Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well, I am not sure how it happened, but another year has flown by....what a whirlwind 2014 was...and I am quite certain 2015 might be even whirl-windier!  Here's a few "snaps" of our we headed out to our bestie's house...some of the kids look a little apprehensive about starting a new year (Ash? Loggy?)
Hmmm...Ash looks ever more scared here :) youngest boy and has time flown so fast that they are 6 and 2??
 Chillin' with our besties (and their extended fam from CO)...playing Blurt...yes, it was a wild, wild party :)
 Logan and Sophie were like an old married couple fighting over everything...he would take something on purpose and go sit with Sophie's Nana and she would throw a big fit.  Quite funny.  At one point, she hit him and he hit her back all over sharing a baby stroller.  Very comical :)
 Logan and his NYE date :)  (she forgot and forgave about the stealing of the toys).  And, yes, his new thing is taking off his shirt.  He got comfy with his date tonight :) lol!
 Hays and her date, the dog,...and crazy Em in the background making some funny face :)
 Loggy chilling with handicapped, Dave, who broke part of his foot a few weeks back.  Poor guy...but he does have this cool bike thing to ride around on in his house while his foot is in a cast :)
 Making our NY bubbly toast about an hour early...STY tradition...we operate on our own sched!
 We raced home to watch the ball drop (last time in this house), only to realize we forgot we gave up cable this summer...and had to watch it on our laptop.  Funny :)  Hays missed it bc she thought a shower at midnight was more imp.
She finally joined us for one last family pic....our last holiday in this house (sigh).  Next week we move to a condo (we found one today :)).  2014 was quite a year...big decisions made...and lots more to come in 2015.  Bring it on!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

One more day...

 Well, we decided to stay in the land of sun and warmth one more day. Mostly bc when we were packing last night we realized it was almost 11pm, not 8pm like we thought it was and there was no way we were going to get packed in time to sleep and leave this morning. So instead we are not spending the night in a hotel as planned tonight, but driving straight through tomorrow.  Not exactly fun, but it will save us some time and some money so hopefully it works out ok (as it did on the down-trip).  Plus it gave us another day to spend with our fam.  The kids had fun hanging this morning...doing artwork, playing games...and having a tea party with Nina by the pool :)
 They also spent most of the day (yet again) in our pool...and the "warm" pool at G-ma's/Aunt Mary's condo.
It's almost dinner time and we are finally packed...this is about 3/4 of our stuff. It is amazing it can fit in our minivan along with 7 people :)  Wish us luck as we embark for Bloomy at 4am.  Fun, fun, fun!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Logster is TWO! :)

2 years ago today my sweet final baby entered this world on a day I then considered, "too close" to Christmas :)  But it all worked out and I wouldn't change his birth date for anything.  He is my lil' Christmas miracle.  I love the above pic of him almost a week old b/c coincidentally this boy LOVES glass Christmas bulbs this year (he has eaten a half dozen of them). 
He definitely didn't sleep this like this above for very long after birth...he'd move mountains now if he could...instead he moves us to insanity some days :) :)
He sure had a great bday here in FL a year ago...making a mess of himself with his first cake :)
Chillin' in the backyard 12 months ago...
Eatin' grass...what else do 1 year olds have to do...
I guess they can eat cardboard too... :)
He surely was a cute ONE-year-old :)
And he sure loved cake...still does!
Now he's 2...and looking like a big boy...
And pretty excited about it too!
He's such a blessing in our lives in so many ways.
And he sure loves his share of balls...of all kinds "bababalls, fooooooballs, dockerballs" we, of course, had to have a ball party for him today in FL...our usual bday location on the 27th!
 Things looked a little dismal at 7am when he first woke up. But thankfully he slept in bed with mommy and daddy for 2 more hours and woke up in a much finer bday mood. :)
 Here's proof of his happiness :)  And special thanks to SS Sharon for making Loggy his awesome bday shirt. I think she far outdid herself this time.  Check out the embroidery balls she made.  AWESOME!  Loggy was all smiles wearing it all day!
 Giving us some grins by his ball cakes :) (don't be fooled...he only gives us smiles in exchange for pink mints)  We are not opposed to bday bribery :)
                                                     Love this kid...and his goofy grins! :)
 Time for cake...cousin Brooke even put on trick candles that wouldn't go out right way...but big brother Dylan took care of that...I think he spit on them to get them to go out...thankfully no fingers were burned in this bday cake blow-out...but there were little finger holes in the fondant in the back of both cakes :)
Brooke also taught him to karate chop his ball cake.  She's quite the character :)

(awww, love the pic I just took of my baby cuddled up next to his biggest sis tonight...he just went to bed at 11pm...after a very busy bday)

It was a wonderful day celebrating in FL and we felt so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who made the day even more special.  I got a little sad thinking Loggy never celebrated his bday in our home which we will leave in a couple weeks, but then again what kid with a Dec. bday gets to celebrate in tropical temps surrounded by his extended family almost every year.  What a lucky/blessed kid!  We are surely so thankful for the spunky life God gave us all wrapped up in Logan.  We have loved watching him become his own little loud, busy person over the last year and can't wait to see what more fun this little guy has in store for our family.  Love you, Lil' Loggy Toms!  Happy #2, Buddy!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Cousins are here!

 The cousins arrived today in Ft. Laud! Super YAY!  Our kids were psyched about this...and I am pretty sure they spent the entire day either in our (frigid) pool or the heated one at Grandma's.  Not even the rain deterred them.
 We love this Garden's pool....a heated pool is a must this time of year, even in FL!
The bday boy is a little out of sorts today....but hopefully he is happier tomorrow for his big 2nd!  Hard to believe I was nearing the end of labor 2 years ago....and that in 4 hours he will be TWO! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

                                                 (our Christmas eve at the beach :))
                                          (chillin' this morning after gifts from Santa :))
  (a pool shot this morning...not too often us Indiana folk get to pose by a pool on Christmas :))...and get to play in it too (below)...Loggy was napping/choosing not to freeze his keester off! :)
Merry Florida Christmas from the Stegs!  We've done a whole lot of nothing today and just now got out of pjs and bathing suits (yes the kids swam on Christmas...this is a first for our fam, I think).  Lots of good times relaxing at Nina and Pop's house.  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Happy Christmas Eve (a day late :))



This was supposed to be our "Merry Christmas Eve" pic, but I haven't gotten on the ol' blog til it's a day late :)  Hope everyone had a blessed one! We spent most of the day at the beach and then ended the evening at my old church's candlelight service.  Fun times!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Almost on our way...

 Well, as is usual Steg-style, we save everything til the last minute.  Though I will say that this year we had every right to save things til the last minute with all this crazy house stuff. So actually I am feeling like we deserve a pat on the back for even getting ourselves out the door to FL tomorrow.  We slept in a bit this morn and then Kev and I were off to do last minute errands and brave the crazy places like my "fav" Walmart and the P.O. (note to self:  never go on Dec. 20th...this is apparently the last day to send something for it to be there by Christmas...that is not why I was there, but I still had to wait in the line that was out the door.).  Anyway....after all that "fun", it was "clean out our 2nd home so we could drive it to FL"...yes, all this stuff on the right was IN our van...and NOT in the the middle where all the kids stepped on it every day for the last 6 weeks.  Have I mentioned that living out of our van while trying to sell a house is not high up on my favs list.  I was grateful the cute kid inside the van helped me out and vacuumed!  We even got the car top carrier on waaay before dark...this is unheard of!
 Oh boy...this is also what I had to deal with...after a couple busy days of making food for staff lunches and treats for teachers and party food for class parties...this is what I was left with.  Ugh.  It took a good couple hours to clean that up. I should have taken an after pic.  I hope in our new kitchen I can do a better job of keeping up with cleaning.  This sorta reminds me of two years ago when I had Logan so unexpectedly...but actually that was worse, right mom?! :)
 We got hit with the bug....and poor Shelby (who was just sick with strep a few weeks ago), got the raw end of the deal.  She thankfully got packed before it hit her hard.  She has a 102 fever tonight and slept half the day.  I just checked on her a few hours ago and she wanted to know if she could still go to FL and was it time to go.  Poor thing.  We just pray she doesn't get the vomit thing along with it and the rest of us stay well...and that she is able to sleep it off on the ride to FL and be fine there.
 All packed and ready fairly early this time around!  YAY for us.  Loggy was so proud he had to sit on the bags like they were a mountain!
 We finally got all our lil' trees up today. Boy, are we behind this year!  D has been begging to do it but with his big project due he had no time til yesterday and then none of the lights were working. So after our WM shop and some new lights purchased, the boys decorated.  Love the above one of Loggy....he is actually very good at decorating...
 My fav. shot of the day...I told Loggy to help Dylan bc he was struggling to get his lights on the tree and Logan went over and snuggled up next to him and said "I help"  I love my boys.
 The highlight of the tree decorating for the lil' guy is the "balls" (beads)...and I didn't get a chance to take a pic of it, but he ate more glass balls tonight too.  Ick :(  He is a chewer and that is going to get him one of these days!
All done...the boys and their trees. And Logan with his fav ornaments!  Blue balls :) :) :)
 Kev's mom got me a couple really cute personalized ornaments this year and I went to set this one out today and noticed the small mistake on Santa....we got a good chuckle out it.  Kev says this means I just really want to be in charge of our family :)
 Loggy having fun with his Hays....he loves her and her fun flying games. :)
 Ash had this idea to do a Christmas countdown tonight...b/c we wont be home for our real countdown on our advent calendar.  So each of the kids took a turn going (minus Shelb who was sick in bed)
Loggy put Christmas Eve up.  It surely will be weird to not spend our last Christmas in our home at home....but we are making the best of it and I know being with family in FL (and seeing sun and warmth!) will be worth it. 

Wish us luck as we rise at 4am and head south!  Adios!