Friday, February 28, 2014

A few old pics to pass the time...

 Lots of party planning to do still...we are last minute on that as always!  But it's been a busy day and I need to sit for a thought I'd post a few old pics.  Of Logan and his "at home" 1st bday party last month...rocket-themed...and biggest sis, Hays, my wonderful helper :) 
 Daddy-daughter girl scout square dance on Feb 8 :)  Daddy even got Shelb a lovely corsage and they had a rootin' tootin' time dancing that evening!
 Ash and her own rendition of her fav. snowman--Olaf :)
 Logan looking sporty in his new knitted hat that my mom got on an online auction from my old friend Wendi's blog.  So cute!  It'll be perfect for next winter!  Thanks, Shelley!
 These are for Pops....tell us what you think of bball Dyl and his form :)  He loves bball right now!  Two more games to go.  He shoots....
 ...he scores! Well, this doesn't show it, but he did!  Is that proper follow-through, Pops?  Looks a little girly to me?! :)
Love this shot! Lol!  Love my big boy's enthusiasm. 

Here's to another busy weekend....and some crazy weather yet again coming our way which I hope doesn't mess with party plans!  I am just thankful bday boy is feeling better!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

14 months...growing so fast!

Just a quick post in honor of my boy...who is now 14 months old.  Wow, where has time gone?  He is now a big ol' walker...he walks back and forth from room to room and it's the cutest thing ever how he waddles around.  He's such a big boy.  Here's a few pics from the last couple camera was on the wrong setting for most of them so they are grainy (but still cute :)).  We made Logan his own snowman before our snow melted.  He wasn't so excited to see his helmet on the white snowy guy :)  And no one bothered to tell me I was not grammatically correct with my 13 month sign last month! lol :)  Love this little guy so much and feel so blessed by his crazy baby ways :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Learing the hard way

Well, the blog has been and will be post-less for awhile. 

Our sweet lil' fam is just going through some tough times.  Trying to re-evaluate what we make important and trying to balance it all.  Because it's just become too much of a rat race for us.  I just about lost my mind on Monday morning.  Lack of sleep had a ton to do with it.  Being up at 4am is not good for me (I'm a very non-morning person!).  But I am not the only one struggling right now.  It's one thing when I'm struggling, but to see my kids and hubby struggling...that's especially not good.  I hate that it has to come to us all having some mental breakdowns for us to make some changes, but I think you know us Stegs--we tend to learn the hard way :)

At any rate...I've had a couple of days to recup the mind and spirit and try to gather more rest...and now it's time to make some major changes.  I need to hold myself accountable to these things too....

1.  Very few (or no more!) playdates for the kids for the next two months.  This doesn't include two parties that I know we will have in the very near future.  But all other playdates at our house are no-go.  And as much as I love to help friends out when they need help with kids, that will also include this.  I hate this, but I have got to have more "me" time and more time with just Ash and Logan during the days.  Ash will be in Kinder in just 5 months...eek!  Plus I have learned recently she is also very much needing some quiet time in the afternoons after her busy mornings.

2.  Less activity on the weekends.  This has got to happen and it's going to be tough saying "no" to good things like church activities and some parties, but this dropping kids off here and there sounds like it's simple, but it's just sucking up our weekends.  If only we had an extra chauffeur in town (like a Nina or Pops). Sigh.

3.  We have got to take more "me" time. I am not just talking about me. Though some time sitting in bed watching movies or napping or soaking in the tub...that sounds lovely!  I'm also talking about Kev.  He needs some more down time. I fear this craziness will put him in an early grave.  And the kids need their down time too.  To just play in their rooms or read or anything....

I know there are many more things to add to this list, but this is where I'm starting.  It's all gonna really have to start with some prayer, because I am so not good at doing all three of these things....and I'm also a people pleaser so I want to help those out who need it and give my kids every opportunity to play with friends and go to activities.  But, being this worn down from all of this is going to put us all in the loony bin.  Praying we can be strong and make some changes b/c ultimately I know a happier/more rested family is a better family :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Feeling so exhausted on this Sunday night.  We are realizing quickly that this non-stop scheduling has to stop.  We are just getting too old for this...poor Kev and I :)  The kids are wearing down too. It was Shelby's violin concert today and honestly I didn't think she'd make it through it.  She was struggling today.  None of us can shut our brains down at night so we get a good night's sleep and we pay for it the next day.  She is just as bad as us.  We probably could have used a whole day to do nothing today.  Not in the cards.  We need to make some great strides in March to cut back.  I am certainly glad our spring break is in 3 weeks b/c we are doing NOTHING then! pics today and no deep post....

It was a fun weekend in some respects...

1.  We got to see both our ballerinas dance at parent visitation week.  Hays was over the moon to have us fawning over her and taking pics :)  Ash was as cute as always hamming it up in her creative movement class.  I think she might be the youngest in the class of 20, but she was the tallest.  She's gonna be a big girl!

2.  D had a great bball game.  He's a little hustler out there.  Love to see his energy channeled in the right direction. 

3.  D finally saw the lego movie with daddy.  This was originally going to be his bday party (take some friends to see it), but he didn't love this idea.  Sure would have been easier than a party at home like we're having next weekend.  Oh well.  He had fun going to see the big movie with daddy. 

4.  Finally planned out D's lego party for next Sunday.  Nothing like last minute.  He planned out most of the games himself and wants to make it a Lego Olympics.  Should be fun...and crazy with a bunch of boys in the house.  Thankfully we cut the number of boys down to a handful so it won't be as crazy as year's past (fingers crossed!).  We did get invites out on Sat.  Daddy made them...and they are pretty cool :)

5.  Shelby did beautifully for her violin concert today.  She played "Quirk"--a fun piece.  It was standing-room only in that concert hall. Crazy.  Poor Nina and Poppy Stegs were about 5 minutes too late and missed her part.  They were bummed...but they were good sports for being there. And so sweet to take us out to Steak and Shake after for shakes and food :)  It was great to see them in their week back from AZ. 

6.  We made the trek to Indy for the afternoon for our 2nd cousin's 1st bday.  It was a fun lil' Hungry Caterpillar theme for Rylee.  She was so cute too being very tidy with eating her apple cake :)  It was great to see most of the Steg fam.  Logan toddled all around.  He can now walk across whole rooms and even from one room back to another.  I think his helmet makes him top heavy so he's often off's funny to watch.

7.  Hailey's ballet article was actually published in the paper 812 magazine that just came out.  Our family stumbled upon it and was shocked to see her photo and name in print like that.  Very cool for our "famous" ballerina :) 

Lots of fun things in a full weekend....but a large part of me is wanting things to be a little dull and boring and not so "full".  I know this is our problem to solve.  We'll figure it out.  Now it's off to bed to finish watching the closing ceremonies.  Love that there is more ballet in it.  Not a common thing for Olympics, but it's a great part of Russian culture.

Nighty Night...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Smiles :)

 Just a few misc. Sat. smiles to brighten the day :)  Dylan and his lego man cake on his bday last month...
 Ash having a snack...can you guess what? :)
 Sweet Sis Shelb reading to her little bro :)
 Someone learned to brush his teeth for the first time....yes, he thought the toothbrush was for his hair :)  But what a good invention...a hair/tooth brush!  Genius!
 I am realizing I have very few pics of Hays...I might have to fix this problem...beware, Hays :)  This is all I got of Hays this D's derby race...
My sweet girl scout before her father-daugher square dance :)

Hope you all are having a super Sat.  Ours was busy but good!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Yes, you can have fun in snow :)

 Just some proof of that fact that you can have fun in snow despite my "cold" attitude about it this year :)  Just a few snow pics to "warm" the spirit today. Especially since ours is completely gone!  We have had tropical 65 degree days and thunderstorms lately.  I'm not complaining! are a few pics of our sledding adventures at Hailey's middle school a couple weeks ago.  I wish Hailey had been able to go, but her homework sched. is ridiculous lately and her Sundays are sadly so super busy.  Next time she'll go with us!  Though hopefully it's next year that we get more snow!  LOL at sledding Shelbers...she never fails to give us a good laugh with her antics :)
 Sweet Ash...she is like a big kid now...when did that happen?  She loves sledding...
 D never used to like the snow til this year...he really got into it.  Future snowboarder?  (though we don't have a snowboard so he uses his sled :))
 First time standing in the snow for the wee one :)
 Someone is excited to sled with daddy :)
 Not sure he's excited to go with mama...or maybe he doesn't recognize her with her French attire on her head :)  Bonjour!
 Beautiful Ash :)
 Beautiful Shelb :)
 Handsome and definitely funny Dyl :) Corndog for sure :)
 Who's that crazy lady pulling that big mystery bundle? 
 My boys.  Poor L can't even move, but he loves sledding with his sibs :)
 Sweet Asher
 Me and 4 of my cuties.  Poor Logan had had it by was cold and he was all wet.....and below is my Hays the day before Vday.  I had to include a pic of her and that was all I had.  She isn't my picture happy girl anymore :)  She made these sweet treat (heart brownies!) for her best buds at school for V-day. Yummers!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  We'll be busy as usual...but at least I'll have Kev home to help man the masses :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Boys!

Just a quick post show off my handsome boys and say how proud of I am of them both. Of my baby who is being so brave in his cumbersome blue helmet (he is "hot stuff" regardless of his head gear!) :)  And of my oldest boy and his winning pinewood derby car (and trophy!) :)  Love these two blue-eyed guys so much!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where's my sweet Ash?

The Ash I know and appreciate so much for her laid back, sweet attitude has disappeared lately. 

Let me start by saying, that I don't blame the poor thing.  I have not been myself lately and maybe that's rubbing off on her (she is a lot like Shelby and kinda runs off the emotions of her mama :)).  Also, I've been told lots of kiddos in the area (and at preschool) have been going a little stir-crazy in the drama department due to being cooped up inside with this crazy winter weather...either that or some swear there are some weird 5 year old hormonal things going on.  I don't know what the reason is, but our Ash is not her normal, easy going, "full of kindness" self lately.  We've even had some pretty hysterical tears the last couple which I have been making her lay in her bed for quiet (aka nap) time.  She has not been pleased about this b/c she does not like naps.

But, let me get back to the point.  Today was not great.  I was really praying for a better day.  I tried to have a positive outlook.  I got ready early and tried to go to Chapel at preschool with Ash.  Logan just didn't want anything to do that with that.  It was his naptime by then and we had to leave 10 minutes into everything.  I was bummed, but Ash snuggled up next to another mom and seemed happy with that. That sorta made me sad too.  But, I have learned to really just go with the flow about stuff like that.  I cannot control a tired toddler and fighting him to sit still was not worth the stress.  We headed home.  We had been invited to go to a gymnastics open gym after preschool. We do this often enough. I had told the other moms we probably wouldn't go b/c of Ashley's weekly antics.  I had told her she needed to nap.  I changed my mind and decided I didn't want Ash to miss out on the fun so when I picked her and her friend up from preschool I surprised her with the news. She was ecstatic. All went well at the open gym.  I was happy with my decision to forgo the nap and let her play with friends.  Then our hour of play was up and it was time to go. Ash didn't want to. She went for the trampoline.  I told her she had one more jump and then to put her shoes on.  She didn't get off so I warned her again.  This time she got off, crossed her arms, stomped off, glared and me....and worse of all....she stuck her tongue out at me.  And then she almost smiled.  Oh my goodness! What in the world. I almost passed out from the shock...b/c this is just not my Ashley.  She is known at preschool for her sweetness and obedience. I was floored.  I told her to come over to me right then and we had a chat.  I told her she'd be disciplined at home and she said "I don't care".  What?  Never have I heard her be so indignant. I was just so upset.  I had to make it through taking her friend home and all those pleasantries...and even during that process we talked again about how she had hurt my feelings and made me sad by letting me down with her attitude. She again said she didn't care.  Then later she took that back and said she had said the wrong thing...and that she did care.  Not so sure she meant that.  She had to call daddy and tell him what she had done as soon as we got home.  He took away treats for the next 3 days.  I had my own discipline.  She was pretty heartbroken by the end of was I. It's emotionally taxing to see your sweet 5 year old be so nasty all of a sudden. I am a little concerned about some friends influencing her, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she chose to act that way.  I hold her responsible.  I want my sweet girl back and am trying to figure out what's happened, and praying I can stand firm in discipline so she returns to her kind ways.  Maybe this will also help me keep my own attitude in check.  Obviously our household is under some stress right now.  We all just need to chill out and slow down.

I love you, Asher girl.  And I know you are a sweet, loving girl at heart.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Parental Frustrations

Do ya' ever feel like you just stink at parenting.  Like sometimes you are still a child in a parent's body.  I am feeling that way tonight. I just have no more patience for any of this...for the laziness of the kids, for the lack of chore-doing, lack of motivation, etc, etc, etc.  I really thought today would be a good day.  Kev let me sleep in til after the kids got on the bus.  I had high hopes that more sleep=better mom.  I also thought warmer temps (50s!)=happier mentality.  I guess sometimes even more sleep and better weather can't help a bad day.  I sure hope tomorrow is a better day.  My sweet Shelb just cried herself to sleep. She reminds me so much of myself and I find that so sad.  I used to flip out about undone homework as a child.  I would overreact over small things.  She is so much like me.  I feel bad I passed those "overreacting" genes on.  She is also my less is more girl (less activity is more happiness...she's a homebody like her mama) on M,T,W she is stressed often b/c she has too much to do.  I get that. I feel the same.  I think sometimes my frustrations with our crazy schedule rub off on her.  This stinks. I want to fix things for her...for us.    Sometimes I wonder what God was doing making me mom to 5 kids.  I know for sure he was trying to teach me something...quite possibly it's to "let go"...and to "let go of a lot more than I am willing to let go" :)  This is gonna be hard work for me... 

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Anchored in Hope"

I have had an "off" day.  My days seem to be more like this than not lately.  It's been interesting what God has been showing me on days like today. I've had a hand full of "ah ha" moments in my quiet morning hours.  This was one of them below.  I stumbled across this posted on facebook. Maybe you have seen it. If not, you should.  It hit home with me...tears rolling down my cheeks the whole time as I watched the video and poured over the photos.  This could have been us a year ago.  Welcoming our 5th child with a possible genetic disorder.  Logan had this possible diagnosis of Trisomy 18.  He could have had a 10 day life.  I am quite certain I wouldn't have embraced hope like this family did.  What amazing faith this couple and these 4 siblings have.  I am amazed every time I hear a story like this, but it just really touched my soul to see how God gives such strength in difficult situations.

I am hugging my children a little tighter tonight and praising God for my miracle of health in Logan.  Yes, he has a big blue helmet covering his sweet big noggin as he snoozes away right now, but that is such a minor blip on our radar of life.  I am blessed.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekends go by too quickly...

I'm feeling robbed lately of weekend time.  Why can't there be 3 day weekends.  I think I'd feel much more rested if Monday were an extra Sunday.  I have been a bump on a log this weekend.  I took a nap yesterday. That rarely happens.  I went to bed early last night.  That also rarely happens.  I just can't recover from our crazy weekdays anymore. I think I am getting old.  I am pretty sure we accomplished about 10% of what we hoped to this weekend.

I didn't get anything planned yet for Dylan's party.  Really need to do that.

I didn't get any research done on hotels in NYC.  Really, really need to do that.

I didn't get any laundry and hardly any dishes done and definitely didn't make a dent in housecleaning. Thankfully Kev got some of it done...but probably not the amount he hoped either.  Shelby was our stellar launderer.  She even organized Logan's drawers for me.  She was awesome today!

We didn't get our unfortunate computer/photo issues resolved.  Ugh.  Photoless posts are boring me...

I didn't get as much sleep/rest as I hoped.  Story of my life.

But....we did do lots of things in the place of these...

Kev and I had a lovely Vday on Friday...the kids had a fun time at church. Ash had a good time at a party.  Hays had a good time at YAGP and with ballet friends.  I know I already mentioned all this.  Saturday brought our usual rigamarole.  Ash ballet-ed up a storm :)  Hays did too.  Dylan was a super bball-er.  Shelb and Ash napped (shocker!)...they have been emotionally-challenged lately and needed some extra rest (although they disagreed!) Hays enjoyed a bday sleepover at a friend's.  Poor girl was barely home this weekend.  Oh and we did get some awesome Facetime with Nina and Pops in FL on Sat.  The kids were fighting over who got to talk to them first...then there were tears. We just love our Nina and Poppy chat time :)  Today was a rat race....Cub Scout Sunday for Dylan/Kev (helped with the church service), volunteering and youth group for Hays, GS cookie sale for Shelb at Kroger...and best part of the day was seeing Frozen with my boy.  He was so excited.  I got him a pack of Airheads from Kroger and he was a happy guy.  He loved the movie and I could even hear him singing the songs during it (he loves music :)).  I was glad to have a date with my oldest boy...I need to do this more often.  And I realized I probably only saw half the movie the other day with Ash. Much better to take an 8 year old boy than a 1 year old :)  Poor Kev is now the only Steg not to have seen the big hit movie :)  Then we raced home and did sledding at the middle school for an hour.  1st time doing so for the boy in his helmet.  It was good protection for his big noggin and also kept him warm.  He sacked out when he got home, ate for 5 mins and fell asleep again in his high chair. He's still on my chest sleeping.  I treasure helmet-free times like this.

Now a new week is upon us.  Not excited about that, but it's the way it is.  I like my family being home and not having to rush to and fro all day long.  I have talked to lots of people lately about homeschooling (or online schooling) and such.  No way...I don't think this is a calling meant for us Stegs, but I do often thing of all my homeschool friends who don't have to rush off to schools in the morning.  I am sure it's nice to control your schedule and do so from the comforts of home....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Starband (aka the blue football helmet)

We've had the Starband on for 3 days's my thoughts....


1.  I think he feels warm and cozy with it on...which is good in this cold weather...he actually takes pretty good naps in it in his car seat.  He slept at ballet today the entire time.  Very rare for him. 
2.  You can see him coming now...his head almost glows :)
3.  It really brings out the blue in his eyes.  I think it's actually the same color as his eyes. 
4.  When he falls, he is well protected.  Not that I'm hoping he falls down anymore stairs, but he's run into a few things and made some minor falls, all with very little tears :)
5.  He sorta looks extra cute with only a blonde tuft of hair showing at the top of his head and his round little face protruding out of the helmet.  His cheeks look extra cute and chubby squishing out of the helmet. 
6.  He almost seems extra comical with the helmet on.  He's cracked me up a lot that last few days with some of his gestures and faces.  Can a helmet made one funnier?  Hmmm....


1.  It's not as easy to kiss his cheeks or face or hug him.  You basically get a big helmet in your face.  This just means I cherish my 1 hour of helmet free-ness even more.  Like now.  I get to nurse him w/o a helmet in the crook of my arm.
2.  I miss seeing his hair.  I fear it's going to turn to brown and I won't even know it! :)
3.  Stinky and sweaty.  That's how his head gets with it on for even an hour.  Can you imagine how "fumey" and sticky he'll be this summer with it on for 23 hours a day.  Poor kid.  He got his dad's sweat genes too.  I miss his sweet baby smell...and he always has "hat head"....not sure if that's good or bad :)
4. Head changes?  I know this should be good...but he took his first bath tonight and I swear his head looks more crooked.  I hope I'm just tired and irrational, but it felt like it was bulging on the left/bigger side.
5.  I don't really like the questions a helmet brings.  I have had him wear it in a public a few times, but not most.  The preschool gang is great about things. They already knew about the helmet before he got it.  Ash is actually proud of it and wants to tell everyone about it even when he's not wearing it.  I love her positivity! :)  He wore it to ballet today and I heard a little girl ask her dad about it.  He had no clue what it was for I and I could tell he was sshhh-ing her.  Another dad thought it was a "different kind of" hat.  I have found most people have no clue what a helmet is for.  Come next Tuesday I know he'll have it all on day and I need to gear up for more questions. I'm not embarrassed by them, I just really am not a chatty person so fending off medical questions is not my thing.  I guess I need to look at it as a teaching moment and a growing experience for me :)
6.  His head is heavier.  Sometimes I think he just wants to lay that head down on the floor b/c it was heavy before the helmet, but now it's evenmoreso! 
7.  It's hard for him to lay his head on my should and cuddle.  I think he knows this and he's been trying extra hard the last few days. 

So, that's my thoughts after 3 days of helmet-head.  I realize the negatives outweigh the positives right now, but honestly things are going much smoother than I thought.  He really doesn't even whimper now when I put it on.  And he even slept half the night with it on last night.  I am shocked that any person can deal with a helmet like this and not find it cumbersome and annoying. Thank goodness for mellow babies like our little man!

Hopefully I can show off pics soon. We are looking into our "mass amount of pictures" problem tomorrow, but no promises.  So much to do and so little time...  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Vday...with (no surprise) more snow! :)

Well, it's another flashback to year's past (last year!)....b/c this mama has taken too many pics and filled our computer....thus no current pics.  But, since I didn't blog much a year ago these are new-ish pics.  And they remind me of how quickly the kids grow...little guy is soooo much bigger...all the kids look more mature...and have grown a few new teeth :)  They change so fast! 
Awww...Logan's 1st Vday.  He looks like he's deep in thought....
Teehee....had to do this last year...the "mustache" was all the rage then...and still is, I guess...
He had his fair share of 1st vday shirts/outfits...
Today was CRAZY.  Didn't start out on the best note.  I went to bed at 2am after saving all my vday prep til the last minute. Bad idea given the busy day I had yesterday with running to and from to doc's appts.  Thank goodness Logan was a trooper with his helmet.  My alarm never went off this morning (apparently God's sign that I needed more rest!), so my brain was a mess trying to rush kids to the bus, forgetting homework, throwing teacher gifts together.  It was not the ideal morning routine.  Ash has her vday was fun, but busy.  Then she went to play at open gym with friends while I ran to stores. I had forgotten all my money and credit cards so had to run back home.  Logan was in and out of his helmet way too much.  Then raced to D's school for his party only to find out his teacher didn't want parents there. I had no idea.  D was supposed to tell me. He is not the good message-relayer. all worked out good b/c the snow started coming down fast about this time and they let kids out of school early. Quite a mess actually.  Ran Ash to a friend's for a bday party, then to our church for Parent's Night night for Kev and I. I almost backed out of the whole thing b/c I was so tired.  Glad I didn't.  Kev and I enjoyed some yummy take-out from Olive Garden and a nice movie all from the comforts of our home w/o kids :)  Three kids had a good time at church, Ash had a good time at her bud's party and Hays had a good time at the ballet grand prix.  It was a good day, but exhausting (like most days are!).  My sweet baby has been a trooper today in his helmet.  He was "hot stuff"'ll see later from pics :)  He was the hit of the nursery tonight...I guess he was so sweet and all he wanted to do was play with balls.  Now he's sacked out on the couch snoozing in his helmet.  So proud of that sweet-tempered boy.  And just love and adore all my kiddos and my wonderful hubby :)  Happy Valentine's to all!  XOXOXO!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Sweet (helmeted) Boy...

...he was such a trooper today.

I really didn't give him credit enough for being so mellow before now.  Thank goodness he is.  He whimpered a little here and there, but honestly...he acts like he was born with a helmet on his head, and even a few times he seemed to have fun with it (he discovered tonight that banging it against the wall makes great noise...and when mama knocks on it and say "knock knock, who's there?"...well, it's kinda funny :)) 

My baby boy was brave today.  I wasn't so sure how it would go when we first tried the thing on. He wanted it off bad...tried to pull at it, screamed at it, screamed at us.  But, he seemed to get over it very quickly and go about his business of being the busy boy he is...and he even rode home for an hour with it on and fell asleep.  I was shocked. 

I'm not gonna lie though. The thing is butt ugly.  It's much bigger than I had anticipated it would be (not surprising...he has a big head!).  I thought I'd be able to hide it under a hat when we were out.  Ummm, no.  I think I'd need a big turban to cover it up.  My parents were kind enough to say he looks like a football player with one of those old-time helmets.  The kids pretty much said it like it was, "he looks like an alien".  Yep, he does.  An alien from the planet "Blue" :)  Blue's been my fav. color for as long as I can remember.  I am not sure it will be after this is all said and done.  He looks like a blue bubble popped on his head.  Don't get me's a cute bubble...but's a "in your face" big ol' bubble on his head.  And it messes with his face too.  I think it pushes down on his big blue eyes and squishes them :(  It doesn't seem to bother him, but it looks funny.  The one thing he has going for him is that it matches his eyes :)  Hey, I'm trying to grasp for positives here :) the deed is done.  It took a lot out of me today...just emotional for some reason. I had my fears about it all. I know my mom did too.  I think she rubbed off on me a bit.  I should have trusted my sweet boy to be braver...and to trust that God would bring peace in this situation.  That's not to say that I'm excited about this all, but I did feel peace.  I got anxious when the helmet first went on. I had to restrain Logan so he wouldn't flip out.  I had to hold back some tears.  But, a few minutes later, he calmed down and my heart did too.  Tonight will be his last night not sleeping in it (we are on a rotating helmet schedule til Monday).  He is supposed to go tomorrow night w/o the helmet too, but because he is tolerating things so well, I think we'll keep it on him.  Today he's had it on an hour and then off and hour.  Tomorrow is on 2 then off 1....and so on the next few days. I am glad he can have it off tomorrow a bit.  I got some stickers to decorate it for vday, but honestly...there is no covering that big blue goo up. :)  So, here's to being positive about our boy's new head gear...and lots of positive thoughts and prayers that by summer it has done some good :)  So proud of you, buddy.  Even though your head is sweaty and smells like plastic now, I still love you and want to snuggle you :)   

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last day of (head) freedom...

...I'm sad tonight. 

It's the last day for awhile my little boy's tufts of blonde hair will breathe free :(

I have dreaded tomorrow for the last week.  I know in my heart it's something we have to try for the betterment of his head shape...but a big part of me is gonna be sad and miss seeing the sweetness of his full face for the next few months.  Instead tomorrow this time it will be hidden halfway by blue plastic.  I am nursing him now and I know tomorrow I'll have to deal with the obstacle of the helmet resting on my arm rather than his soft hair.  In fact by the time he is out of the helmet he might be weaned all together.  So this could be my final day of nursing a helmet-less baby.  That makes me extra sad.  I love feeling his hair while he eats. 

Anyway...I could go on and on and try to talk myself out of tomorrow...but we already made the decision and we need to stick to it.  But, please send prayers up for our boy tomorrow.  That he adjusts quickly.  And that his head cold subsides because right now he is a snotty mess and I can't imagine him dealing with a helmet and a cold at the same time.  And I'd selfishly appreciate some prayers for myself too.  I think this is going to be hard on me to put him through this and I can already envision me wanting to take the helmet off more than 1 hour a day. I already told myself that maybe he'd take it off on Valentine's Day just because I want him to feel and appear normal on that holiday.  We have a lot going on not to mention we have a 4 hour date night that night where Logan was supposed to be at church.  Not sure if that's the best day to be away from him for so long and have someone else watch him.  And I'm already thinking of ways to cover up the helmet and try to make it less noticeable.  I fear that he'll be going from "cute baby" to "oh, what's wrong with his head" baby.  It's just going to be an adjustment all around and I'm a mom who likes to blend in and not answer lots of questions about things and I think the helmet will bring questions.  I get worn thinking about that.

I will post an update tomorrow when it's all said and done, but sadly the blog will have picture-less posts for awhile b/c I am embarrassed to say that I filled up our computer with so many pics that we have no more space to download new ones.  Just another thing to take care of.  This mama is completely beat's been a full day of errand-running, having one of Ashley's best buddies over all day and appts...and now being up late doing v-day stuff for classrooms.  Tomorrow will be much the same.  I do have to say that I love my Ashley's friends.  5 year olds crack me up with what they talk about and how sweet they act.  I am so thankful my kids have such good/fun friends.  And VERY thankful tonight that my mama finally arrived home after spending the night in the Houston airport.  What a pain!  Sleep well tonight, mama :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Ok, so I realize this word applies to many things lately...but actually today it just applies to Disney. 

I finally made the trek to the theaters to watch the movie today.  I feel like I'm one of the only ones who hasn't seen it (though Dylan and Kev are in the same boat), but honestly I rarely go to the movies (can't remember the last time I have been aside from the drive-in, which oddly I don't count...that was Planes...not a fan of spending money on going to the theater for something you can see on Redbox in a few months).  Anyway...but Ash and three of her best preschool buddies and their moms and our three babies decided it was a good activity for yet another cold day (even though all our girls had seen it 2-3 times already).  I am not at all a fan of cartoons usually...but this was a good one. Very creative and different than anything I've seen before in the typical "princess" movie.  I can see why there is a big draw for it even among adults.  That Olaf snowman is hilarious.  Seriously, who comes up with that stuff. Very talented cartoonists out there.  Ash LOVES the music to this too...sings it all the time.  The whole Frozen thing is just the rage among kids and even adults.  Crazy if you ask me.  I know our friends just went to Epcot and waited 3 hours to see these characters.  Now of course Ash is counting down the days til she can go (maybe next spring break?).  At any rate, it was a busy day and this mama is pooped.  I am beginning to remember what it was like to have a busy toddler in the house (though Ash was nowhere near as busy as Logan).  Word from the wise...don't take a 1 year old to see a movie in the theater.  It was his first (and last time he's school age!) and he pretty much crawled up and down the stairs and back and forth across the rows the whole time. I am pretty sure he ate some questionable popcorn off the floor too. Hard to tell when it's dark in there.  But, he just would not give up and take a nap and he never sits still.  I feel like I ran a marathon today between chasing him around there for 2 hours and then chasing him around violin.  We need to come up with a new "Logan" plan as far as taking him in public.  He is wearing me out!

In other good news, I hear our "frozen" tundra is about to thaw out.  Can't wait for our heat wave of 50's next week!  Yeehaw!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Love these parents of mine :)

Well, today is my dear ol' dad's bday.  Two days ago was my marvelous mother's :)  In honor of both of their big days, I just thought I'd post a few pics.  I didn't have much energy or time (heavy homework night for the kids and some meltdowns) this is the best I can do.  Love my dad and the bond he has with his grandkids.  Yes, he's goofy and weird with them and we all know he has a crazy sense of humor, but he loves them deeply and it's evident in so many ways.  And he's got a nice sensitive side too...that's they one that will allow him to wear a pretty bow with his Shelb.  Orange is his color as we all know :)
And my mom...she's truly one of the best women I've ever met.  She just makes everyone comfortable in all situations. She's chatty, happy, fun and make the best of every situation.  And she loves her family fiercely :)  I think this might be one of the rare occasions in life that she'll get all three of her grandsons to sit still long enough to take a pic with her! lol :)  These are three busy boys!  I think Nina is saying under her breath, "take the picture quick...Austin's on the move!" :)
I feel truly blessed every day by these two parents of mine who give so much of themselves to their family and friends.  I know I try to give so much to others because of the example they set... 
I pray one day that I am as hands-on with my grandkids as they are with theirs.

Love you, Mom and Dad...and hope this year of life is full of many more blessings.

This mama is off to bed.  I am grateful tonight for the 2 hour delay we have tomorrow (too cold, I guess)...and grateful especially that the call came tonight and not at 5am.

Fav. moment of the night...Ash's prayer "Please let Logan like his new helmet...and please let him not cry a lot on Valentine's day with his new helmet".  Amen, sista! :)  Two more days of helmet-free-head....

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Misc. Winter Weather Activities...

It's been a long, hard, cold winter and in honor of "all that fun"'s a few pics of us "enjoying" the white stuff and the activities that come along with it.  I much preferred the pics of Logan on the beach sporting his warm one year old smile and carvings in the sand...but I guess since we live in "Inarticana" ya' gotta do a snow one.  I was hoping the orange dye would be more obvious in color.  This looks more like Logan marked his territory :)
Shelby and her snowy sculpture...can you tell what Frozen character it is? I think she did a great job on her Olaf!
Ash and her first ice skating experience!  She is doing a great job at her Tot lessons.  She graduates next week!  YAY, Ash!
Shelby and her Beta lessons.  She's doing awesome too. She hasn't taken lessons since she was Ashley's age.  She's a natural!
Even ballerinas can weather the cold. Here is Hailey a month ago after her joyful SAB audition in Indy. Love this Circle Center statue even covered in snow :)
I realize this is not a winter picture really...but this is what we did a lot of this winter on snow/delay days. We played!  I will miss that in the spring when there are no delays!  I will also miss seeing this crazy hair soon...helmet will go on in T minus 4 days :( :(
My darling ice skaters!
Amen to that!  This was last month when it was -20 or -30 out.  We couldn't even go outside it was THAT cold :(
                                                       Hailey's new-found talent.  Super Shoveler!  If she ever opts out of ballet, she could do this full time in Antarctica...or even Indiana if our winters continue like this :)
Love :)  This baby loves to sled with his sibs.  Ash is a great big sis to hold on so is Angry Bird, Dylan.
So, yes, we've had waaay too much chilly, wintery weather these last 4 months, but I have to say, the kids have had a ball.  We spent a couple hours today at Hailey's middle school sledding down their big hills. It was tons of fun.  Now, it's time to rest and gear up for a busy V-day week!