Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 36th, Babe! :)

Happy 36th Birthday to the most wonderful man I know...who just happens to be the best husband and father I know too. I am so blessed by this man in my life and I hope he knows how much we all adore him. Here's to 36 more years of life! I love you, Babe! :) off to make him a garden cake full of fondant fruit and veggies...just what every 36 year old guy needs :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Beauty!

Besides some lengthy vacationing, this has been the other major focus of our summer...well, Hailey's summer :) Basically 6-7 hours of ballet each day for a month. That's like a full-time job! But, if you couldn't tell this girl loves to dance and these summer intensive sessions are a dream for her. Last night was the conclusion of her first intermediate session...and here she is performing La Bayadere (something she and this group learned to dance in just 10 days...amazing!)...she was chosen to dance the 3rd variation as a solo, which a part she worked really hard to learn and was super excited to wear this black tutu. She did awesome and I was so proud...and teary-eyed at the end. Watching my oldest girl dance is a never-ending gift to me. So proud of you, Hays! :)

More pics to come when/if I have more time....this has been our busiest/craziest summer ever!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day from our fam. to yours! We're having a great day so far...very lazy, just the way we like it! :)
From our french toast breakfast made into flags....
Here's more 4th of July treats we made (thank you, Family Fun Mag. for the ideas!) :) They were super easy and the kiddos helped. We had enough to share with all our neighbors. Yumm! swimming in our "baby" pool outside...
...even daddy couldn't resist a dip in the pool :)
...probably the only stress of the day was trying to get a pic of the 4 kids with all 8 eyes open...phew! Life is rough in the Steg house! Off to see fireworks at church soon.... Happy 4th! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back to Reality from our 4 Weeks of Amazing Vacationing!

Well, I think I am going to need a big ol' reality check after our long month of vacationing....what an amazing time we've had the last few weeks both in and out of the's a few of some of my latest pics from NC and FL....more pics to come hopefully later this summer as I get my rear back into gear here at home. Never been gone so much in one month...we only spent 6 days in Indiana in June...what a crazy, but wonderful summer thus far! :) Above is one of my fav. pics from NC....I just love the view of the Smoky Mountains from the Blue Ridge Parkway right near our "home" of Maggie Valley. Just breathtaking! :) God did a good thing when he created this world...that is always evident to me in the mountains particularly! :)
We surprised my parents on our second day in NC with a surprise 40th Anniversary party at the cabin. I guess we totally surprised my mom who went shopping all day this day while Candy and I prepared all the party goods. Kev and I made the big candy card of "Tom and Nancy Love Story" in the background along with wedding cake pops...and Candy made the cutest cake with edible images of our family on it. It was a fun celebration. Wow, 40 years of lovin' by Nina and Pops...very monumental! :)
A pic of our Gritz/Steg family of 12 on the cabin deck after the anniversary celebration. Nina and Pops have a lot to show for 40 years of love! :)
Great pic of Pops and his grandsons--Dylan and Austin (aka "the Big Hunks")
The matching little girls sharing a cup of ice (or maybe it was rocks)...they loved throwing both off the mountain at our cabin :)
The six grandkids....we gave up on matching them all so we did them in pairs this year :)
Me and my baby floating down the creek in fun...
Ash and Brooke--the matching 2 year olds...aren't these outfits cute...Nina and I found them at our fav. Sawgrass outlet mall in FL :)
Here's our whole family sliding down Sliding Rock in the Pisgah National Forest. So fun, but so cold! We had amazing time in NC as always....and special thanks to my parents for making it all possible....
And we (me and my oldest girls) had some amazingly relaxing days in Ft. Laud. with my mom (and dad)...isn't this a great pic of me and the girls and grandma Gritz.
Our girls-day-out (for lunch) at the Grand Luxe at Sawgrass. It happened to be Father's Day and a terrible day to go out, but we still had a great time with us Gritz girls....and I think all the dad's enjoyed their free time w/o us! :)
The girls had FUN times with Pops in the!
Nina spoiled the girls every day in FL with special activities...and special food...fruity drinks in special cups and lots of special snacks and treats. We were in heaven! I honestly think they averaged about 6 hours a day in the pool for the 9 days we were there....crazy, pool-lovin' kids! :)
We had a fantastic day at the beach...the nicest beach day I think we've ever had...we caught a fish, found shells and a crab claw, made a sand castle (sorta) and had a great time hanging with Nina....
And we really enjoyed our day at Butterfly World....always a treat to go there....
The big hit for Shelb was having this butterfly just sit in her hair for like a half hour. It loved her and even climbed up her eye :)
And we always love these birds (larakeets??)....they are so fun to feed....
Just lots of carefree summer days over the last month. Don't know how the rest of the summer can top all this. It's hard coming home to what seems like a very humdrum life, but I know come next week when ballet, swimming, tennis and camps start up we'll be whirling in life's craziness again. But, ah, what a wonderful June it was for us. Special thanks to wonderful Ninas and Poppies who made it all possible. We are so grateful for generous family members who love to vacation with us! They have made all these fun memories possible!!! Love you guys!!!

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