Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas weekend. We sure did...wonderful and cherished family times (though I miss not going to FL in Dec. for the first time you and miss you, Gritz fam). Now Kev and I are basking in alone-ness as the kids are off to Nina and Poppy Stegs for 4 days. Time to put my feet up for a couple days as this will probably be my last break til summer! Hopefully in 2012 I'll get back to blogging :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hailey's Nutcracker Weekend...Live Feed!

Dear Friends & Family,

I know so many of you are wonderful supporters of Hailey and her ballet "career" :) I wanted to let you know that she'll be dancing in the Nutcracker THIS Weekend-- Friday, Saturday and Sunday (EST) and it will again be featured on a live feed over the internet. So those of you who are far away or would rather enjoy watching from the comforts of home (for free!) and would like to see her dance will be able to do that yet again. I have only watched the live feed once, but I do believe you can make out most people on the stage (though they don't zoom in much). Hailey will be a party girl again in the first act (Party Scene) and will also be a Russian Trepak (on pointe) in the second act (Land of Sweets). She is in all 4 performances (8pm on Friday and Saturday night and 2pm on Saturday and Sunday afternoon). She enters through the door on the right of the stage this year as a party girl and will be initially wearing a blue bonnet/shawl and muff...then she'll be in a light pink/white party dress like most of the other girls (she is the tallest of the girls). And then she will be one of 4 Trepak girls (but it might be harder to see her there since her hair will be in a bun and they are all dark-haired girls)...she is on the far left most of the time and comes right after the Chinese dance (yellow/red outfits). If you blink you might miss her in's a very quick song (I'm sure you will recognize's one I danced in years ago :)) and I believe she only dances for like 30 seconds (but she is marvelous on pointe and the youngest to ever do this part at age 11). She will also be in the finale on the far left.

Thanks to all of you who will be watching and thinking of her this weekend...and for those who have been saying little prayers for us along the way. Many of you know what an emotional two months it's been with the disappointment of not getting the lead. She has been very gracious and mature about it all. But, it's still a shame to not see her as Clara as I know she would have been an amazing one. She really is a most gifted and talented ballerina. We are certain God will open other doors for her!

Thank you all for your love and support always and special thanks to all who are going to the performances this weekend. Have a blessed holiday season!

Kelly :)

Below are some pics of our beautiful "Party Girl" and "Trepak" :)