Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy NYE--STY-style!

 Well, it is officially 2016 as I write this! Whohoo! And this mama is wiped.  I guess I may as well start out the new year like I ended the old one! :)  But I am not staying up any later than this bc we are heading out to NYC in just a few hours. Kinda fun to think that tomorrow we will actually be where that ball dropped...we actually stay right there....we can sometimes see it from our room!  One of these days we will bite the bullet and go fight the crowd and be there now, but not today.  This day was spent packing and recovering from illness...and most importantly hanging with our bestie fam  for our first STY-New Year's Eve celebration in our new home. We had to do it early and kicked them out by 8:30pm, so we could finish packing....but they were good sports.:)  We had a grand ol' time as always!  Here's some pics of the commentary as I need my beauty sleep before I turn 39 in a day :)  YAY for heading to NYC tomorrow!  We will miss our girl when we drop her off, but we hope to have a fun day in the city on my bday and one last hurrah before we drop her off. We have had a great break with her home...never enough time, but it was a good mix of down time and busy times (though we could have done w/o the sick times!) Now it's time for her to go "home".  Happy 2016!  I don't know about you, but 2015 was a nutso year...I hope 2016 is absolutely boring!  I could go for boring right about now!


(love this guy xoxoxo :))

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Star Wars and a New-Old Violin!

Well, another eventful day of winter break!  We woke up bright and early (at least for vacation!)...and off we went to the movies!  Not sure I have ever been to a 10am showing of any movie...much less one I am not sure I care enough to lose sleep over....but.....the kids wanted to see it...and I wanted to be a part of it.  So we all went...minus Loggy who stayed home with Nina Stegs and played hide-n-seek :)
 The theater was fairly empty when we got there, but I think it was about 3/4 full when it started.  People were cheering at certain parts in the movie. It was funny. Crazy SW nerds!  But we had fun. The movie was pretty good for a sci-fi-ish movie.  I figured out the "who dies" yesterday during our at-home-marathon. I like to spoil things for myself and I have gotten pretty good at guessing SW outcomes.  Should I be proud or ashamed of this? At any rate, we had a good time.  Oddly enough no one wanted popcorn (and we had free coupons!)...but they did feast on candy from Sue Sue!
 Afterwards we ran errands while Hailey shopped with Nina Stegs.  Our last stop was to pick up the coveted old-new violin from the repair shop.  Someone was pretty excited!
 Doesn't it look beautiful?!  I think so.  The violin repair guy did a great job....
 ...and he found this inside when he repaired the crack. Very cool to know a little bit of its history. We think it was repaired by an Otto Martin after a fire. I wish we could make out the name of the fire...and wish it had a year too. But we know it was a well made violin from Germany from the 19th or 20th century.  We were so thankful it could be repaired!
 Beauty! I feel like we should name her!?
 She is very out of tune and still needs a new case and bow, but Shelb can't play it til mid-January anyway so there is no rush.  We told her if she practices diligently between now and then, we will get the violin all set up with the right case and bow!  Thank you, Nina Gritz, for this beautiful gift...I love that is carries such history and memories!
 Our next job for the day was laundry...not everyone was very productive at this. 
 We got some surprises in the mail today!  Bday goodies for mama and Loggy!  Thank you, Melissa and fam!
 He was so excited about his bath goodies and pirate coloring sheet that he hugged them :)  It was a good-mood day for Loggy! :)
 The Star Wars fan with her shopping spree goodies (and an equally good shopper behind her who loves to photo bomb!)  Thank you, Nina and Poppy Stegs, for all the new clothes!  She will wear them with pride in chilly Manhattan!
 LOL....he loved practicing his "cheers" with Hailey...he is getting ready to ring in the New Year with a bubbly drink! :)
 He is gonna miss his Hayeeee! They are buds!  We leave in about 30 hours for NYC
We also decided on a rug for our living room....a gift from Kev's parents.  We thought about ordering one and picking out the sample and having it made...but in the end we decided to go back to Target and get the one we had in August.  Sometimes the first choice is the best and most practical.  But Loggy will miss these remnants. He thought they were soft enough to sit on. :)

One more day of our Hays home.  I know it will be a busy NYE as we pack and as she preps for auditions (taking pics with her ballet friends at the studios---she saw them all tonight for dinner).  This break has been great...and it was been a blessing having her home so much and having so much down time. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A jolly holiday with SueSue!

Well, it was a lovely day in the Steg household...everyone was well...and we could finally have our wonderful Christmas celebration with Sue Sue!  It surely was a jolly holiday with Auntie Susie!  We love her and she always makes celebrations extra special with her thoughtfulness and yummy food prep!
Someone else I know and love is also wonderful with food prep. I didn't want to be involved in too much of it due to my illness, so he took over and made the hashbrown casserole before he headed off to get Hays at her sleepover!
We made Sue Sue some gifts...they were last minute as is Steg-style so they weren't perfect...but they were heartfelt by the kids.  Here is the pics from yesterday of the kids making them....we made a garden stone...Hailey did the cat design...I love how it turned out.
Even Loggy helped...he wanted to help more, but it was a small stone.
We also attempted some gifts for Sue Sue's birds....edible bird seed ornaments.  They seemed like a good idea. But they don't like to be outside of a very cold freezer or they fall apart, so Sue Sue will have to hang them in subzero temps.  Or give them to the squirrels...apparently the squirrels already ate her other ones she bought.
They looked cute til they melted...oh well.  We had lots of flops this holiday...add it to the list!
A sideways view of the kitty stone.  Shelb did the sun and Ash did the flower...and the boys did the border.
And then Sue Sue arrived!  Lo was very excited to show her his new bday/Christmas toys!
Everyone was put to work prepping for the big brunch...these two set the table and tried to make it looks fancy...they may have argued a little :)
Susie made her famous cheesy scrambled eggs. I swear she makes them the best!  I remember them from childhood!
Giddy over's a tradition for these two to make/drink eggnog at our celebration...and Kev worked hard making it again in the kitchen today!  Sue even gave Kev some Kentucky Eggnog Spike!  He was excited!  I love how Sue looks with Christmas tree coming out of her head...hee hee :) of my fav. things lately about holidays...the menu Ash makes....she is an awesome guesser at spelling words. She makes me smile! :) :)
The ballerina is also a fruit organizer.  We attempted to make candy canes out of fruit...that was also a fail. 
Our delicious spread!  It was awesome. I didn't get a great pic here...but Sue Sue made awesome eggnog french was delicious!  And we made a recipe I got at my wedding shower from Mrs. C....hashbrown casserole!  It was a hit!  And then some delicious maple bacon and regular bacon (not burned this time!)...and maple sausage too. And the famous cheesy eggs!  Plus Orange Julius and homemade eggnog...and the fruit! 
Yumm!  What a spread!  If only a 3 year old thought so!
Lo was out of sorts today again...he seems to be on a good day/bad day schedule.  This was his off day.  He was nearing nap time and food was the irritant today!
Nothing was right...not enough whipped cream, waffle was too cut-up/not-cut-up get the jest of it.  Fun.
But Sue Sue put him in a good mood with some tickles...just in time for presents!
He was so excited about presents, he was jumping up and down...Sue Sue outdid herself...look at the overflowing tree!
The girls handed out gifts...and check out track mind on his bday present...he had been eyeing it since it came in the front door.  It was not easy to carry, but he managed!
YAY!  Finally...once things get to the carpet, they can be opened!
He was very sweet opening it.
Then he started tearing it open!
It took him a minute to figure out what it was....
But, boy, was he excited!  A new front loader and matching dump truck! And Sue Sue said he could take it outside and dig in sand in the summer!  Double fun!
Then he started tearing open gifts....a plane from Sue Sue!  Awesome!
Sue Sue showed him how it worked and lit up and spun around!  Very fun! Plus we figured out later it could all come apart and you could take the batteries out...even more fun!
Awesome...he loves planes and this is officially the biggest one he has now...and the loudest (if he keeps the batteries in it)!
In the midst of the gift opening!  Sue Sue truly is the best gift-giver.  I don't know how she does it. She always makes gifts fun.  She goes above and beyond just knowing what all the kids love....even little things like hardshell, skittles, lifesavers...and she even made us goodies (snickerdoodles and puppy chow!).  And the gift cards are all burning holes in our pockets!  She is always so thoughtful with gifts. She has a gift for gift-giving! gift ever...a violinist Santa who dances to music.  Soooo funny!  Leave it up to Sue Sue to find this!
D loved his gifts...he really did...but he was not happy that I also seemed overjoyed by his goodies.  I reminded him that he goes back to school soon and I am left alone with a pantry-full of goodies to feast on! He was not impressed :(  I love lifesavers, skittles and hardshell!
Happy Hays :) 
Still in the midst of gift-opening...but check out Shelb...she always amuses herself...crazy girl...
Someone is not confident that daddy can put together his trucks....hmmm...
...but daddy proved us wrong.  And he had some good ol' fun loading his cars from his front loader to his dump truck!
Then we celebrated the bday boy again with a little cake.  He is a ham, that is for sure.
It was a sad little boat cake...made of all recycled parts...but Jake still drove it with pride and Lo was happy with it. He had been dying to eat the fondant off it since yesterday.
He even helped with the candle cannons.
 I was not kidding that he was grumpy again...I guess 3 is his hormonal time?!
 And what bday cake blow-out is complete w/o a nose-pick session.  Ahoy Pirate Picker!
 He snacked a little on that booger too! Yumm!
 Then he got shy...or maybe he was eating more boogers?
 But he came back to blow out the was hard maneuvering with that big sail!
But he made it work!                
LOL...he came in the living room with his plane pulling his ship...genius!
 Then Shelb played some violin Christmas carols for us...along with her Santa. 
She wasn't impressed with his playing.  She decided she is better than he is!   He never even touches his bow to his violin!  Faker!
 My fav. pic of Sue Sue and the gang...Don't be fooled...Loggy is smiling mostly bc Sue Sue promised him a snickerdoodle! :)  None of us are above bribery :)
Me and my handsome hubs!
Finally...Hailey got her apple crisp!  She has asked for it about every day since she got home.  She and daddy made it...yum!
After the celebration Kev and I headed to HHGregg to use our gift card from when we got our washer and dryer!  We came out with this....for the loft...for the kids.  It's better than all our other tvs...doesn't seem fair!
And then it was back home to finish up our SW marathon!  Oh the excitement!
Could we get any more fun than this!?
Oh, yes, we can!  Mint Hot Choc. and popcorn!  Yummers!  Oh and tomorrow in the early a.m. we are heading to the theaters for the real deal!
Someone was so excited by the movie, he fell fast asleep.  Poor guy. but no worries...he is back awake now and not tired at all!

It was a great day....a wonderful day celebrating with our Sue Sue...and lots of fun family time.  Feeling blessed!