Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Happy Turkey Day for our Crazy Bunch of Turkeys! As you can see the Steg photo shoot humor never ceases :) Here's a few out-takes from our Turkey Day Morning!
(yes, Ash& Dylan are complete hams (or turkeys :))
finally a normal-ish shot :)
While Thanksgiving is all about turkey for most, in our house today it was ALL about hamsters! (see below) No, the "triplets" (Huey, Duey and Luey) are not ours...they are on loan from Shelby's 1st grade classroom as a trial run for possible hamster ownership in the future. But, let me tell you, these lil' buggers are FAST! (they are dwarf ones).
More to come later on the busy Steg life.....but hope ya'll had a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving Day surrounded by family and friends!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Costume Debut!

The highlight of every Nutcracker season for us is......the costume fitting! Today was that day for our Party Girl. She was sooo excited. And I might have been even more excited than her (you see, it was always my dream to be party girl too, but alas I was too tall (or not a good enough dancer) and had to be a party boy).....So, here it is.....THE costume! :)
It really is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and is apparently the "favorite" dress of the wardrobe crew. I think Hailey was among the first of the girls to try on her costume so they have her first pick. I'm not sure she picked this herself as I was in the hall with the rowdy wee ones by the time she got it on...but I heard all the costume girls (and some fellow Nutcracker dancers) say it was their favorite party girl dress. It really is beautiful...almost like a coral-color and has lovely lacing with flowers on it. I assume it'll look great on stage! :) And even better on her when she has a mass of pin curls in her hair. I love that behind her hangs her blue angel costume....reminding us of the distant memories of that role she started out in...and how far she's come.... :)
And here's the back shot (it's slightly narrow in the shoulders so that's why it's not zipped all the way....they will let it out a bit for her performances).

But, sooooo exciting to know what dress is Hailey's and to be only 3 weeks from performance dates! Can't wait!!!