Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Five Favs :)

Just a quick post with some pics from our pre-Easter (Easter Saturday).  Love these kids so much and looking at pics like this makes me realize how quickly they are growing up.  In 5 years Hailey might not be around for Easter with us.  That's crazy to think about.  Before I know it they will all be grown up and on their own.  Time-needs-to-slow-down!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Someone turned 16 months today...and he was pretty excited :)  Love this growing boy.  He has created quite a personality for himself over the last month...he is honestly quite a goofy kid...full of screams, full of fake cries, full of funny faces, full of hugs and kisses and waves, and definitely FULL of energy!!  So grateful for the 16 months this guy has blessed our home!  Logan Thomas...you give us a run for our money...but you are one cute dude and we love ya'!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


....it baffles me how we can have very little "extras" on the agenda, but still end up not getting anything done around the house.

I think Kev and I finally realized today that in order to get anything done around here, we are really going to have to forceful with the kids about helping.

On the bright side....we did have a fun-filled day of...

*7+ hours of ballet for Hays (the big Mother's Day performance is just around the bend...she's had two more dances added to her list from the last time I think I mentioned it)
*1 hour of ballet for Ash (she is busy learning her performance piece too and I think it might be a little bit longer than last year :))
*going through D's pile (mountain!) of clothes...most of which are too small (he is now the size of Shelby and taller than most 4th graders!).....but the whole point of going through his clothes was to find the lost white baseball pants. We looked for over an hour last night....and over and hour today...only to find them on the banister where I know I looked half a dozen times. I am tired of wasting time looking for lost things....sooo frustrating!  On the bright side, it did force us to reorganize his clothes...bonus! :)
*staying in pj's til almost noon...bliss :) (thank you to Kev for taking on ballet-duty....it was my first time in a long time not being at the MAC all Sat. morning...he was a gem to do this especially since he had worked til 2am)
*Kroger-ing.  Me and the younger girls and Log went Kroger-ing...they were on a mission to get gatorade...for some reason they were craving it and brought their own money to buy it :)
*Baseball!  D had his first game!!!  He was so stoked.  He did pretty good too playing all over the outfield.  He even got a hit.  Pretty good for a boy who hasn't played for a couple years.  I was proud of him.  All he wants to do is practice too...he hit his wiffle balls in the backyard for a couple hours this morning and tonight.  I love this boy and how he gets excited about things. 
*Swinging!  Daddy put together our new glider swing from Nina and Poppy Stegs. A Christmas present that just arrived from Lowes.  Love it!  The kids were fighting over who would take Logan on it.  It was cute.
*Nesting!  We have another robin mama who made a new nest behind our playhouse on our deck. Not the brightest robin, I'd say...she must have built her nest last weekend when we were gone for Easter (and crazy loud Logan wasn't around!)...b/c now I think she is regretting her decision. She squaks (or "honks" as Ash puts it :)) at us all day long when we go on the deck.  Still very cute to have a new nest next to our old one and to know that in 2 weeks we'll have baby birds hatched out of the 4 little blue eggs.  Though trying to keep Logan out of the playhouse for 4 weeks til they fly away is going to be a challenge.
*cleaning...didn't do much of it, but did finally give Cupcake (the hamster) a clean cage. I am not going to guess on the last time it was cleaned, but she might have been trying to claw her way through the metal cage b/c it was so stinky in there. She is going to rest well tonight in her clean haven :)  Tomorrow, Bow the Beta gets a clean home too :)  We are poor pet owners lately.
*hanging with friends...Hailey is off to a sleepover bday with friends.  Happy for her.  She loves to just jump from one thing to the next...

So, I guess that was a busier day than I thought.  I still had hoped to get a lot more accomplished around the house and also hoped to be in bed much earlier than 10pm.  I think this is our reality with 5 kids.  I do have to say that I love days like today....nothing major going on (some poor souls had dance recitals today....haha....sooooo glad we didn't...and some had to be at the ball field for like 6 hours...haha...glad we didn't!).  This is what we consider our easy weekend...the calm before the storm of May!  Hopefully I'll get my act together soon and get some Easter pics posted.  Just easier to type from the laptop right now rather than wade through the mess of the basement.  The countdown is on for Nina and Pops arrival!  Cannot wait!!  

(just another cute pic that Kev's cousin just sent me...of Logan on Easter with the only thing he cared about--Skittles!  He ripped that bag right open and feasted away...and then spit them all over his white shirt :)).  Such sweetness :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In trouble already!

Well, I've made no secret that Logan is the Steg Troublemaker.  I hate to label him even before he's 2, but there is absolutely no denying that he is mini-Kev.  Today was reassurance of that (well, every day is honestly :)).  Today we were at school eating lunch with big brother.  The lunch room there is always rowdy and rambunctious.  It's actually one reason I feel comfortable bringing the crazy Logster there.  He is really not heard amidst the loudness. Well, today, the boys in D's group brought balls to play on the playground. If you know our lil' boy, you know he LOVES balls.  He was going nuts...bouncing them against the windows, against the walls, throwing them to the boys...and squeeling...and screaming and having a grand ol' time.  I really didn't think he was that loud until the lead lunch lady yelled over the loudspeaker "we are on a level zero now (no talking) AND...who is screaming....I hear somebody screaming?!".  I happened to be standing up with Logan and half the kids in there pointed and yelled, "it was the baby!" :)  Yep, our 15 month old got in trouble for the first time at school and he won't even be a student there for 4 more years :)  This might be a prediction of things to come for our busy boy :)  Of course, the lunch lady said "well, I can't yell at a baby" and she smiled...and the students all laughed.  But, this is proof once again that my final child is my true wild child.  He really does not slow down or quiet down all day.  I love him to death, but he sure does wear me out! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Poets :)


Last night my Shelb and Dyl participated in our annual poetry reading at school (called Rock N Read).  It's a fun event every year put on by our teachers and literacy team and also by Shelby's 3rd grade teacher's wife, Jenn Christy (she's a singer, song-writer, musician).  It's always a fun event and we try to go and participate every year.  Usually 50-100 Kinder-6th graders submit poems.  We somehow squeezed this event in once again even a midst our "crazier than norm sched.", and both kids did superbly writing their own poems at home and reading them out loud in front of the crowd.  Not only that but Shelby's poem was chosen for the 3rd year in a row to be put to music (made into a song) by Jenn. Quite an honor.  I often think my Shelb reminds me of me...I always expressed myself best in writing.  Anyway....I am so proud of my kiddos and wanted to share their poetry below.


Sharks on Duty (By Dylan)

Sharks in the water,
looking for their prey.
Always swimming carefully,
through the night and day.
Watching out for danger,
all along the way.
If sharks see their enemy,
they would swim away.


Just Part of Me (By Shelby)

My fingers dancing on the strings.
Oh what joy that brings!
The bow is moving oh-so-fast.
Somehow not even a moment has passed.
My heart is thumping in my chest.
I wish I was one of the best.
The music makes me feel so free.
Being a violinist is just part of me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Cuteness :)

 Just a few cute pics of the toddler of the house during his Easter festivities of last weekend....there is just something about the cuteness factor of a little person discovering the wonders of a silly thing like plastic eggs (or "balls!" as he calls them :)).  He was a riot to watch.  I never got one good pic of him looking at me last weekend b/c he was soooo busy running everyone. He is one busy, busy little guy!  LOL...look at him above in his lil' pink bowtie.  Kev wouldn't let me officially put him in any pink for Easter, so I just did it the day before at an egg hunt near our church.  Here he is waiting for his first egg hunt as a walker. Last year we did this same hunt and he was in a stroller and only 3 mos old. 
 Lol...wonder what he's thinking?  Maybe "hey guys...I got one!" :) (this was at our Easter egg hunt on Easter at Uncle Steve and Aunt Jan's) 
And check out the beautiful day behind the handsome boy.  He was in heaven eating candy out of his eggs!  He never even moved from this one place...just sat down and chowed down.  A candy kid after my own heart!

Love this boy...and love all my kiddos...I promise more pics to come soon!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Hoppy" Easter!

Well, I'm too pooped to post much tonight, but did want to wish one and all a very Happy Easter today!  It had to have been the best weather Indiana has ever had for Easter.  I think I actually have to say it was almost too sunny (yikes, did a FL girl just say that?!), but it was wonderfully warm and we'll take that over most Easters of gloom and rain and cold.  I was just grateful not to be laid up in bed.  I still feel like poo, but being able to walk and not pass out and having some moments of not-so-bad stomach pain made for a good day in my book. I will say it was odd to not stuff myself with food today and very odd to not eat any Easter candy (not sure I've done this since I was a baby!).  At any rate, I made it through the weekend. I was not sure I would a couple days ago.  God was good and healed me enough to let me enjoy some of my fav. holiday.  I can't wait to post some pics of the fun.  Let's just say Logan was one busy lil' guy.  He loves eggs (aka "balls!") and got quite quick at opening up candy of all kinds and chowing down.  The other Steg crazies had a great time today too just playing around with 2nd cousins and enjoying the amazing outdoor weather.  I felt very blessed today...just to be feeling better...and most of all to be reminded of our amazing Savior's gift of life and resurrection.  Happy Easter to all!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

not-so-"good Friday" :(

I finally got knocked off my feet...

It was only a matter of time before my body couldn't fight the germs (probably due to little rest and stress).  At about 5am I woke up with the nasty stomach bug.  Weird thing is I can't puke...almost wish I could and get the pressure out of my stomach.  This is the first time I've been downstairs all day b/c I almost pass out when I walk.  What a crummy weekend for this to happen.  My fav. holiday-Easter right around the corner.  If this was Christmas I'd be ok with being forced to be home in bed.  It's actually going to be a nice weekend though and I could be in bed for all of it.  Missing church, missing egg hunts, missing the joy on my children's faces.  This stinks :(  Trying to keep my chin up, but it's tough.  Logan cried most of the morning b/c he just wanted me and I can barely muster up the strength to hold him. Kev had to take the day off work  And the worst part of the day was missing my Shelb's recorder concert. I don't miss anything.  That really stunk.  But, I'm trying to focus on the positives...at least I have a little time to recover before the holiday...and at least this isn't a crazy busy Friday...yes, I'm not dyeing eggs like I had hoped or playing outside or working with Dylan on his report...and I got nothing accomplished today at all....but at least the schedule is manageable with Kev doing it alone.  Tomorrow, I'm not so sure we can manage w/o me.  Ugh.  Just praying like crazy everyone else stays well.  Apparently this nasty bug hits babies hard, so if Logan gets sick it would be awful.  My day brighteners were Shelby making me toast...and Ashley hugging me and curtseying to me on the way out of the room as she said "I love you, Mom!" :)  It's the little things....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We'll take it!

Just had the lil' guy's lil' noggin checked by the orthotic's guy....and we're happy to say that there has been a small reshaping of Logan's cute little blonde head :)

Only 1.5-2mm...so not even noticeable to the human eye, I am sure....but still change is change, right?

We also got some adjustments on the helmet, which the guy also said was due to changing head shape.  So now I can see Logan's eyes better (yay!)...and his chubby cheeks aren't rubbing so much against it.

So...small progress, but we'll definitely take small over nothing!  Go, buddy, go!

(funniest part of the visit was our entrance....we happened to walk in as our old physical therapist was walking out to get a patient.  She recognized Logan right away and almost didn't know what to say...I think she said, "whoa, he's gotten soooo big!".  But the best part was his reaction to her. He screamed bloody murder when he saw her and ran as far away as he could.  He obviously recognized her and didn't have good memories...either that or he thought to himself..."you're the reason behind me being a toddler in a helmet"...at any rate, it was a slightly awkward encounter and it was hard for me to hold my tongue about my disappointment in not having a helmet sooner)

The down side of being #5...

...you are fussy for the last 2 weeks...

...your mom and dad think you are just being a stinker and in your "terrible early twos"...

...you are throwing tantrums...you are throwing food...you are throwing everything....you are screaming at them...

...all in a last ditch effort to let your unknowing parents know...

...that you have gotten 1 molar (probably weeks ago) and now are getting two more....

There will be no "mother of the year" awards for this mama. I sat and held my little guy this morning after I realized he'd gotten some big ol' toofers that I knew nothing about.  No wonder he's not been himself lately.  Poor kid.  Tylenol and Motrin will be his new best friends this week :)  Sorry, buddy! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

What's going on....

...I'm not even sure when the last time I really sat and thoughtfully blogged was....

...and I hate all these picture-less posts....

But we are in the midst of tax season and wading through the papers in the basement is not high priority just for me to have more exciting picture-ful posts.  So that will have to wait.

Here's is what's been going on this lovely spring in the crazy ol' Steg home....

*Dylan has started baseball.  I'll admit we dug our feet in a bit with this.  And maybe that should have been a sign to not do it as it was just "one more thing to do".  But, the boy needs to get his energy out and he loves just about every kind of athletics and we feel he often gets the short straw for activities.  Kev...well, let's just put it this way...he would be ok if baseball was not a sport. It's probably his least favorite.  He tried to talk D into soccer (his fav. sport), but after skipping baseball last year, D was not willing to to it again. So we signed him up.  He, of course, got put on the team with no coach.  We are grateful two other dads stepped up b/c there was no way non-baseball-lovin' Kev was gonna do the job.  Practices finally started this weekend....of course...why not add two more things to our already 20-fold-busy weekend??  But, we made it to both practices...barely.  "Best" part of it all is that D got his first shiner/baseball-to-the-face injury last night.  Neither Kev nor I were right there to witness it either (I was at the park with the younger kids and Kev was on the phone hashing out tax stuff with his mom :)).  Anyway...we came back to the field to find D covered in blood and a very puffy looking and feeling faint.  Though maybe he'd broken his nose at first...there was a lot of blood and his nose looked bruised.  After a bath and some icing of the wound, it looked like it just hit him hard in the lip. This morning he can only open half his mouth.  He's could be looking very green/blue in the face on Easter. Good thing we took some Easter pics yesterday :)  I am just thankful no teeth were knocked out and no eyes are black!

*Hays finally celebrated her 14th bday with her buds.  This was a long time coming (as it seems with all our long-drawn-out bday celebrations :))...but it is just getting increasingly difficult to schedule anything for our household, especially for the teenager of the house who has overhwelming amount of homework and lives half her life at the ballet studio :)  But, we did succeed in getting her 4 good school buds together on Sat-Sun and had a "green" party.  I know she didn't want to label it with any theme (that was her first request when I asked her in March "what kind of party do you want?"), but I really did love that she picked the color green at least to amuse me. I think themes are not "cool" for teens, but it turned out really cute (even though she totally shot down all my St. Pat's ideas :))  We had a green cake, green cake pops and did some simple green decorations. It was sooooo simple compared to the younger kid parties we throw.  I could throw a teen party every weekend.  No games to plan, easy food, nothing fancy. It seemed simple in comparison.  I think the worst part was just cleaning up the house a bit.  So it was a nice, tame teen sleepover party.  Kev cooked his great bbq chix on the grill, we had some simple sides, did a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt and flashlight tag in the dark, ate choc. fondue, and watched Newsies (oh and Hailey succeeded in not lighting her hair on fire during candle-blow out :)).  They didn't even stay up that late or end up going to the mall for a scavenger hunt...and they never even watched the movie I thought they'd watch (The Book Thief).  But, I think they had fun.  We had yummy empty tomb rolls and monkey bread for bfast.  It seemed effortless aside from making some food.  The funniest part of the party was how Logan joined in. He loves attention and being the center of it all.  He was cracking the girls up and ended up starting a ball war with them. He's such a goofy toddler :)

*Now we move on to Shelb's 10th bday.  No rest for the weary!  Cannot believe she'll be double digits in a few weeks. She made her list out last week and wants all Frozen stuff (and some knitting supplies :)).  Of course there is little Frozen stuff to be found in the stores and the one thing I keep ordering from Walmart seems to be sold out. She might end up getting lots of yarn for knitting! :)  But, we're excited for May 6 not only b/c of the big 10th bday...but it's also our last day off school for the year...AND...Nina and Pops G will be here!!!  We will have to do something fun.  For now all Shelb wants to do is go to Moes to eat...apparently this is her fav. place now?  So it's on to planning the 10th bday party...which I think will be Paris/Eiffel Tower :)

*Recital Time for the ballerinas!  Ok, so we don't really call it recital b/c for ballerinas that is a faux pas!  Recitals are for those dancers who dress up in frilly costumes and such.  Ballerinas are apparently not this way :)  But, whatever you call it, our spring performance is up and coming....and this year it's on the Sunday of Mother's Day!  It will be one crazy Mother's Day this year, but I'm excited my mom and Kev's mom and all of us can be together and enjoy a performance that day and celebrate together :)  I'm so confused about the dances this year, but the main theme is Jeux d'Enfants.  Hailey will be dancing three parts that I know of.  Her class piece, which she says is the toughest/longest she's ever had to learn?  Maybe I got that wrong, Hays?  And then she is doing Raymonda Act II as her solo variation.  She is also doing La Toupie with 4 other girls.  I really am not at all familiar with any of these.  Cinderella (last year's performance) was much more familiar :)  So it'll be fun to have my mom here for it and to enjoy that all.  Lil' Ash is also doing a fun dance with her creative movement 3 class.  I was very, very bummed I couldn't watch it all this weekend for parent visitation...but Logan just didn't cooperate (sit at all!)...so I watched from the window and sadly didn't get any photos. So grateful Nina and Poppy Stegs surprised us and came to watch both girls dance for visitation week.  I usually love this week, but with a busy toddler it just makes it hard to sit at all!  This that season of life we are in :)  So the busyness of ballet continues.  Hailey is usually out til about 9/9:30 every night which is an hour later than normal. Good thing she loves it all :)

*Shelby rocked it with her violin solo concerts this past week...one on Tues and one on Sun.  She is doing really well on the violin and very diligent about practicing (and much better about not complaining about the amount of lesson/practice time :)). She played Musette for both recitals and did so beautifully.  Logan even made it through both of her songs...but that was only b/c she was first to play.  It's so challenging to watch quiet events like ballet and violin with a very loud/busy boy :)  I think Shelb's fav. part of her solo week was getting her first Frozen toy.  I found an Elsa polly toy in the wrong place at Target and grabbed it up. She's been begging for one for months.  She has slept with that doll on the shelf by her bed for almost a week (with a homemade bed she made for it.  So cute! :)  She was also super stoked this week when we finally bought the frozen music on i-tunes. Now she can listen to it on her i-pad whenever she wants, which is quite possibly all-the-time!

*Most impressive...our Shelby's adventure skills!  She took a trip with her girl scout troop to Marengo Cave on Sat.  I'll be honest...I wasn't sure how she'd do.  She seemed a little nervous about being in a dark cave all day. I knew she'd be in some tight quarters too.  I was secretly glad I couldn't go only b/c I don't like enclosed places.  I'm not as bad as Nina with claustrophobia, but I definitely get anxious in small spots.  Anyway...she apparently had the BEST time!  She came home and could not stop talking about all the stuff she saw...the stalagmites and stalagtites, bats, salamanders...about how she army crawled through caves and was up to her waste in water.  I guess she did all the cave touring she could while her leaders and other troopees didn't.  She has always been my adventure girl and my outdoorsy one.  I was really proud of her.  I think her fav. part was getting to keep the headlamp they used :)  Now she can mine and explore caves whenever she wants in these cavernous hills of Bloomy :)  She also sweet enough to buy us all gifts in the gift shop. She really does have a heart of gold!  Love my sweet, big-hearted, explorer, Shelb!

*D and daddy had a great time with cub scouts at their rock climb on Sat.  It was such a crazy day for us so I didn't even ask much about it...but I know they had a ball.  D is a pretty daring kid and I know Kev enjoys a good rock climb.  I remember him doing it in college too.  
*Hays and I (and Ash and Log) ventured to Nashville in the wee hours of Sat. (Indiana, not TN)....it was NHD day (National History Day).  She and her friend, Audrey, did a website project on the Watergate Scandal for their ALPs history class at school.  I haven't even had time to read the paper yet, but it must have been pretty good b/c they won 2nd place.  Now they are off to the State competition in Indy on May 3 (not that Hailey can do his with her busy ballet sched)...but what an honor to be a history winner!  Go Hays!

*We made the oh-so-exciting-trek to our downtown mall to see the big white bunny yesterday.  I think Hays was most excited of all...haha...she rolls her eyes at me when it's time to see Santa and the EB.  But she was a good sport and she is really a very necessary part of the equation as far as Logan is concerned.  I had a feeling he'd been wary of the bunny...but didn't know he'd react even more poorly then when he saw Santa just 4 months ago.  Poor kid.  The EB terrified him and he was hysterical.  EB even tried to sneak out and pretend he was on a break...and then tried to sneak back in and be in the back of the picture w/o the toddler knowing, but Logan was no dummy. He kept his eyes on the door and cried every single moment as he clutched his Hailey.  So it was a no-go for being happy in the EB pic, but at least it made for a funny story :)  And now we know that we probably need to wait a bit to go to Disney where the world is full of lifesize dressed-up characters :)  

*Tomorrow we have Logan's 2nd helmet visit to check head shape progress. I know there will be no change. I can just tell.  And I'll be honest...if there is no change tomorrow, I am going to be very lenient on him wearing the helmet, especially this Easter week and in the hot, summer.  He is so stinky with it on and I honestly think when he's tired the helmet drives him crazy.  I had to take it off him at ballet the other day b/c he was going birsirk.  I just couldn't handle watching him fuss with it.  He calmed right down when it came off.  And he just loves his hair when it's off...he rubs his head like it's the softest thing.  He sweet blonde locks are curling out from the top and bottom of his head gear.  I am not sure I can part with those lovely locks b/c they are my daily reminder that at least he still does have hair under the nasty blue thing!  On the bright side...we've decided the helmet is great for spring in many respects. I have no worries about him falling off things like slides and swings and no fear of him being at the ball field or anything like that.  It's always the hour we have the helmet off every day that we get in trouble b/c we're used to letting him do more brave things with it on.  And I must say that people are really drawn to him with his helmet on.  Everyone comments on how cute he is and what a lil' football player he looks like. Maybe this will condition him to love football...either that or he'll hate it?   We'll see what tomorrow's measurements show. Not holding my breath.

*Terrible Twos early?  Well, we've reached the terrible 15-months.  I don't remember any of our kids being this rambunctious this early in age...but Logan sure is!  I am not joking when I say he is the "spawn of his daddy".  Apparently Kev was at least this wild as a child.  Our baby boy is all about running.  I even had a mom today who's son's been walking since he was like 6 months old, say to me..."wow, Logan has really big steps for a baby...he's so fast".  Yes, he does and yes he is...and that's b/c he's pretty much running everywhere.  I knew when he learned to walk it'd turn right to a run.  It is honestly hard to keep up with him.  And he is drawn to danger.  He loves stairs, especially cement ones at ballet and violin.  He loves trying to walk down stairs on his own without sitting.  He has no fear.  He loves to climb too.  He climbs on his stool every morning to wave to his sibs on the bus as it goes by.  He climbs on the table and chairs whenever we aren't looking...or even when we are :)  He stands on all our bins just so he can be bigger and taller.  He has just about climbed over our gate.  He can even open doors now, so we are going to be in really big trouble when he can get out the front door!  And he LOVES to scream....just for fun!  He screamed so much last week that he scared his friend who cried the entire time he was at our house. Sorry, Elijah!  He also likes to invade personal space. He likes to touch his friends' heads and their hair (probably b/c he can't touch his own!)...and he loves to hug everyone.  But, most of all, he loves and adores his mama!  There is no one better than mama in his eyes.  I love that he loves me so much.  I think Hays is 2nd best...and then maybe dada.  I seriously love this kid so much, but there is a really good reason God made him my 5th.  There is no way I could have had 4 more after him....at least at this age :)  He is a wild child...my mini-Kevin :)  We are learning very, very quickly that we need to be very consistent with  him and saying "no"...but it's going to be a long process.  He is much more defiant than any of our other kids.  I have had to get right up in his face when I tell him no...and put him in timeout in his high chair.  I know he gets things so I know I need to do this, but it's still odd to discipline a 15 month old.  The toughest thing about him being this way lately is that it is difficult to focus on the other kids...I can't watch ballet or violin easily, can't talk on the phone for long, and even helping with homework and cooking is near impossible.  He is just so busy and so troublesome and needing constant attention. It would be a piece of cake if he was my only one, but b/c I have to have my attentions elsewhere it's just hard. I feel I'm missing my other kids growing up but at the same time I just want to sit and play ball with him and chase him around and watch him smile. But I know this is my last season of life like this and I need to enjoy these busy toddler days.    I am glad to say he's a pretty good eater...but he is being a bit stubborn about baby food lately. He much prefers just to eat cheese sticks, mac and cheese, rice, pizza and ice cream--his favs and he'll turn his helmet head and block all other things.  He still loves to throw everything (especially balls) and he's been known to throw the occasional baby tantrum lately.  These are pretty comical and he's realized they are painful for him when his helmet's not on :)

*Ready for high school? Ready or not h.s. is right around the corner for Hays.  Say it ain't so!  We were again hemming and hawwing over classes last week.  Whether or not to transfer her middle school credits over to South HS next year (for Algebra and Spanish 2).  We even talked to her counselor and were honest about her possible future ballet plans.  Seems weird to think of 4 years in the future...but ya' gotta plan all this stuff out now.  Good thing we have a responsible girl on our hands and I can't wait to see what plans God has for her.  A physical therapist? (for dance?)...a ballerina?  Will she graduate early?  All I can say is that high school comes with a whole heck-of-a-lot more decisions that it did 19 years ago when I graduated!

*Easter!  So glad it's almost here. I love Easter...it's my fav. holiday.  Just so much hope in this holiday....and also I love that the weather is just generally nice around this holiday (though I hear we could have snow tomorrow...good grief).  Love the tulips coming up and the greener scenery.  This is my down day before the holiday stuff picks up...but after the weekend we had last week, this Easter week seems slow :)

*We've been thoroughly enjoying the outdoors and friends.  I realized a couple weeks ago that I have about 30 more days with Ash home with me before it's summer and then Kindergarten starts.  These are my final days with her home during the school days.  I got sad thinking about this and it helped me repriortize.  How can I sit and clean my house and declutter when it's so nice out and my little ones could be enjoying it and enjoying their friends.  We've been sooooo blessed by amazing preschool friends this year.  Not only is Ash best friends with like half her class, but I'm great friends with their moms and Logan is even friends with their siblings. It's been such a God-send to us!  I am truly getting sad about next year and losing that.  It will be much, much harder to keep up all those friendships with the busy school schedule and all her friends going to different elementary schools.  So I am really taking advantage of the time we have now. I'd say half the week we have play dates with friends...at the park, at the mall, at our houses, at Red Mango (Ashley's fav yogurt place!), at open gym.  Ash is definitely my social-lyte :)  She loves her friends.  Logan has loved being able to tag along too and make new friends and run and play.  Yes, my house is still a cluttered mess, but I wouldn't trade that for friend-time any time!

*School--going great for all kids. Too much homework for Hays....too much busywork and projects.  She's up later than any of us usually and then up earlier than us too.  Thank goodness she's a self-motivator.  Shelb is doing ok. Struggling from time to time to find her down time.  She's gearing up for her recorder program this week and a wax museum project soon.  D loves school.  He's in the middle of a big project (black rat snake).  He also went to Honey Creek last week (think, Little House on the Prairie)...he loved it and even got to dress the part.  Ash is winding down at preschool.  She is being tested this week for her Kinder skills.  We've been practicing at home so I hope she's ready :)  She had fun at Guest day with her special guests--daddy and mommy and Logan :)  She was bummed her Ninas couldn't go, but having three guests I guess sorta made up for not having the ones she really wanted :)  Good news is that Nina and Poppy Stegs are back in town...and Nina and Pops will be here from FL in just a few weeks!  YAY, YAY, YAY!  

*House-Not trying to sell it yet...not trying to buy another one yet...but still looking.  Feeling sorta indifferent about it all. I really do love our home...it's been ours for 13 years...we have lots of memories here and it really is a home for us...not just a house.  I love our neighborhood, our locations, our neighbors and the life we've led here. It's hard to think about changing that.  I would really have to find the perfect house to think about moving.  And I love being at home with my kids all day, every day...and to move would be a bit of a financial burden.  So, we'll see what the plan is. I am hoping it just becomes evident and falls into place.  For now I am just having fun looking and critiquing homes.  My fear is that we'll sell ours quickly and not find a new place and I'll regret selling ours. 

So, that's some of the "goings ons" of the Stegs.  April is actually the calm before our May storm, so I am trying to enjoy it.  I have been so much more laid back about life lately (in some respects)...I think feeling physically un-well forces you to do that.  I have had to relinquish lots of control.  I have had to be forgiving of myself. It's been good for me. I've taken a break from the computer a lot, taken a break from lots of things, just tried to rest my brain more.  I am not good at doing this, but I've realized it's very necessary.  God is teaching me daily about life and surviving tackling the trials and tribulations :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Whirlwind of the Steg Life...

Well, it's been obvious that our plate has been very full lately.  That doesn't usually keep me from blogging though.  I have just not been well physically.  This has just forced me to take a step back from so many areas of life.  Add onto that an incredibly busy toddler (busiest our home has ever known...aka "spawn of Kevin" :))...and lots of spring outside busyness. And it's just been an overly hustly, bustly (are those even words?) Steg house :)  I am quite certain this weekend was one of the busiest we've ever had...and we even said "no" to quite a few things (thank goodness!)....on Friday I was positive we wouldn't make it through til Sunday night. But we did...miraculously :)  Usually I dread Mondays, but I think tomorrow might actually be a break for me compared to this weekend.

More to come on Hailey's "green" bday party
Shelby's violin concerts
Dylan's baseball...which culminated tonight with a ball to the nose and lip...blood everywhere and what we thought might be a black/blue eye/nose.  At this point looks like he got in a fist fight :)  Poor kid.
A busy week of ballet visitation for A and H...in prep for ballet recital coming up! 
Lots and lots and lots of outdoor play time with lots and lots and lots of friends of mine, Ashley's and Logan's.  Fun times!  Love spring.  Love it, love it, love it! :)
Saw EB (Logan not a fan...scary bunny, lots of tears)
Crazy toddler baby....and I do mean crazy...he is like an energizer bunny that never stops :)

And much, much more...


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Worthwhile for something!

Well, the helmet might be a waste-o-time in the re-shaping-head-department....

But we've decided today that it's a blessing to have for the protection of our rough and very tumbly boy :)

He discovered today what fun it was to climb up on our Pottery Barn Kids chairs...and then to make one further step up onto the table in order to stand there like the "king of the world"...and also to play quite happily with the blinds :) 

His only trouble in doing so is that he has not mastered any type of "getting down" abilities.  This includes stairs.  He is faster than the dickens at getting up on everything, but getting down has basically been "throwing himself" from whatever height he's at.  Today it was a nice fall from the chair to the ground.  The helmet really does make great protection.  He didn't even blink an eye or make a whimper when he hit the hard kitchen floor.  And up again he went to do it all over again. 

Now if only daddy could get on board with this new climbing aspiration.  He thinks he can somehow tame his "mini-me" :)  Hats off to daddy...and good luck!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Apparently you do have to label things...

Well, I really thought awhile back, when I found Shelby hiding/hoarding things in her room that she was being a bit "over the top"...but I realized this morning she was right-on with her theory.  B/c nothing is safe in the Steg house. 

Case in point:

We got a half dozen Easter donuts as a bfast treat this weekend.  5 were eaten on Saturday.  1 remained.  Shelby asked for it to be saved for herself.  Ok, no prob...or so we thought. She said to me last night..."should I put my name on the box?"  Since I had heard her tell everyone the donut was hers that morning, I told her "not to worry about it".  We just left it on the counter for her to eat in the morning.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up to her crying by my bedside early this morning after Dylan had eaten the last donut (ok'd by daddy whom he had asked before he ate it).

Let's just say that made for a bad pre-church morning :(

Not only that, but Hailey proceeded to take the dessert I set out for Shelby to each after lunch (again, Shelby asked if she should put it somewhere where no one would take it).  I should have known better.  Twice in one day.

Moral of the story.  We have come to that point in the Steg House of 7 where you need to label/hide/hoard those things/food most precious to you or they may be claimed/eaten by another.  Apparently anything is up for grabs!  Poor Shelb.

(I realize I've been on a blog hiatus lately...I've not been physically well and that's really been wearing on me...I am grateful this weekend for two naps and for a hubby who allows me rest when I know he is just as worn as I).  More fun posts to follow once I'm in a better physical state....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

They got me :)

Ok, so I know it's April Fool's.  I knew it when I woke up. I thought about it a couple times during the day. I even thought I'd do a couple funny things to the kids, but never followed through on it.  Thought I'd dress up Logan like a girl like I did last year (his hair could definitely be in pig tails now with how long it's gotten!) :)  Anyway...I never did any of it. And by 4pm I was so tired I was almost falling asleep. I was up in Hays' bedroom when the bus pulled up.  Logan and I were waving from the upstairs window hoping S and D would see us. I saw Shelb right away.  Head down.  Sad demeanor.  A paper in hand.  We've seen this sad face before.  Even Hailey said..."oh, no, I wonder what happened this time".  We prepare ourselves for bad days sometimes with Shelb.  Poor thing seems to be the brunt of drama.  Anyway....at this moment it never occurred to me what day it was.  I put on a happy face and walked down the stairs and greeted the school goers.  Dylan was chipper....normal for him.  Shelby came in the room with hair covering her face and almost sounded like she'd been crying.  Her face was pretty forlorn when I finally did see it. She handed me a paper and a note and said it was a "really bad day".  Apparently she'd failed a math test and then gotten into a couple fights and thrown food at lunch.  Normally I'd probably second guess this, but honestly her whole sad demeanor had me fooled.  And she had told me the other day she thought she did really bad on a test.  And I knew she had been getting bullied a bit and I had told her to stand up to those girls. I thought maybe today was the day!  Anyway...my heart started beating faster and I almost got upset.  Then she looked at me and smiled.  She pulled one over on me again on April Fool's!  This has not been the first time she's done this.  She reminded me.  Apparently she had asked her teacher today if he would go along with her plan.  Pretty funny actually.  I swear if that girl would just channel her drama, she could be a famous movie star some day.  She really is funny!  She reminds me of good ol' Pops.  I think he always could pull things over on us as kids b/c he looks so darn serious all the time :)  Anyway...so she gave me a chuckle today and she was mighty proud of herself too.  Dylan then proceeded to give me a note from the principal/teacher that said he had gotten in trouble at lunch too.  The thing with that is that it could have been true.  I love this boy, but he sure is goofy at school and he never fails for energy.  I didn't fall for his note only b/c I had just seen Shelby's "act", but when he gave the note to Kev later on, Kev was pretty mad at him.  He believed it too! hahahaha :)  We have some pretty funny kids and some pretty funny teachers.  Even in the midst of stress we still do have a lot of fun. 

I actually got some stuff accomplished today amidst a very fussy baby (whom I finally took the doc's to rule out ear inf.  He is fine apparently. Just being a mama's boy :)).  But, we got our house spic and span and I even started sorting cabinet stuff.  Not a huge endeavor, but it still felt good to get something done.  And the baby girl of the house is now officially registered for the big K!  I cannot believe in 4 months my final daughter will be a Kindergartner!  I still remember when she was a baby and we registered Dylan a few years ago.  Not ready for another school age child :(

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

Well pinch me now, my little green st paddy’s baby is 19!  The last year before 20. For some reason that feels really old. And makes me feel...