Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Love...

 ...a smiley baby boy :)
 ...a swinging cutie :)
 ...a son learning a new sport :)
 ...a crazy-faced daughter :)
 ...a sibling's love :)
 ...a clean, sudsy baby :)
 ...a protective big sis :)
 ...crazy sibs :)
 ...sweet surprises in the mail (thank you Sewing/Shopping Sharon, Cil and Aunt Sue!) :)
And I especially laugh and love a baby who just wants to snuggle in bed with his mama and who falls asleep in the middle of playing...while sitting up...and with his eyes still open :)

I know I seem to focus a lot on the negatives lately, but the truth of the matter is I know I am very blessed and there are so many things each day that bring me joy and smiles.  These are only a small portion of them.   I am going to try hard to mention them daily b/c it helps me stay positive amidst the rough stuff :)

In reality's been a busy couple days.  My back is still down in the dumps...I actually think it's worse.  Riding in the car aggravates and since I'm "mama taxi driver", that is a big part of my day :(  Dylan is finally better after 2 days of issues.  I am still fighting some anger over that whole situation and the embarrassment and pain it caused him.  He cried about it again yesterday and it's all I can do in those moments not to cry myself.  No parent wants to see their kid go through that.  Not right.

Yesterday was "clean the house day".  It was slow moving with just me and the kids home and daddy not there to help keep the kids motivated.  Today was more of the same, but Kev was here...that was better.  We were up early thanks to Hays who had a school car wash.  Normally getting up early is a bummer, but she was actually grateful to work the early shift on this almost 100 degree day.  Shelb has been our social butterfly.  She's had two sleepovers in a row and a b-day party in between.  It's the high life for her b/c she loves her friends!  We also got to celebrate a 1st bday with our best lil' buddy, Elijah today.  The only bummer of the day was our pool party in Danville was canceled as we were on our way there. Of all days for thunderstorms.  We haven't had rain in like a month!  Oh well...just our sign that bedtime would come earlier and we could get a tad bit more rest :)  Still a bummer not to have fun in the pool one last time and do so with friends :(  Tomorrow is our day at the lake...let's pray for no more thunderstorms and that my back isn't like it is right now.  Already had to cancel on the seadoo rental b/c I was one of the drivers.  Still very happy it's the weekend!  Now off to bed.... 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Blast from the past :)

LOL!  We came across this 1st day of Kindergarten outfit as we were sorting and getting rid of stuff recently.  Hailey jumped at the chance to try it on and was delighted to find it "still fit" (this according to today's standards of very tight/very short stuff being the trend for girls...well, not my girls)...heck, if that's the case I am glad I saved all her Kindergarten stuff...maybe she can just reuse it in 8th grade?!  We almost had a pic with the pink backpack too, but I gave that away a few weeks ago.  Darn!  But goodness...look how much she's grown (notice her head was under the doornob in 2005 and now it's way above...she's close to my height these days!).   So, see...there is a good reason to be a hoarder...funny comparison pics!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Rough Day :(

Well, I don't normally post twice in one day, but this day was a crummy one and sometimes it helps me feel better about life to get it off my shoulders and write about it...

My back was not much better...and I slept so badly b/c of that that the exhaustion factor did not help me get through the day.  My sweet baby boy cried all day long. It was almost like he knew I couldn't pick him up and every time I'd walk past him while he sat on the floor or in his exersaucer, he'd just plead with me. It was heartbreaking.  I know I ended up holding him and bending over way too much, but how could I not.  It's never fair when a mama can't hold her child :(

But the worst part of my day came when my sweet oldest boy got home from school.  I actually didn't notice how quickly he got off the bus and zipped by me b/c I was playing outside with Ash.  But, when we came inside I could tell something was wrong. He was in the bathroom for an hour before he even spoke through the door to me.  We had to leave for his first flag football practice so I told him it was almost time to go.  He seemed frantic. But, I didn't know how bad it was til he came out of the bathroom. He tried to walk past me and not say anything, but he was all red and looked sick.  After some persuasion he came over to me sobbing.  Said his art teacher refused to let him use the bathroom and he had to go really bad and he'd had to hold it.  This wasn't even the worst of it, but I don't know that he'll want this on the blog someday, but let's just say he was in tremendous pain and very embarrassed by a sequence of events.  I was mortified that a teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom...I had tears in my eyes for my sweet boy.  We are on a 4 day hiatus from school now, but I emailed his classroom teacher anyway.  I want to get to the bottom of this.  Not cool that my boy had to suffer at school like this and not good for his GI system.  He did get it together to go to his football practice, but he looked very uncomfortable there.  Finally after lots of water and two different meds he is feeling better.  It's the first time I've seen him smile all day.

I really wasn't sure we'd make it through this day. A crying baby just wears you down especially when you can't care for him properly.  And then to see your 7 year old so upset and in pain...all while trying to just get through a painful day yourself.  Ugh.  Hopefully the next 4 days will be better...

1st Day of Preschool!

 Just trying to update the blog with some older pics today...and thought I'd pick some of my Asher girl...since she did have a special "1st day of school" herself!  So in honor of her big day on 8-14, here's a "few" pics.  I just love and adore this almost-5-year-old!  Here she is above all smiles with her "1st day of preschool" b-fast of pancakes. I know it's my normal fun breakfast now, but it's easy and the kids love it, especially with whipped cream and sprinkles on top!  She loved it b/c it was "all hers" and she was in charge of deciding which letters her siblings could eat :)
 Our usual "outside the front door" pic...but this time I included a "1st day of school" paper. Not sure I'm a big fan of these things that are "all the rage" on pinterest and the internet, but I found one that matched her dress and thought I'd try it.  I think I like just a plain pic of my kids instead.
 Love this smiley girl!
 Our preschool teachers send out postcards to their students the week before school starts. I love this tradition b/c so rarely does anyone get real mail anymore and the kids love it.  I remember Hailey getting one too from this same teacher 10 years ago!
 LOVE this dress and the color.  Thanks, Nina G, for helping pick it good ol' Crazy 8!  It was, of course, cold this morning (in the 50's) so we had to opt for the jean jacket over it
 My beauty!
 Daddy and his littlest girl!
 Mama and her baby girl :)
 Just before leaving for was late start Wed. so the two middle kids had to go to the neighbor's house.  Can you tell who just got his first tooth this day?!
 Off to preschool (at our church) we went...YAY for Miss Angela and Miss Mindy!
 A half-family shot...Logan was apparently more fascinated with those walking by us in the hallway :)
 One of our most fav. preschool teachers...Miss Angela.  She was Hailey's 1st teacher and every one of our kids' since...
 We got to school late as usual, so Ash felt a little shy and didn't sit down...she just watched everyone playing...
 But by the time our parent meeting was over, she had settled right in with her best buds, Ellie and Lisa...and was in charge of doing hair at the beauty salon :)
 Sitting with her buds while Miss Angela read a book :)
 Her first day of school artwork...a handprint butterfly :)
 All done with orientation....and off to run anniversary errands
 We took a jaunt to the party store where she fell and got a black to help relieve that pain we went to Jiffy Treat across the street...
 And had ice cream with gummy bears! 
 Then we went home and rested...she got this idea in her head that she HAD to do homework on her first day of school, so she found this alphabet sheet in her bucket and traced everything. It took a long time, but she was so proud of her work :)
 My sad lil' 1st day of preschool donut holes :)  So simple...and pretty yummy!
 Since I did this for the big kids on their first day of school we had to do the same for Ash!
 We had a yummy anniversary dinner at Cheddars...our new restaurant in town!  That poor black eye :(
 Her "homework" :)
 8-19 was her first "full" day of preschool (without parents)....she also brought "something special"...her fav pink princess blankie from Uncle Brian and Aunt Anne
 This is a flashback to last year and the 1st day of preschool when I was babysitting our friends, Neva and Jack :)  Gosh, how little they all look...
 Another cute outfit.  Ash loves to look fashionable from head to toe!
 Off to preschool...putting our snacks and school supplies away...
 And putting our bucket in it's place...
 Signing in for the day...
 Doing our morning work/craft...
 Playing dolls with our friend Audrey...
 Miss Mindy...she's new this year, but we love her!
 VERY tuckered out after our first day of preschool...we skipped dinner and fell asleep in bed around 6pm.  Yikes!
 This is what Logan and Mommy did on the first day of preschool, which was our first day alone...we sorted a pile of! :)  And below is Ash in her new fancy dress from Nina Stegs...which she and Shelby both fought over.
So proud of this preschooler of mine and cannot believe in a year she'll be in Kindergarten and not home with me during the days :(  I will miss that.  I just love her sweet personality, her independence, her chatty/happiness and her hard-working attitude.  I can't wait to see what she does with her life.  Mama loves you, Ashley Claire!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Like Mother Like Daughter?

Well, I have a new-found respect for my mom and what she goes through...with her back issues :( :( :(

I somehow pulled my back out this afternoon and I was almost doubled over on the floor like an old lady and poor Shelby had to help me up.  Some of the worst pain ever :(  I always knew this kinda thing was bad by the way my mom described it, but now I can totally sympathize. I haven't been able to pick up anything off the floor since (I'm not complaining about that!), but I am very sad that I can't pick up my crying baby when he's looking at me with pleading eyes :(  What in the world is up with my back?  I am really not at an age where I thought I'd have trouble with this.  I was literally just leaning over to get something off the floor and I felt it go. Then I thought I'd push through the pain (being the crazy mama that I am :)) and I moved a whole bin of clothes to the garage and that's when it really happened :(  Bad news :(  So, there goes my evening of cleaning and laundry. I will be sitting in bed with a heating pad on (maybe I shouldn't be complaining about that?)...just hoping I can wake up tomorrow and be able to care for my kids.  I have no idea how anyone with a bad back takes care of their family.  It is a slow-moving/painful process.  So, mom, I am sorry if I never really understood what you went through with all this.  I have a new respect for how you pushed through this pain over the years. 

In other happier news, it was a busy, but fairly good day.  Logan did great for his PT appt and is making slow strides.  He has a special tape/bandage on his neck now to aid in strengthening his neck muscles. We'll see how well that goes.  I spent a couple hours running errands with my boy and then Ash and I and Log met my Bestie at the mall for lunch.  On the way home we swung by and picked up our little friend, Neva, from the Christian school near us and she came over and hung with Ash. They were little mini adults and just wanted to play by themselves in their room with the door shut.  Very cute.  We have missed Neva (and Jack) in our home.  They just added to the fun chaos last year :) :)  Anyway...if my back was in good shape now I'd almost say it was a good day :)  We have nothing going on tonight so that in itself is AWESOME for this homebody mom.  And tomorrow is our last day of school for the week (and a 4 day weekend!)  At any rate...I am off to bed and saying lil' prayers my back is better tomorrow.  No more carrying a car seat around with a 25lb baby in it!  I think that's what the culprit is :( 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 Well, pinch me now...b/c I am having a very hard time believing my little man is the big 8M today.  I know it's not a huge milestone month, but I have to say I think this is my most fav age.  I don't necessarily love the teething thing, but the whole "discovering" the world and his voice...and his LOVE for his mama...well, I adore all that!  So, here are some "snaps" of the day today.  Gosh, I love and adore and am so thankful for this healthy bouncing baby "chubba bubba" boy!  Above is him in his tie.  I love these things and unfortunately so does much that he can only wear it for about 30 secs before he tears it off and eats it! 
 Chillin' in the exersaucer...big blues!
 A sly look :)
 My fav. moment of the day.  A cruddy pic of me, but look at my boy all sacked out.  I had just gotten off the phone with Nina :)  Love it when he sleeps on me :)
 Chilaxing!  He needed it. He was Mr. Fussy this morning!
 A sideways shot of his fav. foot-meal :)
 And in honor of his 8M celebration...he decided to try a new green meal...
 yep, grass....
 it did go down...but it came right back up along with pics of that (sorry!), but I did get a good video of it for memory's sake!
 He no longer likes sitting by the plate (well actually he LOVES it) and he tried to break my new plate by grabbing it, so I had to distract him with the marker.  Isn't he a doll???
 My lil' Handsome!
 Check out the two new toofers!
 I heart my boy :)  And I am soooo thankful for a good camera to capture him! It's fun being a mama photographer and saves me money on professionals!
My boys...they are such good buds :)
My oldest and youngest...also good buds!
My youngest two...good buds too! 
Shelb was under-the-weather today so I didn't get a pic of her with L...but here she is yesterday showing him how to stand :)  She adores him and vice versa!
Our 8M dinner...whole wheat cereal...he loves it...his bottom does him lots of poops!  And below is our first taste of puffs (banana ones!) be the judge if he's a fan or not?! :)  Yes, he is the king of funny faces and lip humor lately :)
So blessed by this boy...his love for life and his rowdy boy ways.  Even at 8 months he's seems like he's been a part of our lives forever and he's definitely stolen my heart.  A year ago this time I was wondering if he'd be born with Trisomy 18...and to look at him now in all his healthiness and spunk...I am just completely overwhelmed with God's goodness.  Love this boy and so grateful for his presence in our fam!