Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fair fun and a H.S. kinda night

 Well, it was another "hop from one thing to another kinda day".  I'm not sure if I've said this yet, but it woulda been nice to have at least another week to prep for school.  Just not enough time in one week to get ready!  But, we are squeezing it all in in our crazy Steg fast pace!  We hate to miss our county fair so off we went was the ONLY day we could fit it in this week so we gave ourselves 2 hours in between ballet and freshman orientation.  Note to self: 2 hours is not enough time.  But at least we went.  BEST part of the fair hands down was Dylan in the fun house mirror room. I swear he's the smartest boy I know but he lacks some common sense at times. This allowed for some laughs in the mirror area where he not once but twice smacked head first into the walls!  We weren't even in the fun house and we could hear it.  We (and the guy in charge) were in hysterics.  It was pretty funny!  He also has hands-down the best face on fun rides!  Ashley won the award for freaking out.  She couldn't get out of the one fun house and flipped out.  Then she looked like she might vomit on the ship ride.  Logan had the happiest face of all on the big slide.  It was a fun fair day, but too rushed....and we didn't get all the yummy food we like to get.  Bummer :(
 B/c it was off to BHSS Freshman orientation.  Sorry for all the sideways pics....but I had to take and post a few b/c I know she won't let me set foot in here on Monday and embarrass her with pics :)  I prob. should have made her wear something more presentable, but instead we look like a ballerina who's just been to the fair :)  Go, Panthers!
 As is Steg style we took the whole fam.  I'm sure Hailey loved this.  Logan loved the many stairs at South.  Kev assured me he only feel down them twice. :)
 Waiting for the "exciting" slideshow to end :)  Like father like son :)
 Then we did a run-through of Hailey's schedule through the three confusing floors of the high school.  Hailey was probably really loving us all slowing her down. :)  Man, would I be lost if I was her.  FLCS and it's one hall high school is nothing compared to this!
 You can probably see who had his own schedule to run-through :)
 Then it was a trial run of the ol' locker!  Everyone was a little worried at first that our smarty pants might not break the code...
 ahhh...sweet success!  Even she looks proud of herself! :)  Nina might want to shut her eyes for the next 3 pics...
 The sibs thought it a perfect opportunity to see how fun it is to squeeze in the locker! D was first!
 Then Shelb!  I think it was scarier than she thought, esp. since Hays is not real quick with the combo yet!
 Ash was brave too...she's gotta be like her sibs!
 The proud locker conqueror!
 My Freshman :)
 And her massive school...
 It really is a beautiful building...
I think it almost looks like a mall minus the shopping inside :)  I have lots more to share about h.s. and my thoughts, but most of those I am going to keep to myself.  But for the moment and for this year, I wish my girl all the best...and pray she enjoys every moment and learns a ton.  I'm very proud of her as she enters this new phase of life.  I'm not sure how this young mama is old enough to have a 9th grader (somedays I still feel like one myself! :))...but like it or not, my baby is growing up.  Go, Panther, Hays!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Day

 Well, I had nothing brilliant to label today's post b/c honestly it was a mixture of a day...sad, happy, relaxed, stressed....It was an emotional morning saying goodbye to a boy taken too young from this earth.  Never should a mother have to say goodbye to her son and her husband in the same year.  I still cannot wrap my mind around this.  Praying daily for my bestie and her family. 

Hailey plunged back into the ballet life at IU with her fav. teacher.  I think she enjoyed it.  She loves her "ballet family".  And then I surprised her with a "fun" trip to the city pool.  Let's just say she was not jumping for joy when I picked her up from IU and broke the news.  Honestly it was not going to be a pool day, but we had to rearrange our schedule for tomorrow so I had to use up my pool passes today.  Sorry, Hays!  The worst thing about it was the coolness of our weather.  It was barely 80 out so you can imagine how the pool felt.  Let's just say Logan's lips were purple and he was shaking.  The only bright side was hardly anyone (crazies like us!) were at the pool! haha :)  Hailey tried to be a good sport, but I know she was not happy (and she was a bit cold as was her warmblooded mama).  But it worked out ok and the kids (mostly) had a good time.
 I had these grand expectations to make a nice meal for Hailey (as a welcome home thing) and Kev (as a belated bday thing)...but it was kinda thrown together due to getting home from the pool after 6pm.  But I think Kev and Hays enjoyed the filet, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes and garlic bread.  Everyone helped and it made it all the more fun. 
 This was also part of our dinner....I bet your mouths are watering for this fancy meat and "fruit", huh? Can you guess what it is?  Let's just say some of us didn't get filet b/c mama is too cheap to play for two packs of them especially for kids who much prefer hot dogs!
And this is what we are doing now!  Watching the new AG movie (Isabelle)...Ash has been waiting for this to come out (it's the movie that matches her doll!)...and it's all based on ballerinas and funny enough mentions NYCB...and SAB!  I was shocked about that!'s just lovely ending our day on a relaxing note b/c the in-between times were up and down.  I wish summer could last a bit longer....

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Today was essentially a do-nothing day.  It was glorious.  That is my favorite kind of day.  Hailey had planned to do ballet, but she got up late, had forgotten to sew her pointe shoes (and all her other ones were dead) and she really wanted to get a handmade gift out to her bestie who's across the US at another ballet intensive. So we stayed in most of the day.  I got all prepped with my list for school food and dinner food...and had a bout of "fridge/freezer rage" and dumped pretty much everything from our fridge and freezer in the garbage.  I think I had 10 unknown containers of chili/spaghetti sauce/soup which was causing an avalanche in my freezer.  Why do I not label and date things?  I guess I think I'll remember what's in them a month or two or year later!  Crazy me.  Of course after filling 2 garbage bags I run to the door to dump it in the dumpster and our garbage is just being taken away by the truck. Ugh.  But I am proud of myself for getting rid of stuff and not even thinking about it.  It was freeing. 

The three middle kids played squinkies all day long...seriously...they only took breaks to eat and pee!  I love that they have been getting along so well and we don't have to have any playdates or activities going on.  And I think my most fav. part of the day was going to Sam's (yes, crazy enough).  I really dislike shopping especially for food and especially with all the kids.  But it was actually nice to have Hailey along with us for once.  She keeps the peace.  But the best part was that as the kids ran down aisles getting me stuff, Logan just watched them and giggled.  They weren't meaning to be funny, I don't think, and I almost didn't notice his giggles, but he just found such joy watching them hopping and skipping and grabbing food and bring it to the cart.  I think for me this small thing was a reminder...a reminder of what's important.  Not long from now I'll have no kids in my home, no extras on my shopping trips.  I AM going to miss these days as exhausting as they are.  Whoda thunk a trip to Sam's Club would remind me of this. :), yes, I am digging the old heels in about school fast approaching...but I'm plugging along trying to get ready regardless of my grumpiness.  We got our hair all trimmed up nice our back to school clothes organized.  I even had the kids help make dinner.  Can you tell we are trying to get this school year starting on the right foot?!  The only bummer was that daddy had to work in Indy all day today and he didn't get home til late.  2nd bummer, I guess, is that Logan is on the "grandparent" schedule and is not going down to bed easily.  It's exhausting and has made for some very late nights adjusting back to our schedule.  But, as usual, it is my effort to keep it all in stride and perspective.  I might not like that time goes so fast, that summer is so short, that my kids grow up so fast....but not much I can do about it, but go with it! :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Say it ain't so!

Well, I'm sure you can tell what day it was for us...not at all what I want to be doing the day after coming home from vacation. But as much as I am diggin' in my is starting in just a week.  Icky ick ick!  Let's just say I am glad to get that Target trip out of the way!  Hailey's about the only one who looks happy...she seemed to have a good time at her "trial run of high school" today.  Go, Panther, Hays!" :)  The only relaxing-ish part of the day was eating out at our fav. pizza place, Mother Bears.  Boy, did that hit the spot after eye appts and school supply shopping.  The only thing that would have made it better is if Logan had napped today and wasn't a "bear" himself! :)  I am just gonna put this out there....that this mama is anxious already about this school year and trying to say "no" to things and limiting activity.  I felt I had very little rest this summer from that...we didn't have near enough "nothing" days and I find those so necessary to fill my cup up with energy.  Next summer needs to be different.  I cannot come into school years feeling like this.  I pray, pray, pray I can gather my energy the next few days and start this year off right.  For now I'm wallowing in my fears of another crazy year....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our ballerina is home...and daddy Kev is the big 3-9!

 Yes, we are home!  Not sure I'm glad about that b/c sometimes reality stinks!  BUT....I am glad we have a complete family at home again...and that our favorite NYC ballerina is back in our humble presence :)  (though I'm not sure she's glad to be back....especially with me torturing her with pics...I gave her 5 weeks off and I think I made up for it the first afternoon we had her back with's only cuz I love you, Hays!) :)
 And happy last year of your 30's, babe!  He got to celebrate by driving 9+ hours today!  Lucky guy!  It's beginning to be a tradition to drive home from vacations on one of our bdays!  We had a yummy lunch at Wendy's and made him wear his bday hat...then quickly realized he would have had to be a small child to wear it and drive....either that or stick his head out the window.  He wasn't game for either!  Party pooper :)
 But I have to say our last 6 days of blissful vacation was amazing.  Lots of peace and quiet and wonderful alone-time.  This was one of our fav. things....boating in Central Park!
 On Saturday we picked up our girl and took her to the ol' Serendip(ity 3, that is!)...for their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate...and a yummy lunch!  Yes, she went against her motto of "no selfies" just for her mom and dad :)
 I even got to sit my her stinky, blistery ballerina feet...but I didn't mind...I've missed those fragrant feet!
 Kev had a yummy hotel bfast for his bday.  Actually it was probably better than what he'd have was a strawberry/vanilla waffle
Daddy's gourmet dinner...Dominoes :)  He almost didn't get to eat anything due to work problems...poor guy.
 Nina and Poppy Stegs were awesome to surprise him with a bday cake when he got home...from none other than his FAV Cold Stone!!  Ours closed last year so this was a rare treat for him.  It was yummers and his fav. flavor, cake batter!
 Daddy and his kiddos all reunited!
 And being crazy singing to him...
 Logan even shared his cream soda dum dum with daddy...this is a big thing for sugar-lovin' Logan to do!  Daddy loves cream soda flavor!
 A few gifts for daddy....mostly cookwear...a new pan, a caraf (not sure how you spell that?) and some shirts and handmade cards!
 Me and my man...tired after a busy, full vacation and tired already of the prospect of a busy school year just a week away! :(  Ugh!
 The ballerina meets her clone :)  I think she was more scared of her in person :)  I still say she's a darn close replica!
 The fun candy card we made her...
 The crazy sibs welcoming her home with gusto!   And her chillin' eating her pomegranate gelato!
So.....we are soooooooooooooooo glad to have our oldest girl home.  So glad to have our family of 7 back under one roof after 5 weeks.  She had an amazing summer at SAB and learned so, so much.  Now it's on to high school in just a week (tomorrow she goes for a trial run!)  And this will be our crazy week of back-to-school prepping!  Not super excited.  I don't think a summer has ever flown by so quickly and we really didn't even do that much compared to last year!  But I have to say Kev and I had a marvelous time on our PA, NJ, NYC early anniversary trip.  I felt very blessed by Kev's parents' willingness to take the kids for 6 days and also help us with hotels in NY.  And by the way, they passed with flying colors taking all 4 kids for that long, especially busy Logan.  The kids had a GREAT time and Logan didn't even miss me that much....though I have gotten LOTS of hugs and wet kisses on the face tonight.  He's so sweet. I missed that little guy...and all of them!  And my poor Kev....a bday full of driving and about 30mins from home he got paged that his servers were down.  A major problem. He was able to come home for an hour but that's all he's been home and now he's working into the evening.  Life can never be easy even on your bday!  Welcome home to our girl....and happy last year of not being over-the-hill, Kev!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ready for our ballerina to come home!

 Well, it's official...we are ready for our oldest girl to come home!  We cleaned out her room today (all the sibs helped!), we dusted and vacuumed (all the sibs helped!), we made her bed all spic and span (though this year we were happy to discover no trash in her loft like last year :))...and we had a lil' fun decorating (the sibs helped!). 
 Pretty soon ol' creepy clone can go the basement and be retired, b/c the real deal will be back hanging in her bedroom!
 Logan is pretty excited so he was doing a "praise Jesus!" that biggest sissy will be home soon!  Ok, he was playing with a balloon, but I'm sure he's as happy as a peach that Hays will be home soon!
 And now the house is quiet...eerily quiet.  I often long for peace and today was VERY much one of those days (a stressful dental visit where Logggy got his head stuck in his stroller and spilled mouthwash all over his face and in his't take a toddler to the dentist!).  Anyway....I was longing for peace just a few hours ago but now that Nina and Poppy Stegs have take 4 kiddos and a fish away, it is almost too quiet!  I'm gonna miss these crazy kiddos!
And I'm praying I don't shed any tears over my baby boy leaving me for the first time. He was all smiles and waves as he sped off with Nina and Poppy...but this was him last night not wanting to let his mama go.  I was ok with that :)  I love this little booger!  And now it's time for Kev and I to have some alone time.  Haven't had this since our trip to NYC 2 years ago, but I'm not sure I count that since I was very sick and pg then.  But it will be strange to travel child-less and to have a lil' anniversary time alone.  Praying all goes well with our PA, NJ, NYC trip!  Next time I blog will be Kev's 39th bday and Hailey's homecoming on Sunday! 
Can't wait to hug this girl in person...cardboard isn't quite the same thing :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lo and Behold!

 My NYC girl send me a "face" picture today!  YAY!  She made her mama's day!  I don't think it's a selfie so she must have taken Nina's advice and had a roomie take it.  I'm just happy to put a face with our long-lost New Yorker! 
 This was the first pic she sent I really thought she was just gonna continue on with her "inanimate object/food/drink" pics.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Magnolia bakery food pics, especially key lime cheesecake! One of our favs!
 We spent most of our day at church, doing laundry, packing, planning our trip, being lazy...and trying to clean up Hailey's room (we've been using it for various reasons lately...sorry, Hays!).  Logan noticed the ladder to the loft was back on the bed right away and up he went!  He went a lil' crazy at first...jumped up and down and was waving to Hailey and saying her name...then he hit his head on the ceiling...
 ...this is his dazed and confused look :)
This is his "can't wait to see you in a week, Hays!" look....and maybe a "don't leave me for 6 days, mommy" look.  He is struggling tonight going to bed.  He screamed bloody murder for the last 30 mins. He knows something's up and tomorrow night I pray he doesn't give Nina and Poppy a run for their money.  I'm gonna miss my baby (and middle three!) for the next week....but I'm excited to see my oldest "baby" soon!