Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hola, We're Home!

What an incredible time we had in Mexico! Before I head off to FL, I wanted to show off some of my fav. pics.....if I haven't told you before I just love, love, love tropical locations...and this was no exception. It was one of the BEST vacations EVER! Thank you, Nina and Poppi Stegs, for making it all possible! Above is our tropical beach location. Every day we looked out and saw this beautiful ocean from our balcony. Aren't my kiddos just adorable?! :)
We tried to get a nice family portrait before we left, but this was the best we could get....the sun just didn't bode well for my fair-eyed kiddos :)
We loved playing on the beach...or I did at did my littlest kids...I think Hailey is more of a pool person...she dislikes sand :) Me and my baby had fun in the waves though!
My fav. pic of our the Mayan ruins of Tulum...incredible scenery and such perfect blue water! Even the sailboat cooperated for the pic!
This is one of my fav. pics from Tulum. An iguana staring us! They were all over the place...the kids loved it!
At Xelha...we did awesome snorkeling...all the kids loved it!
Our whole family ziplined through the Mexican "jungle"...yes, even Ash! It was so much fun. And, yes, that macaw is trying to eat Hailey's hand :)
I love this entire family photo of us at Tulum....we loved spending time with our immediate family!
Hailey ziplining...looking like a pro!
Shelby was our daredevil....wanted to do it upside down!
Lil' Ash zipping through the skies!
Dylan all smiles too!
We even ziplined into a Cenote (water)'s Shelb doing it and daddy and Dylan watching on the left side :)
This shows how much Ash loved the beach/ocean!
And how much Dylan loved the pool...they spent half their days in the pool!
Bathing! :)
One of our many awesome dinners....this one was on the beach about a foot from the water....loved it!
Love this night-time pic of my sweeties in the pool :)
And, yes, Kev and I even learned to scuba dive for the first time. That was an experience all in itself...let's just say I ended up not making it down due to extreme nausea (sea sickness) and ear pressure that I couldn't get rid of....needless to say Anne and I stayed on the boat and I puked the whole time the brothers were diving....but at least they had fun! :)
Here's Kev on the left and Bri on the right doing their Mexican dive! And below is my fav. pic of Shelby...isn't she a beauty?!
Now off to Ft. Laud with my oldest two to spend time at Nina and Poppy Gritz! Then off to NC and the cabin...busy June! :) Awesome times...and I feel so blessed by our great families and vacations!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

End-of-School-Year Pics!

Just so you know we're still alive, here's a few "snaps" of what we've been doing the last couple weeks....on Mem. Day, we took a nice jaunt out to the lake to spend the day on Nina and Poppy's boat. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be....the boat wouldn't start :( But, we did get a nice pic by it and Nina fixed us a delicious steak/hotdog/chix nugget meal :)
The kids LOVED just playing in the pool by the lake...Ash especially loved it! Look at her go...and look at Kev's face! lol! :)
We had our awesome annual Race Day Party last fun to see all the old Danville friends and their kiddos!
We spent some time at the park...having a picnic...
...especially with our best bud, Minette...we are going to miss her next year with her being at a different school than Dylan :( boo :(
We're so proud of our big boy...he had an awesome t-ball season AND he graduated preschool (with honors)...did I tell you he can add double digit numbers....he's a math whiz! To celebrate this we got him an ice cream cake (well half of one :))...have I mentioned we're on a budget?! lol :)
Here's the handsome man before his preschool graduation....hard to believe 2 years have gone by....
...and soon I'll have a goofy Kindergartner! Where has the time gone?
My darlings after the graduation...
And celebrating Hailey and Shelby's belated b-days at the Indy zoo with the Steg. fam. Wasn't it nice of the giraffe to pose...too bad Hailey didn't cooperate!
Kev watching his new container garden grow :) Maybe soon we'll have strawberries, tomatoes, green beans, peas and cucumber?
Cracking open a of Shelb's fav. thing to do!
T-ball fun for our he is with his preschool bud, Eli.
Hitting the ball...with his fav. pink bat :) Yes, we are proud!
Look at those running legs! lol :)
And the final days of school...Shelby competed in a talent show...she played the recorder (learned it all on her own). She was so proud of herself.
Saying goodbye to her fav. 1st grade teachers, Mrs. B....
...and Mrs. T...very sad she will not be returning to teaching next year, but so excited she gets to be a stay-at-home-mommy and we'll get to hang with her somedays!
And my final day volunteering at both the girls' schools...I didn't get a chance to take pics at Hailey's...they were busy working and Mrs. P. had lots of work for me to do :), but I had fun at my last lunch outing with Shelby's table group...they are a bunch of hams :) I have loved being in my kids' classrooms every week this year and have so appreciated Nina Stegs watching the wee ones at home so I can get out of the house. What a great year it's off to our awesome June of vacations! Mexico, here we come!!