Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lovin' 3 day weekends :)

 This weekend reminds me yet again how lovely it is to have longer weekends.  YAY!  We didn't do much exciting today (mostly cleaning and organizing)...but it was nice knowing we had one more down day after today (probably our last down day til October!).  At any a reward for cleaning all day, we took the gang to OL (Orange Leaf) for frozen yogurt.  I had meant to do this almost a month ago as a back-to-school treat, but due to our crazy, busy sched and our unfortunate 2-3 week sick hiatus (where no one wanted to eat!)....we never found time.  The kids enjoyed it!  Poor Loggy looks bummed he didn't get his own bowl, but actually he was watching the Ninja show on tv so he was just distracted :)
 His new fun thing to do in the van when he's bored (or hungry)...double boogar picking!  He can sing while he does it too...very entertaining!
 It's always the unexpected quiet ones who get in a fight in the backseat...yes, that's a big, smelly ballet foot on the face of an annoying brother!
Then it was Steg movie night (Muppets)...always entertaining...Logan was running around, Hays was sewing new pointe shoes...Shelby was using a dump truck as a pillow?? ...Ash looks comatose...and D is entertaining his new monkey friend, Socko, who is our guest for the weekend due to D being Star Student at school on Fri!  Never a dull moment!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A day at the lake...

 Another wonderful day on Lake Monroe with Nina and Poppy Stegs' and boat!  It was quite a rainy day, but turned out to be pretty nice (not too hot and the lake was pretty vacant...very rare for Labor Day weekend!).  I actually sorta preferred this kind of day at the no humidity.  Here's the kiddos at the end of the day....heading back to the dock for pool-time and dinner!
 A cool panoramic....Shelb was on the kneeboard out in the water...
 I was so proud of Ash...I didn't think she could pull herself up on her knees on the board, but she did right away!  She was very proud of herself too..."I was the only person to not fall off the board!"...she said over and over again...she is so humble :)
 Dylan won the award for most animated on the board...he was hilarious!  We might need to take up professional kneeboarding. He could have done it all day...and at one point he was doing it with no hands and even waving his hands in the air provoking the boat driver (Poppy!) :)
 Loggy LOVED the water....he was so happy when he was finally allowed in.
I was glad when he finally pooped out and fell asleep! 

It was a fun day...and we feel very blessed that Nina and Poppy have the boat and a slip at the lake for us to enjoy. I only wish we could enjoy it more. The last time we were there was Memorial Day!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Yippee for a long weekend!

 Couldn't be any happier about a long holiday weekend....and rest for our weary souls!  I finally have felt good after being sick for like 2 weeks and our family is finally healthy after that long haul too!  YAY for that!  I wish we could be doing a lot of nothing this weekend, but that is just never in the cards for us.  But we are enjoying a day at the lake/boat tomorrow....and at least a couple days to not get up at the butt crack of dawn! :)  No fancy post or pics today b/c this mama is plum tuckered out!  I did take these fun(ny) pics of Logan and Ash having fun in the living room the other day. This boy cracks me up with the things he randomly comes up with.  He is that kid that runs around with a bucket on his head and runs into things on purpose.  Today he ran his heart out at the splash pad/park.  Never seen a kid run so much...he'd run back and forth between both things never growing tired....until he fell asleep in my arms tonight too exhausted to even fight it. 
Here's to a great Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Meet the newest American Girl models!  YES, they got a spot in the AG Fashion show the week of Thanksgiving! Soooo excited for them and soooo surprised. I really got a bad vibe from the audition lady as did Kev's mom. But apparently we were wrong. :)  I cannot wait to tell them in the morning! This pic of them is right before their audition...with their modeling portfolios. :)
 In other news, we got to have a playdate with our best guy buddy, Elijah, today. He turns 2 tomorrow!  We gave him a book and he and Logan really seemed to like it. :)
 Tonight we spent the entire evening at Hailey's H.S. open house.  She already got one of her assignments in the glass case.  We were proud.  We embarrassed her by taking a pic :)
 We also embarrassed her by taking our whole family to the 3 hour event.  Logan made it through thanks to sleep and a dum dums (can you spot him?)
 Hailey joined a club (shocker!)...Diversity Club.  When asked what it was about, she stated "Diversity".  Wow...she should be president of this club!  I don't know a more diverse girl. :)
 I think I'd like to eat in this cafeteria every day. They serve just about everything.  This is proof.  Even Hailey eats their lunch here a few times a week...she's never been a school lunch girl til now.  Yes, she loved me taking a pic of her :)
And one last shot of my Freshman Panther.  Can you spot the 10 year old photo bomber on the right? :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Boys will be boys :)

 Tomorrow my baby will be 20mos.  In honor of him aging right before my eyes...I thought I'd post a few pics of him over the last month.  He is definitely all boy (and is learning from his brother :))
 He still sleeps in our room most of the time only b/c we discovered that he will sleep in later in the morning if he is not in big brother's room.  Kev and I agreed that a quiet house in the morning is way more important to us that our room to ourselves.  But, sometimes the boy gets bored in his crib...this was one of those days.  Thankfully it was only clean diapers this time.  One time he got into the diaper pail and had a little fun looking through garbage...and another time he got into the wipes and tried to clean his own dirty diaper.  He is a rascal and very inquisitive.  You'd think I'd learn and keep all things out of his reach, but I swear he has go-go-gadget arms!
 He likes to help with homework.  We don't need a dog to blame it on b/c Logan spills, writes, eats, tears most homework.  He especially likes mechanical pencils.  No item is safe on our table b/c he loves to climb!
 He loves bugs, especially spiders and ants.  He usually picks them up but this day he was waving at the spider, which was nice of him.
 He loves driving...and eating at the same time.  He's multi-talented :)
 He loves his siblings...can you tell which sib's name he's saying who is taking his picture here?? :)
 He loves to greet his sibs coming home from school, especially in the rain...this day we were waiting on Hays to get off the bus.
 He loves his crazy bro!
 He loves drinking fountains...especially this one on the trail made just for him (or dogs) :)
 He is crazy and silly...and messy (especially with mac n cheese, applesauce and yogurt!)
 He loves his library play group...especially the parachute time. This was the day he had to wear his nametag on his head and he would stand in the middle of the group and try to get his soccer ball in the hole in the parachute.  He is a funny kid and quite smart!
 He cracks us up with his faces :)
 Sometimes he gets into a predicament and can't figure a way out :)
 Have I mentioned he loves his crazy brother...they run a lot...
 ...they dance a lot...
 ...they clap and sing a lot!
 He is a Steg through and through even down to the "sleeping with the eyes open" :)
 He's happy almost all the time!
 He's mischievous!  And for some reason loves black markers the best!
But at the end of the day when he's resting peacefully in the crib....he's still my cuddly, baby boy :)  Love you, Logan Thomas!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Misc. Pic Day!

 Just a quick post today...with some misc. pics of the last few days...
I know the above pic is torturous to see, but it honestly cracks me up now that I'm not in the ear piercing screaming moment of it! :)  This pretty much sums up the first haircut on Saturday at Cookie Cutters!  lol! Some day he will find humor in it! :)
 This the 19 month old pre haircut last week....I never took 19 month pics of him (since it was daddy's bday and they we got back from NYC)...and this was the only one he would sit still for...he melts my heart though...
 Ashley worked really, really hard on her scrapbook page for her class photo album.  The back was just as good as the front, but this is all I'm posting tonight....way to go, Ash!
 Shelby had her first violin lesson of this school year today. She did awesome and got complimented on her playing and note-reading.  So proud of her and all her hard work over the summer.
 It was "red" day today for the Kindergartners and D's class helped them so he dressed up too.  LOL at Ash (who dresses herself now)....she loves scarves lately even on the hottest day we've had in ages!  Go Red!
And a sweet shot of Hailey and some of her ballet buds on Saturday at the farewell party...with the collage the girls made. Turned out awesome and Doricha loved it.  We love modge-podge lately!  You should see some of our cool gifts/projects! 

That's all for now. Early bedtime for us...well, is 9 really early? 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

National Waffle Day! :)

 Did ya' know it's a National "holiday" today....well,'s National Waffle Day!  This was apparently a big deal to our Hays b/c not only did she make waffles from scratch for us this morning, but more shockingly is that she sacrificed and hour of sleep to get up early on a Sunday (her one day off!) to do it!  God love her.  She loves to cook though (like her daddy) and she is really enjoying her home ec (nutrition and wellness) class at school.
 So, who were we to tell her not to get up early to cook bfast for us!  Doesn't she look like a master chef?! :)
Thanks for the yummy morning treats, Hays!  I hope you always love to cook like your daddy b/c your mama did not inherit that trait. :)

Tomorrow I think she gets even more waffles at school in honor of the big Waffle Day!  Whohoo!  Sometimes it's the little things in life that make ya' happy! :) :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A busy Saturday...

 We can't just have an ordinary Saturday around here of sitting around and loafing on the couch!  We were off this morning to model for the AG fashion show in Indy.  This is Ash practicing her runway walk last night.  She is a hoot.  Shelby did it too, minus the extra get-up of heels, scarf and movie star glasses :)  I have an inkling both girls might be a tad bit too big to fit in the AG clothes necessary for the Nov. show...but I am keeping fingers crossed that they both get to do it!  I know they would love it. Hailey has done two AG shows, Shelb's done one (right after Ashley was born) and we were hoping this would be Ashley's first.  We shall wait and see if they get chosen. (below is them at Riley Hospital...where I used to work in the NICU...kinda weird to be back here after all these years...and for an AG fashion show, no less...which benefits the Cheer Guild)

 Lil' man got his first real haircut at a salon (Cookie Cutters in Indy)  We have taken all the kids to this place b/c it's much easier than mommy taking a few wrong cuts and messing things up (we learned this the hard way with Hailey's first big cut at home...let's just say she ended up looking like a boy :)).  From then on we let the professionals do the first real haircut (not counting the snips I do at home for the first year and a half of life).  He sure needed this cut too.  He had a nice (Jeffie) bowl cut going on!  Now's he's all cute and trim!  But BOY OH BOY did he wail and carry on and cling to mommy. That poor girl who had to cut his hair.  God bless her!  More pics of that later....above is once we got home. He's so dang cute!
 He just makes my heart smile.  19 months and lovin' life!
So it was a whirlwind day....up early to make it to the AG fashion in Indy....then to Cookie Cutters for the dramatic do-cut...then out to McCalisters for lunch with Nina and Poppy...then raced home to get to our farewell party for Hailey's mentor.  What a lovely gathering of girls.  It was so sweet how Doricha sat on the couch surrounded by all her kids.  B/c they really are that...they are like her children.  It was so neat to see....such happy memories shared...such sadness losing such a gifted and caring lady in our lives.  She will be missed so incredibly much.  I love what she said to Hailey though as we left...something to the extent of "if you want it, it's yours" (talking about her dreams and aspirations as a dancer)...and she continued on, "and if you don't want it, then that's ok."  God bless her. I could not have said it better myself.  And then she said...and "if you do (want it and get it)...send me a ticket" :)  I think Nina will understand this :) I loved it.  She truly is the reason Hailey is who/where she is today.  I have always been convinced that God brought us to Bloomington, IN to be at IU and to be under this wonderful instruction of this one person.  We feel entirely blessed.  I will have to post pics of the goodbyes later.  Sadly, I forgot my good camera so they are not superb pics, but still better than nothing :)

And then Hays and I raced off to meet our friends, Kim and Julia, for manicures and dinner.  It was an awesome time laughing and sharing about life in the midst of our crazy, stressful lives.  We spent almost 4 hours at Panera just talking. haha!  Love that we are so blessed by good friends.  I really am feeling this lately....very blessed.  I admit I have been down in the dumps lately, but it always amazes me how God sends people into our lives that uplift us when we need it the most.  I have had that on numerous occasions this week.  Thank you, Lord! 

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