Monday, January 30, 2012

My Little Man is 6!

Today the handsomest little man I know turns the big SIX! As with all my kids' b-days, I really cannot believe so many years have gone by so quickly. I still remember this day (above) like it was yesterday...we had no idea we were having a little boy (I just assumed we'd be content with all girls)....but the good Lord had other plans :) He blessed us with the most handsome son/brother on that cold January 30, 2006. Even his sisters were smitten right away....since then they aren't quite so enamored , but still love him for the crazy brother he is :)
He just melted my heart with his sweet little boy face...(4 days old)
...and his little rolls....(6 months old)

...and those BIG blue eyes (1st b-day)
....and his crazy hair...(sorry about the "mushroom" cut, buddy :))...2nd b-day...

...his goofy grins... (3rd b-day)
...his always happy face... :) :) :) :) (4th b-day)
...he somehow just grew at lightning speed into this cute little boy... (5th b-day)
And here we are at 6 today....a big Kindergartner...whose first words to me this morning where "this is the BEST day's a school day, it's my birthday-day, and it's a present day!"....three of his favs packed in one day....that's really all he needs for a great b-day! I love you, my handsome man. I always dreamed of having a son, but never dreamed I'd have one as wonderful, handsome, smart, happy and funny as you :) You make me laugh and smile every day. I hope you never lose that deep joy in your heart. Happy Birthday, Dylan James!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NY, here she comes!

I know I don't blog much anymore, but this bit of news is definitely blog-worthy! We just found out today that Hailey made it into the 5-week summer course at SAB (School of American Ballet) in NY! I am still shaking and trying to wipe the happy tears off my face :) Most of you probably don't know much about SAB since you aren't in the world of ballet, but it is the top ballet school in the country (in my humble opinion :)) and extremely hard to get into (only about 200 make it out of 3000 who audition). She had her audition last weekend in Indy (and was the youngest at age 11) and I think her words afterwards were, "I messed up a few times, but not to the point that I think I failed". Haha...such humble and honest words from our ballerina. AND...not only did she get into the program, but she was blessed with a wonderful scholarship package. AMAZING! We are so proud of her and so grateful for this gift God has given her. I cannot wait to see her face later on today when she gets the news. She will be on cloud nine! Finally some good ballet news after a disappointing end-of-2012! So, NY...get ready....our beautiful ballerina will be gracing you with her presence soon! Now I need to start preparing myself to have her out of my sight for FIVE whole weeks. Lord, help me! But, I am so excited for my girl and this amazing opportunity to travel and better learn the art of ballet she loves so much...and especially to learn the art of Balanchine ballet, which I know she will love dancing. Congrats, Hays!!!!

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