Check out her flexibility above!
She is a lovely graceful sight to see :)
ummm, ouch, but impressive! :)
Her very full pilates class...she's on the far left in the front with the green shirt :)
Getting down in jazz/musical theater class! She has quite the rhythm in her step!
I know this above pics is terribly blurry (bummer we didn't have Kev's parent's camera!)...but check out Hailey's leap through the air during jazz....nice!
More gracefulness!
And more...
and some pointe-action :) I love watching my girl dance!
Last Friday we had Shelby's school fall festival....we had very little time to bake, but she did make this pumpkin cake for the cake walk :) She was very proud of it.
Here we are at the festival. Ash was the pink poodle that Shelby was at this age (and no this isn't her real costume....that's saved for Halloween only :))
Dylan as Darth. This was supposed to be his real costume, but he's not a big Star Wars fan yet, so we got him something more up his alley for Halloween. But, he loved the ghost painting on his cheek! :)
Kev-the caramel apple man! :) Bless his heart. This was supposed to be my job, but I had already spent time setting up for the festival that afternoon, so he graciously let me have a break and hang with the kids while he sold apples. Proof that he is a man of many talents! :)
Darth Dylan mixing up some concoction :)
Ash--a woman with her own style :) (in my FAV. outfit from Nina in FL!) :)
Dylan shooting hoops at his fall-ball sport shorties practice...he loves b-ball now!
Me and my two littlest ones after Dylan's last b-ball game :)
Showing off his fall ball certificate. He had so much fun playing soccer, t-ball and basketball for 6 weeks.
Shelby had her last Upwards Soccer game last Saturday. They tied. It was a great season of great fun, but we are glad to not have to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays anymore! :)
Ash on the pot! Ok, so she's not really potty-training yet, but I bet she could do it if stubborn-ness wasn't her best friend! :)
Hailey spent a spectacular 3 days at Bradfords Woods camping with her school class. It's a tradition here in our city. She had a blast! I only got this pic b/c I had to pick her up for her first Nutcracker practice the first night of camping. Great timing, go figure! :)
And then I had to post these pics cuz you can you believe it's been so hot we could go sprinkler-jumping in October!? Crazy!
Not sure who came up with umbrella idea (probably Shelby), but they apparently thought it was great fun!

I am so blessed by the smiles these kids bring me! More pics to come soon of Halloween fun.....Happy Autumn to ya'll!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Check this out! :)

Check out this lovely surprise that arrived via UPS-man last week! Have you every seen so many pumpkin/ghostly PEEPS!?! Kev and the kids (aka the Steg-marshmellow-lovers!) were in heaven...and probably will be til Easter with this mass quantity of mellow-goodness! Thanks, Aunt are the PEEP Queen! Oh, and have you ever tried the dark chocolate Peeps? I am not a Peep-lover normally, but those were a delicious addition to this goody package! (Ash claimed one right away as you can see) :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Monday

A few recent snapshots to pass the it me or does the "baby" of the house look like she's a mini teenager....she cracks me up in her new boots from Nina and Pops in FL (she LOVES these boots...and thinks she hot stuff like her biggest sis when she wears them!) :)
My Handsome Man...need I say more? I love this little guy...he melts my heart!
And check out how competitive he's become lately....he never used to even field a ball in t-ball and now he's a BALL HOG! :) He has loved playing soccer/t-ball and now basketball (I think basketball is his new fav...wish Pops Gritz was here to give him pointers!) :)
Shelby showing her soccer skills. She's not too shabby if she puts her mind to it! :)
All smiles while sitting on the "bench" :)
All smiles before going off to jazz class! :)
And here is Hailey at her open house at school last week in front of her class postcard "wall of fame". About 1/3 of these postcards are probably for her sent from our wonderful family and friends. For those of you who don't know about this awesome school project I will just say that Hailey received over 65 postcards from friends/family all over the she was learning about every state in our country. It was such a fun project and I think she was the winner of the unofficial contest, followed closely by one of her best friends, Ella :) Thanks to all who contributed so graciously. She can't thank you enough!!! (and if you don't see your postcard(s) on this board it's b/c they've gotten so many there is an overflow board in the room :))
Me and my beautiful oldest girl on Sat. before leaving for the fall ballet :)...and below sitting in our nosebleed seats surrounded by IU students :) It was a fun night of beautiful ballet! I cherish evenings like that :)