Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This melted my heart :)

Ashley's teacher emailed me a copy of her paper this morning...I had tears in my eyes when I read the 2nd to last line.  I often wonder if our kids care at all about a lot of the things we do for them.  This made it all worthwhile to read what my sweet Ashley thought of her bday celebrations this year.  I love this girl and her big heart.  She is "asum"! :)

Day 2 of the Potty

 Well, day two of PT was about as successful as Day 1.  No pee actually in the potty...but he did make a mess while trying.  On a side note, doesn't he look angelic sitting on the pot?! :)  I am sure he will love this pic someday when he is older and potty-trained :)
 He got bored when I left the room...and when he's bored, he fiddles...with the whole toilet paper roll today....he could tell mama was not happy with this :(
 We went back to the library for story hour...last year he struggled making it through this whole hour...but I wanted to see how he'd do this year....first was the train...we fought with another boy there...he was as strong-willed as Loggy. Fun.
 Me and my sweet boy...he did pretty good at the story treats or bribery needed.  Progress?
 He gets nervous in new situations...and he still picks his lip.  Poor kid.
 Yay, nap number 2 of the week in his bed.  He sorta looks like a mad scientist with his crazy, sweaty hair and eye half opened :)
 My fav. tree at IU...almost at peak.

 Look what violinist is sporting a bun these days...maybe we miss Hailey a little? :)
A post violin celebratory ice cream cone...actually it was the last day to use Ashley's free ice cream coupon from the summer library program, so we had to use it or lose it (and she as not going to lose it!).  Oh, and we got to talk to our Hays tonight...and "see" her. She is slacking on sending us any pics so I took one of her giving us her typical roll of the eyes.  Oh, how I miss seeing THAT in person! lol :)  She is doing good....went to the Gala tonight and loved it.  Only slightly jealous of that!  Oh, she has a job now too...corralling Nutcracker kiddos (younger ones) who will be in the NYCB production of the Nutcracker.  Fun!  Miss that ballerina gal...even if she was too busy tonight to give us her full attention, as she did her Chem and Algebra homework when she Facetimed us.  We felt the love, Hays!

I don't know about you, but this mama is exhausted...the days are still too busy for me...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Potty Time! :)

 Well, that day has arrived...the "pee pee in the potty" time!  Someone was happy about this after he got to pick out his very own bag of Skittles at Target today (incentive for the pee in the potty!)
 He was pretty excited to hop on the pot and try!  But I think it was mostly just to get the "1 skittle for trying"...
 A happy to his Skittle jar and sticker chart :)  He's too cute!
 We went upstairs sporting his new dragon/dino undies...and then decided he wanted to try again (for the Skittle, of course)!) :)  He never did go, but it wasn't bc he didn't try.  We were gone most of the day I didn't give him much chance...
 The morning started out like this...trying to let mama sleep in and enforce having the kids making their own lunches.  Not sure it worked well....mornings are not our favorite time.
 Then we raced off to the library to meet a friend at story time...he was mostly excited about the train...
 Who's that cutie with the crazy hair actually sitting listening to the story?
                                                    Checking out the library frog :)  Fascinating!
 Awww...he's Mr. Independent now...checking out his own library books. I remember doing this with my grandma Fergie way back when...
 My smiley girl at gymnastics...
 A blurry pic...but still shows our girl working hard on the bars!
 Shelb working hard at violin!
 Kev saved the day and took Lo to Cub Scouts tonight...I think he was rascally...but at least it wasn't while at violin with me!
 One more pee pee in the potty before bed...
"Oh, this pee pee thing is hard work!" :)

No pee pee in the potty all day, but trying counts for something....

Monday, September 28, 2015

Back to the basics...

 Well, today we are starting over...getting back to the basics in a was officially our do-little-day. We started it off with celebratory nachos...or as Logan says "chips and cheeeeeese" :)  He was excited to snack and watch Scooby with mama :)
 Then we went for a walk to our playground. It was hot-hot-hot...and he was go-go-going on the pink scooter.  He stopped only to make a big lil' smile for Hailey!
 He did an even bigger smile for Hayeeeee and his fruit snack!
                                         Lol! Static-hair!  He did not like this slide bc it was too hot!
He was so sweet....he was wiping water off the slide so I could go down (he had just used his butt to dry it too :))  He's such a sweet boy :)
 I heart my time time with my baby :) 
 Then he got a little grumpy and would not ride his scooter home...he wanted to sit and scoot on it which would have taken hours to get home...
 We were gonna walk the trail and use up more energy, but we got distracted by rocks and found this awesome one to send to Hayeeeeeee in NYC...bc they have no rocks there, ya' know!
 He was fascinated by the mail lady today.  He stood here for awhile and waited for our mail...and right before she got to our house he opened the mailbox for was really cute :)
 He discovered it's hard work being a mail person :)  oops :)
 A nap!  YAY!  We are trying to get back into this...we have not napped regularly since we lived in the condo.  I napped too...double yay!  Poor kids has some bad bites on his face from the wedding we went too and he's a picker so he keeps picking at them :(
 LOL...fav. pics of the day!  I was getting a pic of Asher with her AG things that we made at her party and Loggy came scootering along on the AG scooter behind her...tongue out and all. This kid loves the AG scooter. :)
 He took apart the AG cake pops we made and played golf with the balls and then lined them up on his scooter :)  He's a very resourceful kid :)
 Can you find D in his orange shirt?  I love how on Mondays they gather all these kids (like 100) and they all do soccer drills together.
 We all went to practice and just enjoyed an hour of outdoor-ness...the weather was perfect.  D played in the sand...and buried and unburied garbage.  Yes, he is all boy!  Ash is swinging behind him and playing with some random girls.
 Then he moved to the pathway and started throwing dirt :)  lol :)
 Loggy went downhill here...he took stuff away from another boy and then threw dirt at Ash and was put in timeout in the van.  Poor daddy....scratching his head as to why he has a son who is just like he was as a child :)
 After timeout, things did not get better :(
 The girls and I RAN home!  Yes, even Ash!  We are training for our next 5K.
 Here is proof of our movement...a nice blurry pics! lol :)  I love our trail...I think I like it better than our old's very peaceful and it's the perfect run from the soccer fields to our house.  And I have to say that Shelb is pretty impressed with me. I ran the whole way from soccer to home...and she just could not do it....but I cheered her on  She did not know I had running in my blood!  Ash even ran more than Shelby did.  Go, Ash!
We ended the evening by looking at the blood moon/eclipse on the computer.  Shelb was bummed we missed it last night...but sleep was way more imp.

A slow day was good...we needed it after this crazy weekend...I hope more slow days are to come... 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The AG Gymnastics Party is Over....Phew!

 Well, that was a crazy party...I am rating it up there with a boy party (and that is not necessarily a good thing :)). These girls were hyped on something!  The last AG party we had was so calm and collected (for Shelby)...they actually sat and did crafts...umm, not this one!  It's a good thing it didn't end up raining and we could let them run like crazy girls in the yard and at our playground.  Wowzers...they wore me out!  I could hardly corral them to get a pic with their dolls...they had ants in their leotard pants!  But here's a few pics of the American Girl Gymnastics fun....
 My sweet bday girl in all her gymnastics glory! :)
 The party room.  It was the first kid party in our new house.  It will take some getting used to having parties in a new place.  But we did ok for the first one.  I love the lighting in this room so it's perfect for parties this time of the day.

 Of course, our NYC clone had to come out of hiding for the big event...and she even proudly wore her own leo and changed her I LOVE NYC sign for the occasion :)
 The girls were so busy they didn't even want to do cake...they actually sang to Ash before I lighted the candles, but I made them do it again with them lit.  Crazy the friend photo bomber in the back :)
Prob. my fav. pic at the playground where we did a gymnastics relay.  They were even too hyper to follow directions. Good grief, I am glad this one is over!  But it was worth it bc Ash had a great time.  Now I can move on to a bday-free autumn!