Friday, December 27, 2013

The Big ONE! :)

Well, the baby of the house is the BIG ONE! :)  We were on the road right over the border of FL last night at 12:25 when it became official!  We had a rip-roaring bash for him today in sunny south FL (well, sorta rainy :))...and now the day is just about done.  But, just had to post a quick post to say how much joy and smiles this boy has given us in his 365 days of life. We are beyond blessed by this gift in our lives.  God did such a good thing creating this baby and bringing him into our family.  Love you, Logan Thomas Stegs!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Wow...a year has gone by since I was...on Christmas morning 2012...thinking I had at least 2 more weeks to go til I met our mystery baby...
After a wonderful Christmas with Kev's fam that afternoon/evening, Kev and I took a nice photo on our stairs before bed...never knowing we wouldn't be getting a nice, restful night's sleep (and hoping that the next day our kiddos could go to Kev's parents for a long weekend so we could get ready for our baby...)
 I remember sleeping for a few hours and waking up to check the weather...there had been a prediction of a blizzard.  We weren't sure if it would be was.  I remember going to the bathroom and heading back to bed and thinking maybe I peed on myself a bit.  I got back up.  A lot more "pee" ran down my leg.  I was in utter denial.  My water had broken. Never had this happen prematurely like this :)  I was begging Kev to tell me it wasn't true. I was begging God. I was not prepared to meet this baby yet. I selfishly wanted my long weekend to prepare. The house was a mess...a disaster.  There was still burnt bacon on our dining room table from a grease fire we'd had that morning...presents scattered everywhere...the normal Steg Christmas mess.  We hadn't picked out a name, hadn't pack our hospital bag...had no call list of friends.  This was not at all at what I planned.  I couldn't even reach my neighbor to tell her I was going to the hospital and leaving my 4 other kids at home alone (she later met me in the front you, Jill!)...couldn't even reach my parents right away in FL.  Plus, did I mention the weather was bad...
 But we made it to the hospital...with "water" running down my leg....I never did go into labor on my own.  Not sure what sparked my water breaking (stress from Christmas?  Weather related?)....but after about 20 hours induced of labor...I got to meet the sweetest little caboose of our family...
...and life has been a roller coaster ever since :) less than 24 hours my baby boy will be ONE.  I am praying we will be in FL then )....and able to enjoy his big day.  I feel so blessed by this sweetie every day.  He is loved beyond measure in our family of 7! :) What a difference a year can make...and how that time has flown!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!  It has been a CRAZY couple of days here, which is sure to be followed by two more crazy days of driving to FL and Logan's 1st bday...but it's been tons of fun and tons of smiles.  Wish I could post more, but we are in the midst of packing and trying to leave at 4am.  Wish us luck on our long drive to FL. Can't wait for some sun and warmth and FL fun with fam!  Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. Our "baby" had a great 1st one.  He was a little out of sorts due to being tired and he didn't really get into the unwrapping thing, but I think he overall had a great day :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A big heart!

I am drowning in Christmas/packing/bday plans right now, but I didn't want to let another day go by w/o reflecting on the giving spirit of Christmas...and that of our little girl.

I have been told lately by a few friends (or moms of friends) that Ashley is the kindest and biggest-hearted friend.  She is like a mother hen at school...always making sure everyone is included and always very kind with her words.  Her teachers comment on this too.  A couple weeks ago she was at her best friend's bday party and there was a little friend of hers feeling shy and uncertain. Ashley just went right over to her and put her arm around her and told her she'd stay with her.  It warmed my heart to hear this.

Last week my girl and I were out running errands. We were by her dance studio where there are often a few homeless people that stand on the corner asking for money/help.  This was one of those days.  We have had these packages in our van for months now from our church.  We were instructed to give them to someone in need.  I know we've passed many in need lately, but I just have not made the extra effort.  Well this day Ashley was my little angel.  She saw those two people on the corner and asked about them.  We didn't stop at first...we kept driving...while still having a conversation about why there were people on that corner all the time.  She immediately told me to "go back, mama".  We had to give them the packages of water and food.  So, although it was not at all convenient, we turned the van around and went back.  We pulled right up to them and she handed the bags out her window.  They were most grateful.  I could tell her heart was overflowing having given them food/drink.  She rolled up her window and said "now they have something to eat today and hopefully Santa will bring them more next week" :)  I was humbled by the spirit of giving of a 5 year old.  They have bigger hearts that many adults, I think.  I know she's more giving than me.  So in the midst of the craziness of shopping and packing and the holiday and's a blessing to be reminded of how we can give to those who really do need it.  Thanks, Ash, for this lesson...I love your giving heart! :) 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Misc. December Post

 I am falling farther and farther behind on posts/pics, but I can't let it bother me...and must just keep plugging away on what I'm doing.  So, here's a few pics from the week...random for sure, but something is better than nothing! Above is Ash and her cake pops for preschool.  I love to do this for preschool b/c it's the only place I can still make homemade treats.  These were super easy and the kids loved them!
 Ash had a mini-holiday-dance-show for her lil' tap/ballet class.  Can you spot her in her new black leo?  She has the best positioning for sure! :)  We might be going back to IU...she seems to love ballet more than tap like her big sis did...
 I love this.  Lil' Santa "helping" daddy :)  This is how I will remember my baby boy.  He is a magnet to the dishwasher.  When it opens, he is there in a split second even if he's across the room.  Daddy on the otherhand really dislikes doing dishes with his boy (probably b/c the little man undoes all the clean dishes and often likes to play with knives).  But, I think someday we will look back on this and smile.  Maybe it means our last child will be a great dishwasher himself some day?  Love this dishwasher-loving boy! (please ignore the mess of a kitchen...this is our life in December...ok, always :))
 Logan climbed the stairs all on his own this week w/o anyone knowing.  Nice.  This is where his sisters caught him...thankfully he never fell...and now he wants to do it all the time!  And down he went with Hailey as his sled :) 
It's been a wonderful day....our first celebration of the Christmas season with Kev's brother and sister-in-law and parents.  A real treat and a nice, relaxing day. Kev's parents always are such gracious hosts and I just love celebrations at their home.  I will post pics later. One thing I am thankful for tonight is rain.  It has poured the last 12 hours and if it were 15 degrees colder it would have been a blizzard like last year.  So thankful for rain and NO snow!

Friday, December 20, 2013

1 more week!

 A week from today, my baby will be ONE.  A week.  How has time passed so quickly??  I know I keep saying I feel like he was just born, but seriously...I do!  And then I really feel like it was just Halloween and all of a sudden November and December skipped right on by and's almost the end of Dec.  A week from now, we will be in FL...his 1st bday party will be over.  His actual bday will be almost be over.  These last 51 weeks have been a whirlwind, but an amazing one full of blessings with this sweet little boy that makes our hearts and home complete.  What a difference a year can make...(as evidenced by me below a year ago...thinking I had 2 weeks til my due date and instead only have 6 days til his birth :)). 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snowmen :)

 Just a lil' sneak peek into our day....

Been a very busy week, but had to share the fun lil' snowmen we made today on this 55 degree Dec. day!  Our snow is just about gone, but we couldn't let it say goodbye w/o some fun lil snow creations...5 lil' Steg ice people to match our fab. five kiddos :) 

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Destroyer

 No longer is our little man just "Mr. Trouble"...he has now earned the new role of "The Destroyer".  I think the above picture can tell you...he is not a quiet baby...and he is not a sit and play calmly baby either.  He is what I like to call "the spawn of his father" :)  Kevin will deny this up and down, but he was apparently a very wild child (as evidenced by many, many stories from his parents and aunts and uncles).  For instance...he once put his own brother through a wall as they "calmly" played.  Yes, that's my calm Kev.  Thankfully he did grow into a very docile adult so there is hope for Logan.  My fear is our "stuff" may not make it through Logan's toddler-hood.

Over the course of the last couple weeks he has broken countless numbers of things (averaging about 2 things a day, I'd say).  He broke an ice cream scoop (he likes to bang things together), numerous ornaments, he's chewed half our chairs up (part dog/part human??), broke a couple books, a couple Nutcrackers, torn up my magazines and a good portion of our tissue paper that our ornaments were wrapped in (he loves to shred things...part hamster/rodent??)  Today he broke a second part off our train under our tree and then he broke Mary's arm off as she watched baby Jesus in the manger.  Poor Mary :(  I feel often that I clean a room, walk out of it, tornado-Logan crawls through and the room is a wreck 5 mins later.  This is especially true of our kitchen (he LOVES our tupperware cabinet!) and our living room (he LOVES DVDs and their cases and throwing them everywhere!)

All we can do is laugh.  At this rate he may force us to get rid of clutter just b/c he either shreds it or breaks it.  Maybe God gave us this final rowdy boy as our declutterer??  haha :)  That's what I"m choosing to think on days where's he's running me ragged.  I do love you Logan Thomas, but you wear your mama out! :)
(don't let the picture fool you...he is NO Santa's helper...he would break all of the toys in Santa's shop if he were at the North Pole :))

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Catch-up :)

 Been another busy weekend, but no time to do a run-down of it. Instead here's some pics from a couple weeks ago when we started setting out our Christmas stuff. I say "started" b/c we are still working on getting it out. :)  The best thing about this Christmas is the wonder and discovery of it through Logan's eyes. He loves everything about it, I think.  He even loves the extra clutter to play with (glad someone does!)  Here he is discovering Christmas lights for the first time :)
 The roommates with their shared "tree space" :)
 Hays even put up her tree :)  (I am just realizing I never got pics of them with their finished trees...and never took one of D with his tree...scattered mama!) :)
 Shelby pretending to be a tree :) buddy decorated his own tree :)  Love!
 Santa's helper :)
And D with the candy bouquet that he helped make for his ballerina Trepak Sis :)

More pics to come....

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My (cold) Sweeties :)

 Just a few random shots from last weekend...of the kids in our first big snow...this is for you FL folk so you can actually "feel" the cold :)  The white stuff was really coming down...and very chilly!  My sweet Ash was covered in it...she was wet/cold down to her skin.  Poor kid!  But, she still loved it and stayed out for hours!
 My big boy loved it too and he's not usually the outdoorsy/cold type.  Check out his lost tooth...and that day he lost (and swallowed!) another! 
 My Sweet Shelb...she loved the snow too and built a snow fort!  Pics of that to come later...
 My baby boy...very red in the face b/c he had just done a face plant into the snow off his sled.  Not the best way to start off his sledding experience...
 Hailey did go out with us this first day, but mostly this day was known as Nutcracker debut for her!  Plus I had to throw in a warmer looking pic!
 We went out again the next day to play.  Logan liked this day better b/c it was sunnier and not so snowy.  He especially loves his Sissy, Hailey :)
My fav boys...they LOVED sledding together...and, yes, Logan is smiling and giggling going down our sled hill :)

As much as I don't love snow/cold...there can be some fun found in it...trying to be grateful for a week's worth of white stuff in our midst :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec 27

This was the expiration date on my three jugs of milk today.

I did a double take.

I then realized 2 weeks from tomorrow is this date.

My baby will be ONE.

I drove by the hospital where he was born tonight.

I saw the big Christmas tree on top all lit up.

It was this way 351 days ago when we drove there at crawl-speed during a blizzard. 

How in the world did a whole year go by?

I looked at baby pictures of him last week.

I feel like I don't remember any of it.

Never has a year of my life gone by so fast.

Never has it been such a blurr.

Is this how it will be til my kids are grown and gone? 


I don't like that time goes by so quickly.

I didn't know a date on a milk jug could bring such emotion, but it did.

It also reminded me that I have 15 days to finish all my Christmas stuff, gather 1st bday stuff, pack and just get through the holiday.  Still pretty confident this is not enough time.  But also fairly confident that whether I get all the stuff on my to-do list done, time will go on and I will survive :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Tumbler :(

Well, it finally happened today.  Something I really had hoped would never happen to my baby...but should have known better given that life is distracting and our boy is very quick on his knees now...

He took his first tumble down the stairs.

Thankfully it was the basement stairs which allowed him a fairly soft landing.

Let me backtrack...

I was looking for a lost book in a pile of clutter.  Logan had just woken up from his nap.  I had set him down in the kitchen as it was about time to leave to get Ash from preschool.  I was preoccupied looking for the book.  I turned to see where he was and he was gone.  I noticed the basement door open right way.  I could hear him grunting funny.  He had gone for the cat water which sits on the top step now.  He was actually head first all stretched out on three steps with the bowl in his hand (picture spiderman).  I think he would have been ok had I not scared him.  But, my quick movement startled him and down he went. It was awful to watch.  Just awful.  It was so slow motion and I was about two steps behind him the whole time, but could not bend over to get him. Instead I had to watch his little body bob from step to step and his little head hit the wall twice.  I was screaming.  He was probably scared to death so he didn't make a sound as he fell.  All the while he kept the cat bowl in his hand grasping it for dear life probably hoping it would make him stop falling.  He landed at the bottom (which was thankfully not full of toys at the moment) and looked up at me screaming with his big blue eyes full of tears.  It was just awful...awful.  I scooped him up as fast as I could and cried along with him.  We called daddy and cried some more.  By the end of the conversation with daddy, Logan was laughing at me.  Praise the Lord for making babies so resilient.  I don't think I'll ever forget how awful it was to see my baby fall down the stairs.  I've never witnessed one of my kids' falling the whole day down the stairs.  It sure looked traumatic and I have a feeling I'll be reliving it in my dreams tonight :(  So, so thankful he is ok (aside from a scrape on his forehead from the wall). I know it could have been way worse.  I had him take his nap on my lap today just in case he had concussion issues.  Poor kid.  He's back to his busy ways tonight :) 

So, he's got his first tumble out of the way :(  I was really praying this wouldn't happen to him.  I guess we have to have a better option for our kitties and the door being open

.  The only reason we don't have a gate on those stairs is b/c Syd and Sam (our cats) are too old to easily jump over the gate (we think Sam has arthritis).  So we want them to be able to be upstairs with us during the day and get to their litter/food too.  We will have to come up with a new solution b/c I cannot keep worrying about the basement door being open/closed.  I don't think my heart can handle any more tumbles down the stairs.  Heart be still!

The only bright side of the tumble down the stairs is that we think it finally scared the poops out of Logan. He has been constipated for over a month and he did the biggest poop ever after his fall!  I guess there is something to the statement "scared the crap out of ya'" :)


I was checking out some pics today and ran across these two and had to post. When in the world did my baby girl grow up!?  I used to have to bend down to take a pic with her (2007) and now she's almost my height!  Wow, how time flies and kids grow! (and on a side note, I think she needs to teach me how to do make-up...I am looking old, tired and frumpy and she's just beautiful!) :)

The Christmas Crunch

Well, we're in crazier-than-normal-mode here at the Steg house. I am calling it "the Christmas Crunch". Not my fav. thing :(  Even Kev is stressed.  He's stressed about the current clutter (we still have all our Christmas bins out--about 8 total--and they are almost like 8 extra people who constantly live in our dining room, living room and kitchen).  I am stressed about the thought of more "clutter" coming in with new Christmas gifts.  Not to mention we have so much to do in the next 10 days before school ends (yikes, 10 days...where has Dec. gone???)  It has become very apparent to me that we will in no way shape or form get everything done that we need (want?) to get done before we leave for FL.  I am even worried about us simply getting packed (you should see our laundry/clothing situation!).  Anyway...I am trying to keep it in perspective, but I have a constant knot in my stomach knowing all we still have to do in such a short time.  I was feeling very anxious this morning and I love how God used a friend of mine to give me some great wisdom.  I am posting it on the blog b/c I think it's a great reminder to all of us on a daily basis, especially those "say yes-ers" like myself :)

To my sweet sister in Christ,

Just a reminder, when we say yes to something we don't really feel called to do, then we will say no to something else (that may be our calling). Gosh I hate to be reminded of that but practicing this has made my life easier and left me happier.

Take care of yourself!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Few Weekend Shots...

 Just a quick post for today...and of course had to show off some "snaps" from the last 3 days.  Of my beautiful Trepak/Russian ballerina before her Friday night debut show :)  Doesn't she look so grown up now?!  So proud of her!
 And the kids during the snow storm (our snow day!) on Friday.  You can even see the snow still coming down...
 My kids all dressed up yesterday before Hailey went to her final Nutcracker show.  Ash went with me...she was pretty excited as you could tell!  Check out all that snow!  Logan was hitting Ash with the Nutcracker. He has successfully already broken one Nutcracker (nice job, mini-Fritz!) :)
 Hays before yesterday's show.  This is the MAC (Musical Arts Center) where she performs.  Check out the snow!  It's never been this snowy for one of our Nutcrackers before!

 Just had to add a couple pics for Nina :)  Of Hailey in her new dress, which got lost in the mail and arrived about 2 hours before we needed it on Thursday night!  Phew!  Glad it made it before the snow b/c we haven't had mail since!  She looked beautiful.  Never shopped Forever 21 before, but they have great stuff and we got this one on clearance!  And below is Hays after the the big Nutcracker :)
 Us last night in the Live Nativity.  Kev was in the Last Supper scene and the kids were in Jesus and the Children scene.  Hays and I switched off so this was my turn to be in the scene.  She watched Logan for me.  Our Uncle Randy and Cousins, Alyssa and Harrison were in it too. It was a cold night to sit outside for this! BRRR!
My baby pretty much hates the cold white stuff, but here was one pic of him not crying on Friday as he discovered it.  Sweet boy!

So, here we are on's been a weird morning.  Got up and ready to go--at the normal 6:45.  Got Hailey's lunch all packed and was ready to get all the kiddos up, when Kev came down and said there was a delay.  Apparently we missed the 5am phonecall from the school system.  One down side of not having a phone in your bedroom, I guess.  We did go back to bed, but not the same slumber we were pretty much awake.  Ash then only had 1 hour of preschool.  Not really even worth it to go home in that amount of time.  I did get myself and Logan fed and he got a 30 minute nap, but still not ideal.  So much for getting this house cleaned up after the Nutcracker craziness!  Now Christmas prep really begins.  School holiday activities, school programs, Christmas parties, shopping (hopefully all online!), 1st bday party prep and packing for FL among many, many other things.  I am not sure how I am going to get this all done in 2 weeks time, especially with a baby who is into everything!!  At this point I'm keeping it all in stride, but check back in a week or two to see how my sanity is :)  

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

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