Friday, November 30, 2012

Nutcracker Weekend!

Hard to believe, but another Nutcracker performance weekend is upon us.  It's been very low-key for Hays this year just b/c she's doing one of the same parts as last year (Trepak/Russian) and she's only in half the performances.  I'm excited to see her dance tonight and tomorrow (well, I won't actually see her tonight, but I'm still excited she'll be dancing b/c she loves to be on stage and performa).  If anyone is interested in watching her, the live feed should be up and running as usual....

Performances are 8pm tonight and tomorrow (with her in it) and I think she's on around 9:30, but not sure...could be slightly before or after.  Good luck, my Sweet Hays!  I am so proud of you always...not only for your God-given dance ability, but just the way you have carried yourself especially over the last 2 years of ups and downs :)

(fyi, this is last year's Trepak pic....same costume, but she looks a year older...I don't have a pic of her yet, but hope to get one tonight :))

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Day of Thankfulness!

Hope you all are having a blessed Thanksgiving Day!  It's been a "different" one for us (Shelb still in recovery, Kev getting called into to work to rebuild some servers), but still a wonderful one full of blessings.  So much to be thankful for over this last year....

Who-da thunk last Thanksgiving that I'd be sitting here with a big belly counting down the 6 weeks til I give birth to our 5th and final baby...not me! :)  7 months ago I was prego and didn't even know it.  6 months ago we saw our sweet baby on ultrasound but didn't know if we'd ever get to meet him/her due to complications.  3 months ago we were devastated to hear our baby might be stillborn or only live a short time after birth.  A couple weeks after that we were praising the Lord that our sweet baby looked completely healthy.  It has been quite a journey these last 7 months...a spiritual one, a growing one.  And more than anything today I am grateful for my healthy family, my wonderfully supportive husband, my 4 out-of-utero healthy, vibrant children and my 1 in-utero lil' mystery baby that is kicking and squirming inside me enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers as we speak :)  I don't think I have ever been so thankful on a Thanksgiving as I am today.  And to add to that my Shelby girl is doing so much better after a day full of post-op vomiting yesterday.  Life just seems too good to complain about anything (like my husband working all night) and I am cherishing my blessings today.  God is truly good and He has blessed me more than I deserve.  Hope you too are wallowing in the blessings He's given you!  Happy Thanksgiving from our family of 6 1/2 to yours! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shelb's Surgery Success!

Hi All,

Just wanted to update everyone on our sweet Shelby. She had her big "Thanksgiving" T&A (Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy) this morning.  She was a trooper as usual!  Went into the surgery center a little before 7am and a couple hours later she was in recovery (though only 30 minutes of this was actual surgery).  All went as planned and she is now at home sitting as comfortably as she can :)  The doc said everything went as planned, but that her left tonsil had an abscess forming.  I don't think he remembered she had had some toothbrush trauma a week before b/c when I mentioned the "accident" he didn't seem to know what I was talking about.  I guess this was pretty much a routine T&A to him, which is fine with me...routine is better than emergency surgery!  Anyway....recovery was a little rough on our girl though and I don't think she was expecting to feel as cruddy as she's feeling.  She seemed almost fearful and very confused when we first walked into the recovery room.  She didn't know where she was, what she had had done (she kept asking if her tonsils were out or not?), then she just wanted to hug Kev and I over and over again, and then she was asking for pictures of her new throat (aka, she wanted proof that those suckers were gone...can't blame her there! :)) was interesting to see her coming out of anesthesia.  She couldn't relax.  Her eyes would roll back in her head and we'd think she'd sleep and then she'd sit up really fast and look around with wide/scared eyes.  Poor girl.  Anyway...after an hour she seemed more lucid and then as a trade-off she started to vomit (I had a feeling this would happen...she has a weak stomach like her mama :)). First time wasn't so bad...she hit the basin only. Next time was right before discharge at noon and that pretty much hit Kev and I both (projectile).  Poor thing.  But, she felt better after and then was just ravenous to eat....she kept asking when she could leave; when she could eat.  I wasn't sure they'd let us leave on time due to her vomitfest b/c they came in and changed her whole outfit and bed...but sure enough shortly after noon we were outta there!  YAY! She didn't do well getting to the van though...she had to sit down in the grass for a bit, but shortly after that we were on our way home. And she's been sitting comfortable watching tv ever since.  She's still begging for food like popcorn and crunchy stuff that she can't have, but has thankfully kept a bunch of ramen noodles down as well as a small milkshake.  She looks miserable though and you can't get the poor girl to smile for anything, but hopefully after a good night's sleep tonight we can still celebrate a nice Thanksgiving with Kev's family (and Shelb can eat her coveted meal of mashed potatoes :)).  We'll see... 

Thanks to all who have been thinking of her and sending prayers and hugs her way and lots of well wishes.  Even her sweet siblings made her a big banner while she was in surgery's so cute...made of turkey hands :)  We are so blessed by wonderful friends and family who support her/us. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shelby's Scare :(

Well, our sweet Shelb made her debut run to the ER early this morning :(  And what a crazy sequence of events it was...

Have you ever had your mom or dad tell you not to run with something in your mouth?  I've never actually seen an injury occur from this, but after last night, I can see how wise those words are...

Around 9pm, Shelby and Hailey were fooling around.  They should have been in bed, but I had asked Shelby to brush her teeth again b/c her breath was less than stellar after her first brushing attempt.  Kev and I were in our bathroom taking a 32 wk prego pic of me.  We came out to Shelby in her bed hysterical.  We had no idea what happened...and honestly I'm still not sure of the whole story. But, both girls were playing around and Shelby still had her toothbrush in her mouth and somehow Shelby fell and the toothbrush punctured part of her mouth. At first we had no idea where...but later it was very apparent (her tonsils).  We got her out of her bed as the blood started pouring from her mouth.  There was so much and it was so thick that it was choking her.  She was scared more than anything, I think, b/c she couldn't breathe and the bleeding would not stop (from her mouth and nose) and there was blood all over the bathroom counter/sink.  We made our 1st call to Poppy Stegs.  He's our go-to-doctor after hours and we are soooo thankful for him and his wisdom.  He recommended we go to the ER, but in the course of the conversation of about 10 minutes, the bleeding finally stopped and we had her shower and get the blood off and rinse out her mouth/nose good.  It didn't seem as emergent at that point and I am not one who really flips out about injury.  It was still hard to tell at this point where the injury was in her throat, but she just knew it hurt. The issue now was swelling and infection.  We made the choice to let her go to bed around 10pm and Kev just slept on her bottom bunk in case there was some airway/breathing issues.  About midnight she woke up in a panic...she couldn't swallow well or breathe well and a quick look at her throat showed it almost completely closed up.  The poor girl has large tonsils to be begin with, but usually there is a lil' space between them...this time there was not.  I could tell she was scared and I was too...I tried to lay on the bottom bunk and get some rest, but all I could think about was her not breathing in the next few hours.  We made the wise choice to go off to the ER (Kev and Shelb).  And I am so glad they did.  I couldn't sleep a wink so I got on the computer and did research on it....always a bad idea.  I guess that kind of injury can be very dangerous b/c it's so close to the carotid artery and b/c of the risk of infection and swelling.  I'm not sure of exact sequence of events at the hospital, but they called an ENT right away to consult over the phone and he said we must see one today for sure.  They were worried her tonsils had abscesses on them from the injury, which I guess is an emergent situation.  But, thankfully they gave her some steroids, antibiotics and some heavy pain meds and she was soooo happy when she got home that she went right to bed (making note to tell us to tell Hailey she was "ok"...Hays had cried herself to sleep blaming herself over this whole ordeal, which she was not at fault for!) long story short, but we got her right into the ENT today who said thankfully her tonsils didn't have abscesses (or she would have needed emergency surgery right then), but that she did have very enlarged tonsils and adenoids and that both needed to come out pronto!  Praise the Lord!  We have honestly been trying to get someone to do this for years, but the ped's office always "poo-poos" it.  Our poor girl has snored like a wildabeast since she was little and the doc think she's probably had sleep apnea that long too. No wonder she never likes to sleep!  So good came out of a bad situation and next Wed. our sweet girl will get her tonsils and adenoids out.  Yes, "great" timing with Thanksgiving the next day, but she's actually excited b/c all she'll have to eat on Turkey Day is mashed potatoes and milk shakes--her fav! :)  So, that's our lil' jaunt of excitement for the week.  Not that we needed any...I feel our lives have been crazier than ever lately! :(  But, it did put it all in perspective and reassure me that our family and our health is more important than my cluttered house which has put me into a frenzy lately.  So, for now I am grateful for my healthy girl and that her throat is on the mend. She did have a rough day at school with a very sore throat (her words were "worst day EVER!"), but hopefully things just get better from here on out and she is breathing easier next week w/o those nasty enlarged tonsils.  And I am just so grateful things weren't worse.  Lesson learned:  Don't run/play around with anything in your mouth! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

2 more months to go!

I just realized I have only 2 months to go til this sweet mystery baby is born!  Cannot wait!  Time has truly flown by these past few months now that I've been feeling better and we know the baby is been healthy.  I cannot be more thankful during this month of thankfulness!  Above is our newest and probably final u/s pic of our baby in-utero (taken almost 2 wks ago).  Brain cysts are thankfully gone and the baby was about 3lbs, 6oz.  He/she's head is huge (was measuring a month ahead), so that will be "fun" for me to deliver, but not abnormal for our kiddos to have those nice, round faces :)  Isn't he/she so sweet all cuddled up inside me with that little hand by its face. It does look like he/she has a wart/mole on its :)  And below our sweet baby pic, is me about a week ago with our "baby" idea of one of the siblings.  I loved it :)  More updates to come...

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