Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our brick is done...and other things... :)

 Another day has run on by....and here is what we have to show for it :) Logster had some fun while I did chores this morning.  He can never NOT climb on things...it's just in his blood!
 We had lunch with this crazy girl :)  She was super excited bc it's been about a month since we have eaten with her.  I had hoped to surprise her with Pizza Hut pizza too (she had a book-it coupon), but they don't open til her lunch starts.  Oh well :(  We still enjoyed our time with the funny Kindergartners. They LOVE Logan. Come to think of it all the kids love Logan...he is always the hit of lunchtime no matter what the age!
 LOL! :)
 We drove by the ol' casa....they were almost done with the brick and had the bay window all covered up so it was safe. 
 We got up close and watched them a bit...I'm sure the "brick guys" loved this. They had their spanish music blaring and were having a good ol' time :)
 Loggy liked the view of our house best from the neighbor's basement ditch area :)
 He would not move from there for the longest time...can you spot him?!
 They did our archways today...love this feature of the house. 
 Our big sunroom arch...love it!
 We got close and personal with the brick guy in Loggy's bedroom :)
 Doing pull-ups from Hailey's bedroom doorway...never too young to bulk up!
 We took a trip to Sam's Club.  We got free cookies and someone would not share them with mama :(  He paid for this by spilling them on the floor shortly after :)
 We love our mama so much we tried to wear her Uggs :)
 We were soooo excited when Biggest Sissy got off the bus...we went running in our bare feet down the sidewalk as fast as we could!
 Yay for Sissy being home :)
 We got bored when mama was putting groceries away and we "helped" Syd put food in her water.  It was fun to watch it expand :)
 We fell asleep with our snack in our hand...when we went to deliver an SAB fax to daddy at work :)
 We revisited the house to see the brick.  It was almost done!
 I love it.  I wasn't sure I would, but I do.  I just hope it goes with our darker siding.  The kids say they don't like the brick...they like our neighbor's better bc it goes better with the garage...and they think this brick is too much like our old house brick.  Oh well.  I don't like the light brick our neighbor's have and this was our best option for not getting the stone we wanted.  I like it, so there!  And I definitely am glad we got this over the other brown brick and mustard siding.
 The looked like they were going to put all this brick in the garbage...so I asked if we could keep it.  He said we could have about 200 of it and he put some in the garage.  Maybe we can make a garden with it?  Not sure what they did with the rest of it...Kev went back after dinner to check it out and it looked like it was by our house again all covered up?
 We helped our sissy with her number homework :)  Sometimes we can be helpful :)
 We got our hair done after dinner :)  Apparently my sisters are confused about my manhood :)
 We played chalk and "walk down the slide" :)
 Big bro drew a fun pic of me!
 We played soccer on the hill.  Someday we will have a real backyard again...but this "yard" is fun too :)  It was a nice 70 degree day and we enjoyed it and were especially happy it was the 5th Tues of the month and we had no activity going on except ballet!
 Here is where my sister wiped out and scraped up her knee...ouch! 
And I tried to go shopping at the neighbor's house :)

It was a good day...not very productive, but still good.  Nice weather sure helps. 
Tomorrow drywall should go up and things inside start moving along!  YAY!

Monday, March 30, 2015

House Issues...

 Well, this should have been an indicator of how the day would go....
This is what happens when I attempt to clean...I was only about 5 feet away when he did this, but I had no idea until I heard the bigger scribbles...but he had already done a number on the linoleum in pink highlighter and black sharpee.  Thank goodness for magic erasers (my best cleaning buddy!).  Stinker!!!
 We decided to venture out to see the house. Daddy had already been earlier this morning to talk to the builder about our "ceiling issues".  They were putting up more brick when we got there.  Boy, was it sunny!!!  Love the sun!  We called daddy on the way home from the house bc I was worried about some of the brick coloring (looked white washed)...he said he was coming back at 12 to talk to the builder again anyway...
 We went back home and attempted more cleaning and laundry.  Instead we got into trouble...and got stuck behind the couch and somehow lost half our shirt too??  We were just laying down for a nice cozy nap when daddy called....asking us to come back out to the house...
 So we did....they were getting farther along on our brick....it also was looking whiter in places...not excited about that...but we addressed that later...
First we needed to make some decisions about the ceiling...here is Hailey's bathroom....it is our biggest issue.  Apparently they had to drop the ceiling due to our 3rd car garage (so they could put our pipes and other tubing in there).  Really?  In the other 2 houses in the neighborhood with this house design they only had 2 car garages...and were able to run the pipes and vents through the garage immediately to the outside.  With ours, they would have had to make our entire 3 car garage with a drop-box to do this....they apparently thought doing it IN the house was better.  I don't know that I agree, but we decided not to have them move everything to the garage only bc it would take away a lot of our 3rd car storage area, that we desperately need.  It was not a win-win situation and I am really still not happy with it...but they ARE moving our ceilings up to about 7.5 feet and redoing pipes, etc, just won't be the 9ft ceilings I want and what we SHOULD get.  Not really pleased that none of this was disclosed to us (or asked of us) before now...but we are calling this "our best worst-case scenario"  Hopefully I don't hate it on Friday when drywall is all up.  Ugh.  I am very worried about Hailey's bathroom feeling closed-in... One reason I like that small bathroom is because it was so tall.  Now it won't be :( :( :( :) So, the jest of this is that, if you add anything to a spec house plan, make sure you ask about those changes....bc we thought we were getting one house and this one might not look the same.  Stinkin' 3rd car garage...
 We also ran into another problem while looking at Hailey's bathroom...this water spigot that is going to run outside our home has to have a wall around it in her bathroom (see other pic above too for a close-up).  I am guessing they drilled it in the wrong place?  There is no way a vanity and sink is going to fit there (along with a toilet).  Our builder assured us it would be ok, but I am not at all confident at this point.  It better not look shoddy!
 Daddy and son inspecting our newly dropped ceiling in our garage entryway...not cool, but I can live with this...not sure I will like the bathroom being a normal height though...I really liked the taller ceilings in there especially.
 Logan had fun running around on the drywall mountains while we figured out our issues :)
 Here is Nina's tub (aka our laundry bin), that she might need a handicapped bar to get in and out of! :)  Loggy likes it though :)
 Log's spotted some "balls" in the ceiling...he thinks everything is a ball!
 The plumbing guy came to inspect our plumbing changes that will now be made with the ceiling going up 3.5 inches.  One good thing we did notice in our garage is we have insulation on our outside wall. Not something they guarantee or need to do. So this means a warmer garage...yay!  Still hate that steel post in the middle of it all.  Dumb and cheap looking!  This 3 car garage has caused a lot of issues.
 Watching the "brick guys" from our closet :)  Loggy thought they were cool!
 Checking out the brick up close
 So, here's my brick issue....it was looking very white in spots....you can see some of it in this picture.  And the front was even worse. So Kev asked the guy to move around some bricks. The guy laughed a little and rubbed the brick and this white powder came off.  Hmmm...that was an easy problem to fix :)  We felt a little silly, but I had no idea brick would have a white powder on it.
 Hopefully they do the bigger part of our house tomorrow with the brick (right hand side). The rest will be vinyl siding.  I sure hope it goes up this week too...and matches!
Loggy was in rare form today...this is him laying on the floor while Shelby was having her violin lesson. Crazy boy.

Not the most relaxing day and not super happy with decisions made on the house...but oh well....we are trying to go with the flow and praying for the best results.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A lovely Palm Sunday! :)

What a lovely, but busy Palm Sunday we had!  Started off the day bright and early by getting D and A to church for their program!  LOL...what is up with that face, Dylan?  All decked out in our Easter clothes from last year.  It almost became their Easter clothes for this year...I was on Easter burnout last week...but I got some odd energy and found some springy clothes.
 They did great with their singing on the big stage...can you spot them?  Ash is in the front row...D is in the back (I got lots of comments after that he seemed to enjoy himself up there...he does love singing...he has some musicality in him and he's not afraid to show it!) :)
Melt my heart...my little boy did his first palm-walk in church...I was not sure he would do it...or that at least he wouldn't be crying or be carried by someone...but he did it all by himself and we hid behind someone and snapped a pic of him so he wouldn't see us :)

LOL...we moved from the floor to the balcony so Kev could help with offering and communion...on the way we spotted Loggy....can you spot him picking his lip (his newfound nervous habit...sweet boy!) :)
Our church is debt-free as of last week...we paid of 4.3 million dollars in 30 months. Wow!  They burned the mortgage in church today.  Oh, how I would love to burn our mortgage...oh, wait...we don't have one...at least for another 5 weeks! :)
I stayed and watched the program again at 11am.  I had a better seat this time...can you spot Ash? And D is on the top riser  behind her sorta...he looks like he's loving the song he's singing!
I saw the little palm-waver again....he was so cute...and he saw Ash at this moment and yelled to her "Hi Ashley!!" :)  So sweet!
My Palm Sunday performers :)  Shelb was at a sleepover still so she skipped and Hays was helping with toddlers.
We found a big surprise today when we drove up to our home...BRICK! :)  No idea they had done this yesterday.  Which is funny bc Hays even said to me after ballet..."Did you go to the house today"...and I said "No, they wouldn't put brick up on a Saturday". Well, they did!  And they did our whole top floor insulation.
YAY, we have a house number!  It's the first time we've had one "engraved" on our home.  Love it!  And I actually like the brick. They used a dark mortar (which I like) and I hope it goes with our siding.
Over spring break, I had the idea to have a lil' party for Hailey at our new home.  She might be the one to live in our home the least and I wanted her to be the first to have a bday celebration here. So, I picked today as the day.  It was a tad bit cold, but at least the room we picked (sunroom) had insulation and was sunny!  So we ordered Buccetos (our yummy local Italian restaurant...I had a bday coupon)...and daddy picked it up on his way to see the house.  I know it wasn't really a surprise for Hailey since I told her about the food and she saw the cake in the fridge, but the sibs still thought it was a surprise and they all hid upstairs.  Ash and Loggy were my spies out the front window...to let me know when she was coming :)

Shelb and D were decorating committee :)  We had a nice drywall table to decorate! :) 
My sad lil' cake.  Nothing fancy.  Loggy picked out the chocolate balls on top, but I took them off bc I couldn't get the candles in.
This was the end result.  My chocolate formations melted in the van....but it was a good attempt at a ballerina in NYC :)  Kind of a copy off my cake from last year, which I don't think I ever posted on the ol' blog.  The ballerina was supposed to be holding a shamrock, but I made her hand too tall.  Oh well.  It was still a yummy cake.
Surprise!!! The 15 year old finally arrived.  I don't think she was too excited about the party...it was cold in the house (50's)....and she just wanted to eat (which we did).  Hopefully the next time we celebrate a bday here we won't have to wear coats indoors! lol :)
Our yummy Italian dinner on our drywall table :)  Our first meal in our new home :)
Chowing on her cheesy Bata-bing calzone.  Yumm!
And eating her free dessert (NY style Cheesecake!) :)
We gave Hays a few "green" practical gifts.  She seemed to like them :)
My girls (Shelby was being a stinker today....though I think she is staying that Ash tooted...) :)
A better view of the green shamrock cake :)  No fondant!  I was proud of myself for not making any.  I hate working with buttercream. And I also used lots of choc (even made clovers out of choc!)  LOL at Loggy's hand coming out of her her head...he was pointing at something!
My pretty bday girl :)
Very afraid she might light her hair on fire again like last year...ok, not really...but she was glaring at us after we mentioned the hair-on-fire incident :)
She got smart this year and wore her hair back...thus no lighting of the hair on fire!YAY for fire-free Hays! 
 All Ash wanted was to eat the choc. off the cake! Bye, bye NYC landscape!
Then she had to show me how she could push the choc. spit in the gaps in her teeth :)  Yumm...choc spit!
Checking out our bathroom.  Hays is not impressed with our shower (which is just like her shower). She says it looks like a hotel shower. I personally like some hotel showers and like this shower bc it has room for my shampoo and stuff.  She seems very unimpressed with most things in our home, but she seems to like all the neighbor's homes. She should see if she could stay with them! lol :)  J/K, Hays.  I hope she likes our home when it's done.
Checking out our insulated upstairs. We had no idea til after we ate lunch that they had also done this yesterday. 
Our insulated closet, which Shelby told us today she would be happy with as her room! lol :)  Poor girl just wants her own room!
Time to eat cake :)
Me and my oldest girl...love her so much!
She had to eat the chocolate ballerina too!
Our attempt at a family pic...just photo shop me in the space there. We have lots of family ones on our big camera bc we can use a tripod...one day I'll download them when we are all settled here!
They should give out an award for worst selfie...we would win it with this one!  Seriously, all of us look like crazies!
All ready to add more brick tomorrow...
We went in the spec house which had an open house today.  Shelby got comfy in their tub...too bad we didn't get this upgraded bathroom, but for me, it's a waste. I can't take baths...so these become glorified laundry bins.  I am glad our neighbors don't have a window like this across from our bathroom!
Can you spot our house down the road? 
Being in the spec home made us realize something dreadful.  That they are doing our house differently :( :( :(  This was incredibly unnerving to discover today. Kev already had complained about our ceiling height last week (Hays' bathroom ceiling was VERY low)...they fixed it a little.  But we noticed today that we did not have 9 foot ceiling which are standard in our home.  The entryway from our garage and Hailey's bathroom are waaaay too low.  They have put all our plumbing and duct work in there so to undo this is huge.  But we went to our saleslady and complained.  She was quite upset that the builder was doing this so we'll see what results we get tomorrow.  Ugh.
I am not ok with a 7 foot bathroom ceiling.  One thing I love about this house is the height of the ceilings.  I don't even think it's a big house, but with the ceilings so tall it makes it feel big!  I am not sacrificing the ceilings being so tall.  They need to fix it! And they better do it fast bc drywall goes up Wed.
After the house celebration we raced off to see the EB at the downtown mall.  There was no one there but us and the EB was about to leave. The timing was perfect.  But poor Loggy.  I really thought he'd love the EB since he loved MM.  Not the case.  And this EB was sooo awesome.  He/she sat on the ground and tried to be so sweet with Logan. Nothing was working and he was clinging to me. Hailey finally took him.  It helped initially.
The photographer there got a fairly good pic. He wasn't smiling, but he wasn't crying...yet...
poor boy....he just couldn't do it....bunny anxiety!
Oh well...I still took a pic for memory's sake :)
After the pic we tried to buddy up to the bunny.  Loggy was ok with him from afar. And the bunny was so sweet....trying to hold his own baby bunny and telling Logan to "shhh" :)
We finally warmed up to the EB when he gave us "fist bumps".  Loggy's favorite thing to do!
And some high fives too!
The EB even played ball with him!  What EB does that?!
And a little soccer too...go EB, go!  Best EB ever!
The closet I could get to a good Easter pic.  Loggy was not cooperative even with candy.
Showing Loggy his picture with the EB.  He seemed to like the EB when he wasn't near him.
Nice, Hays...not sure what this is about :)
Eating our free M&M cookies...which were weird-tasting this time...are they gluten-free, wheat/banana?
A brother pic...not sure what Loggy was so excited about?
but the excitement didn't last long...sad lips :(
Can you tell who didn't get much sleep at her sleepover last night? 
Sweet pic of my bow-tie-boy :)
Watching our neighbor on her pink moped :) 

It was a full day, but a good day...and I am glad it's over.  Bring on the Monday and Easter week :)