Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Sickly 7th B-day :(

Well, we had big plans for this 7th b-day for our sweet oldest son, Dylan...hoping to make it special for him since the birth of his brother came sorta close to his big day and we've been somewhat preoccupied with that :)  But....those plans weren't meant to be b/c just around midnight he spewed hot dog puke all over his bedroom as he lay in the tip top of his bunk bed (just narrowly missing his lil' bro who has been sleeping in a swing in his room for the last couple days...that would have been fun to be annointed with hot dogs :)) our poor, sweet 7 year old is home from school on a day he was hoping to celebrate there with a big, "juicy" angry bird Sam's cookie cake (his fav!)...and he didn't get to eat his frosted donuts I got him for his b-day bfast or get the McD's I was going to surprise him with for lunch (though he did enjoy some appetizing applesauce and yummy water!).  I'm not even sure he'll want to eat pizza at Mother Bears or chow on his Mario cake I made him.  But, he is already asking about opening that's a good sign...and he hasn't puked in 5 hours...also a good sign.  So, not quite the 7th b-day we/he had anticipated, but maybe we can have a "redo" tomorrow.  Here's to hoping!  I just have to say though that God truly blessed our lil' family back in 2006 when he sent us our first handsome little man.  He was a dream come true...a little surprise bundle of blue.  We had no idea he'd be a boy and were so thrilled when he was.  And now he's a big brother...a super one...who never walks by his lil' bro w/o giving him a rub or kiss on the head.  I adore my biggest boy and the tender heart he has and the loving ways he often shows.  I love how mellow he is and how things just slide off his shoulders and how spirited he can get about things. I love watching him grow up and love how he loves life...he just has a joy that surrounds him.  He makes me smile every day and I am so grateful he's our middle child.  So, here's to you, buddy...hoping this 7th year of life is a great one...and that it only gets better from your puke-filled morning!  :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

4 weeks old!

Today my sweet baby boy is 4 weeks old...4 weeks!  I cannot even believe how fast the days and weeks have gone.  And I could just hold him all day every day...which he would love.  His sweet personality melts my heart every single day and I look at him with each new day and still can't believe he is here and he is mine and he is perfect in every way.  Back in May I dreamed of this day...prayed for this day....that the baby I was carrying and feared I would miscarry...would come to be this perfect being that God chose to be in our family.  Back then I couldn't put a picture or a face to that baby growing inside was too much to bear thinking of losing that child...but now I look at Logan's handsome, perfect being and it's like he was always here...he was obviously meant to be...this little miracle, this big blessing.  I am cherishing every day...not getting caught up in the little things, but just thanking God every day for this healthy child he's given me.  Happy 4 weeks, my little boy.  Mommy loves you so much!  (soon I will post more pics...our main computer crashed last week so I have no access to photos...but be rest assured I am taking plenty of our growing boy :))

Thursday, January 10, 2013

NY-Bound AGAIN! :)

So proud/excited for our fav. ballerina!  Just found out she was accepted into SAB (School of American Ballet) again for this summer's ballet intensive....and even more exciting is that she got the same scholarship package as last year.  So happy for her and excited she gets to continue her Balanchine training in NYC! Though we'll miss her again this summer for those 5 weeks in June/July.  Go, Hailey!  We love you and couldn't be prouder of you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year/Happy 3-6 to me!

 Well, what a whirlwind 2012 was, huh?  This time last year I had no idea our sweet fam. would be expanding again....and then I most certainly did not think our mystery baby would arrive before this New Year.  Quite a sequence of events, but what a blessing it all was.  And now here we are in 2013...I have the sweetest 6 day old baby boy and a family who is just so precious to me...and it's my 36th b-day.  I have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to in this 36th year of my life.  God has been overabundant in His blessings and I am forever grateful.  Hope you all are having a splendid year thus far!  And b/c I've been terrible with photos of the new addition, here are some to pass the time...Kev put about 300 pics on picasa album for those who are picture crazy like me :)  You can see then below :)