Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Sometimes life is just disappointing.  You know you shouldn't hold out for something better, but you still do and then you are let down again.  I'm not going into details at all here because I chose to keep this blog open to the public.  But this could go for many aspects of life anyway.  I should know by now not get my hopes up for things.  I guess I'll just chalk disappointment up to part of being the journey of life.  Sigh.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Misc. pics

  A few random pics on this very busy Sunday....of Ash at her game yesterday....she was so close to getting her first goal here, but it hit the post! :(  She sure looked good trying though! :)
 Dylan ready for the ball...it hit his chest....next time he'll have to try for the head! :)  He sure works up a sweat out there.
 Lil' Bro turned 21 months yesterday in the midst of his mischevious day!
 Hailey and her ballet buds last Sat. at Nutcracker auditions.  Makes me sad to think this could be her last audition at IU...these girls are like family to her.  Still no news on what part she gets....fingers crossed!
And princess Shelby at Ashley's Frozen party a couple weeks ago...with a purple fondant bow and a coronation crown made out of hot glue. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

One of those days...

Well, one of those days nights turned into one of those days.

For whatever reason the wee one slept horribly. He finally was asleep after midnight, but certainly not peacefully.  I swear he even muttered "dada" every couple hours.  He was up way before the crack of dawn and chattering a mile a minute about "Diwan" and "dada" and all the food he wanted to eat that morning.

I think he had the screamiest day he's ever had.  Not because he was mad, just because he wanted to be loud.  I actually would have been fine if he was just loud.  I can tune his "loudness" out.  But he was mischeivous on purpose.  I cannot even count the things he did today that were "toddler naughty".  Picked half the tomatoes off our container garden and threw them (he thinks they are balls)...scribbled on Ashley's thank you's...threw food, threw his cup at Ash and hit her in the head, put stuff in the DVD player, pulled stuff off the counter, got food/drink out of the fridge that wasn't his and hid and tried to eat it, dumped the cat water out yet again, got stuck in his toy crate trying to get something out....ya' know...just toddler trouble.  But the hum dinger was somehow he got the whiteout off the counter and got the top off and dumped it all over the kitchen.  I was only gone about 10 seconds running dirty laundry up the stairs (and Ash was in the room with him)....but he still managed to make a complete white mess of our floor.  I had about had it at that time of the day (mostly bc I am having some terrible chest pain still) and if it weren't for Hailey lending a hand to scrub the floor I might have cried my eyes out.  I was sure glad when daddy and Dylan walked in the door from their 24 hours of camping this evening. 

Toddler-dom wears me out...especially Logan toddler-dom...it's waaaay worse than any toddlerhood we've ever experienced!  Sometimes I wonder why God gave us Logan when we were so "old" and slow.  I feel way too old to be chasing him through his troublesome days.  Maybe God knew we might not have had 5 if Loggy was our 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th! haha :)  God love this little boy....but God give us the strength to get him to adulthood!
All I can say is that I hope we all sleep well tonight!

(I had to post one cute pic of our fav. cub scout camper at the shoot-o-ree today.  I like to call this his "poop-o-ree" pose.  Doesn't he look like he's taking a pee or poop behind that sign?  teehee :)  He sure had fun with his daddy all day shooting things.  His fav. part was the BB gun (we have one now so maybe he can use it...maybe Pops can teach him sometime?) and he loved the scavenger hunt through the woods too)  The boys had a good time today...and I'm glad for them...but also glad we are all under one room again tonight.  Off to bed!

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's gonna be one of those nights...

I've been trying to put this lil' cutie to bed for 2 hours.  He's fallen asleep a half dozen times in my arms...with his body limp and his mouth so wide open a hive of bees could fly in there and settle down.  But every time I put him back in his crib he wakes up like he's got a fire in his britches and screams for the next 30mins. This mama is worn.  Is the boy missing his daddy and brother who are camping in the outdoors tonight with cubscouts?  I don't know. But I sure wish daddy was here to hold the boy.  This mama wants to sleep!  Please, sleep soon, little Loggy son. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Free" nights are great! :)

 It was one of those rare nights tonight...we only had two activities on the calendar and then one got canceled (no soccer, yay!)...only Hailey had ballet and the in-between time we were free as birds!  Even better is that the weather is perfecto!  So we spent our after-dinner time outside.  Since practice was canceled for D, daddy became his coach for the night...I think he got more of a work-out this way!  Check out the sweat glistening on his face!  This was the 2nd time today he looked like this.  I ate lunch with him and his buddies today at school and I have never seen such sweaty, red-faced boys.  Apparently they had a very competitive game of soccer at recess.  Man, do boys get sweaty!!!  Cracks me up!  Love this sweaty, stinky boy!
 Here's our "ball" boy!  He almost always has a ball in his hand....and if he's really having a good time, he has his tongue out too!  It was a good night tonight for him :)
 Ash was the only one with homework tonight...poor Kindergartner!  But we tried to make it fun and do her sight word cards outside at least!
Crazy Shelby...she is never lacking for a funny face and a good laugh.  Love this girl!  She was all smiles today...not only did she get 100% on her spelling pretest (meaning, no test on Friday!), she was also the only one in the class to get 100% on her math test (she considers this her worst subject, but apparently she is smarter than she thinks!)...and in honor of both 100%'s she was elected Summit Star for her classroom!  Go, Shelb!

Wish I had a pic of dancing, Hays, but I trust you can imagine she was working hard in the ballet studio!

Yay, for laid-back nights, especially before a busy weekend of cub and girl scout camping!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Plugging along...

Well, today was a better, brighter day.  I am realizing that in the dark, painful times I just have to keeping pushing through and forcing the smiles...in the hopes that eventually the positive attitude will infiltrate the physical state I'm in.  Logan and I ran errands today, he participated in an IU psych study (where he got his fav. thing as a prize...a ball!)...and we ended the night by hanging out at Kev's co-worker's house for a "work gathering" with his boss and "work family" (see pics above of the fun the kids had :)).  I was supposed to stay home and go to bed, but I just figured that forcing myself would bring a better mood. I think it worked. :)  And, I think even better days are on the horizon...especially since today is officially autumn...my fav. time of year!

Praying today for my sweet friend in MI's mom, who just found out she has breast cancer.  Such an ugly disease, but I know if anyone can bring healing and strength in this uncertain time, it's the good Lord.  Sending hugs and prayers up for my friend, her mom and her dad and family.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Some days are just bad...

...some days are just not gonna roll out as planned...I have learned to be ok with this.

This was one of those days.

I have really been trying to be good about being positive amidst this nasty virus I have.  And I really am counting my blessings that my shingles has been very, very minor (as far as the rash goes).  The rash is almost completely gone and it's only been 9 days.  I think that's pretty good considering some of the photos I've seen online of the more major cases.  I have had really no pustules at all and no oozing or anything like that.  No itching either.  The pain that I have is deep though.  I am trying to stay strong and not complain about it...but it kept me up all night last night.  It was awful.  I almost feel like it has surrounded my heart and is caving in on it...the nerves are just having a heck of a fight in there.  It's a suffocating feeling.  I had been doing pretty good with pain til last night.  I think this icky cold/cough I have now is not helping.  I am feeling completely and utterly worn down.  Normally Kev would have taken the day off b/c I really was in no shape to care for Logan....but he has his boss in town and not only can't he take off, but he'll probably work three nights in a row too.  I will get little rest.  I am used to this, but when I am so worn down already and fighting bacteria and a virus....well, it's rough. I tried to nap today, but Logan wasn't a fan.  He finally fell asleep in my arms and I tried to rest a bit...not really possible with your body in pain and your 30lb baby laying on you making more pain.  But I still tried to cherish the peace and my sleeping baby in my arms. 

My joy of the day was unexpected. I forced myself to go eat lunch with Ash.  I had just done this on Friday when I was there for two hours helping with her class and celebrating her bday....but I wanted to bring her a special bday lunch and also a mini-cookie cake from the mall.  She was so sweet and her and her friends never cease to make me smile and laugh. They are the cutest Kindergartners ever and I feel so thankful that my Ash made these best buds so quickly.  They completely were cracking me up with the way they share food and make each other laugh.  It quickly put my sour mood in its place!  I love how kids can do that. :)  Logan also made my day today but using his words (not screams)...he told Dylan, "I want the ball".  I was very proud of him. He is getting so big and so funny. :)  Sometimes it's the little things that get me through the down days...

And now the day is coming to a close...only a couple more hours and hopefully I can take some meds and nestle in bed and rest.  I have waited for this time of the day since early this morning.  Praying tomorrow will be a better day...and the pain will have passed as well as this hacking cough and the chills.  I want to just spend time with my little boy and enjoy him and be done with germs. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Baby Girl is 6!

In honor of the big 6 year old's big day today, I thought I'd take my annual trip down memory lane via pics.  I love seeing how my kiddos have changed over the years and how their personalities have emerged.  I remember fondly the day my Asher was born.  I was quite overdue and felt like she'd never arrive.  And when she did she was this big ol' (almost 10lb) bundle of cuteness.  From the beginning she had this fire and flair in her.  And that spunkiness has just grown year by year. She has one of the biggest hearts I've ever known a little girl to have and she is most definitely one of the friendliest and kindest kiddos I know.  She is just fun to be around and her smile and laughter just warm the soul.  I am grateful every day by my youngest girl and the joy she brings our family.  I thinks she had a wonderful 6th bday....being outside and enjoying one of our lovely final summer days...and just being with family all day.  I love days just like this and to have it be her birthday made it all the more special.  6 years has flown by and I know 6 more will too.  I love watching you grow up, Ashley Claire...and I am so proud to be your mama.  Never stop being the special girl you are.  I love you so much!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Crazy Saturday!

 Just a little view into a small portion of our day today....it started out taking Shelby to her One Girl (church conference that was last night and all day today)...I took a pic, but it's on my camera....then we walked across the driveway and watched Ash and Dyl play their first Upwards Soccer games of the year....they did awesome and hustled a lot.  Ashley's team got beat, but it was nice of the other team to score a goal for them!  Dylan's team creamed the other team.  I know you're not supposed to keep track of the score in Upwards, but let's be honest...that's what sports is all about! haha :)
 Hays raced off to our HOC (Hoosiers Outrun Cancer) run...she did this honor of our family members who have had cancer and also her mentor, Doricha, who's mother passed away from cancer. 
 It was a small group this year from ballet, but she still had fun...here she is toasting Doricha, I think. I don't really know...Kev did a lot of the taxiing for me...I appreciated that.  Hays also had Nutcracker auditions...we'll see how those turned out later in the week.  We had three birthday parties to go to....ugh...this is a crazy party time of year, especially this weekend...four parties in one weekend...ugh.  I guess everyone has babies in Sept!  Thankfully I didn't go to one of them...Kev did all party duty today, which saved me from socializing and fending off question about shingles.
 I did Ashley's cake this afternoon....
She was pretty excited about a double cake...not too shabby for a mama who is sick...not only with icky shingles...but now a chest cold.  Last day of being 5 for our sweet baby girl! 

Off to bed for this sick mama. I hope the chills I am having pass over night, so I can enjoy the bday girl's big day tomorrow. :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Welcome Distractions :)

Trying to be more upbeat amidst the angst of shingles.  This is what brings me smiles at the end of the day...my fav. five!  They are sweet, silly, crazy and the loves of my life.  So grateful for them.  They make little aches and pains and rashes seem better.  So grateful for them...and for this weekend...that we can hopefully enjoy once we get through the crazy day tomorrow.  Looking forward to Sunday when we can celebrate our 6 year old!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wishing time away...

I really try to live in the moment each day...and to not wish the time away. But a major part of me this week just wants to fast forward to the end of October when I am healed from this nasty virus.  I feel like I have the plague.  Like those who know I have this don't want to be near me, hug me, touch me...it's a lonely type of feeling.  I hate it.  I am really trying each day to find the positives in this.  I do think I caught this and was put on the antiviral early enough where the end result won't be too bad.  I know it could be worse.  But I hate wishing for time to pass. I really wanted to make my baby girl's bday special this weekend...make her a fun lil' cake and enjoy her bday on Sunday, get the house in order a bit, but the pain and exhaustion just overcome me. I fell sound asleep on the couch yesterday while Logan napped.  I didn't want to nap, but my body gave in.  Today I am pushing through.  Just wish this virus would go away quickly so I could have my normal body back.  Sigh.
(above is a small patch of the area under my neck...such an "angry" rash...ick)
Thank you to everyone for your love and support and prayers through this...I know "this too shall pass", but it's very comforting to know ya'll care. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Fun!

Well, the patches on my chest and back are at least 5x's worse today. So is the pain.  I imagine the rest of this week will be bad...maybe even worse.  I have heard this 1st week is just plain painful as the nerves are affected and the rash/virus spreads.  This patch on my back is actually way better than the patch on my front which has now spread to under my arm and is very painful.  I would never wish this on anyone.  I wish this was just a simple rash that itched...but it's this deep nerve pain that is paralyzing.  Today I had pain all over...even in my hands.  It is the pits. I am trying to keep it in perspective because I think I actually have a mild case of this. I cannot imagine it being worse...on parts of my body that are able to be seen...in my eyes, etc.  I count myself blessed that I can hide this under clothing and that my pain is manageable right now. But I am wiped out. I hear this is normal as this is a virus that affects the whole body. I was not able to rest much today at all. I know this is bad for my recovery.  I will try to do better tomorrow.  Please, Lord, make this better by October....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh Chicken Pox, Oh Chicken Pox...

...why do you plague me still at age 37 :(

Darn that virus!

I had it when I was elementary school...it left me with two scars...and a dormant virus...

Which has now reared it's ugly head again in the form on shingles.  No fun at all!

Let me back up a bit...

Last Thursday I started to feel really strange.  I had deep pain on the left side of my chest...really felt like chest pain...and it got more intense as the day went on.  By the time Kev got home from work, I was worried...I thought maybe I stressing myself to the point of an anxiety attack or even a stroke! (yes, I am crazy!)  I told him I might need to see a doctor.  I don't really like to mess with chest pain.  I waited til Thursday and the pain moved to the left side of my back.  I just assume that I had overdone things with the party planning and the cake-making.  If you will remember it was a year ago that I threw out my back (slipped disc).  I just figured my body was trying to tell me to take it easy.  I pushed through the pain and Saturday night after the party was said and done and I had showered and gotten ready for bed, I noticed a rash on the left side of my chest and happened to notice some itching on the left side of my back. I couldn't see that area well unless I looked in a mirror and sure enough it was red and raised like a rash.  Honestly it looked like a skin allergy.  We chalked it up to me getting sticks on Friday by the creek with the girls (we needed Olaf arms and hair!).  I really thought the rash would be gone by the next day.  It wasn't.  It didn't look any worse though on Sunday so I was relieved. Well, today the rash is like raised fluid-filled blisters.  The tell-tale sign of shingles. And that whole side of my body hurts like the dickens. It actually feels like it's imploding and going numb (as it attacks my nerves).  Not to mention I feel exhausted and cannot sleep.  It almost feels like the flu.  Really stinky.  I am trying to not get down about this, but I admit I am struggling.  This is not something I needed to be dealing with now (or ever!).

Please just pray that this only affects the two areas that is has so far (because thankfully I can keep these covered and they are not exposed to infect people).  And also pray that I don't somehow infect anyone, particularly my children. All of them have thankfully had their varicella vaccine, but I do believe Logan can still be at risk and he has actually been snuggling up with me lately near my chest area, which is infectious.  No one can get shingles from contact, but they can get chicken pox from it since it's the same virus.  And I just pray, pray, pray that I don't get this near my eyes or face or somewhere that can be dangerous.  I can live with where this is now and I just hope it will clear by Oct. so I can enjoy my favorite fall month. Right now all I want to do is sleep because of the pain and exhaustion. Ugh.  I feel very disheartened today. :(

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rest for the Weary

This has been my favorite kind of day....

A nap day.

We rarely give in to the exhaustion, but we did today after a long morning at church.  Logan went down for a nap and both Kev and I looked at each other and said, "a nap sounds good".  So off we went.  Logan slept for 2 hours and so did we....while the other kiddos just played quietly with all Ashley's new toys. 

I woke up refreshed and renewed...I can't remember a nap feeling so restful.

Love days like this where we have the freedom to rest and not feel too guilty about it!   Yay for a semi-restful Sunday!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The best part of the party is...

 ...when you can heave a sigh of relief that it's done!  haha :)  I am one wiped out mama, but it was worth every exhausting hour when I saw my sweet baby girl's face having so much fun with her buddies.  The Frozen party was a success....and here's a few pics to prove it! Above is Ash with her cake...
A group pic after our scavenger hunt in the backyard....I think Kev got them with their eyes closed.  They look pretty somber, but I promise they had fun! :)  And below is Ash from afar blowing our her candles :)
It was a beautiful day (weather was perfect) and I am just so grateful that my little girl was full of smiles and has such sweet friends.  More later....this tired mama is off to bed...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting ready...

Queen Elsa has been busy today...final party prep almost done....phew!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yes, we've come to that point in the party planning...

I am paying 5 cents for snowflakes.  I am not ashamed to admit it...I often resort to bribery.  It's amazing what a small amount of change can do to motivate the Steg troops. :) 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stop the insanity...

Sometimes I wonder how much more our family could pile on our plate.  This has just been one of those days amidst one of those weeks.  And sadly I know this is just the tip of the iceberg as Oct-Dec (holiday central) arrives.  Just feeling quite overwhelmed right now and wishing I could just focus on one thing...my sweet little girl's 6th bday.  At least I did get this lil' snowy fella made today.  I am never a fan of making anything fondant that has a face b/c it can be quite difficult for non-artsy types like myself...but there is just something about Olaf (even a bad one made out fondant!) that makes me smile :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bye Bye, Susie! :(

Well, today we said goodbye to Auntie Susie.  It has been a wonderful week with her and it just reminded us what a blessing it is to have family so near to us to give love and support.  We just really enjoyed our time with her.  All the kids were magnets to her...Logan hugged her leg often and threw balls at her and piled them in her lap, Ashley did homework with her and played games, Dylan played computer games with her (and got pretty good at them!), Hays did nail stuff with her (very cool sticker nail things!) and Kev and I just enjoyed chatting with her and laughing with her....Shelby didn't get much time with her since she was girl scout camping all weekend, but she did get to play violin for her and enjoy her...and the good news is that she should be back in a month to stay for good!  Fingers crossed she gets good news on the condo rental today!  But, we had lots of good times with Auntie Sue and she got to see the good, the bad and the ugly of our crazy, yet funny Steg household.  I guess we didn't scare her off if she's willing to come back and jump right into things again in Oct!  So excited to have family right down the road.  I know Nina is excited to have her only sister in town too to visit often.  It'll be a whole new season of memories here in Bloomy! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Grandparent's Day...

To the two best sets of grandparents our 5 kiddos could ever have.  I feel more blessed every year by these four people in our lives. They give so much to our family on so many levels.  I am so thankful for them and I sure hope that when Kev and I are ol' grandparents we can give as much to our grandkiddos!  Love you, Nina and Pops Gritz and Stegs!  You rock. Sorry we didn't call or do any special for you today.  I am not on my game right now.  But just know we love and appreciate you more than anything!!  Also very bummed there was no annual Grandparent's Day Talent Show at Kev's grandma's home today like their normally is on this holiday.  We always look forward to three of our kids showing off their talents and I know Great-Grandma Stegs loves having us and showing her "great-grands" off at the home.  Such a bummer we can't make the Sept 20 show.  Hopefully next year we can!  But we did have a semi-relaxing day with Auntie Sue, which was a great way to spend the day. :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Go, Mini Poms, Ash!

So proud of our Asher tonight...she rocked it on the Bloomington High School South football field at halftime doing her "Let it Go" routine with the South Dance Team.  My fav. part was her diva pose at the end.  She is an entertainer for sure! :)  You make me smile, Ashley Claire.  And you were an awesome dancer tonight!  Love you, sweet girl!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh, the insanity :)

Well, I wish I had an nifty phone to post pics....to prove the insanity of our evenings....but trust me...things are nutty.  Aunt Sue can vouch for that!  She has been my co-pilot...thank goodness for her!

Shelby--she started up fall violin...Aunt Sue and I both commented last night in her group class that we even learned something new about music!  Not only is she back at IU, but she started strings at school in the mornings (twice a week).  She was even put in the upper level class due to her awesome violin ability!  This was a great boost to her confidence.  Apparently people at school think she is an awesome violinist.  She loves being awesome at something. I'm proud of her. She works very hard at playing.  So, way to go, Shelby...4 classes of violin this week.  That's a lot for a 10 year old!  She is heading off to camp for the entire weekend with Girl Scouts. Go, Shelb!

Hays--back at ballet--every-single-day!  I know she loves to be back at it. She hates her "ballet vacations"...b/c she loves to be at IU (it's maybe better than her own home?)...and even though her mentor is gone and that is so sad...she does still love her ballet family.  They are all in this "year of change" together.  H.S. is going well...I hate to say this and jinx things, but it's been very easy for her...easier than middle school and maybe on par with elem. school?  Really?  I thought H.S. would be a step up!  Maybe this will change.  I hope so.  Not that I'm praying for difficulty.  She did join two clubs this week and have two after school meetings...yay for Diversity Club and Key Club.  She's also very plugged in at school with volunteering and youth group.

Dyl--finally back at his activity...soccer.  He started tonight.  We are just doing the simple Upwards program at church. I am sure it will be an uplifting and positive experience b/c honestly Dylan is so easy going and fun-loving. But I am sorta bummed I didn't put him in a more competitive program.  He is paired with mostly 1st graders and he is by far the biggest kid out there.  He doesn't seem to mind though. His coach is great and I know he'll have fun even if he's not challenged.  He is loving school...always loving school.  He's my easiest homework guy...he reminds me of Hailey. 

Asher--doing something new this week...Poms.  I really resisted doing this, but our friends were helping run it and it's a one-time (1-week) thing at Hailey's HS.  Ash LOVES it!  Very cheer-like and she has begged to do cheerleading. So she has practice almost every day for it and the big show is at the football game tomorrow night.  She dances to Frozen's "Let It Go"...could it get any better than that??  Well, actually it could...she had 3 other friends doing it and one of Hays fav. friends is teaching her!  She is pretty excited!  She also started Girl Scouts (Daisies) today at our school.  She seemed nervous/shy at first, but she has a couple friends in it, so it ended up great!  Never had two in girl scouts at once so say a prayer for me in Jan. when I have to sell double the amount of GS cookies! :(  Ash also starts Upward Soccer on Saturday with two of her best buds.  We'll see how that goes. I am sad she gave up ballet for now, but I have a feeling she'll go back!  Kindergarten is going splendidly. She is one of the most well behaved in the class and a social butterfly.  She has 4 best friends.  Can you see the trend in all this...best buds in everything she does!  She loves to be surrounded by friends!  I cannot believe my girl will be SIX in just a few weeks!

Loggy---crazy boy :)  He loves his Auntie Susie being here. He piled every ball he owned on her lap today...well, at least a dozen.  And he runs to her for snuggles and support when he's upset.  He has found a new best bud.  He has been super cranky today and extra screamy. We are blaming it on those toofers coming in.  Darn teeth!  He's my buddy boy though and I love him.

Loving having my Aunt Sue here and so happy she found the perfect condo today!  Fingers crossed that by October she can be our "down the road neighbor"! :)  The kids are sooo excited!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our new normal...


Yesterday started our "back to the grind" schedule.  I must say that I was dreading this day.  I knew why last night as I fell into bed with my brain fried.  We are now at the point of 4 activities per night for our family....every single school-age kiddo has an activity just about every night.  We are only two people with two vehicles.  How do people do this and stay sane?  I will say, that we made it through the last two days just fine physically...but mentally I feel like I put in a week's worth of taxiing and it's been 2 days.  The only silver lining of this all is that Auntie Sue is here to be my copilot :)  We had a semi-down day today and that was nice and much-needed.  She's a trooper for doing everything along with me and just jumping right into our crazy schedule.  She walked the kids to the bus with me, ran errands with me and went to all our activities and all this on with a bum leg.  She's a trooper! Tomorrow we look at a condo for her in hopes that she can move down the road. Fingers crossed! 

For now I say a prayer I/we can make it til Friday night.  Feeling low on steam...

Our ballerina in the local paper :)

Pre-College Ballet program teaches young dancers technique and professionalism


Sorry for just the photo of the article...I have no idea how to copy and paste this into my blog in a proper way....but wanted to post real quick how fun it was to get a text from my neighbor friend tonight telling us that Hays was on the front page of the IDS (Indiana Daily Student at IU)....her name isn't mentioned, but that's definitely our girl front and foremost.  I did notice her nice Balanchine fingers...SAB trained her well!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Our Laborous Labor Day! :)

 Well, if Labor Day is meant for labor, then we succeeded!  I think this is the most we've ever labored on a Labor Day.  Can't say I'm thrilled about that, but it had to be done.  Auntie Sue from CA comes tomorrow night and we don't want her thinking that we're true slobs (even though we may be :)).  So we toiled from dawn til dusk.  Hays even dug into our cluttered area by the fridge....she found a bunch of stuff I had been missing :)  Love that...thanks, Hays!
 D worked on his Socko (sock monkey) journaling project....Logan was moral support as he feasted on his yoggy (yogurt)
 Hays didn't take much of a break today...aside from cleaning she did her NYCB workout.  Last day of no ballet! :)
I filled out my new Fly Lady calendar!  I am not sure I like the way I did it (each activity a different color which amounted to more colors than I had in the house!)...but we'll try it for Sept...and maybe revamp for Oct! 

Anyway...as much as I don't like laboring on Labor Day, it did feel good to get some stuff done. Just wish I could loaf off this week.  At least I'll be in good company with Auntie Sue here! :)