Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nina's Here...Whohoo!

Nina's here...enough said...whohoo! :)

Almost recital time!

 I am posting this real quick, but not with commentary....I will update tomorrow...but here are some pics of Hays tonight at dress Garland Waltz (Sleeping Beauty), Blue Bird Pas de Deux (Sleeping Beauty) and Nancy Drew (she is the famous ballerina in the scarlet slippers)


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crazy Thursday

 Wowsers, the days are going by faaaaaaast!  This was one busy one!  I think I was home all of 30 mins total til this evening.  Not sure I love days like that.  But we did start the morn out on a high note....picking up rocks at the drive thru at Starbucks!  lol!  Loggy entertained himself while Auntie Jill and I caught up. I miss that ol' neighbor friend. She is the best!
 Our car nap...after a race through Kroger.
 We skipped the morning session at the library and went to the afternoon one.  It seemed better bc Loggy was half asleep.  He is not a sit-and-listen-to-a-story kinda boy.
 I got to hear my fav. violinist play her Gavotte solo...she did great!  It's a really tough song and she just memorized it.
 She and I ran to the casa after her lesson.  Not much was done today.  They finished up all the trim and window sills....and they finally cut a hole for our venting in the dining room. Not sure I love it.  I hope it blends in more later.
 Excited about more paint being delivered!  lol!  I hope they finish up painting the walls and trim soon!
 Shelb checking out our master bath double doors. I can foresee these being a fun "toy" for the kids to play with.
 Shelb's a little envious of our drawers in our bathroom. She wants some in hers!
A view of our backyard from our upstairs loft window.  I love how shady it is this time of day (when we would be eating dinner on the porch).  I notice they mowed our "wildlife refuge area".  Good thing they didn't mess with our pile of bricks! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A fixed problem or two, trim work, railing, bathroom sinks and a mailbox (a month from today we could own this place!) :)

 Feeling like a headless chicken again so 3 pics is all I am posting...and they are in no particular order and do not cover everything I want to say...but oh well!  Today we went to the house twice (first to address the major issues with our builder...second to make sure those issues were taken care of...they were!)....the stair railing is mostly done (not stained dark brown yet)...LOVE it!  (we also have most of our trim work and window sills done)
 Probably my fav. thing about this house is the entry.  I love a two-story entry and it's what sold me on this house.  It's so open and rich-looking.  Not that I want to seem rich. :) I just love an open entry.  Just gives a certain feel to a house.
We also got all our bathroom sinks today...yay! (and Hailey's vanity was also installed)  Loggy would normally be excited about this but he is a bit sickly :(  Poor kid.  The electricians also fixed our problem in the eat-in kitchen (YAY!  Huge relief)...and they also fixed all our door issues.  And when we went back tonight we had a mailbox!  More pics to come!  The end seems to be in sight more and more every day.  If all goes as planned our May 28 closing date could come true (only a month from today...also our last day of school!).  Whohoo!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Bathrooms, stairs, doors...and an early Dad's Day :)

 Another day...another visit to the new place.  We drove up and found most of our bathroom cabinets no longer in the garage...only Hailey's was sitting here all alone :)  I love these dark cabinets. It was a toss up between these and the white for our kitchen, but I am glad we went with the antique white.  I am also glad we paid more to have the dark ones in our bathrooms. I am not a fan of white for bathroom cabinets.  I love our sarsaparilla (very dark brown)
 Loggy was under the weather today, thus the non-smiley pics :(  He normally loves to run up the stairs, but had no interest today, which was good bc they were doing our banister!
 The kids have a bathroom cabinet!  YAY!  I love it.  They all can have their own cabinet.  This is huge for us.  Before all 5 were sharing 2 little cabinets.  I do wish we had drawers in this cabinet, but alas the drawers are fake. :(
 They figured out our master door situation (this was an easy fix)...we basically told them we wanted the privacy doors on this door not the bathroom one.  Easy.
 Our bathroom has cabinets....these are my fav...check out all our drawers!  Whohoo!  This is luxury for us!  I think Loggy is trying to claim one for his toothbrush and toothpaste!
 Loggy loved opening and closing the cabinets and drawers!
 Lots of work going on today...though I saw none of it...just saw LOTS of tools sitting around. We visited at lunch break.
 Can't wait for our lovely open-banister to be done and stained
Awww, Loggy spots Hailey getting off the bus :) :)
We visited our buddy, Eli, today at his house.  His mama is awesome at moving and decorating so she gave me some pointers!
I had to be quick taking a pic of the 2 year olds so all I got were a couple blurry pics :)  They loved playing trains and watching Mickey together until Logan threw a ball at his head and made him cry. :(
 Biggest chuckle of the day was when Kev sent this to me from school...he had daddy-daughter day (aka Donuts with Dad--an early Father's Day celebration).  Apparently Ash thinks her daddy is super, super tall and super light-weight.  I had no idea I married such an old man too! lol! And that he makes root beer for a living and blows bubbles for fun. :) Love it!  Ash came home and sadly told me she was "very wrong about daddy". She didn't even know how to spell his name!  haha :)  Love this girl!  I cannot wait for Muffins with Mom (and Nina!) next Monday!
                                                                                                          Love these two cuties!
 Love this cutie too....he has an aversion to shirts lately and likes to take them off and try to put them back on.  Silly boy!           

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Missing Lighting Fixtures, Mis-measured door jams, island issues--oh my!

 Well, what would another Steg day be w/o building problems, right?  Right.  Well, all of these probs we knew about yesterday, but being a weekend, there is nothing we can do about it.  First problem that we noticed...they forgot our eat-in kitchen lighting fixture (hard to tell with all the other can lights, but it should be to the left of the kitchen)...but oops!  Not a good time to notice there is a light missing when the whole ceiling is finished.  They are gonna love this issue tomorrow :(

 No light :(  Honestly I am not sure I want a light there (we don't have an eat-in dining table)...but I guess I might want one eventually so we need the option for later.  Poor electrician who has to do this now....
 Issue number we rotate our island 180 degrees?  I like it like this from this angle (you can see the drawers)...and I think it's more functional this way....wider walkway to get into these drawers and cabinets...but...
...from this angle I want drawers on this side (looks nicer).  No, that will not be brown will be antique white like the rest :) (and notice we got a pantry door yesterday :))...and speaking of doors....ugh...lots of issues there. Worst one is this one...the boys' front room....the door area is too small for the actual door...this is a big issue since our stairs are right there and the bathroom on the other not sure how they will fix this as there is no wiggle room.  Hmm...also our master closet door won't fit properly...and there is some question with our master double doors (both of them).....sigh.  I just pray none of this sets us back farther (I do not want to be homeless in June)....

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another Surprise! :)

 Well, we pulled off another surprise today...this time for the almost-11-year-old Shelbers!  We might just have to start calling Saturdays "Surprise Saturday!" :)  Which is odd bc I really dislike surprises.  But this was another fun one.  Sweet Shelb has BEGGED to have a sleepover pretty much since we moved into the condo.  And she has also begged to have her friends see the new house.  And since her bday is almost upon us...I just decided to go for it this weekend.  I emailed/texted her two best buds' moms and set it all up for today.  I decided to pick up the 2 girls while Kev was getting Hays from ballet (and all the kids were with him).  Then I'd have them help me decorate the house.  Well, we hit a few snags...the house was locked...and although there was a guy inside working he could not hear us banging on the door. We almost went in a window, when he came down the stairs and let us in.  Phew. But we pretty much only had 5 mins to set up before Shelb arrived and I think we scared the poor house guy away who was hanging all our doors up.  But Shelb's reaction was priceless. I wish I could post the video. She was sooo surprised her friends were there...and she loved showing them around the house.
 We might need to call the sunroom our new party room! :)  We had yummy pizza and breadsticks from another new pizza place near our new home--Noble Romans.  It was yummers!
 My brownie masterpiece.  Hailey even commented on how I went "all out" with my cake making this time! lol :)  I am so over fondant and cakes now.  Who needs it!?  At least everyone loves brownies and gobbled them up. I thought I was creative making an 11 out of them.  Give me some credit there!  And I thought I'd have 4 hours w/o Shelb today to do some party planning, but her GS event got canceled so she was home all day.  That made things tricky!
They had (and are still having) a grand ol' time.  Our condo has even proved to be a fun place for a sleepover...small and all.  Love my happy, crazy Shelba girl.  Cannot believe she will be double 1's soon!  Hopefully this lil' friend sleepover will hold her over til we can have a real party in our new house this summer!

We have a kitchen! (Friday pics!) :)

 Well, this was unexpected on our Fab. Friday!  We walked into the house this evening and found we had a Kitchen!  It was getting dark so this was the best pic I could get...but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  Love the off-white (antique-y) and love the staggered!  And I like it with the beige wall color.  Cannot wait to see it with the dark floor and granite and stainless appliances in a few weeks!  I hope I love my gourmet kitchen :)
 Another view...
And guess who is back from AZ and came to visit us!  YAY for Nina and Poppy Stegs!  We had yummy take-out Olive Garden with them and took them on a tour of the casa!  Poor Hays missed out due to ballet and a sleepover.  They also graded our yard and we hope they put in our sod soon and start watering it on their dime not ours.  YAY for progress!  Today they should start our trim work and measure for our granite counters.  More pics of Friday to come...I am exhausted.

Friday, April 24, 2015

We have a driveway! :) (yesterday's pics)

 Yesterday, the ol' "meat tractor" was back at our house for probably one last time...Loggy was all smiles over this!
 It was time to lay the driveway....and sidewalk...and front walkway...and back step to our 3rd garage...and our back porch...lots of took two "meat tractors"!
 We had to get up close to watch them pour our front walkway.
 And even closer...
 Then we ventured inside...and saw they had not yet fixed our venting problem in the dining room (they assure us they will fix it later!)...but they did do our entire ceiling (paint and texture).
 YAY for a nice textured ceiling and no more popcorn-ceiling like our old house!  Also love all our can lights.  Hopefully this will mean less floor/table lamps!
 Almost time to pour our back porch...gravel is down...
 Chillin' with mom by the meat-tractor!
 Had to get another view of the mixer!
 Dad explains it all...and YAY for a curved walkway....we did not pay for this (more money)...but I love it :)
 Look at those cement mixer guys go!
 They moved our load of extra bricks yet again in the yard and they started to scatter everywhere.  We emailed our builder and he said we could have them if we moved them to our back lot.  YAY!  Maybe we can make a built-in grill or garden or do landscaping with our "oldham tudor" :)
 Chillin' with my boy :)
 Leveling out the driveway is hard work!
 Bye, bye, meat tractor!
 We came back later on to show the kids the cement...and to mostly move the brick.
 Love our big driveway!
 Kev moving the bricks with his new dolly :)
Shelb was a gem and helped us move bricks by hand...she is one hard worker!
We could double as brick layers, don't ya' think! :)
Sweet Shelby digging for brick in our front dirt area...and daddy working hard!
Things didn't go quite as planned :)
 And guess what...they did the 1st coat of our beige paint in the house...yay!
 Our master bedroom...all beige-y :)
Our paint colors up close...I think the white (for the ceiling and trim) is called Panda White (off-white)...and the wall color is some kind of beige (bungalow? cannot remember).  I am just glad it will be non-white and also glad to not have textured walls like our old home.
 Our kitchen/living room semi-painted...
 Checking out the new back porch...
 And checking our our mini-back-step in the 3rd car garage.
 Our back porch...all ready for our grill and an outdoor meal this summer!
The artist at work :)
 My sad carving in our cement (cannot get it to post right-side-up!)  By the time they poured it in the morning and by the time I came back after school it was pretty well dry.  The wettest part was the 3rd car garage that's where it went. It was the best actually since it won't be seen regularly.  Kev did not want it in our driveway and was not keen on any handprints (not to mention we would have to put 5 handprints and Hailey was not available to do it) we kept is simple...wish it had been an hour or two was almost dry at this point and very hard to carve. says "The Steg 7--2015" :)
 Shelby showing off the tiny carving :)
Our lovely curved front walkway :)  Hailey pointed out later that we don't have a step to sit on anymore to take pics. I am sad about this :(  I think she was happy :)
 Our really is coming along...and looks semi-finished with a driveway and sidewalk :)
  Our sidewalk :)
A different view of our backyard from the other neighbor's yard.
The driveway is all dry! :)
Then we raced off to church for the final cub scout meeting of the school year (yay!).  Kev had all his hard work laid out on the table, ready and organized!
D got his Bear award and is moving up to Webelo! (only 2 more years in this pack!)
D and his Bear group...
Daddy looking a little scared when it was time for D to put the parent pin on him :) 
D getting his awards :)
D sporting his painted face look. So proud of this cub scout guy!
Love these two cub scout guys!
Loggy "helped" daddy with the computer part of the meeting :)
And my sweet Asher ended up sick these last 2 days....she lost her voice almost completely.  Poor kid.  She could barely make it through the cub scout meeting w/o falling asleep.  She did have fun showing off her magnatiles for her share day :)