Sunday, November 30, 2014

It was bound to happen...

...the germs have invaded the ol' Steg home....poor Shelby got hit late last night and early this morn.  Great timing with Nutcracker week upon us....ugh (praying at least Hailey stays germ-free!)

The bummer about this is that it was the long-awaited "learn to sew AG clothes" day with Auntie Sue.  The double bummer was that Aunt Sue also got the bug.  This was only good in making Shelby feel like she was not the only reason "sewing with Sue" got canceled.  But we do feel very badly that Aunt Sue got invaded by germs too.  Thankfully Shelby never threw up and her throat feels better, and she actually moved from her top bunk to the floor this evening (and she sorta smiled for this photo :)). My hope is she is better for school tomorrow b/c tomorrow starts our crazy week of ballet busyness among other things (like our house being inspected for 3 hours tomorrow morning..I cannot keep a pukey kid in the van for 3 hours!) let's just hope and pray the germs stop here.  I would have aired out the home on this 60 degree balmy day, but we are having radon testing done and are not to have any doors or windows open. Go figure.  I also go no Christmas stuff put up today.  Not the productive/healthy day we were hoping for.  Sigh. And did I mention my least favorite month is almost here...I am really trying to not be scroogy about the holidays, but I fear I have already failed.  I hope Dec. is more pleasant that I think it will be....

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Fun Day of Holiday Stuff!

 Well, we had a fun Saturday today with Auntie Sue!  We decided to not start the day off early so we waited til after lunch to hit the town.  We started off going to our Farmer's Market today. It was the last outdoor one of the year and also the only Holiday Market (I think the only other time we've gone to this, was years ago when Nina G. was here and we did the carriage ride).  Lots to see and do and lots of yummy homegrown foods and supplies. We mostly wandered around, but we did get Nina Stegs a lil' gift for Christmas and Aunt Sue got some kind of Honey Cinnamon butter for her English Muffins.  Yumm!  Above is her with Shelb and Hays posing by the honey booth. 
 Logan was fascinated by this lil' reindeer they had.  She was so sweet. He wanted to climb right in there with her.
 Might be the last time Kev can lift this almost-adult size Hays.  Love this sweet girl....and the guy too! :)
 Posing by the TubaSantas playing on the big stage....I think Logan was singing along to their music.
 Can you guess what the lil' guy is thinking...hint:  "WOW, that is the biggest ball ever!" :)
 We always have to have run-time when we go to outdoor places...
 Logan loved this booth with dried-out gourds that float in water and you can play music on them.
 Then it was off to the tree farm!  Our annual post-Thanksgiving weekend event!  We found our tree pretty quickly...maybe it was lucky that we took Aunt Sue to help?  Or maybe it was just Hailey's keen eye?  She found it for us.  I was proud of us for not wandering around aimlessly for hours like we've done in the past.  Plus we got very lucky and hit the farm on a 50 degree day.
 One of the rare moments where Logan was not running :)
 A tree shot with Aunt Sue :)
 Awww, they are so sweet :)
 Running!  Lots of open fields to run in...and a few tree holes that he fell into too :)
 He almost looks like a lil' tree out there when he's standing still!
 This is after the guy cut our tree down with his saw and took it away on his truck...Logan was saying "oh wait...come back with my tree!" :)
 Then our fav. part of the tree farm...the free popcorn and hot chocolate...yumm!
 We even got a smile from Loggy....he loves popcorn!
 Chillin' on the swing!
 Chowing by the Twin H sign...and saying "hi" to the "woo woo" dog. 
It was a fun day and a great day to be outside considering it was 20 degrees yesterday.  The only bummer to our weekend is that we found out we have our house inspection on Monday so instead of decorating for Christmas tomorrow, we will be cleaning (while Aunt Sue and Shelby sew).  Not the ideal end to our Thanksgiving break, but at least we don't have to clean for showings anymore. Gotta keep things in perspective! 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Black Friday!

 Well, the ol' Turkey Day has come and gone....and I think I could quite possibly not eat for a week and still feel full.  Lots and lots and lots of food this past week...all yummy, but probably way too filling. I am ready to burn it all off this next week during the nutty Nutcracker week! haha :)  We happily slept through all the Black Friday craziness.  I do a lot of crazy things and force my fam to do lots of crazy things, but that is NOT one of them!  Sleep is waaaay too important to me.  So, sleep we did...til about 8am, which is sleeping in for us with busy Logan.  I was grateful Nina and Poppy Stegs let us crash there last night. It was nice to veg out there and watch a movie last night (though this mama missed it all and crashed at 9pm).  Anyway....but this is what our Black Friday evening consisted of....taking our Daisy Girl Scout troop to carol downtown at our square lighting (I am one of their lucky leaders).  It was freeeeezing, but those girls really were tough and never complained...even some cute boys joined us girls! :)
 Shelb's troop didn't come to this event, but she still did it with us. She was a trooper of a Junior!
 A nice shot of our courthouse before it got dark and very cold.  See my bundled Ash and Shelb!  I'm not sure if you can see the flocks of birds above...they were unreal.  They are out control here in Bloomy even at night.  And guess who got pooped on tonight by one of them?!  Bird whisperer, Kev :)  He was not too pleased.  Any kind of poop puts him in a bad mood, especially splattered on his back and his coat!
 Here we are after caroling (and after warming ourselves in the courthouse and with hot chocolate)...waiting on the lawn for the lighting of the square....I think we waited forever....
 Lol...bad quality pic, but Loggy must have gotten his pic taken with Alfie the talking Christmas tree while I was getting hot choc.  I think you can tell how Disney might go in March....not a fan of anything dressed up in costume yet!  Sorry, smiley Alfie :(
 Waiting...and the freeeeeeezing cold for the lights to go on.....will they ever go on or will frostbite set in first?
 YAY!!!  They finally did....about 30 mins late.  We were so ready to go pick up our pizza and thaw out at home!
 LOL!  I think Logan is saying "get me outta here!" :) 
 And here's a few pics of our Turkey Day yesterday at Nina and Poppy's.  I must admit I am tired of taking pics of food and since we all sat all over the place at their house, I just took a pic of Logan playing with a doll (Pops would be proud!)...and the Steg group chowing in the distance.  It was a fantastic meal, but I seriously didn't eat much....still full for our Thanksgiving with Aunt Sue!
 Good ol' Poppy...having fun with the kids...sledding down the stairs...Nina was not impressed at what a "good" example Poppy was being!
 Our family violinist did a Thanksgiving concert free of charge :)
 Funniest part of the evening was Logan and his antics.  He now loves to throw balls backwards (with his left hand I might add) and see where they fall.  See the basketball mid-air?  Good thing it was a soft one....b/c it did hit many of us :)
Awww, and my sweet oldest and youngest last night watching the Lego movie.  How fast they grow (sigh)

And now it's time to snuggle in my warm bed. I am quite certain I won't thaw out from this evening til the weekend is over.  Yet, somehow I need to make it through a couple more outdoor activities this weekend.  Wish my FL body luck!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much to be thankful for this Turkey Day old house sold, a new house being built, healthy family, 5 wonderful kids, Aunt Sue in town among many other things.....(and a baby who will be 2 one month from FL!)  Very grateful to the Lord for so many blessings!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Off to stuff ourselves more at the Steg Thanksgiving! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful for Friends who are like Family!

 It was our annual day-before-Thanksgiving "STY" celebration tonight!  We had the usual fun and craziness going on!  This is the kid-gang chowing on their food (minus the babies who were at the adult table in the dining room...hopefully next year they can join this crazy gang bc I will say that we didn't get much of an adultly-quiet meal!  What hooligans we have in our STY fam!
 Grateful for the pirate platoon who kept things under control :)
 Aww, feel the sisterly love....well, two look like they love each other....the other two are questionable!
 This boy....he just loves dogs (aka "woo woos")....they are up there with cars and balls in his heart-department!
 The mamas and the babies....sweet sleepy Sophster and rowdy Logster!
 Our after-dinner entertainment....dancing in the kitchen!
 Dessert!  Pumpkin pie and turkey cupcakes...Shelby who eats like a bird, had double servings!

 The girls after helping me make the Turkey cupcakes. I am scrounging for new turkey/pilgrim food ideas....we have done just about every cookie/cakepop in the book, but oddly enough have not done a that is what we went with for this Turkey Day!
 We crafted this morning too...with food...making apple turkeys...I think Logan is saying "gobble, gobble" :)  And I will have a take a pic this weekend of what Shelby is working on with Aunt Sue.....but let's just say we might have a new Steg seamstress in the fam....Shelb had a great time shopping and introducing Susie to McAlisters!  Yumm!
 And what would be the day before Thanksgiving w/o visiting our future new home site!  YAY!
Our funny selfie :)  Our new neighbor across the street actually came out to take a good pic of us, but I will post that one later....

For now, it's off to bed to rest up for lots of food and family time with the Stegs on Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our last Thanksgiving meal at (this) home...

...and honestly, it might have been our first one--better late than never! (since we always have an actual Thanksgiving at Kev's parents and a night-before Thanksgiving at the Teskes)....but....I think our new tradition will be to have a 2-night-before Thanksgiving meal with Auntie Sue!  It was fantastic and a ton of fun....and I even learned a few things in the process (bonus!) :)  Plus I think it was the first time I made a bigger meal that I didn't stress about it and I actually enjoyed it!  Thank you, Aunt Sue for making cooking fun!

We sure had a good ol' time and I will have to post more pics later (when my laptop is not overheating every 2 mins).  But above is us about to chow-down (or partially chowing :)).  We had the most fun prepping for the day with T-day crafting last night and this morning (see the T-day banner behind us made with hand-turkeys from all 5 kids, the wax paper and real fall leaf placemats made by Hailey, the name cards made by Shelby, the napkin rings made by Hailey, and the thankful tree made by us all.  And the food made by all us girls!  It was scrumptious!  Aunt Sue came over about 1pm and we just dug right in.  She taught us how to make a cherry cheesecake, then we moved on to all the sides and the main course.  I wish I had taken a pic of the menu that Shelby made. It said it all perfectly--yummy parm crusted chicken, scalloped potatoes, creamed corn, cheese garlic was all amazing and we almost had to roll ourselves to the couch bc we ate so much!  We even had a magic show and dancing/musical entertainment in the basement. :)  Then we somehow managed to stuff in the cherry cheesecake and delicious sweet potato pie made by Aunt Sue!  It was divine!  I feel I could burst now!  But, boy, was it a fun day.  I think we all agreed that we need to have "cooking with Sue" every week so we can learn how to make food better!  She is a great cook and a wonderful teacher.  Hailey really enjoyed it (she is our cook in the family)....and I have a feeling we might need to add "sewing with Sue" after tomorrow's one-on-one time with Shelby.  Feeling very blessed tonight that I have family in town to spend holidays with...and so grateful we had this special time to cook and eat!  Now I'm off to roll myself to bed! lol :)

(p.s....Nina, that stuff in our glasses is Shelby's special "sparkling cranberry juice"...I guess you could call that "special wine" :))
 Ok, I got a few more pics to load before the computer is a close-up of our meal....yumm!  Can't wait to eat leftovers was fantastic!
 Our desserts...doesn't the sweet potato pie look like pumpkin? But trust me, it was amazing! (I don't like pumpkin and this was yummy!)...and the cheese cake was scrumptious!  Our fruit turkey is slightly sad looking after I ate some of his bottom right side :)
 Our entertainment :) The three crazies! (the oldest crazy girl was at a ballet party by this time of the night....and happily enough she got to talk to her old mentor on the phone...what a fun surprise!)
 Magic show time :)  The pic below is precious to me....Shelby asked for a volunteer and Logan wasn't even looking at her, but he raised his hand! :) lol!