Monday, November 30, 2015

Back to the grind...

 It's always "fun" getting back into the regular sched after a week of vacation.  Today was one of those days.  Pops was a gem and watched Loggy for awhile for me so I could take the kids to school in peace :)  Lo finally talked Pops into looking at the train for the Christmas tree. He cannot wait to get that thing out of the box!
 Pops was amazing checking all sorts of to-do things off our list.  I think he needs to fly in every month and do our "honey-do" stuff!  Lo was pretty impressed too...and I am sure it took a lot of love for Pops to be in our cold garage putting up our car top carrier holder for half the day.
 Awww...we saw this balloon and had to take a pic...wish they'd had this at Kroger last year!  This year we have no Nutcracker ballerinas :(  Sorta sad is the start of tech week and we are not involved.  Sigh.
 A"Mimi" Nutcracker card!  awww cute!  I'd send it to Hays, but it's cheaper to just take a pic :)  Mickey makes a cute Nutcracker :)
 We wore Lo out with shopping...poor kid.  Out like a light at Joann's.
 So cute, I had to take another pic.  He is so peaceful when he sleeps!
 LOL!  It was bring-a-friend-day at Gymnastics...and we were in rare form. 
 They told me this was a ballet pose?  Hays, can you verify this?  It looks more like the "I have to pee" pose! :)

 The played it up big today for the bring-a-friend-day...and for the last day of this session...double blow-up toys :)  Can you spot arching Ash?
 Not too shabby of a hand-stand, Ash!
 Awww, he soooo looks up to his big bro.  He loves his Deeeeyon!
 I didn't know they'd do a little bow at the end, but I sorta caught it from the 2nd floor :)  Go, excited to be in Silver next week!
 Nina and Pops went for the gymnastics viewing tonight...Pops left before a pic...we'll have to photo shop him in later :)
 The chili eating contest...Either Shelb is the double loser or the winner?  It was a race to the finish!
 Best part of the day was watching the two men argue over electricity (directions of light switches).  It was comical to say the least.  I am not sure who won, but I am going with the real electrician.
 Nina lent a hand with homework.  I appreciated it.  I was tired tonight.
 We found a nice place to put our old wreath.  We haven't used this since Lo came along since his name is not on it. It might be going to Goodwill soon. 
 D learning some electric wisdom from Pops...pretty excited about it too!
 Lo has a fascination with this Nutcracker music box...he played it over and over again tonight.
 He did it so long that he had to prop his head up with his lip to have the strength to keep watching :) lol!
 Then you can guess what novel idea he had...airplanes and ballet mix well though their wings get jammed in the moving music box!
 Trying to figure out our mantle decorating....Ash was very helpful!  Maybe she can stand here all of December?
 Had to get a pic of Pops in his new shirt that I ordered in the wrong size (not to not order things late at night). He was a good sport to wear it.  I think it's a nice pic of him and the kids.
 Hailey joined us!  She sure gets to/from NYC fast!
And then she turned into Nina! hee hee.  A nice day...a busy day...hopefully tomorrow I get some more just takes too much time out of the day!

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