Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ooh La La/Eiffel Tower Spa Party is Complete!

It is finally time for REST in the Steg household. And summer can now officially begin!  The ooh-la-la Parisian Spa Party was a super success this morning. Shelb and her 7 friends had a grand ol' time getting pampered.  Dylan was our "ticket" taker at the "gate" as the friends arrived on the "plane" to Paris.   Hailey was on spa staff with mama.  Daddy was on cheese fondue duty.  And Logan was on nap duty (thank goodness!).  Ash was also a big helper. :)  It was a good ol' time of foot soaking, pedicures, banana-avacodo-yogurt face masks (with cucumbers eyes!), lots of special goodies and drinks, and then Mary Kay make-up fun!  But, never was I so happy to see noon come along and have the party be over.  Unfortunately we were running errands and running kids to games and friends' houses and grad parties so we are just getting settled.  But, boy-oh-boy will bed feel good!  Yay for summer!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just what every "1st day of summer" should involve...

...making a big ol' cake, of course! haha :)

We are gluttons for "party punishment" in the Steg house, but I can happily say that I am DONE making cakes til September!  Whohoo!  The Paris/Eiffel Tower cake is ready to go for the big oh-la-la-spa party on Saturday morning!

So, yes, we were partying in the kitchen here on the first day of summer.  I think I actually heard the word "bored!" uttered by Dylan. And he actually happily jumped at the chance to clean the bathroom and vacuum the stairs.  Wow...I could get used to more "bored" days! haha :)  I think there was actually a fight over who could get the mail!  That was the excitement of the day! :)  The best part of the day was Dylan coming downstairs wearing Logan's shorts.  I won't make fun of him, b/c he cried a lot once he realized they weren't his.  He was pretty embarrassed. I was just impressed a size 10 kid could wear a size 2 shorts!  He should get an award for that!  But, it was a good day just b/c we didn't have to leave the house at all.  Kev did violin duty and now we are even on a break from that til mid-June.  Breaks are nice!  Tomorrow will be clean-the-house and party prep day...wish us luck b/c we'll need it with Hailey (my babysitter) gone at Holiday World for the whole day!  Special "don't get into trouble" prayers needed for Logan who has now decided the fridge is his best friend and he likes to get stuff out and hide and eat/drink it.  He is such a busy guy! :) 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goodbye School...Hello Summer!

Hallelujah...that day has finally come!  The LAST day of school!  If I had more energy I'd be doing a happy dance right now.  Instead I'm planning a bday party. Who does that on the last week of school.  No one should, but apparently I didn't know that!  Dumb. 

At any thing checked off the more school til August more homework til August more running around like chickens with our heads cut off til August 4th.  Oh wait...that part might not change. :)  But it was a full day of last day of school fun...Hays pretty much loafed off at school.  I think they played games most of the day.  Best part of the day was the cheese truck arriving (a Batchelor Middle School last-day tradition). Any truck that can house cheese sounds like a good idea to me. She got mac and cheese type sandwich.  Yummers!  And D and was field day for them.  Lots of outside/water fun.  I still remember track and field day for me back in the FLCS days.  I think my specialty was the long jump. I got lots of blue ribbons for that.  Those were the days!  I saw part of field day today and it looked like my Shelb and Dyl were having fun!  I was crazy enough to get out our old pool and set it up in the front yard for the kids when they got off the bus. It was a HOT day so well worth the nice cold water to jump in. All Loggy wanted to do was eat popcycles. I think he ate 5 of them.  He's such a busy boy. We were all smiles at 4:15 when we knew it was all officially over.  The celebration was short-lived only b/c we had to race off to violin and baseball!  

So....IT is done!  Hurrah for another school year checked off the list.  I really didn't think this day would come back in January when we were snowed in.  But yay for the last 4 months going by quickly!  Now it's on to a fun summer...and then Kindergarten, 3rd and 5th grade and high school!

A Day of Graduation and Growing...

My oldest and my graduated middle school today (well, yesterday since I am posting late) turned 17 months.  Time is flying at warp!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day from the Steg Fab. Five!  We had a wonderful day on the lake/boat with Nina and Poppy Stegs.  Just perfect weather and lots of relaxation, wonderful food cooked by Nina and Poppy...and fun times on the lake.  Wish we didn't have 2 more days of school left to think about, but could be least we didn't have more snow days than this and are done before June!  The end is in sight! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's that crazy time of year...

...the storm of May...the end of school craziness...

...full of graduations (and grad parties....go, Cousin Danielle...that is Logan wearing her Bloomington South cap at her party today...he had no idea where he was...he just woke up...and wasn't please by additional head attire)

 ...and lots of playing outside (Go, Indy 500 Day!)...and end of year concerts/programs (yay for Shelb who did awesome at her violin concert today!) :)
I am still not certain we are going to make it through til June 1....but I cannot wait for next Sunday...we'll be free and clear of school (and homework!) and free and clear of bday parties til September (Shelb's Paris Spa party is next weekend). Hurray for one more day of the weekend...and yay for 2 more days of school...and almost summer.  Praying we can make it through the next 7 days!!  Then maybe I can stop using cell phone pics and start blogging again.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One week...

...we will be done with school...I say "we" b/c I think it's been a joint effort at this point between Kev and I and the kids to make it through these final weeks of school.  We are barely making it....between reports and homework and everything. Its' been an uphill battle lately and we are worn down big time.  The best thing about this summer will be NO homework! 

Pray we make it one more week.  Right now I'm not so sure we will. :)

One good thing about the day is "little guy" made some more small progress on his head measurement.  So we're still "helmeted" for another month and hoping for 1mm or more progress.  Yay for a sweaty, stinky head in the midst of summer.  And yay for approval to get a haircut...."lil" guy" is looking "lil' girlish" lately with his long blonde curls. :)

Cannot wait for this time next week....summer, here we come! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

You know you have too much going on when... unload your van, do some housework, sit to do some email and you hear a baby outside and realize it's yours....still sitting in his car seat in the van....

Yes, I was THAT mom today.  I just about died when I realized I never brought Logan inside (sleeping soundly in his car seat after a trip to Walmart).  It's usually the first thing I do when I unpack, but today I did the reverse and must have thought I had him in the house already.  The funny thing is, I left his van door open (thankfully it was a nice day out so at least he had fresh air while he napped), closed the garage door and just went about my business.  My neighbor friends across the way must have thought I was nuts (they were out getting their garage sale stuff ready).  My brain just isn't functioning at prime level.  I have to be ok with's mid-May...we have 7 more days of school.  My brain is fried and we are on countdown to summer mode.  It cannot come soon enough for this worn out mama brain.

I pray I don't become any more of a delinquent mom than I was today :)  Sweet least he is so laid back that all he did when he woke up and saw no one was around was just chatter away til I heard him. Thank goodness for thin walls in our home! haha :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bye Bye Nina :(

Well, it's back to the boring ol' "Nina-less" life today for the Stegs.  Can't say we're happy about that at all :(  Having Nina here was a ray of sunshine for all 7 of us.  Not only did she add extra helping hands to our crazy busy home, but she made a point to carve out special one-on-one time for each of the kids.  I can't even begin to list all the countless ways that Nina just poured herself into our lives and her grandkids' lives the last couple weeks.  She went to all their activities (extra curriculars and school stuff!), she did lots of fun out of school stuff with Ash and Log and I...and most importantly she made a point to take each of the kids out for a special Nina-time (i.e. for Dylan she took him out for donuts and to get a Garfield book and a Pacer shirt...three of his fav. things right now!).  She did this with each of the kids and it made them feel so special.  And even simple things like playing at home with paper airplanes or doing computer cards/games.  Nina just dove right into our crazy lives...and now there is definitely a void today with her gone.  It makes me wish all the more that she lived in town and could always be a part of our lives....Pops too.  He was amazing with all the kids and especially Dylan and baseball/basketball. today we are sad b/c we miss Nina.  And we have no idea when we are going to see her again....might not be til this time next year...that is too long!  But, in happy memory of her time here, I thought I'd post a few pics....above of us at the Bloomy Boys and Girls Club Strawberry Festival last Thurs on the Square.  Seems this often occurs when Nina is here and we love going with her and chowing on yummy dessert! 
And above is after group violin class last Wed.  Shelb loved having Nina here for this....b/c Nina was almost a famous violinist ya' know!  This is post-class after Shelby ran through the fountain outside the IU music building. 

And I didn't have a current pic of Nina and Hays b/c the ballet pics are still on my here is last year's pic of Nina and Cinderella Hays :)  We love you and miss you, Nina...and are so grateful for the time you spent up here!!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mom's Day (a day late) :)

Well, it occurred to me at about 2am this morning that I never posted Happy Mom's Day wishes on the ol' blog.  So as is the natural Steg-style lately....I am a day behind.  Oh well.  That's the season of life we're in so it's appropriate, I suppose.  And this Mom's day was the absolute craziest considering we had ballet rehearsals and the performance along with family in town and a party to attend.  Could we have crammed anything else into the day...I think not.  We didn't even make it to church b/c of Ash's a.m. rehearsal on stage.  I was bummed about that. I love going to Mother's Day church service...not only for the sermon, but for the free chocolate...and I probably would have won the "who has the most children" award :)  Oh well...maybe another year....instead, I spent the day being the normal ballet taxi mama...but honestly there is nothing better on Mom's day than to be surrounded by my family (both Nina's were in town!) and to watch both my girls dance on the big MAC stage...and to have a couple yummy meals.  My only complaint was that I was feeling truly awful. I almost went home at one point.  Thus my utter exhaustion in the evening and my lack of thought to posting last night.  But, I do hope all my mommy friends/family had blessed Mom's Days.  In spite of the crazy busy day I felt very blessed...Kev helped me make my mom a yummy Mom's Day bfast (of crepes and a new french toast casserole recipe...yummers!).  I got lots of homemade goodies from my "babies" and I enjoyed a yummy Mexican meal at Casa Brava for dinner and a lovely ballet party with the director of our program who is like a second mom to Hays...and the best part of the day was watching my oldest and youngest girls dance their hearts out on stage.  It filled my heart was thankfulness b/c honestly being busy reminds me of how blessed I am by my family. So, in honor of the day, here are some oldy (but goody) pics...of my mom's day last year....a walk on the trail....check out Logan's lack of hair (teehee :))
Pre-church last year....I'm bummed this year I didn't get a pic of us looking nice like was just too busy of a day and Hays wasn't with us for most of it....
And one of the greatest blessings in my life is my mama...the best mom in the whole wide world who is also the bestest of friends to me.  I never known a lady as friendly, cool, fun, chatty, loving, caring and giving as my mom.  She is truly one-of-a-kind and I pray every day that those genes in her will rub off on me :)  I've never seen all my kids love someone like they love and adore her.  She gets down on the floor and plays with them and makes a point to know how each of them tick.  It's quite a rare trait to find in this fast-paced world.  My mom truly is gift...and I feel so blessed to be her daughter....and to have her be Nina to my kids.
Isn't she beautiful too...I just love her :)
And my "other" mom is equally awesome.  I love so much about her too.  She is a take-charge lady who just loves her family and gives her all to them.  If there is a need, she meets it...immediately...w/o us even asking...she just seems to know and be in tune to her family's needs.  That is such a gift to children and grandkids to have a mom/Nina like that.  She raised my Kev to be this amazing husband and father, and I know that he is the way he is b/c of what great (and patient!) mothering he had (and from what I hear, mothering him was not always easy :)).  I feel truly blessed to have a mother-in-law like this who gives her all to her family in so many ways.

I'm truly blessed....not only to be a mother to my five...but to have two great moms in my life...and to know so many others....Happy Mom's Day to every mommy out there...hope ya'll had a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Missing Pops

We are missing ol' Pops today.  He left in the early a.m.  We had a good ol' time with him here and packed in as much activity as we could (especially outdoors).  We are still having a grand ol' time with Nina...but just wish Pops was still here and not back to his reality in FL.  Love you, Pops...and miss you!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

She's 10!

Well, somehow I blinked and a decade of my 2nd baby girl's life flew by...I can't say I'm too happy about this b/c I don't like how fleeting time has become...but be that as it may...there have been MANY blessings, laughs and memories made all thanks to the gift of Shelby in our life.  Here is a walk down memory lane....of our baby girl just a few days old in May of 2004. She was so precious and peaceful sleeping in her fav. place (the laundry basket!) :)
And she sure had a fun time being 1...and was the cutest little toddler :)
...and 2 (we went to this lake overlook park today too!) :)...she always had a spunky lil' personality!
....then 3 came before we knew it....
...and 4!
and 5!
then 6!
and 7!
and (toothless) 8!
and beautiful 9!
 And now the double digits!!  It's a big year....never again will she be the single digits again!

It was a great day...a full day, but a great, great day!  The best part of the day was having both Nina and Pops G. here from FL and NO school!!!  Shelb was in all her glory...from waking up to 10 balloons and a Frozen happy bday banner over her her blue donut and blue milk (everything was blue...due to a love for Frozen!) early lunch at Moes (her one request for her bday!)...and then hanging out at the lake overlook park/playground (where she opened her gifts)...and just scootering up and down our block and enjoying the outdoors....going putt putt golfing and then eating Frozen cake :)  Oh and the funniest bday enjoyment of the day was digging up most of the dandelions in our front yard with Pops.  She's such a funny girl that Shelb of ours.  I love so, so much about her, but most of all I just love how she stays true to herself and how she has such a vibrant, fun and quirky/funny personality.  Some people think she's shy, but if you get to know her, you'll really crack up at her craziness.  She was the baby we prayed for for many years and now feel so incredibly blessed by for the last 10.  We love you, Shelby Gracie!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nina and Pops are here!

And all seems well with the world :)

So happy to have them here....and I know the kids are ecstatic.  They got a screaming welcome by 3 of the 5 lil' Stegs when they arrived around 1pm today...and it's been in and outdoor fun all day long.  I am sure Nina and Pops are whipped.  We played baseball, basketball, sprinklers, bee killing, bird watching (we have a new baby robin born this afternoon!)...Kev and I did some bday shopping with only 1 sleeping kid in tow, we had a super yummy bbq chix meal, did some bday haircutting, violin playing...and finished off the evening making candy at 10:30pm (yes, we are crazy!).  All that to say that it's going to be wonderful having Pops here for 2 more days and Nina here for another week.  So glad our weather is perfect and we will probably be able to enjoy the outdoors. Life is good!

In other news it's been a super busy weekend of ballet, baseball and basement cleaning.  Not exactly relaxing, but life never is! :)  This week is going to be c-r-a-z-y....with it being performance week...but so glad Nina and Pops are here to help lighten the load!  YAY!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's wrong with this picture?

No, it isn't a chocolate cake ball that accidentally rolled off the counter (though it does look like it!)....

It is a little poop-ball from the toddler of the house.

Not sure of the sequence of events that occurred leading up to this little incident, but the story is that it "rolled out of his diaper while he was walking around".  Hmmm.  Kind of a fishy story, but the daddy and kids of the house are sticking to it.

This is what happens when the mom of the house is at the ballet with my oldest girl.  I can't say I've ever had a pool roll out of a fastened diaper before.  Only on dad's "watch" would this happen :) 

Happy 19th to my German green baby!

Well pinch me now, my little green st paddy’s baby is 19!  The last year before 20. For some reason that feels really old. And makes me feel...