Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Going to get our girl!

Ok, I know...crazy pic...but ya' gotta know that ballerinas do have fun in the midst of their prim and proper graceful dancing :)  And this pic always makes me girl didn't yet send me a pic of herself today as she officially became a NYC you know what that means---a crazy pic of her that I have already!  We call this one the "scary bluebird"!

At any rate....we are on our way out the door to get our girl and very excited to see her on Friday.  Cannot believe this 5 week intensive is already over...and it's bittersweet knowing she will never spend another summer at SAB.  But....the up-side of that is she now gets to be there during all the other seasons of the year!  Big changes for her, big changes for our family...but we are ready to dive in.  Here we come, NYC...and Hays :)  We've missed you, girl!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Final days of summer...a fair winner and a fun pool day!

I am too pooped to even do more than post these that's all I'm doing....but it was a fun day...a busy day...going to the fair and finding out Shelby won two prizes for her awesome gingersnaps...reserve champ for the kid's area and she actually won a 1st place/honor in the adult area.  She was thrilled to say the least!  I was so glad Nina was still here to see it...she was part of the inspiration in making those cookies!  Thanks, Nina! And then we headed out to Sue Sue's pool with a friend. We had the whole pool to ourselves and it was lovely. The kids had a ball...check out those crazy kids jumping in the pool.  And bah humbug to school starting in 6 days...ugh, school supplies galore in our master bedroom.  Not cool!  Good news is that we get our mini-early-anniversary vacation starting tomorrow to NYC and to see our oldest girl!  YAY!

Monday, July 27, 2015

The BIG 4-0...Older than Dirt! :)

It's official...the man of the household is now older than dirt!  (we know this bc we determined dirt is 39 years old today :)).  I think the old man had a good day (in spite of working most of it)....and I actually enjoyed making him feel  was fun making the day revolved around 40. All I know is I love this man more than life itself and I am not sure what I did to deserve him, but I sure know I'll keep him til the day I die.  He is my rock in the tough best friend through the twists and turns of life...and he makes me smile every day with his sweet ways.  I love him, even if he's old geizer now!  More pics and memories of the day to come...but for now we have got to get some shut-eye!  Happy 4-decades to the cutest old man I know!  Love you, Babe! (and thanks to all who contributed to his wall of 40 memories...lots of good walks down memory lane :))

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Almost-40 bday party...the fair...and our NYC girl!


Just a quick-recap of the pic of my NYC girl out in Lincoln Center (she does annual ballet pics there!)...and then of the fun we had at the fair seeing Shelby win a blue ribbon for her AG dress...and hanging out eating good fair food with Nina....and then we had a fun lil' surprise early bday party for the almost-40 year old (tomorrow!). Sue Sue and Nina were fantastic doing all the planning and shopping...and Susie completely outdid herself with all the food prep and cookie...and the most hilarious bday candle ever on top of a scrumptious homemade ice cream cake!  A delicious evening for sure...and we all felt very spoiled by Chef Susie....and Dishwasher Nina :)....and as I type this after midnight my hubby is officially older than dirt....the big 4-0...whohoo!  Party time! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A lovely lake day...

It was a beautiful day today...and so instead of unpacking like we should be doing...we went to the enjoy the boat and some family time.  This is what we found....a very full lake! I guess I hadn't thought about the fact that a lot of rain this summer has filled our Monroe Lake to the brim.  We haven't seen it this full in a while.  We couldn't even drive where we normally could bc the road was under water.  Beaches were gonna..trees were in the changed the landscape of everything...
Usually the water is behind those trees in the back.

BTW...check out Shelb's coverup that she made for herself :)  Cute, crafty girl :)
Kev helping make lunch....apparently this grill was shorting out the electric... and lunch was a challenge to make...
No idea why they were hugging, but a hug pic is always blog-worthy :)
Eating our yummy burger lunch dockside thanks to Nina and Poppy Stegs.  Delicious!
awww...Loggy wanted to help daddy blow up Big Mable :)
Shelb and Nina...glamour girls :)  Only Shelb could pull off a blingy hat like that!
Love this girl...full of drama lately, but I wouldn't trade her for anything!
Love this snuggle-boy!
They claimed their spots on Big Bertha/Mable first!:)
The kid has no fear (aka Mini Kev)...he took many, many running jumps off Mable into the water...
 All smiles on Mable :)
 Another Steg dare devil...
 Nothing like a warm, sunny day at the lake!
 Not kidding about him running and jumping off Mable as many times as he could...
 Yes, I made it INTO the lake...this is rare...bc usually Memorial Day is too cold and Labor Day can be questionable...these are our two normal boat days.  But the water was perfect...the only thing missing was our Hays :)  Should have brought cardboard clone...she might have liked the water!
 My crazy middle three :)
 They all thought they were riding together...two wanted this...can you tell the one that did not?
 She won.  She also wins for the queen of drama lately...
 Look at that calm...a great day to just put my feet up and relax...
 Me and my baby boy eating chips :)
 Then the necessary post-running-off-Mable nap :)
 So sweet....he slept for quite awhile in many positions...
 Love this happy-go-lucky boy...
 They fight a lot lately, but they actually got along on Mable today...and were very comical!
 Not kidding about how zonked out Lo was :)
 A fun(ny) panoramic...
 Logan finally woke up and got to ride Mable for a bit with daddy and Ash.  Oh how I miss downloading my good camera pics....I got much better ones on that!
 Daddy and his littlest guy...chillin' on Mable.  Daddy and I had even gone on Mable too, but I don't think we have any proof (pics) of that.  But we had a grand ol' time trying to push each other off into the water....
 A great pics of Nina and the 4...poor Shelb was seasick (like me) she wasn't looking like her normal crazy self here.  Loggy was tired...and just wanted mama...but still a nice pic...and great to have Nina on the boat with us today!
 I think they were pointing out boats...Nina apparently was very excited about this :)
 Our post-boating ice cream!  Always a huge highlight for the kids...they love getting ice cream at the dock gas station.  Thanks, Nina and Poppy!
 While walking to the resort pool we stopped to look for turtles in the pond by the bridge...nothing....
 And lo and behold...guess what Nina saw swimming in the pool with some kids....YES...a REAL TURTLE!  Shelby was in awe and had to go say "hi" :)  Apparently these kids had found it by their boat on the other side of the lake where they live.  They were just keeping it for the Shelb wouldn't give to be in that position!  It was the cutest turtle!
 She even got to hold it.  Awww...she would make a great turtle pet owner.  If only they didn't cost like 50 bucks at the pet store....or she could find one in a nearby pond...
 Someone was very excited to swim in the pool...
 He still had lots of running and jumping left in him :)
 Then home for a yummy crockpot dinner of Kev's fancy pulled pork. :)  Nina loved it and thought Pops in FL would too, so we took a pic for him :)
 Loggy finally took a bath for the first time in our new home...actually he took one last night, but I didn't know, so I snuck a pic today....we have been opting for showers...but I never meant for him to go 2 months w/o using our tub!  And Ash actually gave him a bath herself.  Nice!  And below is Pops in FL on facetime talking to Hays in NYC on the phone (who does not have an iphone or facetime)...but we made it work :) 
A fun day...beautiful weather...great memories.  Just wish Hays and Pops in FL could have been there.  So grateful to Nina and Poppy Stegs for all their boat hospitality.  It's always a highlight for us to be out on the lake with them. 

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