Friday, October 31, 2014

A Chilly Halloween :(

 Happy Halloween from our gang (Queen Elsa Shelby, Ballerina Superhero Hailey, Captain American Dylan, Catarina (cross between a cat and ballerina?) Ashley, and Basketball Logan!  I have to say this was probably the worst-weathered Halloween we have ever had and I was so sad by that.  1. This could be our last holiday here at our house (I was really hoping it would be enjoyable and fun).  2.  Halloween is my most fav. holiday and I was so bummed that just a few days ago it was 80 degrees, but today it is probably about 20 with windchill and not only did it rain, but it snowed.  Really?  3. I really despise cold....and I can't remember a Halloween being this cold and windy.  Not even gloves and a hat warmed us.  Logan cried from the moment we left our driveway til we got home. His hands were raw and red, but he would not wear gloves.  I or Kev had to carry him the entire time.  It was completely miserable for him and us.  Not even candy could calm him down.  He must take after his mama with needing warmth!  So, it was a pretty miserable weather experience which just really put a damper on the whole trick or treat thing.  I was pretty bummed.  Logan is at such a good age to really be fun at Halloween and enjoy walking around (and he loves candy), but he only got 1 piece.  He did way better last year and he couldn't walk then!  Poor kid.  I thought the basketball we made him would keep him warm, but his hands were just icicles.  Ugh.  What a bummer Halloween.  But honestly I am glad it's almost over in some respects.  Tomorrow is "start getting our house ready to sell".  It has to go on the market in 8 days.  This should be interesting....
Here is Logan before his cry-fest.  He kinda blends in with the pumpkins, huh?! :)  I think his handmade basketball costume made my daddy and I at 10pm last night, is pretty good for non-sewers.  I was proud of us and our glue gun craftiness!  He loved the mini hoop we made too that he carried around.  Though at one point in the night another kid stole it and stuck it in his pants.  Weird.  But we got it back.  Shelby put up a fight!  Love that girl! :)

It was a full day though...full of baking and crafting (I made a cake, cupcakes, cake pops) made some ghost milk jug lanterns, ran a craft for Ashley's party (pumpkin acorns!), ran some errands and did some shopping, went to Shelb's vocab parade (she was "inflamed" and on fire...we were glad Aunt Sue could join us), we had pumpkin shaped pizza, and did our annual trick-or-treating with our fav. backyard neighbors. It was a full, full day...and now poor Kev got called into work (which seems to be the case so often lately :() and I am gearing up for a busy day of soccer and a few hours in Indy (for AG fashion show fitting for S and A).  We will see how much we actually get done tomorrow around the house since we won't be here!  Glad that Kev's parents are coming over to motivate (push!) us! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Soon-to-be ours??

Well, it's unofficially official (does that even make sense?)....

If all works out and we sell our house, we should be moved into a brand new house by spring (or maybe even late winter). (see above for our lovely lot that we showed the fam. last Saturday)

Today we made the decision to build a house (signing all the papers and making lots of decisions).  It will be the same house that Shelby is standing in above, but it will have a 3-car garage instead (thus, why we are not buying this spec house).  I am still kinda numb to it all and honestly won't believe any of it til we have sold our house and that money has changed hands and we can officially start ours (though they might start ours before we even sell so they can pour the foundation before our deep winter freeze).  All every exciting, yet filled with a mix of emotions (sad to leave the house we have raised our kids in for 12 years), but excited to start a new adventure across town.  It will surely be a change on many levels, but we are ready for it (I pray!). 

Our house will be on the market as of Nov. 10, so please pray that if this is all meant to be the doors will open and things will move quickly. I'm not gonna lie...there will be lots of stress involved with this as it's all falling around the holidays, but I know that if it's meant to be it WILL BE! :)

Now onto decluttering and cleaning our house.  We've needed this incentive to get moving and now we have 9 days to do it!  Yikes!! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ash the Toothless Wonder! :)

 Finally today our sweet little patient Kindergarten lost her first tooth!  She might just be the last one in her class to lose one (as was the case for Hailey and Shelby too).  We have told her this is a good thing (to lose teeth later)....someone once told us it was better for adult teeth to lose baby ones later (we have held to this "factoid" if only to reassure our impatient Kindergartners :)). At any rate, our girl finally lost that first has been wiggly for weeks and she was too timid to pull it out.  Kev even had come downstairs this morning and said, "it really needs to come out, but she won't pull it".  And sure the midst of drinking milk and eating an eggo, it disappeared into the belly of Ash!  I was making the kids lunches and I heard her blurt out, "It's gone!"  I knew right way. She looked surprised, then horrified that she "ate it".  I thought she was going to cry and her eyes got really big and her face turned red.  But she held it together and I talked her through it and told her she could write a note to the TF (Tooth Fairy) and things would be ok.  She seemed relieved.
And tonight this is what I found on her shelf as I was putting her to bed.  Sweet Big Bro helped her do this all on his own accord.  So cute.

Fingers crossed the tooth fairy doesn't pass by our house tonight since we have no proof of lost tooth.  I have confidence.  Ash just had lots of questions about it all....boy, that girl can talk! haha :)  But I am so happy for her that she can join the ranks of toothless Kindergartners!  I ate with her at lunch today and her and her friends were all showing off their gaps and new teeth!  She was beaming along with them.  Way to go, Ash!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So blessed :)

I must admit, I am feeling plum tuckered out this week.  I can't even begin to tell you all the snafoos that have happened since this weekend....we are not catching a break at all between two "broken" vehicles, house decisions, the lost camera bag, etc.  It has been one crazy thing after another.  Sometimes I wonder if that is God trying to tell us something.  I am just stinky at reading into that!  At any rate, this mama is exhausted, but my photographer, friend, took this pic on Sunday and I just love it and had to post it. I wish my hubby was in it too, but he was running to the car to get very thirsty, Logan, his water.  I was actually trying to get out of this pic in hopes it could be an all-kid cute leaf pic..but Logan was in rare toddler form this day and would not let go of his mama so it became a "mama and her kiddos" pic.  It just shows how blessed I am by my sweet 5!  Love them.  Amidst the exhaustion, they keep me going....

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Definite Answer to a small Prayer!

Well, I have been down in the dumps today.


I realized as I was walking out the door to go for a walk with my mom to my Aunt Sue's that I hadn't seen our camera backpack since yesterday after our fall photo shoot.  I really wasn't worried at first.  It is often strewn somewhere when we walk in the door and is never in a proper place.  I really thought I'd find it within minutes.  But I didn't.  My mom was going to miss her opportunity to go say goodbye to her sister, so I sent her down the road with Logan in the stroller while I raced to the last known camera spot from yesterday (the creek by our bridge) see if we left it there.  Let me rephrase--I knew (after talking to Kev on the phone) that we had left it there (flashback to Logan and his terrible tantrum day....we had left the creek very promptly to get him down for a nap).  I had handed the camera bag to Kev b/c my back was going out and I needed minimal baggage on me and he was in turn wrestling with cranky Logan and must have set it down.  Well, we knew we had somehow left it there by the creek near the rocks or the trees.  It was nowhere to be found today, of course. I checked three different times, hoping by chance that someone would hang it somewhere or at least put a sign up about it.  Nothing.

I mentally processed this all day (obsessed is more like it).  Blaming myself for being so dumb to not just keep it in the Yukon...why were we so rushed?  How had 8 of us not seen it sitting there?  Then I rationalized it least I had both my cameras on me and no pictures were lost or expensive cameras gone.  But my precious video camera was inside that.  I don't really care about the video camera, but the actually memories of my family on it are irreplaceable.  I cried when I started to think about a year of footage gone.  I didn't even want to think about it.  I didn't care that I probably also lost a good lens to our good camera, a camera battery, other camera supplies, and most likely my cell phone. I just wanted my video footage back.  I played all those videos in my head today thinking of what I would never be able to watch again.  I hoped I could just play it my head instead and that would make this loss ok.  I was so sad.  If you know me, photos and memories of my kids is huge to me. I treasure this probably the most in life.  To lose those this is devastating.  Anyway...I spent the better part of the day searching lost and found on craiglist, facebook and some other odd sights.  I called our parks and rec dept and they passed me through to the police and the city.  Nothing.  I finally fell on my knees and prayed.  I don't know why I didn't start with this.  By 10:30 tonight I had given up all hope. I really had. I was just about to go take a shower and go to bed when I checked my email and saw an odd note from our violin teacher.  Someone had actually called the IU music dean after watching video of Shelby at her concert on Saturday.  They also recognized IU from the ballet videos of Hailey.  Our teacher knew it was us and contacted us. I cannot tell you how many happy tears fell from my tired eyes tonight.  God surely answered a big prayer for my mother's heart today.  I was almost embarrassed earlier today to ask him for such a small thing as a video camera and those  memories....but nothing is too small (or big) for God.  He has reassured me of that tonight.  He has also reassured me in the goodness of mankind (b/c believe me, before reading my email tonight I really had it in my head that a drug gang had taken my camera case and pawned all my stuff away)  I need to learn to trust more and today was a small lesson in that for me.  I pray that tomorrow I will have those precious memories back in our home and our family can learn to slow down and smell the roses (or at least keep a hold of our camera cases :)).  Thank you, Lord!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carving Time!

 Amidst a very busy day of church and having fall photos taken, we found time to carve our five lil' pumpkins.  (and this is probably the earliest we've gotten our carving done...5 days before the holiday :))  I think they turned out pretty good!  You prob can tell what they are....D picked Garfield (and helped a lot with his carving--he loves Garfield comics now).  Hailey picked the cat in the window (she did the carving all by herself)...Shelby did "Boiler Up" (she's a crazed Purdue fan,..and did hers all by herself too).  Ash did Elsa...she did a lot by herself with some clean-up work by daddy).  And Loggy picked a basketball player! (Pops would be proud!).  Speaking of good ol' Pops..we surely could have used him tonight. He is the carving king.  Though Kev was a mighty good dremmel king.  He carved three of these with his dremel and it worked like a charm! Genius!
Loggy had a rough day, but finally snapped out of his funk by evening and he really got into helping carve his pumpkin (he also liked using the tool to poke his belly :))  Can't believe he's almost 2 (well, I can when I see his tantrums like today :)).  I really need to get moving on his real costume!  5 more days...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Fun-Filled Day :)

I wish I had thought more about taking some phone-pics today, but alas it was a go-go-go day with not enough time to think, much less snap extra pics....but it was a wonderfully fun-filled Saturday in sunny, warm Bloomy :)

--Shelby did fabulously in her early morning Halloween violin concert.  So proud how how hard she has worked so far this school year!  She played her heart out up on the IU stage in her Greek goddess costume :)  It was so wonderful to have Nina G. and Auntie Sue and Nina and Poppy Stegs all in the audience to watch.

--Ash and Dyl and Loggy enjoyed their morning with "the other Stegs" in town---Aunt Kim, Uncle Randy and Cousin Harrison.  They blessed us by taking the three to their soccer games (we were especially grateful not to chase Logan around the violin concert hall for 2 hrs.  Ash got her first goal. I  was super bummed to miss that. I  hope she can repeat that at her last game next week!  Loggy and Dyl must have had  good time b/c they came home covered in mud!

--We raced off to check out our possible new home plan.  Lots of prayers in order here as we make some solid decisions on things.  Sorta stressful yet exciting at the same time. I was grateful to see the spec home today and show it off to all the family in town.  Wish Pops was here to give his opinion too.

--We enjoyed a celebratory post-violin concert lunch at Moes (one of Shelb's favs!) and then dessert at Jiffy treat.  Thanks, Nina and Poppy Stegs!

--Hays and Nina G. got their one-on-one time with lunch at McCalisters.

--We even got some work done around the house!  Poppy and Kev finally got the power washer working and got our siding and front steps all de-spidered and de-dirted!  YAY!  Nina Stegs helped me tidy up the shelf in the garage.  YAY!  We discovered Kev has an obsession with Kroger bags (I think we counted 1000)....j/ you, honey :)

--Then we raced off to our church pump. patch for more pump. fun with Nina.

--Then to our mall for Mall-oween.  The kids had a ball and I think Nina did too. She was a trooper chasing after Logan who proabably ate 3/4 of the candy he got.  He was a wild Yoda!

--Now we are finally settling down after a very busy day and gearing up for another tomorrow.....wish us luck :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Trunk or Treat!

Been a wonderful and full day.  Started off with Nina gracing us with her presence again :)....and a lovely walk around IU with her enjoying the fall weather and leaves.  Wish I had pics to share, but too tired to download them.  And then we ended the night with a crazy rat race of ballet and dress rehearsal for the violin concert....and finally our 2nd annual Trunk or Treat at our church.  This is a terrible quality photo but Shelby, Hays and Kev didn't show up til it was almost done and quite dark so this is all I got of the group and our Frozen van creation (straight out of our party bin at cost at all!).  It was a fun evening, but boy did I run my booty off chasing Yoda who ate about 50 pieces of candy in 2 hours.  Let the Halloween Festivities begin! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Photobomber :)

Needing a little pick-me-up after a long day of new home dilemmas. :)

Nothing warms my soul than my crazy D-man sometimes.  He is never failing for his goofiness and he didn't pass up this chance at the pump. patch to photobomb his oldest and youngest sibs' pic.  LOL! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I hate spirit week...

...there I said it.

We are two days into our elementary school spirit week and I cannot count the arguments and tears and undo stress it's put on our family the last couple nights and mornings....

....searching for mismatched clothes....and western attire....b/c I have a Kindergartner and a 5th grader who are super fussy about what they wear and will not wear.

We have three more days to go and I am not sure I will make it til Friday without vetoing spirit week all-together.

I hope someday I will look back at this and laugh....right now I want to cry. I hate ending my day and starting my day with kids crying and arguing about nonsense stuff.  Thank goodness tomorrow is "pink day" for breast cancer awareness.  That should be the least stressful day of the week ("should" be in the operative word :))

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Full weekends are not my fav.

I am not sure we even experienced a weekend these last couple days.  I haven't felt this tired in awhile and for no reason (not sick, no shingles, no parties to plan, no holidays yet, etc, etc).  It has just been a full weekend and I think having a hubby work double time this weekend didn't help. We are both utterly exhausted.  Now we are on to tackle another busy week....and end in sight.  I will say that I loved seeing the Indiana fall foliage from our fav. lake overlook today.  This is the best iphone pic Kev could get.  Loggy was in normal, busy boy mode so didn't sit or stand or not scream a whole lot.  I figured out today he had not gotten his resp meds at all yesterday (a part was missing in his nebulizer).  No wonder the poor kid was still wheezing.  Anyway....I just long for a lil' peace around here. I am glad Kev can take a couple days off during the weeks the next couple weeks.  Maybe we can actually get some stuff done around here....and (knock on wood) REST!
(Nina sent this pic (below) to me and it's too cute to not post....makes full weekends seem slightly better to see my sweet kiddos' faces :))

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ashley's Adventure...

 Believe it or not our Ashley went on a her first horseback ride all by herself today...yes, a real horseback ride out in the hills of Nashville (Indiana, not Tennessee :))...and she did so all by herself on a real horse (not a lil' pony or a horseback ride lead by a guide who walked her horse next to her). She had the reigns all to herself and went on a 1hr trailride (I didn't even go with her!)  She wasn't afraid or anything. She even got Shawnee (her horse) to trot for awhile (but decided that wasn't her favorite thing :)).  What a fun "first" for our adventurous girl.  We felt very blessed to be included in this special bday celebration for her best school buddy, Quinn.  It was a fun afternoon/evening for sure!
 Here she is learning how to use the reigns and control the horse.
 Here are the "cow"girls...check out the horse posing behind them! lol :)
And check this pic you see the cat in the pic that looks like Sam!  Wow, I did a doubletake when I saw that.

It was an extremely busy day for our family. I was only home 30 minutes from 9am-9pm.  Not how I prefer my days at all.  I was exhausted already at 11am so I am very grateful it is now almost 11pm and I can take a shower and go to bed!  Just wish my hubby could too!  But Ash and Dyl had great soccer games this morning...Hays had a good ballet class with Nina and I there to watch (and Nina and Poppy Stegs too....Hays was in her element with lots of people watching her! haha :)), we found half our Halloween costumes, we got to spend some time with Nina again and Shelby got to help Aunt Sue organize and unpack (Shelby loves to do this sort of thing....she is a rare Steg neat freak :))....Kev is working again today and tonight...Hailey enjoyed going to her school's Phantom of the Opera production...and poor Loggy got put on his first nebulizer treatment for a nasty upper resp. infection full of wheezing.  Thank you, Dr. Poppy for fixing him up!  It was a full day and tomorrow will not be much different. I rarely look forward to Monday, but I do right now.  Sleep will be my friend tonight.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Fav. Kids :)

 Just a few pics of my fav. gang to brighten my day :)  I love this time of year (which I have made no surprise) and I take every opportunity to get pics of my kids by the changing leaves and pumpkins....above is Ash this week waiting outside of violin/ballet at IU.  The tree behind her is my absolute fav. at IU.  It changes so quickly and the colors are vibrant....just like my sweet 6 year old! :)
 My crazy D at Huber's Winery last Sat....with all the pumps and gourds!  He's such a corndog-this laid back boy!
 And my other lil' corndog who never leaves the house w/o a ball in his he is under my fav. tree at IU just as the leaves are starting to fall...and right before we picked up Nina from her airport shuttle bus!
 One of my fav. fall things is to watch my Hays dance...I always get to do this in Oct. and last night was the night for Nina and I. I could watch  her dance all at its best.  LOVE!
And my animal/insect whisperer, Shelb. She is always catching things randomly and showing us.  We were on our way to get in the van and she caught this beautiful butterfly.  Love this girl!

Love them all---my favorite five. :)

Shared Custody of Nina :(

Well, the reality of Aunt Sue being in town has hit....

It ultimately means we need to share Nina...

Today Nina packed up and moved out...not of Bloomy, but just down the road like 1/4 mile.  I can't say any of us were happy about this.  It's always a bummer when Nina leaves, but to know she's just down the road and not staying with us...well, it seems weird.

The kids were not happy today not to see her at all especially with her not being her when they got off the bus today.  Not that we had much time to see her, but even just having her be in our home at night is something.  Plus I really could have used her tonight with taxi service since Kev is working over-time.  But, we somehow managed.

It just feels like we are sharing custody of our Nina.  We can't wait til it's "our turn" again. :)  But hopefully she is enjoying her sister-time and getting lots of boxes unpacked with her (not sitting on her duff watching tv!) :)  Love you, mom...miss you!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wishing for more....

...time off...

These last 9 days of no school, little homework and slightly less activity have been wonderful for our very tired family.  I won't say we relaxed a ton or got a ton of sleep, but it was lovely not to race around town like chickens with our heads cut off, and also lovely not to travel like all the other suckers in Bloomy (I think half our city went to FL for fall break....I was happy to stay put!) :)  I was just so grateful for time at home...time with Kev here (he only worked one day of the break)...and so grateful for the small progress we did make on our house and in making decisions on moving.  While no great strides were made in any direction, we did enjoy some family time and down time and just loved our time with Nina and Aunt Sue too.  Makes me wish we could have a week off every month....and I am glad that Nov. and Dec. will be like this (plus some). 

Not super excited about jumping back into things full force tomorrow....sigh...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A fun fall day at the Orchard/Patch/Winery

Just a few quick "snaps" of our lovely autumn day at Huber Winery.  Not the closest pumpkin patch/orchard experience we could have chosen, but it sure was a beautiful 1.5 hour drive out there to southern IN....and we felt very blessed to have Nina G. and Auntie Sue tag along.  It was a perfect weather day and we had a grand ol' time at the winery area eating good food (and bringing lots home!) and also riding the tractors out to pick apples and pumpkins.  I didn't take many action iphone pics so all I have are posed ones, but I have lots of others on my good camera.  One of these days I'll download them.  I am bummed I don't have any of Aunt Sue.  She wasn't able to go with us on the tractor rides due to her healing foot.  But it was a fun, full day.  I love this time of year! :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

A welcome distraction...

Well, yesterday amidst the sadness of the passing of our sweet kitty, we decided to go on a home-parade and visit our other community across town.  It was more to distract from my sadness, but it turns out we walked right into the house of my dreams.  It doesn't look like anything super special from the pic above, but it's the perfect floor plan for our family.
 We went back today and showed the kids and Nina....isn't the openness of this floor plan and the great room/kitchen/sunroom just awesome?! (this is a view of the kitchen....with snack bar area and the sunroom in the back)
Above is the great room with fireplace and then Hays room is behind this (she would be the only one on the main floor, but her room is wonderful with a big bay window!'s probably all dreaming and not reality...but it's fun to dream.  Today we sat with the sales rep and planned this same house on a different piece of land.  We won't be ready to buy this house that is due to be complete in a few weeks....and we want a 3-car garage on ours and some other things.....but honestly if this house turned out to be ours, I would be ok with that!

It's fun to dream and it's showed me that we definitely need to be make an attempt to move.  The only downside of this new neighborhood is the school district, which is a major issue for our kids with solid friends.  Ugh.  If only things could be simple.  We will see what God's plan is....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Sam :(

 Our Sweet Samantha went to kitty heaven today.  It was a sad day.  I never thought I'd mourn an animal so much...and she wasn't even "my kitty"...she was Kevin's choice at the pet store 16 years ago (Syd was mine).  But I have to say that Sam grew on me the moment her sweet little kitty self entered our lil' GR home.  Born on May 27, 1998...she and Sydney where our first babies before we had real babies.  She was a devoted kitty....a peaceful kitty...somewhat skitzy at first (we joked about how she used to squirt a little poop when she got startled...she thankfully outgrew this :)). 
 She was the cutest lil' kitten...she was Kevin's medium hair cat (Syd was my long-hair)
Aren't these sweet sisters so adorable...just 2 months old here...they loved each other til the end....they snuggled together, bathed each other...they were the sweetest lil' twin girls. :)  They had a nice peaceful life for 1.5 years before crazy kiddos entered our lives. :)  But they adjusted well to the fabulous five lil' Stegs...and were wonderful pets to our babies...even the craziest Loggy Steg who kept hugging on Sam til the end.
 Sweet Sam just went downhill really fast this week....on Monday she started to look yesterday she couldn't walk much (her back leg wouldn't work correctly...she had to be carried to her water bowl and would lay next to it and drink....then she threw it up....she couldn't even sit easily or get comfortable.  It was very sad.  I never thought renal failure would happen so quickly.  I think Syd  knew her sister was sick..she wouldn't get near her much.  She just looks sad in this pic.
 Here's her last picture today in the Yukon.  I've never seen her so peaceful in a car.  She used to howl and vomit on car rides.  I think she was ready to leave this world and not suffer any more.
 We had a memorial this afternoon in honor of our girl.  In a lil' box we put our favorite pictures...a note written by Shelby with a picture of her treats on them...a popcorn kernel (Sam loved popcorn and would come running when we popped it...she always sat by us during movies and ate it)...some of her fur from her last kitty combing today, her favorite last cat nip made by Auntie Sue and one of her whiskers.
 We buried her memories under our willow tree in our backyard. Nina helped Ash arrange the flowers.  Dylan added a mini pumpkin.
Shelby made the "tombstone"...Born May 27, 1998, Died October 9, 2014.  We love you, Sam!

She lived a good, long (16.5 year) life.  She was a good, loyal kitty.  She will be missed, but never forgotten.  Rest in peace, Sam.  We love you, girl. (tonight we eat popcorn in your honor)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A beautiful day for the Zoo!

 Another wonderful day with Nina in town!  This time we headed to Indy for a fun day at the zoo...where we also met Nina and Poppy Stegs for a belated bday celebration for Ash!  Here's a few i-phone snaps...of us waiting outside the gate for Nina and Poppy.
 D running like a cheetah....sooo close!
 Shelb with her long cheetah legs.... :)
 Logster and Hays on the zoo was like the only time he sat all day...he loved the zoo (unlike zoo-hater-Hays!)
 A family shot with the zebras (though our family is so big we blocked the animals...heck, we're like a bunch of wild animals who needs real ones?!) :)
 D is evidence of the wildest animal in our family :)  Crazy kid!
 A group can sorta see a zebra on the right...
It sure was a beautiful day. The weather was pretty much perfect...slightly cool, but soooo much warmer than yesterday and the sun was shining.  It was a tad bit busy at the zoo due to Halloween festivities, but still so fun.  It was Zoo Boo too so the kids got lots of candy even though we didn't dress in costume.  I think Ash had fun celebrating there.  Wish Pops could have been with us too...he loves the zoo!
 Ol' Loggy after no nap all day....he couldn't fight it any longer in the trip to Nina and Poppy's house....he snuggled up with his ball and was fast asleep :)
Nina and Poppy went all out for the 6th bday celebration....they got her the biggest Frozen balloon I've ever seen....she was on cloud nine!  Yummy pizza for dinner...and they got her just the Cold Stone ice cream cake she Frozen colors!  She was a happy camper!  Thanks for making the day so special, Nina and Poppy!