Saturday, February 28, 2015

Glad the (party) day is over! I glad this day is done!  We certainly squeeze waaaay too much into a 24 hour time period and this mama is sooo glad my warm bed is calling my name!  I will try to play catch-up on picture posting tomorrow from the last 2 days...but I will say the Laser Tag 9th Bday was a booming success. I had my doubts about D's first party "not at our home and in a public place", but there is something to not having to clean your house before and after and not having 9 rowdy kids raise havoc in it!  I have memories of lots of craziness at our Leighton house with parties full of boys...Anyway....the "tag" party was a hit...even the two girls at the party seemed to have a blast.  My cake wasn't what I envisioned, but I had fun with it, making the laser tag fondant boys....(I am sure you can imagine what became of these fondant boys thanks to 9 rowdy party kids).  Anyway...even though the fondant turned out to be tie dye camo and not the real deal, and the fondant boys were kinda goofy looking (though Kev said they were my best fondant people ever...awww, God love that hubby of mine :))...and I never followed through on putting lasers and stuff all over the still was an ok-attempt.  I was happy I tried it and didn't stress about it.
 Here's the crazy gang...I will go into how "crazy" they were another day...yikes!
Biggest hit of the night was prizes won from games....fake poop was the best one!  Loggy did not know what to think of it! LOL!

All I can say is that I am glad this party was not in my home (old, new or rented!) and really just glad it's over.  There is a certain feeling of peace when a party is over! :)  Now I get to semi-relax on Sunday.  YAY for that!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Utterly Exhausted :(

 I gave in last night and decided to go to bed and not post.  I have had a touch of what Logan had all week and it seems to settle in worse at night.  This is a bummer bc I am usually up at 4am, which is much too early for this mama who really needs sleep.  I am feeling truly exhausted...and I just look forward to Sunday when our schedule is busy, but not extra busy.  It's sad when a regular busy day looks good.'s a few pics from yesterday.  Of Ash before school showing off her awesome necklace from Cousin Brooke from Christmas.  She has Brooke on the brain now bc she got some mail from her last week. We love pictures colored by Brooke!
 I gave in and am trying to make D a cake for tomorrow.  Actually this is the best situation to make a cake...1.  The party is not at our house so it doesn't matter how much of a cake mess I make!  2.  If I don't complete the cake, we can still have cookie cake.  You can probably tell how my cake experience went yesterday with Loggy to help. He was extra mischevious....not the ideal cake day when he is up to his shananagans!
 He was extra touchy/extra helpy/extra "wanting to taste" :)  I should have known how that would go...
 We decided to go eat lunch with D...Logan was all ready to go...from his pink cup, to his pink applesauce to his pink shoes (Ashley's) :)  And he was picking a winner to give big brother!
 We also made a breakthrough with Spencer...he let Logan touch him.  This might teach him to sleep in a corner where he can't escape easily :) haha :)  Good ol' Spencer...I think we are growing on him :)
 We met daddy at the house for his lunch break.  This is a better option than him going over in the middle of the night and scaring all the neighbors. :)  The night before he wanted to go over and shovel snow out of the house at 10pm.  Really?  Anyway....we took Logster and toured the home, even with the workers inside.  Checking out our front bay window...
 Checking out the worker shoveling snow in our kitchen....the house looks different when you can actually see the cement! ha! 
 Our dining room and entryway...
 Upstairs in our master closet...
 Daddy checking out where we can utilize more attic space upstairs.
 A view of our backyard from our loft window. looks cold out there!
 Our entryway...I love this about the's so open when you go in the front door.
 Our living room/great room looking into our kitchen (there will be a snack bar where the half wall is)  It is amazing how much bigger it looks with these tall ceilings.
 Where the snow was piled highest (in our sunroom)
 Loggy was looking for nails with orange circles on them (I am standing in the sunroom)...Logan is in the eat-in kitchen...and you can see our living room too.
 They are finishing up the framing today....and then we have an inspection and they will start the inside!  I guess they are behind schedule due to the weather. 
 I had to laugh bc when I was coloring the fondant Loggy appropriately pointed out "poop ball"...yes, that brown one definitely resembles poop!  And the rest of them aren't far off from various poop colors too! :)
 My attempt at camo didn't work. I should have known they'd make it look easier on a you-tube video!
 This is why I could never have a cake business....notice what he did and why he is crying...he put his finger right through the back of the cake I had just covered with fondant...and then he took frosting off the top layer.  I couldn't fix the fondant one.  Oh well.  I hardly even yelled at him too and he knew he had done wrong. He cried hysterically for like 15 minutes.
 Then it was off to ballet, violin and cub scouts.  Us wasting time in the van at IU.  Blowing bubbles is a good time-waster!
 Shuffling through the snow to violin....
And who's that troublemaker hiding in the pile of clean laundry?! 

Now a new day is upon us and it'll be another busy one.  Just wishing to fast forward to Sunday where I can sleep a bit more!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wow, progress!

 Well, I meant to start this post with pics of the house, but the blog has a mind of its own tonight :)  So I will go through the day as it went...
The Logster and I started out the day early at the Story Extravaganza!  He really is too young to sit through an hour of stories, but we did it's a good test of his patience and mine.  He was ready to leave the moment he sat down...but we made it through the whole hour....
 The only way we did is by some old candy I found in my pockets...and by sitting on the stairs together snuggling...and then taking some funny selfies in the dark :)
 I think his fav. part of the lib. was sitting on the animals outside when we left.  They are cool!
 Just so you know how most of my shopping trips go with this, fun, fun!
 I think Spencer is warming up to me. He does still give me a lil' glare and he won't come down from the kitchen cabinet, but he let me pet him today.  I would say that is progress :) 
 Logan loves Sue Sue's house b/c she has treats just sitting there begging to be eaten!  Love those pink mints!
 And he was super excited to find a ginger cookie amidst the animal crackers.
 Shelb-the icicle queen...she was a walrus today :)
 We had a yummy crock pot chix meal last that meant wishbone fun! 
 You'd think she'd won the jackpot by her response to her win!  She wished for getting her treats back for the week....this has been the punishment for both her and Ash this week after their poor behavior on the weekend.  It is torturous not having treats apparently!
 A new snack I got today...letters/numbers animal crackers!  Fun and educational!
 I really didn't expect much work on the house today, but these workers are busting their butts and we have now surpassed the progress made on the house on the corner!  Not only doing we have our roof almost ready to go on, but we got our windows and doors today!  We think later this week they will be putting our heat on (since some of the snow as shoveled out of the house too!)
 The back room with the new big window...might be the girls' room, might be the boys' room...looks like Loggy is claiming it!
 Our bathroom looking into our closet, which is the size of a room!
 Logan looking out our closet window onto the driveway...
 Our sunroom (sorry for blurry pics...I was on the phone with my friend the entire time we looked at the house today and it's hard to balance two phones and watching a toddler!
 Our living room...still a little snowy :)
 Running through Hailey's room. She's got the best window in the house!
 A view from the back!
 Loggy did not like the depth of the snow back here.  Hard to get around quickly.
 I love our front door!  I wasn't sure I would like the side lights, but I LOVE them! They will give us privacy and the top will still let in light.  LOVE!  I think they will match our stairs well too!  Loggy loves these orange circle nails...he was helping the workers out by putting one in the wall!
 "Oh my"....we can't believe how quickly progress is being made on the house!
 Before long this place will be bricked and sided and have garage doors too!
And one last pic of our own Syd-y kitty :)  Laying on our clean laundry piles.  Her fav. place! 

This mama is off to bed.  I am tired and fighting Loggy's cold.  Sleep sounds good!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Laziest Day Ever...

 It was quite a lazy day today. It wasn't the ideal day for this, but I have been getting up at 4am every morning and that little bit of sleeptime is catching up with me. I think am fighting off some germs that Loggy game too, thanks to his RSV kisses and snuggles. :)  Thankfully our van was in the shop today so daddy was home working. He took over the morning duty and helped with early riser, Logster.  I was very grateful.  By 9am I was ready to wake.  Loggy kept me busy as always....he had his own water-tea-party...getting water everywhere!
 He then stuck a dozen crayons down his sleeper and dug them out. He even found one still in his footie area at nap time.  Silly kid!
    Then he raced laps back and forth from front to back door...the kid is definitely feeling better, but not sure his lungs loved the jogging.  He was extra wheezy after :(

 We got D's bday invites all squared away. Daddy made them. They are cool!  Laser Tag and 8 friends, here we come on Saturday!
 We had some laughs over watching Baby Einstein backwards (via iphone) :)...and, yes, we stayed in pj's til 4pm (don't judge :))
 We also visited our snowy home....they were just putting up our closet window.  I thought they'd use a machine, but they heave-ho-ed it up by hand.
 Ash came with us to admire the view...she stayed in the Yukon with Loggy while we quickly ran through the house (the guys were still working on it at 6pm)
 Kev checking out where he is going to add storage for us in our 3-car garage.
 A view out our loft window...
 A view from the corner of our bedroom into the loft and the kids' bedrooms....looks different now that their is a roof on the house!
 Kev in our bedroom...which looks into our bathroom...and the guys are working our big closet in the background.
 What the house looks like today...with our new window area over the garage (our closet)...and the one guy must be working on our bay window.  And we now have a roof over our front steps :)  There is a window above our front steps, but it is still covered up.
 Ash really wanted to see the house, so daddy took her back inside while I went home and got dinner ready.  This might be her and Shelby's room.  This double window is HUGE and gives amazing light to the room.   But it does cut down on wall space so might need to be the boy's room.
 Check out the's almost panoramic!
 I don't even know what this is...might be our bathroom and she is taking a pretend-pee? :)
 Standing in what might be her room (and Shelby's)...with the big window(s)...and you can see our loft and our master bedroom behind her.
 D hand-delivered all his bday invites today...we went tooling around all his friends' neighborhoods and he knocked on!  We were so late mailing them and I just don't trust the P.O. system lately.  We weren't going to have a party for him this year, but he has such a sweet group of friends, that I hated not it will be our first party for him that is not at our home and at an off-site place...I might not even make a cake (gasp!) since it is included in the cost already for them to have one at the Laser Tag place.
 He's excited to hang with his buds on Sat. night and play laser tag, games with tokens and eat pizza and cake!
 And I had another game of hide-n-seek with Spencer tonight...he was very quiet and stealthy up on top of the cupboard...but I found him! 

And check out this icicle that Shelby found outside our is the queen of finding icicles! 
 I sure hope tomorrow is not this lazy of a day.  I love laziness, but this is not a week I can really be that way with the party coming up and lots of things to do!  Sleep will hopefully be my friend tonight!