Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bye Bye, Hays :(

 Well, our NYC girl is back to her east coast home.  I think she was glad to be home.  Shelb told us Hays told her, she was "ready to go home". Not sure if this was to be rid of us, or just that she was ready to get back to life.  Either way, I understand.  As wonderful as this trip was...and as wonderful as it was for her to see lots of family and was just a little too short and not-all-that-relaxing or restful (sleep was lacking)..Anyway....we were glad to have her home for the first time since early Sept. and for the first real holiday in our new home. I think we did a great job of squeezing in as much as we could in 3.5 days.  Hopefully Winter Break will come with more relaxation and down time.  Here's a few pics of the Hays on her final morning here....of her chowing on waffles with Ash :)
 Saying goodbyes to Nina and Pops. Soooo glad they could be here to see her, since we are not making a trek down to FL any time soon.
 She got lots of driving in...and gave helpful advice to set a better example. haha :)
 Final waves from Nina and Pops...what doting grandparents they are! haha :)
 Final hugs from Lo at the airport.  He was a little grumpy and really just wanted to hop on the plane with her, I think...he hearts airplanes (that's what he's looking at in this pic :))
                                          Being a goofball with his Hayeeee
           Off to brave the air on her own again...what an independent New Yorker she is now.
And with her chili dog lunch in the Indy airport.  Yumm.  Gonna miss this girl, but we get to see her again in less than 3 weeks so we can make it!
 An attempt at putting up our new tree tonight...I think it is too small for our 9ft ceilings and Nina and I might be on the hunt for a new one tomorrow (and this one might go in the sunroom)  Poor daddy is beside himself on the floor here knowing I will probably make him move this again tomorrow...

 Our entertainment for the evening...the Shelby and Dylan show...they are quite a pair.  I think this was a cop and robber routine set to music, of course? 
So...we are minus one again.  We are getting used to this, but it's still hard having that void in our home.  And the hard thing about this week is that it is Nutcracker week at IU...a week where normally I would be helping out every night backstage and she would be on stage.  There is a big void knowing this will not be our reality this week.  I am sad.  I know she is too.  But hopefully bigger and better things are to come in the future for our ballerina.  Night, Night in NY, Hays....


Nancy Gritter said...

Nighty nighty awesome seeing you and getting a chance to spend some time together! Sorry we took your bedroom away from you!! Glad you are back safe and sound in your home in
NYC! Love and HUGS from Nina and Pops! xoxo :)

PJBK said...

Oh Kel. I know it must have been so nice to Hailey home for a few days. It looks like she had a nice visit, although brief. Love that your folks are there for a visit. What a nice surprise.
I read your blog every night before I go to bed and I'm usually on my phone reading it and can't comment. There was something I wanted to comment on in the past, but can't remember now...momma brain.
Oh well, love all the pictures and watching everyone grow and your adventures. Can you email your new address?
Lots of love from VA!
Hope to see you sometime soon. Let me know when you plan on heading to NYC again, I seriously would love to see you!
Cil :)