Friday, November 20, 2015

Hurray, it's Thanksgiving Break!! :)

 Well, hallelujah, that day is here...our break has arrived.  9 days off!  It will be busy once Thursday arrives (and busy all weekend cleaning), but I am just glad to have little activity and no school and no homework!  Whohoo! I was glad to get this day was busy.  I started off the day with some turkey fun for the kids in their lunches.  I like to surprise them with lunch goodies from time to time :) 
 Donuts for bfast...Lo picked them out and was very proud...
 ...bc yellow is his fav. color!  This one is for Hayeeeee...except oops he ate it :)
 Then he wrote her a note to make up for what he did :)  He hearts his Hayeee!
 Ash has her goodies all ready for school...and is decked for school spirit day...go Summit Stars and purple and green!
 The sweet cards she made for her student teacher...she just loves Miss. W.!
 D all decked out in his garb for his vocab parade...special thanks to our besties for loaning us the camo was perfect for his word and for green day! 
 I love the back of his poster...a picture of bullying...and how it takes courage to stand up for it.
 Lo and I had some hang-out time at our friend's house...while the moms talked GS stuff, the 4 two year olds played...

 Pops would be proud of the foot attire :)
 A home of disarray...normal for us....some day I will get used to it.
 It's not every family that gets fancy Thanksgiving day invites for the family dinner.  Nice!  It's the first year we have had to look up the menu on google.  No idea what some of those words/foods are.  Fancy, Nina! :) part of the day...watching this fun-loving guy walk in his vocab parade.  Can you spot the man of courage?!
 The smiles keep coming!
 Seriously...he's the happiest kid I know!  Mr. Commando Squad leader!
 Teasing his lil' bro...
 ...he had taken a camo airplane (one of Lo's favs) and Lo didn't know it til halfway through the parade.  It drove him nuts. He chased him all around the halls and yelled at him. 
 D and his friends thought it was pretty funny :)
 Then we spent time with Ash and her firstie recess!  Best part of the day for Lo...
 Then we stopped in for Miss W's last day celebration...the kids got her fun gifts...and we ate stone soup (minus Ash...she refused unknown food and says she is not a "soup girl"...I think only 7 kids ate the soup...peer pressure to not eat it?  Hmmm)
 ...Ash did eat the Turkey treat we brought...she IS a "treat girl" :)  Miss W. loved her gifts and the notes from the kids :)  Kid notes are the best!
 She gave the kids goodies too...
 Sweetest student teacher ever!  Ash adores her...and loves being pretty close in height :)
 ...this is why we MUST go to more firstie recesses!  Seriously...many flies could fly in there! lol!
 I never tire of this crazy Steg trait...scary eyes!
 Dinner!  We tried Lucky's take n bake. Not as good as the one they make fresh. But still good.
 Shelb was in a cleaning mood tonight...this happens often, especially when Ash (her roomie) is gone...she was at a friend's house.  Shelb is also growing some weird plant from science class. Nice.
Goodbye bully week...spirit day was the final one...I am glad we have a week off from early mornings! 

Now off to watch a movie with my hubs!  Yay for breaks!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awww, wonderful post..lots of pics which NINA loves!! Way to go Dylan!!! Looking good in your camo!! Looks like a fun and busy day! Love the invitation to Thanksgiving Dinner...mmmm, sounds yummy!! What an awesome meal you guys will have!! I cant believe the resemblance of all the kids to Hailey...accept Logee! He is a KEV thru and thru!! :) The most adorable smile! Have a GREAT weekend!! and Thanksgiving week! See ya soon!! xo Mom