Saturday, November 21, 2015

A stinky, but snowy Saturday...

A day late, but I'm trying to make up for not typing last night.  Our D had a great game, but his team lost...can't win 'em all!
I finally tackled the mound of clothes covering our Hays' room.  She has to sleep in here in a few days so I could not procrastinate any longer!  It is clear (mostly) of clutter now!
Something started coming down outside!  Someone was curious! What a face!
We had no idea it was going to snow wasn't really that cold.  But everyone was fascinated...I love our sunroom. It is the perfect snow observation area :)
I went outside to see how cold it was...and Ash was cracking up at me with the size of snowflakes on my head.  They were pretty big and fluffy!
I thought he would love the snow...not-so-much :(
Love this soccer boy and his snowy head!
He came around and smiled a little in the midst of snow  :)
He may  or may not  be picking his nose...ok...not really....but he worked hard putting a bunch of our stuff on Craigslist!
Our house's first snow :)
Crazy Shelb dancing in the her little sister's shoes...why, I don't know!
We kicked her out and her only choice was to go to the house out back...
Yes, she is IN the house :)  Not the warmest house, but I guess it is shelter...silly girl.
My poor roses did not like this early snow :(
Our first snowball...since daddy was stuck on the computer, we brought it into him. He really appreciated it! :)
Ready to throw the snowball at mama :)
I don't even remember what was going on here...but I know daddy was chasing Lo...probably for a diaper change...
Dancing to Teen Beach Movie tunes...Lo is really good at it...I should take a video and post it.  He is hilarious...he even lip sincs to the music. 
Perfecting the violin...making notecards for our new music.
Hopefully the last pic of us going through old clothes.  Out of probably 15 bins of clothes, we only kept 3.5 bins (2 boys, 1 girl and some old baby stuff for sentimental reasons :)). I am proud of us :)  It is done!!
Awww, look what we found on one of the clothes...some Sydney kitty fur.  We had fun hiding it on each other all day.  Yes, we are weird :)
My fav. dress from Ashley's SS Sharon design.  Believe it or not Ash wanted to keep it as a shirt for now.  hahaha :)
Bathroom duty...all the kids had it. But Shelb was baffled by the mess on the mirror...someone does not know how to clean glass (not her, probably Ashley cleaned this mirror with something other than windex)...
Seriously...the girl keeps us laughing...she had to sit and do dishes tonight.  I thought she was crazy...she thought I was crazy for not trying it!
LOL....I keep saying we need a tile backsplash.  But apparently Kev came up with his own.  Our old battered pan (which I think was my mother's at one point?)  Not exactly what I was hoping for.
Umm...the unfortunate dinner-ruining event....poop...then a finger swipe bc it bothered him.  Not cool, man...not cool!  Very stinky!
YAY...first tub bath in our garden tub!  We have been here 6 months and tubs like this are wasted on us...they are glorifed laundry bins.  But a couple kids loved it!
They got water everywhere, but had a grand ol' time!
Not as fun as Nina's tub in FL...with the jets...but it's a close 2nd :) (and below...I finally cleaned the pantry. I didn't take a before pic bc it was atrocious...couldn't even see the ground and stuff falling everywhere....I went in here looking for something and got lost cleaning and totally forgot what I was looking for...story of my life:)

I am too wiped to type and this computer is irking me!  So I will have to type more later...but let's just say I am not a fan of any more unpacking/sorting/cleaning out of crap.  Cannot handle it much more!  Makes me one grumpy mama.  I hope in the end it will pay off.  One surprising day-brightener was some white stuff that fell for a few hours...nothing substantial (thankfully!), but still we had fun running around in it a little.  We also put a bunch of stuff on Craigslist and sold one old thing that had been on there awhile. So at least we are clearing out stuff and making a little money!  But we sure could use some down time and some normal sleeping this mama is off to bed!

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