Saturday, May 30, 2015

Moving Day...and no a/c, torrential downpours, wet/hot new house and some non-impressive movers...

...that about sums up our day.  Not a great one...but we survived! :) 

Long story short (b/c Kev is itching to get back to the new place where I do not have internet access for a week...)....but our moving day did not go as planned...

1.  We notice last night that our a/c was most likely not working. We tossed it up to people being in and out of our home the last few days painting and fixing things.  Umm, that was not why it was so hot.  We tried to get the emergency AC guy to come out but bc it was not above 90 in our house it was not an emergency.  Ugh.  I guess 87 is liveable when you are moving into a home?  This led to our next problem...

2.  We opened the windows.  Not bad at all with the nice breeze.  The weather looked good...well that did not last.  About 5 mins before we reached the house with the movers and our van full of poured. I mean torrential downpour where you get flash floods.  And...the windows were all wide open since Hays and I had been there earlier to clean the fridge out.  Bc of the wind...our hardwood floors were swimming in water...along with our carpet.  It was bad...bad...bad. And we had few towels to dry it.  Off to a great start and this was all before noon.

3.  We had a moving crew show up at 830am.  We knew right away they were not the same crew we had had last time. They were slow-moving and even though there were more of them than last time, they got less done and had to take a smoke break about an hour into the job.  They proceeded with this turtle slowness...and took a nice long lunch right be the rain hit...and they busted up some walls in our well as some of our new house...and our furniture.  Not pleased with this crew at all. 

4.  We only have 3/4 of our condo packed up.  Lots to do and only 24 hours to do it and get it cleaned. We haven't even thought about unpacking at the new place.  I almost cringe looking around it. I hate that we cluttered it up today with stuff.  And moving this way just totally goes against every grain of my perfectionism. I normally would have the new house spic and span before we moved in, but we had drywall dust everywhere and everything is dirty.  But I think that is God just trying to teach me to be ok with things the way they are. I know they could have been worse today and I am just trying to stay positive that we will be able to finish this job tomorrow...and say adios to the condo and settle into our new home. 

Nina and Poppy Stegs have been wonderful for us, cleaning for us, watching the kids, helping set up furniture, getting us food and being a support when we were feeling frustrated. And Sue Sue stopped by and gave us the awesome Roxy Roomba!  I love her (she's a vacuum by the way!) :)  As frustrating as things were today, we did ok...and we will make it through this.  And I have to say we do LOVE our house!  It is perfect for us. It's not the biggest and best, but I love how much more open it is, but it's still cozy. If it weren't almost 90 degrees, I'd love it more.

Off to sleep in our sauna :)  Fun times at the new Steg house! :) 

Can't believe it's ours! :)

It hit me this morning (not sure why today and not yesterday), that this is ours.  Wow.  I know it's been 4 months of thinking about this day...but to have it finally be here and to be moving into oue brand new home....seems unreal.  So very thankful today for this new home of ours...and for all the people who have loved and supported us in this crazy process.  Feeling very grateful!

Now off to get all our stuff into this place!  Hopefully in the next 18 hours we will be laying our heads down to rest here! :)

Friday, May 29, 2015

We are homeowners (aka "in debt big time") again! lol! :)

 Well, THE day finally came...we are now homeowners of our first new house!  YAY!  Lots more to say, but it is past 10pm and I have yet to even pack for movers that are coming at 830am.  Always behind...story of our lives. But, closing went well at 11am today...and we have hit the ground running since...complete with our first meal in our "owned home". 
I just posted a couple of these pics on FB now...I just hope our new 'hood is ready for the little bit of "Steg-crazy" :)

A pic from yesterday...I love how Shelb's face lights up the pic...just makes me smile :)  She is one of our craziest!  And below is one of my fav. pics from yesterday...after we officially fixed most of our major issues and our builders were all standing around us making sure we were happy and ready to close today :)  It's proof that our marriage survived this crazy house-building process. (well, maybe I shouldn't speak too soon since we still have a couple moving days to get through...haha :)  We sure have grown a lot through this process...and I am so thankful that today our new house has become our home.  Tomorrow will be even better since we can sleep there! (the kids begged tonight, but we have way too much packing to do)....wish us luck!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Still House-less...but at least we are school-less too now! :)

Well, it's official...we are still house-less.  No closing today. We decided about 45 minutes before our closing this morning that it should not happen today (which was good bc the closing office is an hour away and we would have been late anyway)...but long story short....we just had too many major issues not fixed on the house (the kitchen island, wood floor in dining room bay window area, outside paint and lots of minor things too)....The jest of it all is that later in the afternoon the big boss from Indy drove to our neighborhood from 2 hours away apologize to us and make things right.  We did not expect this. Our builder who just had surgery also talked to us on the phone from home.  We had all the heads of the dept in our house at 1:30.  We signed more papers (to fix the kitchen island) and to inspect things again.  They made lots of apologies.  But, honestly, it was all a good choice...we did not need to hurry into this and thankfully we had a day of wiggle room to push things back.  We want things to be as perfect as possible to move in.  Add onto this that it was our last day of school...ugh, crazy.  But we made it all work.  No closing freed me up to see the kids at field day at school and to do some end-of-school things to make the day special. I have more pics to show, but really need to get to bed.  Tomorrow this time we will own a home again....yay for that!  This mama needs more than 2 hours of sleep off I go...






House Stress :(

 Well...good news is done today (since I am writing this at 1am!).  This is awesome news bc we HAVE to be done with homework and the crazy school sched!  This week we have had tons of school celebrations and awards ceremonies...I about going out of my mind keeping track of it all and also trying to manage the house/moving stuff (I actually forgot the big awards ceremony yesterday and only showed up bc I happened to be driving by school...ugh!)  D had his huge combined 3rd gr. pizza party today. It was wild....but we are gonna miss these crazy boys this summer.  I am not sure I want them at my new place raising havoc though :)
 We finally had our budge blind guy come out to the house today.  Better late than never.  It will take 3 weeks for us to get window treatments in (about a month considering we won't order til next week.  He will put up paper temp blinds til then...but for now we are stuck trying to make a decision on about 20 windows and a door.  We only came away making half those decisions. The big one was the sunroom and we of course spent an hour in there and picked one of the most expensive things (sheer shades...this very cool kind of blind/shade that you can partially see through). turned out to be over 3 grand just to do 5 windows in the sunroom so that is a no-go!  We are looking into roller shades now which are quite a bit cheaper.  I just don't want something normal and boring in there. It's my fav. room.  Ugh.  Decisions.
We decided to do nothing on either of the bay windows bc I am still up in the air on how to make them look their best....eventually I might do a roman shade in the dining room one...and Hailey needs to have input on hers.  No idea what to do in that big bay!  We are getting a big shutter for our bathroom window and then mostly faux wood blinds in the bedrooms and loft.  Our master will have black out cellular shades.  We are leaving the fireplace windows open for now bc I might want curtains.  So, again, no solid decisions made and we go back to the blind shop on Tues.
Tons of painters were in and out of the house today....but....
this is pretty much all they did...touch up work or filling in holes...I assume these need to dry before they can finish all this trim work...and mostly they just sat on their duffs today and did nothing. We were there from 1-4 and they hardly did a thing, but sit in their trucks and talk on their cell phones.
Shelb had her solo recital today in combo with her last group class for summer 1 session.  She did amazing for not having practiced much and learning a new song in a week. She has really been challenged this semester...her teacher has been amazed at her progress.  Go, Shelb!
Mr Bedtime Bandit is back in the house.  He missed us and we missed him! Nina and Poppy even got his hair cut for us.  He looks so handsome!  I have missed this crazy guy the last couple days!
We went to the house twice tonight...painting is still not done....and we are supposed to close at 10am an hour away from Bloomy.
One funny thing....they painted our whole garage today.  Hmm. They can't get our trim painted outside, but they can paint our whole garage that we did not pay to have finished or painted.  I am confused.
My major issue of the evening is that someone damaged our island today and tried to cover it up.  It was still wet with puddy.  You can't see it well here, but on the bottom left side there is a pretty good size chunk gone from the bottom.  So unhappy with this. I love this kitchen and want it perfect to begin with.  And our wood flooring in the dining room is not all the way to wall/molding.  Also a major issue.  We are considering not closing on the house in the morning, but weighing this with having to move into a hotel possibly for next week. Ugh.  Life can never be easy.  Add onto this that I have hardly been home today, hardly eaten a good meal and just got done buying teacher gifts at 9pm at night and trying to get the kids ready for the last day of school...we are wiped.  And Kev's sweet parents just left too...they stayed here with the kids while we spent an hour at the house again.  Tired is an understatement......

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I love it :)

 We had our walkthrough/orientation today...and I just have to say how much I LOVE my kitchen now that I can see the floor!  I remember going through the debate of dark or light....espresso or antique white.  I knew I wanted dark hardhood floors...but I really never thought much about putting it with a cabinet and truly never thought I would pick a white-ish cabinet (kids and white seem like an obvious "no way!").  I am so glad we went this route...bc I actually think it makes our floor look even better.  I just love it so much....and especially love it with our appliances added in.  Seems very modern to me.
Here is our kitchen with espresso (what we put in our bathrooms...and they put darker floors than ours with can imagine how dark this kitchen is now)...this is the spec we thought about buying back in November...and then thought we would copy completely.  I am so glad we went our own route and changed the kitchen...I also love that we did pulls and knobs and that we did staggered cabinets.  I think it all adds to the nice-ness of our new place.

Two more days and I can cook in this kitchen! yay!

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Memorial Day Bday Celebration (and another lake/boat day)!

Well, it was another fun lake-boat day and this time it was for Hailey and her friends.  It was supposed to be a very belated bday celebration with her school buds, but I am pretty sure Hailey never mentioned the bday part to her friends bc at dinner one of them said she didn't even know she had a birthday.  lol!  Oh well. It didn't really matter if it was a real bday celebration bc all that matter was that all her best school buds were there and they had a great time. We were really doubting the weather would cooperate and I am pretty sure we were one of only a few boats on the entire lake bc of the bad weather forecast...but it really never rained at all and Poppy was awesome to take us out even with the high winds. The girls had a blast and it turned out to be a great day!  I was so grateful as this was really the only time we could have a get-together like this with our impending move in 5 days.  Now we buckle down tomorrow and start to pack up this lil' condo and prepare for settling in our new home.  Tomorrow we have our walkthrough...Thursday is closing (and the last day of school!)...Friday we do our final pack and Saturday movers move us at 8:30am.  And we did purchase a washer and dryer today (thank you, Cil, for your awesome advice...we took it...and are the happy owners of LG top loaders...NO moldy front loaders for us!) :)