Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weird week

Been a very odd week for our lil' Steg family (odd not being especially good). We spent our first night together huddled and sleeping in our basement due to more severe storms that passed through (what crazy weather we've had!) The kids thought it was great fun being crammed in Nina G's bedroom :)
The oldest and youngest thought it was great fun to dance around in dress-up clothes :) It was very comical to say the least. And we might have 2 ballerinas on our hands. Ash is actually pretty good and I'm thinking it comes from 2.5 years of watching her biggest sis dance! Thankfully we survived the storms just fine and were thankful the twister that was coming our way turned at the last minute. Scary stuff.
This is how much rain we've had...our normal spot to enter the dock to the boat is completely flooded....thankfully there was another entrance, but the girls wanted to try this one :)
We finally got "the pukes" this year...just in time for Mem. Day weekend. Poor Shelb. Very thankful it was just her who got the "bug". But, she was miserable :(
And it finally happened...our a/c went "kerplunk". I won't even tell you how depressing this was esp. right before 3 big vacations....but we put our "Dave Ramsey" to use for the first time and paid all cash....bye bye savings :( Plus, it was a BIG bummer to go w/o a/c for a whole week....I have a new appreciation for whoever invented a/c units. Honestly can't live w/o them! What a week....good thing Cancun is calling our name in a week! Super-yay!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Hamster-ific B-day Party!

Just a few snipits from Shelb's Hamster-ific b-day party a couple weeks ago! As you can see I'm way behind on blogging as usual, but trying to get slightly caught up before we leave Mexico! Above is most of her b-day "spread"...or the food part of it. It was all-out hamster stuff for this hamster-lovin' gal! Ever since we got Cuddles at Christmas she knew she wanted a hamster b-day party...and she kept to it....though I will say....finding hamster related party food items was no piece of cake (no punn intended :)), so I had to wing it with my own rendition of rodent cake(s), hamster cupcakes (which looked more like bunnies or dogs than hamsters) and hamster cake pops!
Here's the sad cake I made her. I will just admit that I had a bit of an overwhelming breakdown a couple days before the party. Making a cake was just not something I was up to. I was in the middle of about 10 different projects for the kids' schools and whatnot and the party was just not something I could focus actually....daddy Kev saw my despair and came to the rescue and made his little girl the cake she really wanted (which I'll show later)....this was an "after the fact" cake that I threw together the night before with extra fondant and supplies we had laying around. It looks more like a guinea pig than a hamster...but still....a rodent's a rodent, right?
Here's the party gang. She declared this year that she ONLY wanted her BEST friends there and not like 20 or 30 people which we've ended up with in the past. I was honestly relieved as we can't fit that many kids in our small house anyway. So, here's the best of the best, aside from two good friends who couldn't make it (and some silly siblings who party crashed it!) :)
Isn't my hamster-girl a beauty? Oh and I forgot to mention...she HAD to have this party be an "almost sleepover"....her now MI friend, Clara, had done this last year and she loved it and since I won't let her have an official slumber party yet, this was as close as she was a a "hamster-almost-sleepover" it was....with the party animals in their pjs!
Here is the darling cake that daddy, Kev, made. I was so proud of him and I think he surprised himself with his talent for fondant. I only baked the cake and crushed the ice cream cones on top and he made all the rest...complete with fondant food (carrots and pellets) and, yes, that is even fondant poop...what rodent cake would be complete w/o it?! It was a masterpiece, I thought. He worked really hard on it and Shelby LOVED it! :)

The crazy gang started off the evening with a pizza dinner! We don't usually do dinner at parties, but since it was a later-than-usual party we went for it!
Then we did a little hamster-dancing. Have you ever seen this video on u-tube? (The Hamster Dance) It's hilarious. The kids loved it and we still listen/watch it almost every day. It's got a groovy, catchy tune :)
More crazy pizza fun with Riley. She's a party animal!
Then it was game time. We were thankful it wasn't freezing outside and thankfully the rain held off til later on, so the pj gang went out back and played some hamster games...this one was "find the hamster food"
Shelby's team won with the most apples, carrots, lettuce, and tootsie rolls (supposed to be pellets)...
Then it was time to race the zhu zhus. They had a ball with this, though it got a bit rough when a zhu zhu attacked Sydne and ate her hair. Who knew zhu zhus were so vicious! Thankfully Sydne's "Cheese" Zhu Zhu won the race so that made it all better :)
Then we made our own "twinkie" hamsters and had a contest with them. Shelby won...I think for most creative name?
Then it was cake time. Honestly, most of the kids had just eaten their twinkie rodents so we didn't hardly even cut into the cakes (big surprise!). Shelby is going crazy here cuz she thinks Ben is going to blow out her candles. She's a "candle" hog! :)
Then it was time for one more hamster game...roll the ball....tee hee :)
And then the party was over...actually it went an hour over what it was supposed to...the kids had so much fun. We even had Cuddles at our party. I took some pics of the kids holding him, but I'm too tired to figure out why they didn't post on here....Cuddles is a good sport though. Shes' the best hamster ever!
Here's Shelby with most of her wonderful loot! She has such giving friends who know what she LOVES...and, YAY, she finally got some hexbugs! :)
Oh and let's not forget to post some pics of the hard working Nina on Shelby's actual b-day helping make her hamster invites. This will probably be the only time you see Nina being crafty (on my blog at least :)) She claims to not be artsy fartsy, but I think she is :) Thanks, Nina!
I can't get this to post straight, but this is the back of the invite. You can see the front from what Nina is holding up with a picture of a hamster that Shelby drew herself. They were very cute and Shelby helped come up with the whole had to have pics of her and Cuddles on it and her fav. hamster poem. I love my creative girl! And below is our hamster goody bag! Thank goodness for Oriental Trading and their few hamster goodies. I was glad it even arrived the day before the party! Phew! And we had to have a geode (for the kids to break open) in the loot bag too...Shelb's fav thing!
So, that was that....never thought I'd have a rodent party, but ya' do what ya' do for your little girl who loves these little rodents! She had the best time ever and so did her friends. Now onto the last days of school and our month of June vacations to Cancun, FL and NC! YAY!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there...especially my two fav. ones...."The Ninas"! :) They are tops in our life.....
We had tons of fun with Nina G. here the last 2 weeks...and we are in a funk now that she's gone :(
...she shared in so many great recitals...and outdoor fun....
...and we love and appreciate our Nina S. as well.....she never misses an activity and gives and gives unconditionally...
We truly are so blessed by such wonderful mothers/grandmothers in our lives...they make our life as great as it is! :)
We tried to pamper Nina Gritz with an early Mom's Day breakfast yesterday....we just appreciated all the wonderful love she's given us the last 2 weeks as I've been sick and we've been so crazy busy....she was a lifesaver and a great grandchild entertainer....
And we wish we could see Nina Stegs today and pamper her, but we didn't really want to share our germs with the family so we are laying low and enjoying a lazy day at home...
I am incredibly blessed by the wonderful moms in my life and just as blessed by the sweethearts the good Lord has sent down for me to mother. My life would be void w/o the constant craziness and love they bring. I am so grateful to the core every day for these 4 little blessings. Hope you all are grateful for the moms in your life too....they have helped mold us all into the people we are!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Small B-day Recap!

A quick lil' recap of Shelby's real b-day festivities....her b-day (May 6) was a CRAZY day...crazier this year than every before....which I guess just goes along with our lives lately!'s a few pics of the day...of course she was in school all day....and actually even before that we went to Hailey's school for a presentation at 8am....and then after school we quick had cake (a starfish cake, of course!)....and then.... to her recital (jazz at One Step Above)...she was a mermaid this year and did fabulously! I love her cute costume. She is beautiful, isn't she?! Wow, 7 years old!
So glad Nina G was here from FL for all festivities...and here's some of Shelb's fav b-day gifts...earrings and a GEODE! YAY!
And, yes, she got pierced for the big #7. We did this on Hailey's 7th too so it's sort of a Steg girl tradition now. She was so surprised though when we showed up at Claires this evening. She was brave for the piercing and chose really cool blue flowers earrings. Thanks for this awesome gift, Nina and Pops G.!
Here's our fam. after the piercing...all smiles! Shelb actually got this done the day before her b-day since we knew her b-day was going to be nutso!
And her pretty Sam's double cookie cake for her school celebration. These cakes are our fam's fav. I could eat them every day. Yummers! It was a fun, but very busy b-day for our girl!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy 7th, Sweet Shelby Girl!

I'm a little emotional today looking back on all these pics and realizing how time has just flown by...the miracle baby we hoped and prayed for almost 2 years is now 7 years old! It's hard to wrap my mind around that, yet every day God reminds me with her spunky zest for life, how real and vibrant our Shelby girl here's a little memory picture recap through the last 7 years....from her beautiful birth....
...where Hailey finally became a big sister...she was in all her glory with her 1st sister in her arms... the 1st birthday.... becoming a big sister to a little brother just 20 months into her life... her 2nd birthday....
...and her 3rd birthday and introduction to American Girl (bitty baby twins!)
...and her 4th b-day... becoming a big sis again with the birth of her 2nd sister...
...her 5th b-day
....and 6th b-day....
....and the fun never ceases when you're around our witty Shelb!
She is full of life always and feel so deeply about everything....I love this beautiful 7 year old of mine! Happy B-day, Shelby Grace!