Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day!

 Well, it was a day for our Vets...a day to celebrate those who serve for our country...our heroes.  We salute them and raise our flags to them!
 Our fav. vet is Uncle Jeff!  We think of him every Veteran's Day (and a few days in between :) :)))
 Here is a letter Shelby wrote to about the Arby's part :)  But, I love how much she appreciates her Uncle...he has served (and is serving) his country well!  So proud of my bro!
 The non-vets in the fam, made more slow progress today...daddy loaded up the bookshelf in the laundry room. I am not sure this will be our long-term library...but for now it works.  This is how many (little) books we own probably got rid of a 1,000 books. It's amazing to me this is now all we own.  Kinda sad...but it was necessary...less is more for our new home.
 I spent my day sorting 15 years of clothes...ok, probably not that many...but it was a overwhelms  me. But our kids are all so many years apart...this makes it hard actually. If they were closer in age, I would keep more.  But all my girls are 4 years apart and they all have different styles. And my boys are 7 years apart.  Not sure it's worth keeping any boy stuff.

 We sent this to Once Upon a Child.  4 bins=$258.  Not bad for a day's work.  The rest went to Goodwill.  I think we could have set up our own Goodwill store with how much we have donated there.  I was grateful Kev did the Once Upon a Child runs. I cannot stomach that place.  I hate people sorting through my stuff and I swear that place always smells like dirty diapers. 
 Lo was a good boy and played with all the new-found matchbox stuff...
 We went to our school Vet's Day program. I go every year, but honestly was going to skip it this year.  We had too much to do.  But Shelb got a speaking part yesterday (she was named a "student ambassador" and was very excited about it.  We couldn't miss it.  She did a great job!
 One of my fav. parts of the convocation...bagpipes!  Awesome!

 Daddy was there too! YAY!  Ash had to show off her "I Love USA" pic that she colored for the event.  I was bummed they didn't put up the Vet stars this year...we always look for Uncle Jeff's. 
 Shelb after I told her that daddy totally missed her speaking part.  He was sitting right there, but apparently zoned out for that part.  Good job, Dad!  Good thing I did a stellar job taping it (not really :)). 
 Maybe posing with him makes up for him missing her speak!?
 Someone is hiding after getting dum dums from one of our fav. teachers!
 I went to get the kids from school and daddy watched Lo...I turned to wave goodbye and the stinker was sticking his tongue out at me :) 
 My handsome guy. I didn't get a pic of him at school bc when we saw him, Logan tried to lick him and we had to chase him down the hall.  But I got one of him in the van.  I think he is wearing a pin Celyn and Aunt Teri made long ago?

 Shelb is working on Christmas songs in group violin...and she got to move to a new room...bye bye basement!
 I surprised her with a Vet's Day celebration.  I got the cookie cake for a few bucks on clearance and it looked yummy..I was hungry while shopping today!  And I got her a couple goodies (gum, mints)...they were supposed to be for her concert last night, but it was a bonus it worked for Vet's Day too :)
 Ash made Uncle Jeff a pic at school today...and then made it into an paper airplane, which was appropriate given he is a pilot :)
   She wanted me to take a pic for him bc she worked very hard coloring it.  We love our Uncle Jeff!
 We "saw" our Hayeeee tonight!  Lo just lights up when he sees her.
 He hugged her a couple times was funny :)  Hugging an iphone is not easy!
He also kissed her.  2 weeks from now and we will have our girl home!  Yahoo!

Happy Vet's Day to all those who serve and have served for our country. You are awesome!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwww, love this blog!!! I especially LOVE Shelbys very cool letter to/about Uncle Jeff! :) So sweet and heartfelt! Especially LOVED the part where she states that Jeff could have continued on at Arbys! Oh how proud Pops and I would have been!! tehehe :):) I know Jeffie LOVES to be reminded how he worked at ARBYS!!! All kidding aside, it moved me to tears about how Shelby wonders how Jeffs family feels when he is away and also whether he worries...such true and caring feelings for a very special girl! So proud of you Shelby and your speaking part in the Vets Day program! PLUS I am totally impressed by your huge purging of kids clothing Kelly!! I know that can be such a burden!! Not sure its even reasonable to save boy clothes for that long of age span...maybe some jeans of they are in good shape..and over shirts if they are in great shape..Happy Veterans Day and especially to my favorite son in the whole world! LOVE you Jeffie! xo Mom