Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleeping Beauty Debut!

Hello Dedicated (not-giving-up-on-me) Blog's is something I just had to announce....

Hailey will be in the college production (ballet) of Sleeping Beauty this weekend! :) This is very exciting as it's not "normal" for pre-college kids to be asked to perform in a college ballet (aside from Nutcracker), so we are eagerly anticipating watching her dance in this big production. The performances are this Friday, March 23rd at 8pm and Saturday, March 24th at 8pm. She will be in two dances--The Garland Waltz (right at the beginning of Act 1 of the performance near 8:30pm) a light green/yellowish dress dancing with a handful of other girls with flower garlands in their hands (see photo attached). And then on Sat. night she will debut as Little Red Riding Hood (I think you know what she would look like, but a photo is attached). It's a very big part for her as she will be dancing on pointe and with a college major--the wolf (a pas de deux). This dance occurs in the 3rd Act about 3/4 of the way through right after the Blue Birds (it could be as late 10:15pm). She will also be in the finale. There is no pressure to watch her :)...but if anyone is home either of these two evenings there is always the option of watching the live feed from the comforts of home....(she will do the one role Garland Waltz on Friday night and both roles on Sat. night, just to clarify)

We are so excited for Hailey and this awesome opportunity. She will be featured in the playbill for her Red Riding Hood role so that's semi-exciting too! :)

Thanks for always supporting her in her dance career...we are so proud of her!

I do hope to get back to blogging in April! Don't hold your breath, of course :) And hopefully I'll finish (aka start!) posting about our awesome Spring Break last week in FL/Disney with my fam AND the b-day wishes to my big 12 year old!

Update on Friday night....her Garland Waltz dance is around 8:52pm and the Riding Hood dance will be at about 10:15ish. She did great on opening night! So proud of my beautiful ballerina!