Saturday, January 31, 2015

9th Bday Recap!

 A lil' bday recap from our fav. 9 year old's bday yesterday.  I was too pooped for words to post last night (and tonight I am too frustrated for words by some picasa forgive me if these captions are brief!).  Here is our bday boy above awaking to his bday banner and 9-balloon salute in his bunk.  Daddy was gracious enough to help me do this after cake-making the night before at like 11pm.  D was pretty excited to awake to this :)
 His bday bfast...9 blazing donuts!
He's such a cute kid, isn't he?  And it doesn't take much to make him happy...a pile of sugar in the morning is tops on his list! :)                
 He's also pretty goofy :)
 We must have packed away the special bday glasses so we improvised with a plastic least I remember to keep out one bday plate :)
 We got him one of those light-up blinking bday lights to wear all day :) (though I think he wore his fleece over it all day as it blinked away hidden underneath :)
 His bday treats for his 3rd gr. class...more donuts...and healthy waters....and he wanted to give his classmates something to take home so he got them mechanical pencils (he wanted to get them lil' trinkets, but I could already picture those in the I talked him into practical gifts :))
 Our brief, brisk walk to school (Shelb was already at strings so she wasn't with us)...since it was D's bday, he got to push the stroller (they always fight over this job in the morns and afternoons)
 Passing out the bday treats in class...
 Loggy helped himself to some donut (or rather the frosting and sprinkles).  Don't you love his new cheesy smile :)
 D doing his morning work while eating his donut :)
 Fav. part of the morning was my boys hugging...they love each other.  And Loggy REALLY wanted an open-mouthed kiss from D, but D was too embarrassed in front of his laughing classmates to do it.  So sweet :)  Love that they are buds!
 Ash only lasted one hour at school yesterday...she had a fever again after being fever-free for 24 hours.  She came home and watched tv all day and hung out with me...and daddy...who thankfully came home for lunch to help me out... I could bring this crazy bday boy some McD's for lunch...and Loggy brought him a balloon and a mini-cookie-cake..and a gift (Angry Birds Go car)...yes, he has some crazy friends :)
 But they really are the funniest boys...and they love Loggy too!
 Lunch is never dull when I eat with these guys :)
 The Bday was also Daniel's bday...they have been in class together since Kindergarten and they always share a bday...though they always point out that they were like 16 hours apart in age!  D was so sweet...he requested this picture with his buddy and then split his cookie cake with him :)
 Ash and I decorated the front door of the condo for the bday boy. It felt weird to decorate a white door...I am so used to our old blue one...I missed it :(  And I missed a driveway to do chalk drawings on :(  I tried not to think about our first bday not in the house :( :(  Check out Ashley's drawing...very good Garfield!
 While we decorated the front door, Loggy took it upon himself to decorate the cookie cake box.  Nice!
 Then we ran off to get brother from school (Shelb was there too, but she must have been in front of us (and Ash was, of course, sick at home).  They were racing the bus here.  Loggy loves "big, big busses"!!
 The bday boy by his door :)  We made him walk the front way even though we usually use our back door now.
 My sweet 5.  Might be the last time all 5 of them are around for D's bday...
 Just so you know it is NEVER easy getting a pic of them all...especially when there are props (balloons) involved :)
 My fav. 5 all smiles :)   It seemed weird to take a pic on new front steps.  I guess I'd better get used to that...we'll be on brand new ones in May!
                                                                   My handsome 9 year old!
 We had one hour to celebrate with all 7 of we quickly ate Pizza Hut pizza (D's fav!)

 Isn't this the biggest Garfield cookie cake ever!  Love it.  Blondies did a great job!  We were gonna safe it for our celebration with Auntie Sue today, but they said to eat it right away or it dries out. Ok, no need to talk us into chowing on it! Good thing we did too bc both Ash and Susie were sick today so we had to postpone our celebration :(
 I did end up finishing my sad lil' Garfield cake.  D was pretty excited.  He would have looked better with buttercream frosting, but for some reason I thought fondant would be easier. It was not.
 What a lucky 9 year old to get TWO cakes on his bday!  Yumm! (we are saving the one I made for when Aunt Sue is better and can come over to celebrate!)
 The orange kitties.  Do you remember this mold for the cake I made, mom?   Did we buy it to make Aunt Mary one?  It's very old, but has held up well!  I remember using it like 9 years ago when we celebrated Syd and Sam's bday once.
 Big cookie cake all lit up!  It was a huge cake!!  We might be eating it for a week!  Super cute though and super yummy!
 Time to sing and blow out candles....
 Can you tell who loves to help blow out candles now?!
Cute kid chowing on cookie cake!
 He was pretty tired of smiling for me by this time, but he never complains :)
 My sweet kiddos (minus Hays who had to run off to ballet)
 D and his loot (special thanks to Melissa and fam. who sent him his first piece of mail at the condo and it got here on his bday!  What fun to get a package in the mail :)
 Best reaction of the afternoon...opening his gift from us, Nina and Poppy G, and Aunt Mary and Great-Gma-G...
 A new I-pad mini!  He didn't ask for it, but, boy, was he super excited!!!  He is our tech guy so this is right up his alley. 
 Then it was off to Upwards bball practice at church.  I told him he didn't have to go cuz it was his bday, but he insisted. He loves bball and those bball guys.  So we got some cupcakes to share and a special Gatorade and off we went to the gym! (Ash had cheer too so it worked out good...even though she had been sick, I let her go...she seemed fine again)
 Our boy and this son of ours!  He's grown up soooo much!
 Oh, I forgot, first we stopped to see the house and look at the progress...they put plumbing in that day....D was acting goofy as usual :)
 YAY, we have pipes!
 LOL...Shelb is never lacking for some humor...saying "HOT!" in the fireplace! :)
 Shelb in the sun room.  She was the one that said it best about our first time "in our house"...I think her words were, "ummm, this seems really small"....yes, the footprint of the house seems small, but I really think the end result will feel much bigger.  I pray it does!  I hope they didn't jip us on sq. footage!
 Then it was off to bball practice (and we dropped Shelb at a bday party for her friend)...and then after bball it was off to our new Glowgolf place at our mall. 
 D strutting his glow-golf stuff :)  He did pretty good....but daddy beat us all.  I usually beat him, but my game was off yesterday :(
 Group shot (minus Shelb who was at a sleepover) at our glowing teeth :)
 Then it was off for a game of Laser Tag.  We had free coupons and D loves Laser Tag! Daddy forgot to get a pic for me of D in his gear, so we improvised and got a shot outside after.  I'm sure you can imagine that D and Daddy and Hays worked up a sweat shooting everyone!
And here's D this morn before his bball game with all his gifts.  Thanks so much to everyone for the goodies, cards, phonecalls, etc.  He felt very loved and special even in the midst of our crazy move and a condo full of boxes and clutter.  He told us at the end of the night how thankful he was for all the fun and for all the special things we did.  He really is the sweetest kid and just so happy-go-lucky and easy to please.  So blessed by his presence in our family.  Today we had more bday fun with a bday movie night....pic below :)  We watched Echo and had yummy popcorn from the new microwave popper Auntie Sue gave us...that thing is awesome!!