Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween from the Stegs!  Wowsers, what a day this was...running, running, running from thing to thing...but we made it through...and it didn't rain much and we were able to sail around the new 'hood tonight in style...I love all the kiddos' costumes this year...and daddy worked hard on two of them....
 Here's a few more pics of the day...we started it out at D's last soccer game. I really thought it'd be canceled due to rain...but it was a lovely morning.  They won and he scored a goal! He was a happy camper!
Our violinist had her annual Halloween concert.  She did great!  She was a little bummed another girl had the same costume...but I think Shelb looked much better in it :)
 Ready to trick-or-treat!  Don't mess with that crazy pirate!
 Ahoy Mateys!  Daddy did good on the ship!  Everyone commented on it as we drove around.  It was about as popular as when we made the mousetrap out of the wagon when he was a baby.  Loggy was one happy boy.  He had declared a month ago that he wanted to be a "boat"...and I think daddy succeeded!
 Cutest lil' Jake the Neverland Pirate.  Special thanks to one of our fav. teachers for loaning the costume to us!
 Pretty girls!
 I think this is my favorite costume it...and love the guy inside it!  Everyone commented on it as well...and one guy even took pics.
 lol!  The happiest Lego Man around!
 Wow, Hailey showed up for the event!  Ok, so I cannot pass for a ballerina at all, but it amused a couple of the family members (Hailey not included) :)  I really do think I missed my calling in life! :)
A family shot! LOL!  I crack up every time I see that smiley Lego :)
  I was holding Hailey's head in my hand, but forgot to hold it up.  I am sure she is bummed to know that! :)
 Don't mess with Pirate Jake Loggy!  Arghhhh!
 He seriously is the craziest kid.  Trick-or-treating with his candy in his mouth....he wanted to protect it!
 Don't know what's going on here...except that someone is taking the opportunity to eat more candy :)
Look how cozy Lo got on his "boat"...he was not supposed to sit up where he is...but he loved it.  People even came out just to give him candy. He didn't have to move.  Sounds like a sweet deal to me!
 A real family shot!  Love you, Hays!  We missed you terribly tonight!
But she had fun trick-or-treating in her area...going brownstone to brownstone...I think she got 10 pieces of candy...whoa!  She makes a cute NYC trick-or-treater :) 

Now it's off to bed to enjoy an hour more of sleep tonight and a bedtime before 2am.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Trunk or Treat...and still working on costumes...and our NYC Mickey!

 Well, I started to post this right before midnight and now it's officially Halloween (2am).  Ugh.  Why are we still up?  Well, I have no answer for that, but that we ARE cray cray! :)  haha :)  But we do have all our costumes just about finished and ready for the day!  YAY!  Here's a few pics of the day.  Of my cute Halloween-y clan...minus one...seems weird to take group pics w/o our Hays. :(  We miss her on holidays like today :(
At the last minute we decided to do our church Trunk or Treat...truly it was last minute. I did it all yesterday...and for a non-artist like me that is huge.  D and I came up with the theme (of course, NYC!) and he came up with the lights idea (see below) and the road with the cars....I have better close-ups, but will have to post later...(in the far right hand corner is a real pic of Hays dancing in Lincoln Center...of course we couldn't exclude her from the evening!) :)
 Our gang (even lady liberty Hays clone!) after the evening was done...we ran out of candy about 20mins before it ended...supposedly 700 people came through.  Yikes! 

                                Almost done...can you guess what's going on here??
  Our NYC Mickey!  She dressed up today to dance for the SAB donors. I think she looks adorable.  We helped her find the clothes here in Bloomy, so I almost feel like a part of us is with her.  I have a pic of her with her friend (Minnie!)...but it will not download correctly tonight.  We miss our girl...and wish she could just be home for at least this day....

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Crazy Goings-ons of Pre-Halloween at the Stegs :)

 Well, we are stuck in the same rut as always...doing too much and waiting til the last minute. You can look at the pics and guess what we are doing.  Thankfully the kids are helping and so is daddy! :)  Boy are we tired--and, yes, it's our own fault!  Time for bed!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some days are rough...

Well, the fact is...not all days are good. And the other fact is that what people say can hurt. One more fact is that I need not take things personally even when people are mean.  I need to remember on a daily basis that people will always let you down...even those you don't even know.   Nothing important enough about this occurrence to waste another breath on, but to say that people really need to chill out especially about the smallest of things....I guess I should take my own advice when faced with nastiness.  Sigh.  I care too much about people to do this.  I wish I didn't have a conscience sometimes.'s a few pics of the day...I am too tired to post more.  I think my Lo and I are done going to story hour.  He cannot sit through an hour of stories and singing. I know this and I accept this. He is only two.  But I was trying to get him some social time with kids his age. It backfired again.
 Sad, so sad.  My fav. tree is leafless---naked.  The start of winter is around the bend.  Sigh. 
 Poor D.  Soccer was canceled today bc of day 2 of rain.  It was supposed to be his final practice and a scrimmage with parents...he was looking forward to playing against his dad.  Bummer. But we celebrated the semi-free evening with pumpkin shaped chocolate chip pancakes :)
 Two Steg girls are Star Students and get to eat with the principal tomorrow!  Whohoo. The best part of this for me is that I don't have to make two lunches!
Cute!  We made these little pumpkins out of napkins for Ashley's class...they are filled with goodies:) She loved making them and did them mostly by herself! Go, Ash!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Two talented girls...

Well, this treasure hit the social media yesterday.

I wasn't prepared.

First off, I wasn't prepared for it to be on Youtube and Facebook (thankfully SAB was ok with it)  Second, was not prepared for the emotion it brought--for the tears that fell from my eyes as I watched it (shhh, don't tell Hailey :)).  Sometimes I still think of my girl as that little ballerina in the first clip...I am not sure I fully understand the level of talent and artful beauty she holds.  You know I love pictures of her dancing...but video just brings it all to a new level.  I treasure this video so, so much and I treasure even more the friendship behind it.

Hailey's friend, Baileigh, was the director, editor and videographer.  They have been friends since Kindergarten (which oddly enough is when Hailey started ballet at IU)--10 years of friendship.  They went through elementary school today (which was not the normal path as they both did ALPS at another highly selective school), they had the same ALPS path in middle school.  And they had one year of high school together.  Both such deeply talented girls.  I was so grateful Bai asked Hays to do this (it was for a video project for one of her 10 grade classes)....I think it was fun for both girls and they spent a lot of time on it shooting at IU in August before Hailey left for the Big Apple.  I love everything about the video...the music, the lighting, the angles, and just the way she shot everything and put it together.  Baileigh has a true talent for this.  I told her she needs to shoot her next video of Hays in NYC! :)  I just love to see young people using their talents like this.  Such a blessing to so many...I know both these girls have blessed me.  And so thankful for the memory this video will always bring our family.  Makes my girl being many miles away this October a little more bearable.  Thanks, Baileigh for capturing our Beauty so perfectly!
 Here's a pic of the girls many, many years ago (maybe 2007?) after Hailey's first Nutcracker. 
 And then all these years later...after shooting the final day of the video.  :)  So proud of these two!

 My fav shot of the video...well, I love the close-ups too...but this one (along with the music at this point) just touched my heart.  Maybe it has to do with the sun shining down on my warms this mama's soul.  Love, love, love my girl....and, golly, do I miss her!

Monday, October 26, 2015

The good and bad of TWO

 Well, I think my boy felt my stress today. The morning just started off rough.  It was not his fault.  I had a couple stressful things to handle.  I did not plan to be on the phone/computer so much, but I had to be.  Not how I like to spend my time.  I think my boy suffered a bit.  It was nice to stay in pj's all morning...but it was also nice to see the sunshine a bit too.  Here we are getting ready for the day!  He is trying to show Hailey his bfast...bc we know Hailey loves to watch us eat food and chew really loud :) :)
 So we took our manly pink scooter out and started collecting things for our Hayeeeeee.  First, we collected leaves. They are falling fast and will be all gone before we know it!  But we got a little grumpy about our pink scooter.  We wanted mama to carry it and carry all the leaves. Mama was not willing.  Lo was grumpy...mama was grumpy :(
 Hailey will love these old crusty leaves when they arrive in NYC :) 
 Then we ran...we do this a lot!
 And we got mad at mama for "leaving me"...we get mad when mama is one step ahead.  We might have even come over and hit mama.  Someone had a case of the grumpy grumps.
 We gave mama the evil eye.  We are full of stern faces.
 But we can't stay mad at mama for too long!
 And guess what makes us really, really happy...sticks!
 Oh sweet sticks...we love you!
 He looks so grown up he's no longer got a baby face.  Makes me sad :(
 hahahah...we sent this to Hayeee....she didn't even notice how we put our stick behind our ear...all his idea.  He's a goofball!  We were gonna send this stick to Hayeee...bc we know every New Yorker needs part of an IN tree!
 Cute and crazy and he knows it!
 Truly...he is our comic relief....
But then we found a bigger stick to send to our can be her protection in the city!
  Or better yet, we can send the boy with the stick-sword to protect his sissy!
 He's getting so big...even his shadow is catching up to mama :)

 We enjoyed our last days of fall color.  We have a pretty pear tree out front that is now red!  Love!
 Our backyard red-tree is almost bare :(  The windy, rainy Saturday wiped most of our leaves out. Sad.  I hate the bareness of winter and lack of color.
 Ash could wear a costume to gymnastics today...she ended up being the only one in her class wearing one...but she loved it.  Baterina girl...
 It was a little hard to do gymnastics in a costume...can you spot her cartwheeling?
 Guess who is really good at soccer???  Go Lo!   I didn't know a 2 year old could keep up with a soccer ball like this!  I was glad he could run off some energy...bc moments before this he did a huge poop in his diaper and spit water twice all over the floor on purpose...
 At soccer we buried rocks and garbage is our last time doing is done this week.  :(  But  maybe that is good...bc a few minutes after I took this pic he threw sand at another kid...twice and then sat in the van in timeout.  Ugh.  Have I mentioned two is tough sometimes :(
 After a long day, we finally napped at 7:30om in the van...with our favorite ship in hand.  He looks so sweet when he sleeps even after he's given his mama a run for her money!
And my Shelby finally cooked her sweet potato that she got at the orchard a couple weeks ago.  SP Fries!  Yumm. 

I admit...I hope tomorrow is a better day.  It was a rough mental morning for me and then a rough day of dealing with a testy two year old.  I know you are supposed take deep breaths when your patience is tested...I feel I almost hyperventilated taking so many deep breaths today.  Lo and I will have a better day tomorrow.  I know I will miss the age of two some day....