Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Early to bed...

 This mama has a new goal for the week....get to bed before midnight.  It has been a bad run of late nights here and I cannot get this little sleep and be functional.  So this will be a brief run-down of life for the day.  Lo and I were up early and rearing to go...he had another psych study at IU. He was more pleasant for this one that than last one...and he was super happy with his stickers and stuffed Child Scientist bear (which will go into Goodwill next week...you know how I cannot stand stuffed animals!) :)
 We headed to the library for story hour.  Lo actually participated today...they made stone soup and he was bringing up his food to put in the pot.
 He had the train table to himself. Unheard of!  The library was dead today...weird bc it was raining and usually it's busy on rain-days.  Lo was happy to be selfishly hogging the table!
 We made a special craft for Hayeeee that went in the mail today...decorating with spices.  Glad it was at the library and not on my kitchen floor!
 Shopping at the mall...oh how I loathe holiday shopping....but Lo sure enjoys taking a side trip to the rides...wish I was on a real boat now in warm weather soaking up sun like that pelican!
 Hat day at school thanks to bringing in enough cans to meet the first goal for our donation center.  Also it was "proud to be yourself" or something like that for "bully week".
 Lo hiding his planes.  He uses the bay window sills as his runway...

 The Webelo Cub Scout showing me his first pin...it's pretty cool.
 I finally found a couple Thanksgiving decorations today.  Why in the world is there no Thanksgiving stuff out a week or two before the holiday? I guess you have to buy that now in October...or maybe summer? I hate that Christmas is overtaking the stores now in October already.  The kids think my tree is an Eiffel Tower or a Christmas tree, but I got it 80% and it was only a couple bucks and has it's own battery lights.  I love it...it's different and not something I would normally buy.  I added leaves to it, but it can be used in December too for Christmas.  I need to get my  banner up that I bought too. I have fun decorating my mantle.  I am not real good at it yet, but I am learning :)
Shelb mastered her new, hard solo and is now perfecting it for her concert in December. She was also told she can move up to a full violin, which means we will actually own a violin now instead of rent.  YAY!  Hopefully we can fix Nina's old violin and use it!  Fingers crossed!
hahaha...I have no idea why this pic downloaded, but it did and I am posting it. It's Hays' mugshot that is now her SAB ID in NYC.  I think it's a nice pic of her.  :)  Miss this girl...a week from tomorrow she will be here!  Yippee!!!

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