Sunday, November 15, 2015

A day off...(whatever that means :))

 Well, we took the day off (though I am not sure that is ever possible)...but we did take the day off from unpacking at least.  We needed to.  We started off the morning with a nice breakfast before church...and I had to take a pic for Hayeeeee bc she loves it when Dylan chews with his mouth wide open.  I am quite certain it is one of the things she misses most about being in NYC. :) Well, she will be glad to know he has now taught Lo this.  Double-brother-annoying-chewing...I bet she cannot wait to come home next week! 
We are making progress...he ate part of a grilled cheese today!  You would think he would eat this anyway bc he loves bread and cheese...but he wouldn't try it before today!  You go, Lo!
 Proof of the consumption!
 Thinking about eating daddy's enchilada....nope, that was not going in Lo's mouth!  Baby steps...
 Our apples from the orchard are going we made caramel apples...yumm!

 Someone was pretty excited!  "APPPPPLE!!!" :)
 I love that when he smiles really big his one eye gets squinty!  I think Hayeee does this too...sweet!
 He could hardly wait to eat that thing!
 Pretty much he just ate the caramel off it.  He loves the idea of apples, but usually he just bites them and spits them out.
 Caramel apple cuteness :)
 I think he could have eaten caramel off of all these apples...
 5 kids, 5 apples...we made one for Hailey too, of course!
 A blurry Nutcracker pic...but look who we saw at the library!  I had hoped to take the girls to the Nutcracker Fantasy show, but they got invited to a last minute bowling party.  Sooo...plan B was taking Lo with me to the Nutcracker thing (we skipped the show and just did the craft). Hahaha...he was not amused and would not even get near the dancers.  But we had to get a pic for Hays (the guy was her Bluebird partner)...and I got to talk to her teacher who also went to SAB and was in NYCB.  So I was glad I went.  I won't lie. I miss IU Nutcracker involvement.  I know Hailey does to.  It will be weird to not be involved in any of it in a couple weeks. 
 Lo made his Hayeeee a Nutcracker snowflake ballerina.  He went a little crazy with the scissors and cut off the first ballerina's head.  Mama helped with the 2nd one. :)  Yes, he was a little stoic (tired) during this whole experience. But he amused his ballet-loving mama :)
 Hurray!  The first time my man does not have to do cub scout stuff at 1am!  No more procrastinating and he even had his son help!  Bonus!
 The only outdoor backyard play thing we kept from the old house finally got reassembled....not sure we even have a good spot for it though in our sloped yard.  Ugh.
 Might be the only time daddy gets in the lil' house :)
 Someone did not like the pulled pork we had for dinner.  Someone else did.  We trade one picky eater for another around here!
 Our evening...a movie and dishes (Shelb's night to help out...we have started allowances again and if the kids don't do their job, they get no $$...incentive!)  Oh, and we talked to our Hays...but I think she got mad at me so she probably wished she didn't call. Sorry, Hays, I am not in sound mind lately :( 
Lol...Lo made his own couch out of chairs...comfy or not? 

Feeling stressed still...lots of stuff hanging over our heads...lots of unfinished business....more time in the day would be nice...less stuff to do would also be nice.  Sleep would be even nicer....zzzzz

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